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Q&A with Jax Cassidy!

For Sage, attending the Parisian sex club, Plaisirs Sombres, was the ultimate fantasy. So when the conservative gallery assistant is cloaked behind the velvet mask, she never expected to be the object of the club owner’s desire. Spurred on by D.S. Gregoire’s erotic and sensual brush strokes of the exclusive club, she gives into a brief liaison that leaves her breathless and wanting.

For Damien, known to the art world as D.S. Gregoire, his art has always been an adrenaline rush. But when an exotic and mysteriously uninhibited ’sex club virgin’ enters his establishment, he is willing to break his club rules for another taste of the dark pleasures she brings him.


Jax, Thank-you for agreeing to an author interview today.

Thanks so much for inviting me, Greta!

Can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

Before I wrote romance, I dabbled in acting, screenwriting, event planning, public relations, comic book modeling, music management, etc… As a creative person, I think it’s important to take the leap and experiment, even if it takes me out of my comfort zone. I love traveling and try to incorporate exotic locales into my writing as much as possible.

Besides being a freelance artist and graphic designer, I’m also Co-Founder of ROMANCE DIVAS, an award winning writer’s website and discussion forum. I’m a firm believer in giving back to the community whenever possible. Whether I’m actively involved with writers or charities, it provides a sense of purpose in my life.

How long have you been writing?

I’m going to sound like every author I know, I started writing as soon as I was able to string two sentences together. My mother is a great storyteller so naturally I was drawn to weaving stories. I wrote romances even before I knew what it was. If it weren’t for my middle school teacher who planted that seed into my head, I would have never pursued writing. I don’t think teachers get as much appreciation and recognition for their efforts. Thanks for the push, Ms. Cherry!

What is your writing process like?

Most authors have a routine but I don’t necessarily follow one. I pretty much write whenever I feel like writing. If I’m stuck I try to find a creative outlook like painting, graphic design, or crafts.

I’m an idea person. Whenever something triggers an idea, the entire story shapes up in my head then and there. I’m a true organic writer aka panster. I normally don’t write a synopsis or outline until after I’m done with the project, but I have been known to do it for the more challenging storylines. I guess I’m a rebel that way. I used to never brainstorm with others but nowadays I do it with my other half. Can’t beat having a personal editor!

Can you tell us about your newest release Brush Strokes?

This is probably one of my favorite short stories. Since Paris was my first international home, I enjoy using it as a backdrop whenever possible. I love writing about Europe, or other exotic settings, and I do my best to give my readers that jet setting experience.

Brush Strokes is about a conservative heroine with a hidden promiscuous streak and a brooding artist who is a combination of Mr. Darcy and the Beast.  Two of my favorite leading men. The story takes place in an exclusive sex club that is loosely based off of a real one in Paris. I took liberties in making it even sexier than it is.

You can find details about the release, blurb, and an excerpt here: http://jaxcassidy.com/books/brush-strokes/

Do you have any other books releasing this year?

At the moment, I don’t have another release set but it doesn’t mean there won’t be. 🙂  Stay tuned.

What are you currently working on?

I just wrapped up a paranormal series my agent is shopping around. I will have a contemporary and a YA that will be added to her plate as soon as I get it written. This is the year where I’m planning for the future and not faced with deadline hell as in past years. I’m also going to write a few paranormal novellas that will feature shape shifters, vampires, and psychics with an Asian flavor.

Where do you get your ideas for your books?

I get ideas from the real life, news, magazines, television, movies…just about anything really. Sometimes I have more ideas than I can write but it doesn’t mean I won’t try to attempt as many as possible.

As an author, you must be an avid reader. What books do you enjoy reading? Who are your auto-buy authors?

I used to be a voracious reader. I guess one of the pitfalls of being contracted is that you spend more time writing and less time actually reading. I have a huge TBR list and it takes me a few months to get through a book. I enjoy contemporaries and historicals. I don’t read many paranormal books but when I do I’ve read Sherrilyn Kenyon and Karen Marie Moning. I’m a big fan of Lynn Kurland and her time travels, which is always an auto-buy for me.

What books are on your keeper shelf?

I’m a book hoarder. There are too many authors that I adore so I can’t just name a few. However, I can’t live without Pride & Prejudice.

What was the first romance book you read or the one book that has stood the test of time for you?
Gosh, I believe the very first romance I read was an excerpt of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss’  A ROSE IN WINTER in Cosmopolitan magazine. That’s the one story that got me hooked and fascinated about this whole genre. I would have to say that the first romance book I read cover to cover was one I lifted from my then sister-in-law during summer break. The Harlequin category was Satan’s Master by Carole Mortimer and I still have it today.

If your book was made into a movie, which actors would like to see as the lead characters?

Hummmm, that’s tough. I would have to say Gerard Butler as Damien and Maggie Q as Sage.

If you could switch lives with one of your characters who would if be & why?

I love all the heroines I write but I’m particularly fond of Diana in DOLCE & DIANA in the SUNSWEPT anthology. Secretly, I love to cook and growing up in the restaurant industry it was easy to dream about opening my own restaurant on a tropical island. I’d love to wake up to a killer ocean view and just enjoy each day in tranquility.

When you are not writing or reading, what do you enjoying doing in your spare time?

I don’t paint nearly as much as I used to and I miss doing art shows. I’m an abstract artist but I also love creating whimsical lifestyle art that empower women. I also enjoy photography but mostly I’m an adrenaline junkie. I’ve done everything from bungee jumping, skydiving, snorkeling to indoor rock climbing. I’ve slowed down a bit the last two years but I hope to be able to do more fun things in the future.

If you could ask readers any one question, what would it be?

What can I write to get you hooked? 🙂

Where can readers find you on the internet?

Website: www.jaxcassidy.com
Blog: www.jaxadora.blogspot.com
Social Sites: www.romancedivas.com

***Leave a comment answering Jax’s question for a chance to win a download copy of Brush Strokes! Good luck 😀

30 Responses

  1. Great interview. And, your latest story sounds great… and spicy!

  2. Just keep on writing the way you have been and I’ll stay hooked!

  3. Rachel–thank so much for commenting…my stuff is spicy! But I hope to be able to write a softer heat level in the future for those who blush at the erotic stuff. 🙂

    Lisa–thanks so much for reading my stuff! It means a great deal to me. As authors, we only hope that people will read us!

  4. Brush Stroked sounds great! I really like books based in clubs.

  5. Awesome interview, Jax! This is being added to my list if I don’t win a copy! 😀

  6. You could hook me with adrenaline junkies into BSDM… oh yeah – talk about trust and danger!

  7. Connie & Miranda–I don’t go too much into the alternative lifestyle, but I like to scatter some of the control elements in my story to heat up the love scenes. I usually let my best girlfriends write BDSM because they’re good at it. I suppose I could always try my hand. LOL

  8. I think more books like brush strokes would get me hooked! I like the idea of the owner falling in love!

  9. Great interview Jax adn the premise of Brush Strokes sounds very interesting! Cheers from another pantser. ~Peach

  10. Amanda–I think it’s the Harlequin category influence over me. I used to love reading about the rich & complicated and falling in love with the underdog. It’s an almost fairytale and who wouldn’t want some hunky financially secure guy sweeping you off your feet. Like all the Disney animated movies: Cinderella, Beauty & The Beast, The Princess and the Frog, etc. etc. etc.

  11. Love the interview, Jax!! Write anything suspenseful and/or paranormal and I’m hooked! Oh, don’t enter me in the contest cuz I’ve already got a copy 🙂

  12. Great interview Jax! To hook me, always put a little of yourself into the writing. That sense of authenticity can’t be faked.

    Oh, and no need to enter me in the drawing. I procurred a copy of Brush Strokes on release day and it’s on my TBR list.

  13. I love the storyline for Brush Strokes! It sounds awesome and more books that sound like that will get me hooked!

  14. Wow, what an impressive resume you have there. You said the paranormal novellas you are going to write has shape-shifters, any particular shape shifters like “Wolf” “feline” “bird” “dragon” shifter. Hehe, I am partial to dragon-shifters, they seem to be my favorite kind of shape-shifters of late (because there is not too many out there). And Psychics with an Asian flavor, you just got my interest. You got two thumbs up from me on the Sherrilyn Kenyon and Karen Marie Monings. Just wanted to say also that your cover to Brush Strokes is very vivid, the orange/red and yellow color scheme grabs attention.. and I love the mask. Always loved those type of masks.

  15. Jeanette–thanks! I really did love writing stories that have a theatrical feel. 🙂

    Raonaid–I normally write multi-ethnic romance where the Hero or Heroine is Asian, except for stories I wrote under Cassidy Kent. I am want to write paranormals with an Asian based mythology and morph it into my own. I tend to like wolf, phoenix and dragon, and all that interesting Gods & Demons myth found in the old martial arts flicks with a westernize twist.

    Thanks for loving the cover. I totally adore it!

  16. Katie & Jeannie–I lubs you! 🙂

  17. Hi Jax! Thanks for joining us today!

    What’s been hooking me most with new books lately is damaged heroines. I don’t know what it is about that theme, but if I see it on the blurb, the book is mine.

  18. What a coincidence, the Woodiwiss book was the first romance book I read too. And Kenyon is a favorite of mine too. We could be sisters. I like the sound of your new book–in winter I tend to read as many steamy books as I can and this is definitely going on my wishlist (unless I can win it here–wink wink).

  19. I’m happy to be here Lillie! I am definitely a writer or damaged heroines. Although, I’ve heard that editors are not so interested in this type of heroine anymore. Don’t know if it’s true, but I’m still writing them. LOL This includes my current contemporary I’m working on called BRIDGE TO MOONLIGHT set in Italy.

  20. Thanks Joder! This is one of those hot quickie reads. I’ll cross my fingers for you.

    Personally, I’ve re-read it a bunch of times and still love the characters. LOL

  21. If Brush Strokes is as great as the blurb makes it sound then you have already written the story to get me hooked.

  22. The storyline and characters will draw me in and keep me hooked.

  23. Just keep on writing the way you do now!

  24. Thanks Ilona, Jane, & Estella!

  25. Thanks for the great interview. I love romantic suspense and paranormal books if you put the two together I’m definitely hooked. My favorite paranormal books are shifter books. Actually if its a fast paced book I will read any kind of romance book.

  26. I love the setting in Paris…one of my favorite places to go when I can get out of the country. That has hooked me!

  27. Sherry–sounds like a plan for the future. 😉

    Amy–I love Paris so much that I will one day have to purchase a place there!

  28. I love warm exotic, secluded, WARM locations, especially now, since it’s snowing,… AGAIN!

  29. Just keep doing what you are doing….If the story is intriguing and the romance hot…I’ll be there!!!

  30. You’re a new author to me so, I’m just a fan of well thought out books that have unique characters, usually a strong willed female lead with a hard headed male secondary character. 🙂 Love me some tension.

    I’m a huge shape shifter fan. 😉

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