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Shelley Munro dishes about scandal

Gossip. Scandal. Tabloid newspapers. Lurid articles in magazines. Gossip blogs. The E channel. Most of us have probably read gossip or listened to the latest scandal at some stage. Tiger Woods, anyone?

Sam Norville, the hero in Tea For Two comes from a wealthy family. His mother is minor royalty, and he’s an eligible bachelor. Interest in his romantic life comes with the territory, especially since his older brother has settled down. Combined with the fact that the men and women in his family tend to fall in love at first sight, Sam is decidedly gun-shy. The last thing he wants is a woman in his life. But that’s exactly what he gets when he meets Hayley.

He’s determined to keep his friendship with Hayley out of the spotlight, even if it means he needs to sneak around in disguise. He’s equally determined to keep Hayley away from his family because the last thing he needs is them spilling details of the love-at-first-sight tradition in his family.

Sam intends to keep this romance low key and out of the public spotlight. He’s resolute about avoiding speculation in the press because Hayley is just a friend!

Hayley is just as reluctant to face the tabloid press because she’s lied to Sam. Not that she meant to. A small white lie has taken on a life of its own, and now she’s trapped. No, the last thing Hayley needs is for reporters to search through her past.

Here’s an excerpt:

“That’s right. Is there a relationship, someone you’ve met recently?” Danger, Will Robinson! Hayley knew she should give him a false reading, but pride in her work bade she do the best she could. That meant telling him the truth, even if it didn’t suit her purposes.

“There’s you,” he said slowly. “Of course, according to the gossip columns, I meet a new woman most days.”

“We don’t have a relationship,” Hayley said sharply.

“But we could.”

“We’ve only just met. I don’t intend to be cannon fodder for the press.”

“But don’t you believe in love at first sight?” he asked.

Something about his still body told her the answer was important to him. She thought about it and gave him an honest answer. “No, I don’t. I like to get to know a person slowly.” After all, that’s what her parents had drummed into her after her big mistake.

“Hmm,” he said, brushing his hand across his cheek. “I suppose going slowly might work, but sometimes fast and furious is good.”

Hayley glanced back down at his cup, unable to look at him for a second longer. Of course, the conversation had leapt back to sex. She wanted to say fast and furious wasn’t good, not if the woman ended up pregnant. Then, all hell broke loose. Lives were irrevocably changed. Innocence lost. Hayley ignored his comment and went back to the reading. “A mushroom means you should allow the relationship to develop at its own pace. No rushing or forcing it. Which would probably mean keeping away from the public spotlight.”

“Are you sure that’s what it means?”

“I assure you, I don’t make up readings,” Hayley snapped. “I’m a professional.” A professional liar, her conscience prompted. And he didn’t like liars…


I’ll admit I like to read a little gossip at times. I’m nosy. Celebrities fascinate most people because their lives are so different to ours. I do think that things are taken a little far sometimes.

Do you think reporters and tabloid press go too far? Do you like to read the gossip magazines?

Shelley Munro writes erotic contemporary and paranormal romance for Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing. Sometimes she writes about gossip and the tabloid press or at least inflicts them on her characters. Thankfully, her life is pretty normal. You can visit Shelley at www.shelleymunro.com.

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25 Responses

  1. I admit I do like to read about Brad & Angelina but I never buy any of the mags. Usually, I just browse at doc’s office or a bookstore. I can never make it as a famous person, the invasion of privacy is just too much.

    I don’t have an e-reader so no need to enter me in contest. Thanks!

  2. Sounds like a great read!

  3. When I was younger, I followed all the latest entertainment gossip — but now? Now so much. The paps seem rather invasive, and most of the celebrities looked like a deer caught in headlights.

  4. […] contemporary and paranormal romance author Shelley Munro is at I Do Not Want to Wait, I Want The Book Now today, talking about the tabloids and gossip columnists and her book, Tea for Two, from Samhain […]

  5. I think the invasion goes with it if you are a celeb. And I watch a bit of the latest on TV, but don’t read the Tabs. (I once wrote articles for the Tabs, but no more!)

  6. I don’t search out the gossip mags, but if one happens to be laying around then I might pick it up and browse through it.

  7. I used to read the gossip mags and websites all the time. I didn’t always like the methods that they used to get the information, but I kept reading them anyways.

    Then I started following a celebrity on twitter. And I started reading about all the problems she was having with the photographers, and the gossip sites. I decided that I didn’t want to help with the cycle. So, for the past 6 months, I haven’t read any gossip.

    I hope to keep it that way.

  8. I definitely think reporters have crossed the line on some tabloids. Money talks, and we are buying their stories, but I would hate to be some of the stars being stalked for our entertainment.

  9. I haven’t read a tabloid in a few years mainly because I really don’t care what celebrities do. I think most celebrities have to much of an big head about their selves. I think that tabloids can go to far sometimes but I think that celebrities new what they were getting into when they decided to become stars also. I get so tired of hearing them whine about someone taking a picture of them when their the ones who put themselves out their in the first place. I figure my opinion will probably make some people mad but I really don’t care.

  10. Morning, everyone! I have to admit that like many of you I’ll scan magazines and newspapers or pick one up when I’m in a waiting room somewhere. Sometimes I flick on to the E channel. These days I’m far more aware of the harm and stress that the “famous” people come under in the process. I think tabloid press go too far – it’s big money for them.

  11. Sherry – you’re right. Some celebrities deliberately court the attention and then cry foul when it becomes too much. I guess being a film star isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Those huge salaries come at a price.

  12. I tend to avoid the gossip mags and tabloids unless I’m trapped in a waiting room with no other reading material in sight. I don’t really care to learn what’s happening to these famous, wealthy (and usually terribly unhappy for one reason or another) people and I imagine they’d prefer to live without us all invading their personal lives (except a few, who seem to gladly invite us all in). Eeek!

  13. I’m not so interested in gossip magazines, I rather read a good book! And I do think sometimes they go too far, but I agree with Sherry.

  14. I dont read the gossip mags, and I do think the tabloids go too far. For some celebs the press are no better than stalkers.
    I agree with Eva S – if I want to read something it will be a good book.

  15. I prefer to read a good book.

    Reporters are invasive and most gossip mags are riding close to libel.

  16. I used to follow these exploits when I was younger, but not so much anymore. Now, more than ever, I find so-called famous people’s lives disgustingly extravagant.

    I do think–when it comes to the children–that things go too far. But the adult stars get exactly what they signed up for–and so I don’t feel at all bad for them.

  17. Dirty secret: I had a subscription to The National Enquirer for years. I enjoyed reading them, but didn’t believe everything I read.

    I do think they go too far and applaud those stars who sue them when they go too far.

  18. I imagine publicity and scandal puts a huge stress on celebrity relationships and marriages. Brad and Angie are always in the news.

    I forgot to mention in my post – I have a free downloadable bookmark for Tea For Two on my website. Here’s the link:


  19. Hi Shelley! Thanks for joining us today!

  20. Hi Lillie – thanks for having me to visit. 🙂

  21. I used to buy The Star and The Enquirer….For The Puzzles…Hehehe. But I don’t any more. Now I just order puzzle books and read my romance novels.

  22. I read very few magazines..I do not like gossip. I really enjoy books as I know most of the ones I read are made up. I do not have an e reader so you can count me from the contest. I just wanted to comment anyways. susan L.

  23. Mitzi – I was at the hairdresser yesterday and was seduced by a magazine…

    Susan – I prefer a good book too, although sometimes a magazine or newspaper is easier to read. If I’m really tired a magazine works better. Sunday morning and the newspaper are something of a tradition. 🙂
    I adore our local paper. It doesn’t have much in the way of gossip, but it has some very quirky stories that make me smile.

  24. There was a time I really got into celebrity gossip. I can’t put my finger on when I started to lose interest but now I just don’t care. I think the media goes to far to be the “first” to report the story. Chasing people in cars without a care in the world of other drivers and pedestrians; it’s tiring and scary.

    I’ll just read and listen to some tunes….

  25. I think the media goes too far. I hate celebrity gossip because I think its their personal lives being spread all over the place, and the public doesn’t even know the truth, just speculation most of the time. Its pretty sad sometimes.

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