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Giveaway: Win a signed copy of Sweet Temptation by Maya Banks

A couple of weeks ago I was extremely fortunate enough to meet one of my favorite authors Maya Banks at a book signing in Arlington, TX. I was able to get a couple of my books autographed including my very first Maya book  Colter’s Woman.  I have a picture of both of us on my digital camera however I’ve misplace the cord that attaches to the camera and plugs into the computer. I’ve been looking for it everywhere. 😦

The good news is I have six signed copies of Sweet Temptation and one of the could be yours, just tell me what was the first Maya Banks book you read and what was your favorite scene in that book. Good Luck 🙂


42 Responses

  1. Ohhh, love Maya. My first was Colter’s Woman as well and my all time fav scene is when they went to the city shopping and are in the elevator, Ryan just picks her up and starts kissing her as she is in his arms strattling his body! They just walk to the room with the other brother’s following and and Ryan and Holly just can’t stop…. Ryan rocked.

  2. Oh gosh… I have yet to read a Maya Banks’ book!!! BUT I promise if I win this one… to come back and tell you about my favorite scene!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win this sweet, hot little book!!!!!!!

  3. Sweet Surrender was my first book. favorite scene was gray and faith together the first time. and then with Micah..phew.hottt

  4. love all of her books I read but my was seducing simon and I loved it . My favorite scene is is when TJ Finds the pregnancy test. And maya are we getting books for tj and matt anytime soon I hope.

  5. I think my first Maya book was Colter’s Woman. My favorite scene was the very beginning of the book where they all agree that Holly was “the one.”

  6. The only Maya Banks book I’ve read so far is “Sweet Seduction” and my favorite scene is the supposed “last massage” that became much, much more. Oh boy, was Nathan surprised, lol!

  7. How neat Greta!
    My first Maya was Colters’ Woman too! I hope one day I’ll get to meet her in person and get all my Maya books signed! 🙂
    My favorite scene in Colters’ Woman was when she got even with the boys in the restaurant, way to go Holly!!!

  8. I have to admit that I have not had the opportunity to read any yet. I would love to though 🙂

  9. Sweet Persuasion was my first Maya Banks book. Favorite scene? When the heroine has her fantasy brought to life and she is sold in an auction. I loved how attentive the hero was to ensuring every detail of her fantasy was in place. It was such a giving thing to do.

  10. I loved Seducing Simon. I remember that was the first book to turn me on to Maya’s books. But I don’t know if I’m having a brain freeze or what my mind is a total blank. I can’t think of my favorite scene. Guess I can use the excuse I’m on cold and sinus meds? Seriously I’ve been sick all week. I have no voice and I honestly cannot think. Sorry if that disqualifies me. LOL!

  11. My first was “For Her Pleasure” that I had won some time back ago.

  12. My first book was Colter’s Woman, but my favorite is THE TYCOON’S PREGNANT MISTRESS. My fave scene is when Chrysander finally realizes that Marley is innocent of stealing and divulging company secrets – his pain at the realization is excellently written. I’ve read and loved all but two of Maya’s books, but this one remains my favorite.

  13. I haven’t yet read any books by Maya Banks either, but I have plans to – solid ones for my next book haul. I would love to win though!

  14. I have not yet read any of her books. I’m really behind.

  15. I love Maya’s books! The first one I read was Be With Me and I recommend it to everyone!

  16. My first maya book was For Her Pleasure, I really liked that book. I can’t think of my favorite scene in the book but I especially loved the second novella that was more about Ryder.

  17. I have not read any of her books yet. I do love the cover of this one. Cannot wait to read one.

  18. I have not read any of the books by Maya Banks, but they all look very interesting.

  19. “Undenied” was the first book I read by Maya. I love the scene where Payton blindfolds Wes and has him touch her.

  20. I think For Her Pleasure was my first Maya Banks, and I have a hard time choosing just one scene!

  21. Hi Greta!

    How are you, thank you for the great giveaway.

    My first Maya Banks book was “Coulter’s Woman”. Favorite scene? I think it is when she goes to Ryan when he is having a nightmare about his experience as a veteran and he shares his story and heart with her. It was so touching.

    Thanks Again
    Take Care

  22. Either Amber Eyes or Golden Eyes for me.

  23. Harumph! I’ve not yet read any of Maya’s books. But, I’ve heard great things and she been on my wish list for a while!

    Have a great day every one!
    Kate (aka YzhaBella’s BookShelf)

  24. I’ve never read a Maya Banks book! I know, I know! I really need to get on that!

  25. My first Maya book was Colter’s Woman. I think my favorite scene is when they are at the hotel, but I also like anything between her and Ryan. He’s so tortured and they are so sweet together.

    I’ve read many Maya books. She’s one of my favorite authors too!

  26. Sweet Surrender was my first Maya book. I fell in love with all the characters and wanted more. I quickly found myself buying every book of hers that I could get my hands on. I love her books.

  27. My first Maya book was Colter’s Woman as well…fave scene….oooh that’s a toughie…Holly & Ryan’s first time together…I loved the sensuality and heat in that scene. Totally scrumptious.

  28. I haven’t read any of Maya’s books 😦
    i’m sooooo want to try my first with this book ! count me in please.

  29. Oh gosh, I think that it was Colter’s Woman. I was hooked and became an immediate fan! My favorite scene huh? I think that when they all went to the attorney in Denver (I think that was where) and stayed in the hotel. The elevator ride was HOT!

  30. oh my – thanks so much for a chance to win this book!!!
    my first book by Maya Banks was Sweet Seduction and I really really enjoyed one of the first scenes when Julie left Nathan behind to fulfill one of her fantasies – I swear I could see his face at this moment *gg*
    have a great weekend,
    greetings Ina

  31. oooh I hope I win! I want this book so bad!!

  32. By pure chance I saw Colters Woman on the bookshelf it looked good so I bought it and MAN am I glad I did cuz Maya Banks is now one of my most favorite authors. Of course the sex scenes are hot and would be hard to chose from but the 1st thought that came to me when reading the question was the scene when after they caught her trying to run and once back in the house and by the fire Holly situated herself behind Ethan cuz Adam still intimidated her so much then Adam thinks to himself how Holly trusts Ethan and assigned him role of protector which he was glad even if it was from him. After I read this book I have been tryin to get ahold of anything she’s written and recommend her to people any chance I get!

  33. Maya Banks is a new to me author. We all hope to win…those who already love her work and those that would love to try her work:)

  34. I’ve been waiting for Sweet Temptation. Definitely on my TBB list. It would be heavenly to have an autographed copy because I am such a fan girl for her books. Thanks for being so generous!!

    My very first Maya Bank’s story was Colter’s Wife as a freebie on her site. I knew I just had to get Colter’s Woman.

  35. 🙂 I read “The Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress” One of those quick Harlequin romances that you think will be a quick easy read and I found a wonderful, keeping author!! She’s such a wonderful author and I am so glad to have found her!!

  36. “Sweet Seduction” was my first Maya Banks book. That’s why I can’t wait for this one. It’s been on my wish list for some time now and I’m so glad its coming out now.

  37. Brazen was my first Maya Banks book. Love her writing.

  38. I’m not sure which of her books I read first, but Colter’s Woman is the first one I bought. I don’t really have a favorite scene, but it was by far the steamiest book I’d read at that point.

  39. Colters Woman was my first Maya read. It’s been so long since I read it I don’t know if I remember my favorite scene, but I thought that Colters Wife (the epilogue) made the book feel finished to me, without it I had mixed feelings, but I do have to say that I loved Ryan. He was my fav of the brothers…not that they weren’t all yummy 🙂

  40. I’ve always wanted to read Maya Banks because I heard terrific things about her novels but haven’t had a chance to… hopefully this will be my first Maya Banks book!

  41. The first book by Maya Banks was Be With Me and my favourite scene is when all the men talk about how can they make their relationship work.

  42. My first Maya Banks book was Sweet Persuasion, and I think my favorite part of that book is when Serena wakes up w/ her arms free and Damon’s arms curled around her. The fact that it was just Serena being herself and admitting that she wanted to just be with Damon. I love the love between them. They are my absolute favorite couple in all of Maya’s “Sweet” series.

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