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Anya Bast talks about falling in love with heroes and Wicked Enchantment

There are all different kinds of heroes in the romance genre and I’ve written many of them. No one hero is alike, but no matter their personality, I always fall a little love with them. I figure that’s a good sign. After all, if I fall in love with them, maybe the reader will too.

When I began constructing a new novel, I’m not the one who decides who the hero is going to be, however. It’s the heroine. I have to take a hard look at her and figure out who she needs. The hero is always born from that imagining.

Aislinn Finvarra doesn’t want any man. Not now. Not after the disastrous relationship she’s just endured. But sometimes we don’t always know what we want, let alone what we need.

When Gabriel Mac Braire comes to the Rose Tower, he turns every woman’s head. He’s gorgeous. A sexy half-incubus with the ability to enthrall any woman he meets.

Any woman except Aislinn.

In fact, Aislinn can’t believe her bad luck when the Seelie Queen orders her to act as Gabriel’s guide while she considers his petition to defect from the Unseelie Black Tower to the Seelie Rose. Gabriel is exactly what she doesn’t want right now, though the queen thinks he’s just the thing to get her favorite subject back on the dating horse.

But Gabriel isn’t quite what he seems and his real reason for being at the Rose Tower is far from an innocent one. His dark intentions have everything to do with Aislinn and the secret she’s been keeping from the Seelie Court.

It isn’t long before chaos is set loose in Aislinn’s safe, predictable life. The truth that she’s been hiding rises up to endanger her life and Gabriel is the catalyst. As soon Gabriel realizes the events he’s put in motion, it’s too late to stop them.

By that time Gabriel is fully invested in Aislinn. Because, you see, she has what he needs too. Jaded and self-serving, he hasn’t allowed anyone past his defenses in a very long time—not until Aislinn. She blindsides him and transforms his life, making him value things he thought he’d put aside long ago. By the time Gabriel has done his damage to Aislinn, he’s also fallen in love with her.

And nothing in the universe will stop him from protecting her.

Of course, once Aislinn’s secret is revealed and her true self is uncovered….it just might be the bad guys that need protecting… from her.

Welcome to Piefferburg, prison to the fae. If you dare, come on in and spend some time with me here. It’s a place I hope will intrigue and fascinate you.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Wicked Enchantment, check out my web site for the first chapter, the book video and an interactive map of Piefferburg.  http://www.anyabast.com/wicked-enchantment/

Answer the following question for a chance to win an autographed copy  of Hot for the Holidays, containing my novella, Sweet Enchantment, which gives the reader a taste of Piefferburg.

If you were fae, what kind of New Year resolution would you make? Use your imagination and go crazy.


17 Responses

  1. Fae resolutions? Hmm. Gotta say: Stalk a mortal being in the coming year – you never know what his/her reactions may be to my presence. Perhaps I’ll fool them into believing they’re crazy. Or better yet: find an odd companion or friend by said stalking. 😉

  2. My fae resolution would be to find a lonely scientist that believed in only cold hard facts and taunt and haunt him with my paranormal world until he believed or went crazy.

  3. If I was a fae my resolution would be to make happy-ever-romances for my single friends and family.

  4. Hi Anya!
    your books are on top of my wishlist – I trace the contest on your site and on Laurens and your promotion is really great!!
    congrats on your release tomorrow *wohoo*
    I would try to find my soulmate 😉 when I have fae powers I had to make us of them *gg*
    wish you all the best,

  5. I am just dropping in to say hi!!! And show some support! Wicked Enchantment and Sweet Enchantment are both awesome books!!!!
    I absolutely love Aislinn! She is a real woman, with real emotion! And OMGosh, you will absolutely love Gabriel!!!
    Just wanted to drop by!! Hope all is going well!

  6. My resolution would to be to have as much fun as I could while hunting my soulmate. I might have to go through a lot of me to find him but that would be fun.

  7. If I were Fae then my new resolution would still be the same as what is now and that is to use my “power” to get George Clooney to notice me…LOL

    kalynnick AT yahoo DOT com

  8. If I were Fae, my new years resolution would be to limit my Starbucks intake, it’s effecting my powers when doing housework. Wicked Enchantment sounds awesome!!!

  9. Hi Anya! Congratulations on the upcoming release! How exciting!
    As for resolutions if fae…

    Oh man – I would totally try to out do Puck. I’d go for as many practical jokes and pranks as possible, and more. The bigger, the better, the messier :X [Heh. Seems like I’m in a destructive mood.]

    Happy New Year, All!

  10. If I were Fae, my new year’s resolution would to convert my chocolate eating ways to making all my chores whizz by and create more time to mortal havoc. *grin*

  11. If I were Fae, I’d make (reading) my job so I could get paid to do what I love.

    Congrats on the new release and continued success in 2010….Happy New Year!!!

    mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

  12. I’ve decided to lose some weight so as to not over strain my wings, and so I get the maximum mileage out of them before I need a wing replacement, or a double wing replacement which I’m not sure my health insurance will cover.

  13. My new year resolution if I were Fae would be the same – see more of my family and friends and be nice to everyone! :o)

  14. You know how they say you have to “kiss alot of frogs to find your prince” – well let’s assume this must be true for fae as well. It would be my resolution (and great hardship no doubt 😉 ) to “kiss” many, many “frogs” while searching for my prince.

  15. I’d probably sneak in and swap all of Gabriel’s undies to tighty whities or worse, pink polka dot bikinis… just to watch him grumble. Sexy men are so cute when they grumble.

  16. LOL! I’m not sure how being Fae might change my resolutions–I’d hope maybe it’d make getting them accomplished a little easier? Or maybe just more fun! Anyway, more reading, better tracking, and more Fae books! 😉

  17. If I were fae my resolution would be to stay away from fae politics.

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