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Interviews, Demons, and SEALs! Oh, my!

Day 1

I’m very excited to announce that the blog has been taken over by a demon and a SEAL for the next two days! Please welcome our very special guests, Lore (Ecstasy Unveiled by Larissa Ione) and Chris (Hold On Tight by Stephanie Tyler).

Guys, it’s all yours.


Lore: Okay, Larissa says I have to do this freakin’ stupid interview thing with you, so let’s get it over with.  I have things to do, places to go, people to kill.

First question: I hear you’re a seal.  As in, a shapeshifter?  A seal shapeshifter? Ooh, that’s sexy.  The females must be all over you. *snort*

Chris: Dude, SEAL, like in the Navy.  Special Forces.  Kicking your ass.  What?  You’ve got your glove, I’ve got my rifle.  And I’m psychic.

Lore: Psychic?  And my “glove” isn’t a weapon. My entire arm is. Which is why I wear the glove.  Wanna shake hands? Yeah, didn’t think so.  *tosses Chris a beer* So.  What do you think of your brothers?  Are they as annoying as mine?

Chris: They’re general pains in the asses.  Moody as hell most of the time, but they’ve got my back when it counts.  But man,  I have to save them a hell of a lot – they’re always running around, getting into trouble.  Always because of a woman too.

Lore: About your book.  Did you make life hell for Stephanie?

Chris: Nah – Nick nearly killed her, so I had to try and make up for it.  She got all pissy and it was just easier to shut up and give in.  I got to deliver some babies, realized I can’t stop being psychic no matter how much I want to and mourned the death of a brother in arms.  And then, there was a lot of sex involved, so hey, it all worked out.

Lore: You banged some FBI agent chick named Jamie in Nick’s book, Too Hot To Hold, right?

Chris: And you banged an angel, Idess, right?  Oh, yeah, put the glove back on brother – just proving a point there.  We won’t talk about my woman like that and I’ll do the same.

Lore: Touchy, touchy.  Did you shit your pants when she showed up in your book?

Chris: When I see a woman I want, I tend to make her mine instead – works better that way.

Lore: *cracks his beer and rolls his eyes* How long have you been in the Army?

Chris: Dude, seriously.  Navy.  Do all demons have shitty short term memory?

Lore: Right. Navy. Nothing wrong with my memory – I just don’t pay attention to things humans say.  Oh, hey, did you know that the Army has a special paranormal unit called the Ranger-X Regiment?  You should join.  You get to kill demons.  Well, not the cool ones like me, but the other ones.  Ever wasted a demon?

Chris: Never had the pleasure, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have a problem killing one – I’m the best sniper in the SEALs.  You know, one shot, one kill. Want to go demon hunting later on…if Idess lets you out, that is.  I know you’re kind of whipped.

Lore: Yes, I’m whipped. By an angel who slaughters demons with summoned weapons. Can you do that? No?  Well, hey, since you can’t summon weapons and whack demons, what’s the coolest thing you get to do in your book?

Chris: *cocks his eyebrow and smiles* Jamie.

Lore: What’s your best talent?

Chris: You’d have to ask Jamie that – there are a lot to choose from.

Lore: Where’s the best sex take place in the book?  What?  I’m a sex demon.  I have sex on the brain.

Chris: All of it.  What the hell? It’s sex with Jamie.

Lore: And you say *I’m* whipped.  I’m done with the Q&A.  Humans are annoying.  Nice cover, by the way.  The pink lettering is an especially nice touch.  I look a hell of a lot better in purple than you do.

Chris: *prepares sniper rifle and mutters*  I think I can take a demon out with this easily.  I didn’t need to hear it from the assholes I live with, and I don’t need to hear it from you, glove-boy.

Lore: Dude, you need to relax.  Seriously.  Maybe we should fight some demons.  I know this really skeezy demon bar down on 9th…


Come back tomorrow for Day 2, when Chris gets to ask the questions and Lore…well, he may answer them. You never know. Now on to the contests! Steph and Larissa have offered up some great prizes for 3 lucky people.

Day 1: Comment on today’s post (Lore interviewing Chris) and you will be entered to win any one book from Stephanie Tyler’s backlist. Winner’s choice!

Day 2: Comment on tomorrow’s post (Chris interviewing Lore) and you will be entered to win one of the first three books of the Demonica series by Larissa Ione. If you already have all three, then you can choose a Demonica bag. Again, winners choice!

Grand prize: We will combine all names from both posts (so each person can have 2 entries) and draw one name. That person will win a copy of Hold On Tight, Ecstasy Unveiled, and 3 SEAL and Demon duckies!

Have fun and good luck! 😀

You can find more info about Steph and her SEALS here.

You can find more info about Larissa and her demons here.

And for information on the ACRO series, written by Steph and Larissa under the pen name Sydney Croft, go here.