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Please welcome Hunter, Julia and Jay from Going All In by Jess Dee

The higher the stakes, the harder they fall—in love.

Julia Savage’s weekly poker games are tearing her apart. She’s in love with two of her fellow card players, and much as she’d like to pick and confess her true feelings to one man, she won’t. Not if it means risking the love of the other.

Hunter Miles has wanted Julia for four months, and he’s about to deal a hand she couldn’t see coming. He’s determined to give her a New Year’s Eve celebration she never expected. He’s going to seduce her—in front of his friend and rival for her affections, Jay Baxter. But Jay’s not willing to lay down his cards. He’s going after Julia too, and he’s not above bluffing to get what he wants. Either way, one of them is going to win her over.

Unless they change the rules of the game. If they double up, there’s a chance they can split the pot…

Warning: This book contains two hunky heroes, a heroine worth betting on, sizzling hot three-way action (m/f/m and m/m/f), a whole lot of unexpected fireworks and a New Year’s Eve to remember.

Greta: Please welcome three very special guests today – Hunter, Julia, and Jay

Julia: Hi Greta, Thanx for inviting us over.

Greta: Could each of you give a brief introduction about yourselves?

Jay: Would you mind if Jules introduced me? I’m kinda interested to see how she’d describe me.

Hunter: Hmm, good point. I’m kinda interested myself.

Julia: Yeah, you two just want me to boost your already bloated self images. I  bet you want me to say you’re both gorgeous and sexy and I’m head over heels in love with both of you. Right?

Jay: (winks at Julia) Right.

Julia: (Sighs) It’s true. You are both gorgeous and sexy.

Hunter: And you love us both?

Julia: And I love you both. (Smiles at both of them.) If you all don’t know us, we’re the three main character’s from Jess Dee’s new book, Going All In. Hunter Miles is the serious looking, blonde guy on my left. He used to be a lot more serious than this, but he’s chilled out a lot lately, especially since Jay’s given him a bit of man-love.

Jay: (Catches Hunter’s eye) I’m good at giving man-love.

Hunter: (Nods at Jay) That you are.

Julia: Guys. Focus. (Adjusts her glasses.)

Jay: I am.

Julia: I mean on the interview.

Jay: Ah. Okay. Sorry.

Julia: Men (Mutters to herself.) Jay Baxter is the clown in our relationship. He’s the funny guy who always makes us laugh. As you can see, he’s tall, built, and has a head full of dark curls.

Jay: You like my curls. Especially when they’re tickling the tops of your thighs.

Hunter: I like your curls too. And Julia’s thighs.

Julia: Guys! I said focus. Sorry, Greta. They get like this a lot. You’ll get used to it. (Shrugs) I’m Julia Savage, the woman lucky enough to have landed both of these men.

Greta: How do the three of you know each other?

Jay: We all work together in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Hunter’s a Product Manager, and Jules and I are sales reps. We met in the field. When I discovered she liked poker as much as I do, I invited her to join our poker club.

Hunter: That’s where I met Jules.

Greta: Who is the best poker player?

Jay: Me.

Hunter: I am

Julia: They like to think they’re the best – but when it comes to bluffing, I beat them hands down.

Jay: (Chuckling) Or so she thinks.

Greta: Hunter & Jay what was your first impression of Julia?

Jay: Sex on legs. Er, I mean, I thought she was very pretty. And watching her eat her sandwich the first time we had lunch together made me horny as hell.

Hunter: I thought she was beautiful. But I could see she had the hots for Jay, so I kept my distance.

Julia: You could see I had what?

Jay: Now, now. Don’t act so surprised. We all know you were hot for me.

Julia: Well, yeah. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t fall for Hunter the first time I saw him.

Hunter: You know, Four Eyes, you’d have saved us all a lot of time if you’d just have come out and admitted that in the first place?

Julia: How could I admit it? I couldn’t decide who I loved more, and I didn’t want to have to choose one of you over the other. It was easier not to say anything.

Greta: Julia, same question your first impression of Hunter and Jay?

Julia: I guess the guys pretty much covered it in your previous question. I fell hook, line and sinker for both of them.

Greta: I understand the three of you know Jess Dee and that she actually wrote your story GOING ALL IN for publication. What was it like working with her?

Jay: God, that woman is pedantic. She rewrote our story six or seven times. Refused to quit until we’d told her every last detail.

Hunter: Give her a break. It took a while for her to get to know us.

Jay: Yeah, mate. And who’s fault is that? If you’d told us your real story right from the beginning, she’d have gotten the story right the first time.

Hunter: You know I couldn’t speak about it.

Jay: Yeah, Blondie. (His voice softens significantly.) I know.

The two men exchange a hot, knowing look.

Greta: Have any of ya’ll read GOING ALL IN? What did you think of it?

Julia: It’s pretty good. Hotter than I would have liked though. Jess did not leave out any details!

Jay: Yeah, she did, Babe. Don’t you remember the night we never told her about…

Julia: (Blushes) Jay! Some things are better left unsaid. ‘Kay?

Jay: Long as we get to do that again – anything is okay by me.

Julia: (Punches Jay in the arm.)

Greta: Do you see Hollywood ever making GOING ALL IN into a movie?

Hunter: (Frowning) I’m not sure Hollywood is ready for our story.

Jay: Not unless they put a serious age restriction on the movie.

Julia: I think it would make a lovely film. The guys are just concerned millions of people would watch me beat them in poker.

Greta: Hunter & Jay, which actress could you see portraying Julia?

Hunter: Kate Beckinsale would be a good fit. Just put a pair of glasses on her, and she’d make a perfect Jules.

Jay: Yeah, I agree. She’s not as pretty as our Four Eyes, but she’s close.

Julia: Really? You’d cast Kate Beckinsale as me? Wow! Cool.

Greta: Julia, which actors could you see portraying Hunter & Jay?

Julia: Seeing as I’ve jut finished reading the Sookie Stackhouse series, I think I’d cast Sam Trammell as Hunter.

Hunter: Are you saying I look like a dog?

Julia: Nope. I’m saying you remind me of Sam Merlotte. Blonde, gorgeous, dependable and my best friend. It’s a compliment, mate.

Jay: (Snickers to himself) She thinks you’re a dog.

Julia: Hush, Jay, or I’ll cast Danny de Vito as you.

Hunter: (Snickers to himself.)

Julia: I think Ryan Reynolds would make a perfect Jay.

Hunter: (Stops snickering.) Oh, yeah (he says in a deep voice.) Oh yeah, he sure would.

Greta: Will readers see any of you in the future or do you know if Jess has anything else planned in the future?

Hunter: I think Jess has pretty much told our story. She wanted to move onto to something new after this.

Julia: Yep. She was going to wait for school holidays to finish before diving into a new project.

Greta: Can any of you tell us something about Jess that we may not know?

Jay: (Gives an evil laugh) Yeah, but then she’d get pissed off and delete us from the book.

Hunter: (Whispering to Julia) See? He can keep his mouth shut sometimes.

Greta: Is there anything you would like to ask the readers?

Hunter: I have a question. Jay, Jules and I are happy with our three way ménage.

Julia: Oh, yeah. Very, very happy.

Hunter: But what do you readers prefer? m/m/f or m/f/m menage?

Jay: Good question, Blondie. I’m keen to know the answer myself.

Greta: Where can readers find Jess on the internet?

Julia: She hangs out at a whole bunch of places. She has her website: http://www.jessdee.com/

and her blog:


She also has a group blog at International Heat: http://internationalheat.wordpress.com/

And she’s part of a Yahoo chat group run by International Heat called Heatwave. You can join here:


Oh, and in case you’re interested, you can get our book “Going All In” at:


Hunter: Greta, thanx for having us over today. It’s been fun.

Jay: And now we have to get home, because we have a whole lot more fun planned.

Julia: Jay!

Jay: Thanks Greta. (Waves goodbye and heads toward the door.)

Julia: (Gives one last sigh as she follows her men outdoors.) Guess we’re leaving then. Thanx, Greta. It’s been a blast.

***Leave a comment answering Hunter’s question for a chance to win a book from Jess’s backlist. Good Luck 🙂


53 Responses

  1. Hi guys!!! I love interviews with the characters… very cool!

    I know I prefect m/m/f with nothing off limits… but if it starts off as m/f/m and morphs into more, that is always a fun drama to read.

    I’m really looking forward to reading your guys’ story.

    Happy New Year
    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  2. I loved the interview it was very interesting I prefer m/m/f but I will read m/f/m .


  3. I loved the interview! It was hilarious! I prefer m/m/f more but I read both. It also depends on the storyline.

  4. Hi Julia (ladies first ;)! Hi Hunter! Hi Jay!
    it’s great to see you here and I love that kind of interview – it doesn’t happen often that the protas are giving the interview…
    I haven’t read a lot of books in that genre yet, so I can’t really decide which way I like more…
    I wish you all the best – have a great day 😉

  5. Great interview!!! I have to say that I like both m/f/m and m/m/f equally.

  6. Wonderful interview! I prefer m/m/f but I do read m/f/m too.
    This is a book I’ve seen all around the net and I really would love to read it!

  7. Loved the insight into the characters!

    I much prefer M/F/M! I tend to shy away from M/M action.

  8. Hi Hunter, Julia, and Jay,

    Just loved the interview !! I enjoyed it very much. Its all about the story. I don’t mind if its m/m/f or m/f/m. Its got to have depth, emotion, committment, and sensuality. And of course, an HEA.

    armiefox at yahoo dot com

  9. Hi Jess
    Loved the interview & love when authors introduce characters this way. When they are real to the author they are written so that they are real to me. That’s why I love your books. I like either combo but probably prefer M/M/F more. Like Miranda’s answer. Happy New Year (& Steve’s Story is still one of my faves & have mentioned it on numerous blogs). Best wishes

  10. HI Miranda
    I think you’ll enjoy the drama of our story morphing into m/m/f – I know I did, even though the stress was a killer.


  11. Sherry, I never knew I liked either until Jay and Jules changed my life.


  12. Hi Jeanette
    It’s Jay. He’s pretty good at making us laugh.

  13. Hi Ina
    I’m like you. I hadn’t even thought much about a menage. (Well, aside from my deepest, hidden fantasies about Jay and Hunter.) The fact that our relationship has turned out as it has…well, I’m still surprised. Happy – but surprised.


  14. Oh Connie…
    Me too!

  15. Eva
    If you do read it, I hope you enjoy it.
    I know I enjoyed getting to know Hunter, Jay and Julia.


  16. Lisa
    I also tended to shy away from m/m action.
    Jay changed that for me.
    Just saying…


  17. Hi Armenia

    I think Jess managed to include the emotion and sensualit in our story. As for the HEA and commitment, I can happily say I’m a living example of bloth.


  18. Mary
    I’ve seen your comments all over the net, and smile every time. Google alerts lets me know when you’ve snuck Steve’s Story into a conversation.
    Happy new year to you as well,

  19. Oh, that’s means I’m talking about you in front of your back LOL.

  20. […] Hunter, Jay and Julia from Going All In Greta, over at her blog “I do not want to wait, I want the book now!” has interviewed the three characters from Going All In, Jay, Hunter and […]

  21. LOLOL, Mary.
    It’s the first time that’s ever happened to me.


  22. I love character interviews!
    i prefer m/f/m.

  23. Jess, I loved the interview with your lead characters from “Going All In”.

    I especially loved the following line and the emotion showed by Jay. “Jay: Yeah, Blondie. (His voice softens significantly.) I know”.

    I’ve alread finished reading this and it was Fantastic, and it will be read again soon!


  24. I forgot to answer your question, Jess. I love them both. However being a “f” myself, I have a slight preference for the m/f/m with double the pleasure for the woman.

    Any well written book with either scenario will have me drooling, especially yours.


  25. Love the interview. And as to the question, either way works for me as long as it’s hot, well written and HEA(preferably as a threesome-don’t usually care for a menage that later drops one person).

  26. Hi Estella

    Thanx for the answer.
    Jay and I are taking bets about which is more popular.


  27. Hi Sandie.

    Thank you!

    And oh yeah – there’s a lot to be said for a woman receiving double the attention/double the pleasure…


  28. Congrats on your release Jess. I’ve got it on my too buy list. Payday is tomorrow. 🙂

  29. Thanx Sherry.
    I hope you enjoy the book.


  30. I’m really enjoying reading books from the m/m genre so for my menage I’d definitely go with m/m/f.

  31. Hey Jess and the gang!! I don’t know my preference, I’m just along for the good story 🙂

    Congrats on the new release, it looks great!

  32. Never thought about it. I guess it doesn’t matter either way as long as the characters and story are working. Oh and I really like the HEA.

  33. I prefer m/f/m…over other menage trios…..but my preferences have been known to change. I just love a really good story with a HEA ending.

    Congrats on the new release and Happy New Year!!!

    Can’t wait to read it…..Mitzi.

    mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

  34. Do I prefer m/f/m or m/m/f menages? Yes! The answer is just yes, please and may I have some more? 🙂

    But really, if the story’s solid I love it all.


  35. Beth
    We’re with you. We also like menages with a HEA for Three. Like us.

  36. Well, Joder, we hope you enjoy our story then.


  37. Hi Rachie
    Thanx for your congrats. We hope you enjoy the story as much as Jess enjoyed writing it.


  38. Janet
    Does it help to say we had to ‘work’ to get our happy ending?


  39. I prefer m/f/m no idea why, but I just have the preference

    Happy 2010

  40. Hmmm, Mitzi, maybe your preference will chenage once you read Going All In?
    I know mine did.


  41. Woops. I meant “change” not “chenage” in that previous comment.
    Jess’s bad spelling is rubbing off on me.


  42. Elisa – LOL.
    Great answer.


  43. Lyoness, you’re not alone out there.
    Lots of readers share your preference.


  44. great those are great charcters and person to portray them

    such a hot cover
    congrats on teh book

  45. awesome interview! ummm depending on how well the mmf sex scenes are written then mmf otherwise mfm sex scenes for me

  46. Hi KH.


    LOL, Bama
    Now I’m feeling a little pressure. Damn, I hope you enjoy the love scenes in Going All In.

  47. Thanks for the character interview. I love those because they are so much fun and give much more insight into what they will be like in the book. So thanks

    To answer Hunter’s question. I think I prefer m/f/m menage. I love me a menage, and have read very few m/m/f and I think that is because I naturally gravitate to m/f/m….that’s not to say however that if it is well written that I wouldn’t like m/m/f.

    Congrats on Going All In!!!

  48. Hey Booklover
    Thanx for the answer to my question, and I’ll certainly pass on your congrats to Jess


  49. That was a great interview and the cover sure is hot! I would go with m/f/m in general as I love menage stories. But well written m/m/f would do for me too. :o)

  50. Hi Tamsyn
    I LOVE the cover. When the mock up was sent to me, I nearly drooled on the computer.

  51. Lovely to meet you all! 😉 I tend to prefer m/f/m–I like the idea of all that extra male attention also 😀 Congrats on the new one, Jess!

  52. Though I love both m/f/m and m/m/f, I prefer m/m/f!


  53. Thanx Fedora

    Hi Tracey.
    So do Hunter, Jay and Jules.


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