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Please Welcome Garrett James from Jennifer Haymore’s A Touch of Scandal

Please welcome Garrett, Duke of Calton today.

Garrett, for those readers who may not know you, can you introduce yourself?

I’m Garrett James, the Duke of Calton. I spent the last eight years in Belgium, unaware of my true identity. My memory has only recently started to return to me. I still don’t remember all of my life as it was before Belgium.

And for those that do know you tell us what you have been up to since A HINT OF WICKED released?

I’ve been all over England and Scotland, hunting for the man who tore apart my family, William Fisk.

I understand that your book A TOUCH OF SCANDAL came out?

Yes, I believe it released on March 30.

You met someone special in A TOUCH OF SCANDAL, can you tell us about Kate?

Kate is like no one I’ve ever met. Everyone in this world seems to have secrets and personal agendas. Kate, however, is completely open, honest and guileless. She’s one-of-a-kind.

Have you read A TOUCH OF SCANDAL yet and what did you think?

It’s in my library and I hope to have the time to read it soon.

I understand that you worked with Jennifer Haymore, and that she actually wrote your story? What is she like to work with?

She keeps the oddest hours and types out letters on the oddest machine I’ve ever seen.

Will readers see any of you in the future or do you know if Jennifer has anything else planned in the future?

She’s working on the story of my sister, Lady Rebecca, now, and I do appear from time to time in that story. I hope she does my sister’s story justice.

Can you tell us something about Jennifer that we may not know?

Her cat makes me sneeze, and I think my daughter, Miranda, has a tendre for her son. I’ve made an attempt to separate the lad from Miranda, but I believe he might be writing to her in secret. Perhaps I ought to have a little talk with him…

Is there anything you would like to ask the readers?

What do you think is the best way to do away with an evil villain who’s ruined your life, stolen your sister’s innocence, and tried to kill the woman you loved?

Where can we find Jennifer on line?




***Leave a comment giving Garrett some suggestions and for a chance to win a signed copy of A Touch of Scandal. Good Luck 🙂


15 Responses

  1. Send him on a one-way boat to Australia as an indentured servant!

  2. I think that he should be drawn and quartered…after you smack him around some…..just some thoughts….lol

  3. Have him die horribly by flames or if you want the more “human” approach throw him of a high cliff. Falling down for what seems hours, knowing he’ll die is probably some form of justice. Or he can have another enemy chop him to pieces, literally.
    Beat him up a bit and then have him trip (by himself) over something, hit his head and poof gone. Then it’s sort of an accident. There are loads of things that can be done really.

  4. I think you should hang him for everyone to see. Love the cover of the book.

  5. If you’re sure the man you are looking for is really William Fisk, then he shares my husband’s name and I am fairly certain I can help you with this.

    Force William into a room with a wide screen television locked on a channel that carries only Soap Operas and infomercials 24-7. Position a plate of carrot sticks as the only snack within reach. Then, making a show of picking up the remote control and sliding it into your coat pocket, smile and walk away.

    William will be screaming and writhing in pain as he realizes he has been left remote-less. Once it sinks in that he cannot escape the Soap Operas and infomercials, the end will be near.

    In an attempt to console himself, he will reach for a snack, but alas, the snack is not a handful of salty chips smothered in onion dip, but crisp carrot sticks. The screams will be earth shattering, the mental anguish excruciating.

    Revenge is yours!

  6. Great interview! I think you should bump him off! Chain blocks to his feet and throw him in the river or ocean somewhere!

  7. Figure out a sneaky way to utterly destroy him–buy up his debts, or find out his deepest secrets, or something equally clever–someone so dreadful certainly has a weakness, and use that to create his complete downfall. Watching him implode will satisfy you like nothing else 🙂

  8. The best way to make his life awful would be for you to have a wonderful like with a bunch of children to show him what he’s missing. When he thinks you’ve forgotten and forgiven everything then you meet him out some dark night and first beat him half to death then finish him off with a bullet to the head.


  9. Deport him as an indentured servant.

  10. I think he should get all his debts and take him over that way. Take all his money and possessions, which will probably force him to kill himself for all that he’s lost.

    I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do though. Revenge can be a bad thing to focus on. Especially if you are happy in your life.

  11. Depends really how far you are willing to go to achieve this without sinking to the villian’s level to destroy him. So that kinda counts out hurting people close to him and him.

    Show him you are a better man than that, though I do like the suggestion of buying up his debts, plant the seed of doubt to the people he works with closely, find a way to secretly discredit him to public so no one is willing to trust him or give him the benefit of the doubt

  12. I think destroying his life while he has to live through it would be the best punishment

  13. Definitely want it to look like an accident – don’t want a trip to the gallows – maybe falling from his horse, off a cliff, into the raging sea. But then you really don’t know for sure if your loose end is really tied up or found washed up on a beach to be revived. Hmmm…well I’m all for clearing up things fairly quickly – just blow his head off during a hunting accident or robbery. No fuss, no muss, no turning up later for revenge…

  14. I agree destroying his life and not killing him would be best

  15. Wouldn’t it be nice if he was “accidentally” picked up by a press gang?

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