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Tielle St. Clare joins Shifter Week!

Hi Tielle! Thanks for joining us. Can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

Okay, some random facts about me…I’m a TV producer and TV Meteorologist by day and an erotic romance author by night.  I’ve lived in Alaska for almost 38 years.  I’m the youngest of four children and was a wee bit spoiled. I’m an avid knitter with a yarn stash that takes up half of my spare bedroom.

How long have you been writing?

I started writing romances when I was 16. I decided then I would be a romance writer.  I became focused enough to actually finish a book in 1992 and sold my first one in 2002.

What is your writing process like?

I usually have three or four stories in my brain at any one time.  I plot the whole story out in my head before I write anything down.  Then I (sometimes) write a detailed synopsis of the story. When that’s done I start to write. I don’t write in a linear fashion so I will often have the end of the book written before the beginning, which is why it needs to be completely plotted out before I start to write.

What made you decide to write about shifters?

They are interesting creatures, part man, part animal. I like being able to have the animal’s tendencies show up in a human.  Makes the human a little more difficult to control.

If you could be any type of shifter, which would you choose?

Probably a were-cat. Just because I think the big cats are such sexy creatures.

Do you have any future plans for heroes of the furry variety?

I’m currently working on the 5th book (Shadow’s Embrace) in the Wolf’s Heritage series.  It’s got a werewolf hero and a human-turned-werewolf hero.  All of the books in this series have 2 heroes and a heroine.  Once this one is finished, I’ve got at least one more in the series planned.  In between Shadow’s Embrace and the next one I think I’m writing another dragon story.

Can you tell us about your next release(s)?

I think my next release will be Marvin and the Three Bears.  It’s the sequel to Fairy Dust. In Fairy Dust, Marlena has created a Happily Ever After Fairy Dust with a hot sex additive.  In Marvin and the Three Bears, some of it gets dropped on Goldilocks’ tale and he has to jump into the story to try to save it.

When you are not writing or reading, what do you enjoying doing in your spare time?

It’s hard to think of right now because I’m working on a huge project at work and I’m on a book deadline so the spare time I have I’ve been writing. My main hobby is knitting. I’m working on a lovely blue top-down sweater that I should finish in the next few weeks.

If you could ask readers any question, what would it be?

I guess I would ask…what brings you back to an author time after time?

Where can readers find you on the internet?

I’m most active on Facebook.  http://www.facebook.com/tiellestclare

I also have a blog that I try to keep up to date. http://tiellestclare.blogspot.com/

And my website http://www.tiellestclare.com/

For a chance to win any book from Tielle’s backlist, just leave a comment answering her question. Good luck!


32 Responses

  1. What brings me back? First and for most honestly is the style. There have been books with what sounded like a great story but I couldn’t get pass the writing style to really get into it. Second is the story itself. It needs to be at least somewhat plausible in nature (excluding the shifter part obviously). The vested interest on the authors behalf of the characters and the world they are writing. For me that comes through in how they write.

  2. I suppose it is a level of trust that brings me back. Trust that the author will take good care of the characters: that my favorite character is not going to be killed on the last page, trust that the sexy scenes will bring my heart rate up to my target zone, and trust that the plot will make sense and have a touch of humor.

  3. Hum, that is a great question. First I would have to say history. Have I read books by the author that I love, hits or misses. If it is a new author I usually give it two tries. Sometimes that first book just isn’t for me. If the second one doesn’t work out I usually steer clear. If it is an author that I know I love their books I just work my way through their backlist and hit all the new releases. Sometimes you get a book in the mix that doesn’t work out, but knowing that I have already read a few and loved or even just like them, I will always come back.

  4. I always follow an author whose work has left an impression on me…There have been occasions where I’ve read books where perhaps the first book by an author didn’t wow me but there was a spark that kept me going back to buy her other books. I love a strong plot, characters who resonate with me as well as an author who may challenge me to wander into a world I may not have otherwise explored if not for her/his story.

  5. If I love the books that I’ve read by an author I always come back. I enjoy a little conflict in a book but I don’t like books where it seems the author keeps trying to see what all she can do to the characters and them still survive . If an author always gives her hero and heroine a happy ending I’ll be back. I really enjoy reading a book and getting lost in it and hating to put it down for anything.

  6. I come back to an authors works repeatedly when he/she are able to portray the emotion of a situation in such a manner that I can actually “feel” what the character is feeling. I like to get lost in a story, become someone else for a bit. Take an adventure! The more authentic that adventure feels, the more I would be apt to return!

    Kate aka YzhaBella


  7. What brings me back time after time to a specific author is consistent good storytelling and consistency in the stories…I hate when an author states a timeline in one book and then in the sequel disregards her timeline and goes against what she said in the first book…..I look good continuitiy in series. In individual stand alone books I just like an author who has good story line and strong characters.

  8. I come back to authors who have series that I have found to read who gives me interesting fun to follow characters in which these books become my “written soap operas”.. I am a person who loves to read long extended series about the main characters, however many that may be, their families and 2ndry characters who interest me. I love HEA, do not have to have them every time but it does bring me back faster, love action adventure mixed with romance, suspense and humor. When reading shifter books have to have compelling story line as well as characters that I can empathize with or will not read the author again…

    Jackie B Central Texas

  9. its hard to say what brings me back, a good series is a plus

  10. What brings me back is a series with characters who are interesting and continue to evolve from book to book. I like to see how their lives progress. This is hard to find, most series just give a nod to previous characters.

  11. To answer your question, an author that has continuity (i.e. some of the same characters) throughout a series. And of course a sexy alpha is a must!

  12. What brings me back to an author is stories that hold my attention from page 1 and that I never want to end.

  13. Hi Tielle! I pretty much keep coming back to the authors that I find that consistantly write a good story. The book also, obviously, has to be in a genre that I enjoy. That is what probably catches my eye first, then If the author is good, I’ll keep coming back. I’ll give anyone a try though.

  14. What brings me back to an author gain and again is if they continuously have interesting stories or a series with good plot and characters. There are also authors who create secondary characters that are interesting and fun to read about.

  15. Nice interview. I love your answer about why you write shifters. There really is something very intriguing about them.

    As for what brings me back to an author time and time again, a large part of it is their ability to tell a good story with good characters. If I am drawn into a story either through the story itself or through the characters I am much more likely to come back and try something else by that same author. Of course, series with characters I really enjoy will also bring me back. lol

  16. The quality of writing and the continuation/conclusion of a series bring me back. Even when a series gets a bit long in the tooth I still read it until the very end. It’s almost like being a part of the family. As long as there’s still a character that intrigues me and moments that entertain me in the storyline then I’m there.

  17. Consistently good stories and believable characters bring me back to an author time after time.

  18. I love twists and turns in a plot that I can’t predict… but that is very hard for an author to deliver. I am also a sucker for characters that drag me in emotionally. Make me cry and I am yours.

  19. What brings me back to authors time and again is the quality of writing. They style and storytelling have to grip me consistently, and the characters believable in their attraction for one another. As a reader I want to know motivation, conflicts that make sense, and POV’s as well as engaging dialogue.

  20. If I find my self connecting with the characters, enjoying the storytelling I’ll definitely read the rest of the series and check out anything else by that author. I have a lot of authors that I love and have more than one series or book of theirs. I also have other authors that once I’ve read a book I’m not so interested anymore. The difference is in whether the story grabs hold of me and won’t let go. And that is a reflection of how well the author writes and their understanding of their characters and readers.

  21. I love series books, so usually if an author has a series and it sounds and looks interesting I’ll give it a try. If I like the first book, I will always get the second. The second does not always deliver, kinda like movie sequels, but they are still enjoyable. I love having secondary characters get their stories. I read authors that are recommended and if I like the first one I buy, most likely they will have something else that I will enjoy.

  22. I have a long list of auto-buy authors. I tend to stick with an author because they give me interesting storylines, (usually paranormal) sexy, and somewhat imperfect characters, and a wonderful romance. I love it when the storytelling is so good that you can’t stand to put it down, and feel sorry to get to the end.

  23. Hi, Tielle.

    You’re a new author for me but not for long, I’m sure.

    What brings me back to an author, time after time? Great plot, story telling, and characters who seem so real. I want to yell at them, cry with them and laugh with them!

  24. If I enjoy one of an author’s stories, I’ll try another. If I enjoy that, I’ll keep on going back for more. I enjoy a lot of different genres, so it’s more of the characters, plots, and believableness (not a word!) that keep me hooked. I tend to like some humor in there, too, so if an author makes me laugh, I’ll go back for more 🙂

  25. These are great comments. I love the insight into other readers’ minds. I love series as well. I love to visit with characters I’ve met in other books.

    I apologize if I’ve been absent today. I returned from a trip last night and found my Internet working intermittently. I finally remembered I have an iPhone so I can access that way.

    Thanks fir the great answers!


  26. A great storyline and good snappy oneliners from characters are what brings me back to authors:)

  27. The story, heroes and heroine and the knowledge that I will be reading another great tale by one of my favorite writers.Thanks for sharing today as well.
    Carol L.

  28. I love to read books in a series to catch up on what is happening in the previous characters lives. Also, books that make me think about them or remember something in them long after I’ve read them.

  29. Simply consistently good stories that keep me interested enough to buy the next book.

  30. Hi Tielle 😀
    I love it when secondary characters got their own story – to 100% I would read their book!
    greetings, Ina

  31. When I read a book that I can’t put down….it’s sooo good….Then I’ll be looking for more books by that author….And if I find those books are also good….Then that author goes on my auto-buy list.

  32. What keeps bringing me back to an author? First would be their writing style. If it’s one that I’m comfortable and enjoy, I’ll keep coming back. Then the authenticness (is that a word?) and how real they bring out their world and characters. I must have characters that I can relate too. Though I do have a tendency of liking side characters more than the main ones.

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