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Werewolves and Bigfoot and Hunters, Oh My! With Terry Spear

In this fourth in Spear’s series, Private Eye Cameron MacPherson and Faith O’Mallery are both on quests that lead them into the world of magical wolves…

Cameron arrives in the Canadian Arctic to search for his partners in his P.I. business who are late returning from a hunting trip. Faith is there to discover what her father had seen in the same area years earlier that had made him lose touch with reality—man-wolves, he called them.

The two tumble into an icy world of enemies bent on destroying the lupus garou kind. As they turn into lupus garou themselves, and bond with the pack that only they can rescue from destruction, Cameron and Faith find their soul mates in each other.

Werewolves and Bigfoot and Hunters, Oh My!

What would you do if you were swept up into the world of werewolves and found yourself hunted by those who were looking for the legendary Bigfoot, and decided you were a werewolf, and came after YOU instead?

Life tends to throw little obstacles in our path, creating havoc anyway. The other day I got off work at night and in the 16-degree weather, had a dead battery. One of my co-workers had cables, but alas, we couldn’t locate her battery. A hero stepped into help us. He couldn’t locate her battery either, so moved his truck next to mine, and we jumped the car. The next morning, after cleaning the rods with soda water and charging the battery with a charger all night, I went in to town and got a new battery (the other was 5 years old) and voila, can’t get into work. The lock at the library was frozen. I was in charge, no way to get in.

So yep, life can be full of stumbling blocks and that’s just what happened to Faith O’Mallery as she went into the wintry wilderness in Maine looking for the man who stole her father’s research. Secretive research.

But it didn’t begin there. Well, the theft did, but after that, it was the fact someone seemed to be stalking her, the hotel clerk giving her the key to the wrong room—an occupied room—and not occupied by a family or a single woman either, but a hunk of a hero type.

Yep, so the stumbling block there wasn’t exactly all that bad, at least at first. Until she left her jacket in his room, and locked her key in her own room, and…

Well some will say: stop! This isn’t realistic. But it is! I swear it! Just think back to my car battery going dead, not being able to find my co-worker’s battery, and then the next morning, coming to work and not being able to get in. It went on from there—the electric heat wasn’t working in the library, the water pipe in the men’s bathroom began to leak, three computers locked up without anyone’s express permission, and did I mention I was in charge that day?

So yes…it’s realistic. Have you ever had anyone walk into your hotel room when you were in it? Waving hand here! Twice, I’ve had that happen to me. One time I was in bed, and hadn’t remembered to use the “emergency” lock. The other time, I had, so they couldn’t open the door very far. One time the clerk gave me a key to someone else’s room and they were away for the day. So realistic? Yep!

Now, finding a single hunk in the hotel room, *smile*, that’s a fantasy dream come true. And when he’s going the same direction as Faith into the unknown wilderness to solve his own mysteries—his private investigator partners went on a hunt and never came back—we start the adventure that will change their lives forever.

So if you want to find a wolf that will warm your heart, maybe a werewolf will be the right one for you in Book 4, Legend of the White Wolf! What do you think? Do you believe in werewolves?

Thanks so much for having me, Greta! Hope everyone is staying warm in this wintry time of year!








***Leave a comment for a chance to win an autographed copy Legend of the White Wolf by Terry. Good Luck 🙂


37 Responses

  1. Oh, I wish werewolves were real! As long as they were the sexy alpha kind, not the slobbery mean kind.

  2. Oh, Rachel A, they are, they are! Just read about them and *sigh*…maybe if you dream about them hard enough…!!! And no, the slobbery mean kind will never do!

    Thanks so much, Greta, for having me here today!

  3. Life can throw us Lemons. But if it throws in a Handsome Man dressed in a Towel. I can forgive the rest of the misfourtune for awhile. This cold spell we’re having really fits the climate for Snow, Arctic wolves, Snowmobiles, Dogsleds. And Hunky Sexy Werewolves who really are very nice.

  4. So true, Diva Donna! LOL. Well, I’m still considering sending Hunter’s sister up your way to find her own werewolf hunk. You can be my technical area adviser! 🙂 It would have to be a later book though and I’d have to get it approved but several have asked to see her story after reading To Tempt the Wolf! 🙂 Have a super day! Off to work in the pouring rain!

  5. I believe in werewolves… and perhaps I should start traveling alone to up my chances of a handsome stranger entering MY room…

    Yes, I do believe a couple weekend trips are in order… now what could I do to ensure that werewolves were attracted to me…? Steak every night it is!

  6. Hi Terry!
    I quite believe it – some days are really like the one you described… nothing happens like it should *sigh* but a wolf is definitively a bonus 🙂
    and yes, I do believe in werewolves – I read paranormal romances, how could I not believe? and honestly, sometimes I dream about such men 😉
    have a great day,

  7. Oh I believe in werewolves, I turn into one once a month, I crave chocolate and my family hides. Terry I have not read any of you stories, but my reading buddy has mention you as one of her favs. I love reading about hawt werewolves and will check out the series.

  8. Hi Terry. Your book sounds great. I don’t know if there are werewolves but I love reading books about them. 🙂

  9. The book sounds and looks fabulous! I can’t believe people walking into your hotel room happened so many times! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Your book sounds like a fantastic read! I love reading about werewolfs. I am not sure I believe in them but I guess anything is possible!

  11. Knowing my luck if a hunka hunka accidentally came into my hotel room, he probably run screaming into the night!!! LOL
    I don’t know, maybe I could out run him and drag him back kicking and screaming. Worth a try! 😉

  12. Hi Terry! I just picked up one of your books on Mon., and I really loved the first one. Please count me in on the contest.

  13. Terry of course Werewolves are real, unfortunately they are usually caught in human form and cannot shift so we just have to make do and love the human with the Wolf who is wanting to run free. Love the paranormal and werewolves will always be my number one shapeshifter fantasy to have come to life, even the mean ones who eat us humans have their place in my overactive imagination. I just think of Hugh Jackman in Von Helsing when he changed at the end and killed Anna, it was a grievous mistake and his error in doing so was heartbreaking to the character and the audience sympathized myself included!!!
    I am still going back to the book cover above in the interview and seems to me that Beautiful Arctic White Wolf is “grinning”, wolves are my absolute weakness in the wild community and this one is so pretty makes me want to pet him!!!
    Thank you for sharing with us today Greta and Terry, it is always nice to read about “Aha Moments” and yes things do happen strangely in real life and lead to the most wonderful and the strangest life changing circumstances!!!!

  14. I would love for werewolves to be real the thought of a sexy alpha man is so exciting. It would be my luck that if they were real. The one that I would meet would be the crazy kill everyone ones or the total wimpy one.

  15. Love the cover and sounds like my kind of read, I enjoy reading about werewolves.

  16. I believe in many things and if werewolves are sexy men that will keep you warm on a cold day than yes, I Believe.

  17. Yea Terry!!! Congrats on the release! I won’t say no to werewolves – who knows what exists just under the surface of structured society – I have a friend who is Navajo and she definitely believes but to her they are skinwalkers – and they’re not nice or sexy!!! I like my version better 🙂

  18. Hi Miranda! Ah, yes, order room service, steak on the menu, the werewolf hunk will follow the cart, wondering what delicious speciman ordered such a hardy dinner in the first place. He’ll check, of course, to find out if you’re unaccompanied, and lay on the charm. You’ll decide if he’s just the sort you want to share a meal with! 🙂 Hmm-hm!

    Hi, Ina, your post reminded me of Dorothy of Oz. I do believe, I do believe, I do, I do, I do! 🙂 Never know when the dream will become reality! Keep on dreaming of those hunky men!

    Hi Jen E, woohoo, truly a werewolf with a sense of humor! My kind of gal! Hope you enjoy the series!! And remember, never eat chocolate as a wolf. Only in human form! 🙂

    CrystalGB, there actually are documented people who have a condition where they look like werewolves. Although in my stories, the hairy look only comes in the form of a real wolf, not a hairy beast of a man! 🙂 Which makes him a super hunk as a man, and a majestic wolf in that form! 🙂 Hope you try out the series!

    Jeanette Juan, my parents had said they also had been given a key to someone’s room and promptly turned back around and returned to the front desk to complain. But having the experience for me made it fun to include in a story…only in the best of ways–hunky guy in towel….only he wasn’t exactly wearing it when he first saw the heroine! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

    Quilt Lady, hi! Glad you like reading those kinds of stories. Hope you check out the series sometime! 🙂

    Oh, Jessica, you sound like a werewolf kind of girl, knows just what she wants and goes and gets it!!! Lol, great comments! 🙂

    I have to return to work, just on my lunch break, and will comment again after work! 🙂 Thanks to everyone who dropped by!!!

  19. I have read a couple of books by Terry and am looking forward to this one.

  20. Hi Terry!

    I love the name, LOL!

    I haven’t had a chance to check out your books but have added to them to my TBR pile!

    Your books are ones I would love to read and also I love the covers!

  21. Interesting post! I’ve never had anyone walk into my hotel room (knock on wood!) and thankgoodness! And oh, yes. I believe in werewolves! It makes life more entertaining to think there may actually be supernatural creatures out there!

  22. It sounds like you’ve had some interesting adventures at hotels. I haven’t ever had that happen to me, but I wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if it did, especially with all the electronic key cards now. lol

  23. Obstacles, oh yeah, I’ve had times like that… December was one obstacle after the other that just made you want to tear your hair out of your head..

    Mm, who knows for sure if werewolves do exist or not. They could be kept a secret for a reason. It’s a neat thing to keep in mind, to play around with.

  24. Thanks so much, Barb P, for loving the first book! 🙂 I hope you enjoy some more! 🙂 Good luck on the contest!

    Jacabur1, I’d forgotten about that one in Van Helsing. I was like, why was a werewolf and Frankenstein in a vampire movie with Van Helsing? LOL I so agree that the wolf looks like he’s grinning. Happy to see you, you see? And if he’s in the right mood and trusts you, he’ll roll onto his back and let you rub his belly… 🙂

    LOL, Sherry S, you are too funny!!! A beta wolf can be very agreeable. You can train him just right. So he could be a great companion. 🙂 Just tell him what you want. They’re very loyal. The mean kind? Just make sure you have an alpha male waiting in the wings. He’ll take care of any upstarts! 🙂

    Teresa W, Sourcebooks does do a wonderful job on covers. I hope you try the series out and fall in love!

    Cybercliper, thanks! I’ve read about skinwalkers. I agree with you–not my idea of shapeshifters. It’s like the accounts about berserkers, how savage they were, and yet, I’ve read great romances where the hero is a berserker, so you can almost make anyone a romantic. Look at Beauty and the Beast? Now, I’ve heard of zombie romances and I’ll reserve comment here…. 🙂

    Hi Estella! Thanks so much for reading some of my other books! I hope you enjoy this latest release as well! 🙂

    Hey Terri W, I love your name also…I originally was a Terry W also…and my best girlfriend in my homeroom was a Terri W–all the W’s (well, and Y’s and Z’s) were in the same class. LOL. 🙂 Thanks for adding my books to your TBR pile! I hope you love them!

    The one time I was in bed, Chelsea B, I about had a heart attack. The woman was with her husband, the lights were out, it was late. And I’d been asleep when the door opened. Immediately, I called out, “The room is occupied!” The woman snapped at me, “I know that!” Well, jeesh, I didn’t know if they knew and I didn’t want them coming into the room and seeing me in bed. *sigh* She was lucky I didn’t have a growly werewolf mate with me at the time! 🙂

    Karin, when I was at a conference, one of the authors said it had happened to her, which brought back such memories! 🙂 But yeah, adventures are right.

    Raonaid, hope your January has been better! Sure, everything is possible! Now what about Bigfoot??? LOL

  25. I’d love to have this book. I love reading series about shapeshifters. I already have the first couple in my TBR mountain.
    I wish that shapeshifters did exist in this world. I live in a rural area and I’d love it if I had a wolf or bear shifter for a neighbor.

  26. The book looks wonderful!! I would love to win it!!

  27. Waving hi, Beth! Thanks so much! Hmm, bear shifter reminds me of the very first shape shifter book I ever read. You see, it started at a very young age for me–my love of shape shifters, and I didn’t even realize it until I was doing all these author interviews and an interviewer asked what my first shape shifter book was! East of the Sun and West of the Moon, a Norwegian version of a Scandinavian fairy tale about a prince cursed to be a polar bear and the girl he comes to love, who loves him in return. And I did fall in love with the prince. *sigh*…I would have loved him just as he was, and was so mad that his bride spilled wax on him and he left her–for good, I thought!

    Hi, Martha! Thanks so much! Good luck on the contest!

  28. Hi, Terry.

    What is your opinion on book trailers? Do you think they help in book sales?

  29. Hi, Tracey D!

    Great question! I think it’s like with book covers. It won’t sell a book, but it will make viewers notice and maybe take another look. There was a discussion about book covers on another site, and I had to say, yes, I tend to notice a book with something special on the cover, sometimes the title captures my imagination and I look closer at it. I work at a library and I see tons of books every day, so the ones that catch my eye, I take a further look at. 🙂 Now with trailers, the problem can be delivery. If it’s too long, some might not be able to even view it. I used to be on direct dial up, the only thing I could get, and that meant I couldn’t hardly watch any book trailers at all. 🙂 But anything that will catch a potential reader’s attention, might just get them to look a little further into your book, and then, it might be a sale! 🙂

  30. […] And here with Greta at I Don’t Want to Wait, I Want the Book Now, where the discussion is about Werewolves, Bigfoot, and Hunters, Oh My! I talk about one of the scenes in the book–first meeting of the hero and heroine when she’s given his room key by accident and how this came to me from my own experiences, minus the hunky guy, unfortunately! https://idonotwanttowaitiwantthebooknow.wordpress.com/2010/01/29/werewolves-and-bigfoot-and-hunters-o… […]

  31. Oh wow! I still love the cover, and I love the feeling that the book’s going to take me to new places.

  32. Thanks so much, Sheila! Yes, off to a wintry wonderland in Maine! It’s fun setting stories in different places. I’m thinking Werewolves in Waco…. Or how about a pack of sun-loving Florida wolves? Wolves have been virtually everywhere, so it’s not like some of them couldn’t settle anywhere….as long as they have some place to run in their wolf coats.

  33. For me, Wolves have always represented survival. They are excellent hunters and will sacrafice their own lives for their kin. I’m not a believer in Aliens, Vampires or Werewolves….but I’d like to think that Werewolves represent the best in animal/human nature.

    P.S. I love the cover. It’s beautiful!!!

  34. I agree, Mitzi, with everything you said! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  35. I had such a laugh 🙂 I wish werewolves are real. uh… (but then maybe they are :))

  36. I love me some wolfy books! 🙂

  37. Jessica, they hit the spot!

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