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The name thing…with Stephanie Tyler


Hi everyone!  Greta, thanks for having me here in anticipation of Sydney Croft’s new release, Taming The Fire.  The other half of Syd, Larissa Ione, is partying at the Romantic Times Convention (and claiming she misses me terribly) but she’s here in spirit.  Meanwhile, you all get to hear me babble.  And there’s a giveaway at the end as your reward for listening.

Someone in the Writeminded monthly chat the other night asked about authors chose names for characters – for example, do we create the character and then choose the name or vice-versa.

It’s pretty much neither for me – in fact, as I told the reader, my heroes sort of just arrive in my head, fully formed (as another reader said, fully formed SEALs!!!!)…and they have a name.  Sometimes it’s a name that I’ve heard before and then the characters with that name shows up, but most of the time it’s like, oh, Trance – look at him.

I never said writers weren’t a little bit crazy, but hey, that’s honestly what keeps the writing part so much fun.  For example, I vividly remember writing the opening scene for Taming The Fire (which releases this coming Tuesday, April 28th – YAY!)  from Trance’s point of view back in January 2007, while we were not even halfway through writing Seduced By The Storm

Trance shows up briefly at the end of that book, so it’s not like we went, oh, we need to decide who’s next.  No, Trance showed up and was like, I’m next.  And I’m wearing leather. 

So really, who was I to argue?

Of course, Larissa immediately stopped writing Seduced to write the first Ulrika (aka Rik) scene – and lo and behold, she was wearing some leather too.  And she was a shape-shifting wolf.  And Taming was born.

I remember Larissa asking me, what’s Trance’s last name?

I emailed back, Trance.  Like Madonna.  Or Cher.

She emailed back that she hated me.

I emailed her back and told her that I had several more really fun names lined up!  Like Chance.  And…

Well, I can’t give everything away about the next two Sydney books, now can I?

But hey, Larissa came up with Ulrika  and she had some explanation about how the name fit with the roots of the character’s origin, etc.

I tried to tell her that Trance had roots too, but then she gave me that look – you know, the kind you can see even across a computer.

I told you writing the Sydney books together was a lot of fun.

But anyway, back to the name thing – Larissa always gets a bit nervous about names. Okay, sometimes she outright groans at the names I pick (which, come on, how fun is that?)

I know what you’re saying – look at Larissa’s Demonica names!  How can she complain about your names with names like Eidolon, Shade and Wraith? She picks weird names too…

I guess this is where I tell you that she emailed me way back in spring 2006 and said, I need demon names.  And I sent her names like Wraith and Shade and Eidolon (which, by the way, is the name of my high school yearbook – and I went to a Catholic school.  A Catholic demon school, obviously.  No, seriously, it means, a Greek concept of a shade or astral double of a living being, so cool for both a yearbook and a demon!)…so when people complain about the weird Larissa demon names, I giggle to myself.

What?  At least I’m honest.

Maybe it’s because I’ve got a husband named Zoo that I like nicknames.  Most of my characters have normal names but go by their nicknames.

Well, except for Creed. And Hex. And Trance. 

Even Larissa’s husband, when suggesting names to her, will say, this is a Stephanie-esque name….

Of course, I always like them.

There’s just something about a strong, cool nickname that does it for me.  Of course, I also like some good, old-fashioned names, like Jake.  But that’s a whole other story.  About SEALs.   Fully formed ones at that.

What about you?  What’s your favorite name for a hero or heroine?  Has there ever been a character where you loved the name but didn’t particularly like the character, or does the name play a large part in forming your opinion of a character?

Leave your answer in the comments to be eligible to win a choice from Sydney’s backlist – Riding the Storm, Unleashing The Storm, Seduced By The Storm or Hot Nights, Dark Desires!

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