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Q&A with Elisabeth Naught on her new release Marked!

Elisabeth, Thank-you for agreeing to an author interview today.

Thanks so much to Greta for inviting me back to talk about my latest release! I’m thrilled to be here.

Can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

I think my books are waaaay more interesting than I am, but here goes:

These days I write both romantic adventure and paranormal novels from my home in Western Oregon. Prior to being bitten by the writing bug, I was a junior high science teacher who used to drive my students nuts with the phrase, “All answers must be written in complete sentences”. (Oh, how my students used to hate me!)  I also had the reputation for being the hardass teacher (and not because I did aerobics 24/7) and often found myself in the principal’s office more than my kids. (Usually because I’d lost my keys AGAIN.)

Now that I’m not teaching anymore, I’m torturing my characters in new and interesting ways. And though my junior high students are probably glad to be rid of me, I can honestly say I got my start writing romance watching them. I mean, truly, who isn’t fascinated by raging hormones in constant motion?

Can you tell us about your upcoming release Marked?

MARKED is the first book in my new Eternal Guardians Series, which releases Tuesday, April 27, 2010. It combines Greek mythology with a modern day setting, hunky heroes, a millennia-old prophecy that could bring about the end of the world, snarky gods, seething daemons and a wicket hot romance.

You can check out the back cover blurb and read an excerpt here: http://www.elisabethnaughton.com/books/marked/

This is the first book in a new series, can you tell us about your new series?

I’m very excited about this new series. The Eternal Guardians are seven warriors who protect their realm from an evil god hell-bent on destroying them and the humans they protect. My guys are tough, alpha males, each with a unique ability/gift, but all are cursed by the goddess Hera in a way that will change their lives for all eternity.

Book one is Theron’s book. He’s the leader of the Argonauts and he’s been sent on a mission to find the one woman who completes an ancient prophecy that will protect his world from an evil god with a bad case of revenge. The catch? He falls for that woman, big time, and when it comes down to making the ultimate sacrifice, there’s no telling what will happen.

Your new series is based on Greek Mythology what type of research did you do or are you doing for your stories?

I’m constantly researching. There’s so much in Greek mythology, I don’t think I’ll ever learn it all, but I’m enjoying every step along the way.

I have oodles of books in my house all about Greek mythology – great big, thick encyclopedias. I also spend a lot of time online researching myths from different sources/perspectives. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my research it’s that not everyone explains each myth the same way. For most myths there are several different “possible” endings. For me, this is a good thing because it means I can easily take the myths and twist them the way I want for my books. For example, one of my guardians is a descendant of Jason and Medea, but in some versions of Jason’s mythological story, Medea killed all the children she had with Jason (after he betrayed her by marrying someone else). In others, one son from Jason and Medea’s romance survived to become king of Iolcus. I’ve (obviously) taken liberties with these discrepancies and other aspects of the ancient myths to make them work for my books.

You went from writing romantic suspense to writing paranormal, how different was that?

 Honestly? Not as different as I thought it would be.

I never planned to write paranormals. I love romantic suspense and always have. But one day, after researching Greek mythology for my debut book, STOLEN FURY (in which the main characters were looking for three ancient Greek reliefs of The Three Furies, the goddesses of punishment and evildoers), a paranormal idea hit me out of the blue. It was the first time a book had ever come to me as a fully formed entity. I knew the entire plot, beginning to end, and I took that as a sign I was supposed to write it. The end result was MARKED.

I knew the book had potential as a series, but I didn’t write any more books in the Eternal Guardians series until MARKED sold. At the time, I was already under contract for the Stolen Series, and was having a ball writing romantic adventure/suspense. Now, after I’ve done several books in both genres, I can say that I’ve learned writing both series isn’t all that different. Both are written in my voice. The paranormals are a little darker, but they’re still chock full of murder and mayhem, adventure and romance. And at the end? A book I hope readers will fall in love with.

Do you have plans to write any romantic suspense stories in the future?

Yes, absolutely! I love writing romantic suspense and don’t plan to give it up anytime soon.

I recently signed on to contribute to a Kensington romantic suspense anthology with Lucy Monroe and Jamie Denton. BODYGUARDS IN BED will be a June 2011 release. More details on this story to come, but I can tell you this much: a secondary character from my Stolen Series is going to be a main character in my novella.

I’m also working on a whole new romantic adventure/suspense series. When I have more info to share about that, I’ll post it on my website.

What are you currently working on?

Right now I’m finishing up book three in my Eternal Guardians Series – TEMPTED (February 2011). I won’t tell you who this book is about yet (don’t want to spoil any of the secrets in MARKED!), but I will say I’m having a lot of fun with this one.

After I finish TEMPTED, I’m switching gears and will be working on my RS novella, and then it’s back to the Eternal Guardians and book four in the series (which is yet untitled).

Do have any other books releasing this year?

Yep. MARKED (book one, Eternal Guardians – April 27, 2010) will be followed up with ENTWINED, book two in the series, which releases July 27, 2010. And book three follows six months later in Feb. 2011.

If you could ask readers any one question, what would it be?

Just ONE?

Okay, here’s what I want to know most:

What’s your favorite type of story to read? Reunion story? Secret baby story? Chase story? Whodunnit story? Arranged marriage story? What do YOU love to read? I’m always fascinated by what readers want to see authors write more of.

Where can readers find you on the internet?

Reader’s can find me at the following locations:

My website: http://www.elisabethnaughton.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/elisabeth.naughton1

Twitter: twitter.com/ElisNaughton

Mid-Willamette Valley RWA Blog:  http://www.mwvrwa.blogspot.com/

Thanks so much for having me here today, Greta!

***Leave a comment answering Elisabeth’s question and one lucky comment will win a signed copy of Elisabeth’s new release MARKED. Good Luck 🙂

37 Responses

  1. Hi Elizabeth!

    Great Interview! I am excited about the new release! So hum, answer to your question. I would have to say all of the above I do love, a variety is nice, but the reunion story. It is so overused and seemed to have the same theme throughout most stories that it gets a little tiresome to me personally.


  2. Wow! What an amazing cover, and awesome sounding story… I’m definitely in! Let’s see, my favorite kind of story… I really like the arranged marriage one/marriage of convenience.

    I just love the general idea of two people being shoved into a difficult situation, and see what comes out of it.

    I hope to get a chance to read this book, it sounds great. Thanks for dropping by!
    ~ Morning Glow

  3. It depends on what kind of mood I’m in. I love a good paranormal (shifter) book I love it if they have a little mystery in them. Some of my favorite books are romantic suspense a little bit of romance and maybe a murder or two and of course the hero and heroine have to solve the murder and live happily ever after.

  4. I love whodunnits since I started out as a mystery reader. I don’t feel I read enough of them any more, perhaps because they don’t promote as heavily as romance writers, I don’t find out about new authors/series. I enjoy romantic suspense which incorporates a little mystery and am strongly into paranormal and urban fantasy.

    Good luck with th new series!

  5. Hi Elisabeth. Marked sounds great. Love the cover. Some of my favorite themes are arranged marriages, best friends to lovers, secret identity, and rich guy/poor girl.

  6. I like to read stories that have suspense in them.

  7. I love the cover of this book. Its sounds splendid. Please count me in.

  8. I think it really depends on the story and if it works into it and is written well. I usually love reunion stories and arranged marriages.

  9. Love the cover and the sound of the story.

    My favourite kind of romance is any with a touch of mystery and action to it. If it’s paranormal too then I am in heaven *wicked grin*

  10. Beauty and the beast is one of my favorite plots, and time travel romances are definitely at the top of my list.

    I love the contest you’re holding for MARKED, it’s so fun to be challenged everyday! Thanks for the chance to win. 😀

  11. Hmm… friends to lovers is one of my favorites. I also love a good plain-Jane gets the hero, but prefer it to be without the help of a magical makeover–I like it when they get to know each other, and he realizes what a beauty she is because of who she is. And I also love a story that starts out with a married couple and takes it from there, because sometimes the HEA is just the beginning 🙂

  12. Hi Brande – I’m glad to hear you’re excited about MARKED! And thanks for the comment. I happen to love reunion stories, myself. I think because I know how hard they are to write and make believable. Glad to know you like the others, though! While MARKED is *not* a reunion story, it does have elements of just about everything else in it. (In one form or another. LOL)

  13. Hi Morning Glow – Isn’t that cover hot? I just love it. My CP tells me I’ve been blessed by the cover gods. I’m not complaining. 😉

    I love marriage of convenience stories as well. I don’t think I’ve ever really written one, though there are hints of that in the sequel to MARKED, which is titled ENTWINED and releases July 27th.

  14. Ah, Sherry, a girl right up my alley! I can’t seem to get away from dead bodies in my books – makes no difference if it’s paranormal or RS…someone’s always gonna die. LOL

    Hi Anne – thanks for the well wishes! I agree, I think the promo for mysteries isn’t as big as for romance. Mysteries also make up a much smaller percentage of the fiction market than romances, (like half of what romance sells) which is why you hear more about romances and see them on the front tables of bookstores.

    CrystalGB…I LOVE secret identity stories. Great addition to the list.

  15. Chey – another suspense fan. Yay!

    Cindy C – thanks!

    Jeannette – me too. Sucker for a reunion story.

    Ilona – LOVE the wicked grin. 😉

    Julie – Beauty & the Beast is a great one. I’m doing something *kinda* similar with the book I’m working on now – book 3 in the Eternal Guardians series. And I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the contest! I’m having lots of fun with it myself. Still tons of prizes to giveaway!

    (For those of you wondering, I’m giving away multiple prizes on my blog during the ten days leading up to MARKED’s release. There are still 4 days left to enter! http://www.elisabethnaughton.com/blog/

  16. Fedora – great additions. I love the married couple idea. I haven’t written one of those but I agree, they could be a lot of fun.

  17. Hi Elisabeth,

    What a great interview. I’ve had a blast this week at your blog, love all the fun facts about Greek mythology, and can’t wait to read Marked,

    I have a soft spot for friends to lover’s stories.

  18. I like the friends to lovers. I like when people are different too. Like in historicals, when a poor heroine gets a titled hero. I also like when couples work together to solve something in romantic suspense novels. Love when they meet but usually don’t like each other because they both want to solve the crime. Makes some steamy romance. Lol

  19. Great interview! I’m so looking forward to reading MARKED!!
    And I love the Beauty and the Beast story like! There is just something about a scarred and tortured hero who needs the love of a brave but kind heroine. *Bigh sigh*

  20. Aw, thanks, Cathy. So glad you’re having fun on my blog. I’m seeing a pattern here – friends to lovers story is quite popular (shelving that in my brain for future reference).

    Alicia – I love stories where the hero and heroine don’t exactly like each other at the beginning or when they’re working against each other at the start and have to end up working to gether to reach the goal at the end. Those are probably my favorites.

    Chelsea – thanks! I hope you enjoy MARKED! And I love your description of the Beauty & the Beast story: a scarred and tortured hero who needs the love of a brave but kind heroine. Definitely a winner in my book. 🙂

  21. I love romantic suspense stories!

  22. I love to read fantasy and paranormal books. My favorite books though are books which involve time travel and hot Scottish men 🙂 I love reading about the culture clash and humorous discoveries. I like both when the characters come to the future and go back in time. I think all of my favorite books have humor in them of some type, no matter the genre.

  23. Hey Elisabeth,
    I enjoyed the interview and am looking forward to reading your new release.

    My fave books are usually romantic suspense stories…the whodunnits… I love a story that draws me in and makes me think…to solve the crime…it’s just soo very interactive.

  24. Great review! I love the cover 🙂

  25. My favourite genre is urban fantasy/ paranormal romance. I also read suspense and contemporary romance. My favourite type of story in a romance is a reunion story.

  26. Hi Elizabeth,

    I really enjoyed your Stolen trilogy. I’m looking froward to checking out your new paranormal series – it sounds great.
    My favorite type of books are reunion stories. I think its interesting to read about characters that have a history together, then find a way to reunite.

  27. You are a new author to me. Love the cover of your book. Great interview. Checked your books out on your site. They sound really great. Will be adding to my reading list. I love romantic suspense books. Although right now I am reading a story where they are slowing hepling each other out with life and I think they will end up falling in love~only into about 5th chapter. It’s nice for a change. I kind of like a variety of books.

  28. I love romantic suspense and paranormal romances. I do like a reunion story. I’m looking forward to reading the new series, it sounds awesome.

  29. Hi Elisabeth,
    I loved your Stolen Trilogy. They kept me up well into the night but was totally worth losing sleep. I reread them already a couple times. Can’t wait to read your new series. As for what type of books I like to read, I do love a good reunion story.

  30. I really love paranormal romance, urban fantasy and historical romance. My favorite story to read is the scarred tortured hero and the heroine who helps him accept himself, and also the bad boy with the great wit getting together with the serious, studious good girl, usually despite his initial dislike of her. I really don’t like the secret baby story, that’s my least liked plot-line.
    Marked sounds like a great book, and I can’t wait to read it.

  31. Thanks for the great interview.
    Congrats on the release of Marked. Can’t wait.
    In answer to the question, I like reading a lot of different plots and genres, as long as the stories are well written. I read a lot of paranormal and futuristic romance, contemporary romance and regular sci-fi/fantasy, as well as what is now being called Urban Fantasy. The only things I don’t read are horror, historical(except if there is time travel), or something that is more mystery than anything else.

  32. Hi Elisabeth! Loved the interview and I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Marked. My favorite books are the paranormal romances and urban fantasy. Bring me a vamp, shifter, gods, etc and I’m there. These kinds of stories allow me to leave my world for a little while and peek into something totally different. Thanks for the contest!

  33. Estella – me too! I can’t seem to write a book without some kind of suspense and danger.

    Robin K – I’m a humor fan too. Especially snarky humor. I’m a sucker for that.

    Anna – thanks! I hope you enjoy MARKED.

    Raelena – aw, thanks. And isn’t that cover great? The one for the 2nd book – ENTWINED is even better. (You can see it on my website: http://www.elisabethnaughton.com)

  34. Spav – my genres! yay!

    Jennifer D – I love hearing that readers enjoyed the Stolen books. They were very fun to write.I hope you like MARKED just as much. And as for reunion stories – the next book – ENTWINED – is a reunion story. 🙂

    Sue B – thanks for stopping by. And I hope you enjoy my books!

    Martha – fantastic!

    Lisa – you just MADE my day! Knowing my books not only kept you up late (sorry!) but that you’ve reread them? Awesome!! I hope you like the new series just as much.

  35. Barbara – I’m a bad boy fan myself. I think secretly, most women are – somewhere. LOL. I was just telling my CP last night that as awful as Hades is in my books (and he is really really REALLY bad) some part of me is totally fascinated with him.

    Beth C – sounds like you read a lot. That’s great!!!

    Barb P. I think you hit the reason paranormals are so popular – because it’s a fantasy and we get to experience worlds that don’t really exist. That’s why I’m fascinated with them as well. Thanks for the great comment!

  36. A reunion story is always a fave

  37. I love a little bit of each. Love Highlander TimeTravel romance, reunion and couples in arranged marriages to see where it goes.
    Love your cover and have Marked on my TRL.
    Carol L.

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