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Cynthia Eden wants to know if you like your men to be More Than Men?

(A special thanks to Greta for inviting me to post—Greta, you’re so awesome!)

When I read and write paranormal romances, I like for my men to be…well, more.   More than just men. More than just the average guys I encounter in the real world.

I like men with supernatural charms. I like heroes like Spike or super bad boys like Vin Diesel’s character Riddick in PITCH BLACK.  When I’m dealing with paranormal romances, I don’t want the boy next door (unless that sexy boy can turn into a wolf under the light of the full moon), I want more.

I’m not too picky, though.  I can like a guy who is:




Super strong

Heck, I can even fall for a guy who has a bit of the beast inside. 🙂 When it comes to the paranormals, I like to think that I’m pretty open to those men.  Provided, of course, that they are more than just men.

But what about you?  What types of paranormal heroes appeal to you?

Leave me a comment.  One winner will win an autographed copy of ETERNAL HUNTER, my upcoming book from Kensington Brava.

And I hope 2010 is a fabulous year for everyone!! Stay safe and have fun celebrating!


55 Responses

  1. There’s something about a were…. 🙂

  2. I’m a sucker for the tortured, powerful fellas with a dark streak. Demons? yum. Vamps? yum. Shifters? yum. You said it best, Cynthia… Pretty much anything “more”…
    BTW, I LOVE your books! I’ve finished the Midnight Trilogy and want to start on your others. Keep ’em coming!

  3. I love a twist of paranormal in a man. All though I do lean toward the Were/Shifters, hum………
    And by the way Cynthia, I do love your books.

  4. Thanks for inviting me over, Greta!!

    And, oh, Chris, I agree!!!

    Hi, Rachael! Those powerful, tortured guys get me every time! And thank you! So glad you enjoyed the Midnight Trilogy!

  5. Hi Cynthia *waving*

    As you know I am partial to a wolf shifter 😉 although a certain Demon comes a close second!

    Your ears must have been burning – I just pimped your Midnight trilogy in the Larissa Ione post below 😀

  6. I love my heroes to be more than men too – more than mere mortals… They have to be very alpha to do it for me.

  7. Morning Cynthia, I want a man man when it comes to the opposite..strong, well built, smart and some what in control but just with a little leverage toward all my faults. ha ha I like this article and thanks for sharing. Happy New Year. susan L.

  8. Not sure what I like – prob have to vote for the werewolf as I like garlic too much and hate blood too much to attract a vamp. Alas. Sherry

  9. Depends upon my mood. Sometimes I do want the boy next door. Usually, I prefer the tortured, moody, alpha type. I favor the wolf man over the vamp, though.

  10. Ohhh I love Were’s and most anything paranormal.

    And now that I’ve got an ebook reader I’m even more excited to find more great books.


  11. My favorite genre to read is Paranormal, enjoy reading all different types!

  12. I love the alpha guys! Soo sexy. 😉

    Congrats on your coming release, Cynthia!!

  13. I love all the guys: tortured, strong, shifters, vampires, sexy, love them all!

  14. Who doesn’t love an alpha man? My man should be a shapeshifter (as long as he’s not a bird of any type ick), strong, tall, funny, and can make me swwooon! lol

  15. When I’m reading a paranormal, I’m just not expecting the average boy next door. I suppose whether I liked it or not would depend on how he was worked into the storyline.

  16. I love a very protective male and he has to be tall…over six feet. Cynthia I have not read any of your stories yet, but my reading buddy is a huge fan and she gave me Hotter after Midnight for Christmas.

  17. A fun question. My hero in my WIP has a beast inside him, so I guess you know my answer. But I read WF, ST and historicals that don’t have any paranormal elements. So I have to add that I’m kind of a ho when it comes to fictional men. As long as they’re well-written and not nasty to the heroine, I love ’em all.

  18. My fantasy man has to have more – you are right on. Give me alpha mentality with a touch of something dark inside. I don’t like them lily white. Tortured is a good analogy… and maybe throw in a curse or two to sex it up.

    Happy New Year and Congrats on the release!

    Sweet Vernal Zephyr

  19. Cynthia~~ Oh, you SO got me on this one. I have a soft spot for the hero who has the EXTRA about him…whether he’s a Demon, a shifter, a vamp, psychic…I just am a marshamallow for them!! LOVE when they’re Alpha, but also when they’re funny, kind, love animals, etc…and I can’t WAIT to read Eternal Hunter!! Congrats on the new release!!

  20. Hi, Dinah! Those weres can be so great! And thank you! 🙂

    Aw, Willa, thanks for the pimpage!

    Angie, I am a sucker for an alpha hero!

    Morning, Susan! Glad you like the post! Happy New Year!

    Sherry, I have the same problem with the blood. Such is life.

    Good point, Janet! My moods can shift my reading preference, too.

    Hi, Wendy! Oh, an ebook reader? Was that a Christmas present? Jealous!

    Me, too, Teresa!

  21. Thank you, Wendy!

    Hi, Diane! I love ’em all, too! Can’t wait to go buy more books and get into a reading frenzy.

    Taylor, now that you mention it…I don’t think I’d like a bird shifter, either.

    Cheryl, I’m expecting so much more, too!

    Oh, Jen, what a cool Christmas present your friend gave you! 🙂 Hope you enjoy the book!

    Edie, did you just admit to being a ho with fictional men? Not you! Won’t believe it!

    Miranda, that touch of dark can be so appealing. Happy New Year to you! And thanks!!

    Thank you, Melissa!! I’m counting down the hours until the release now.

    Thanks for the comments!!

  22. I’m not too picky either. I just want dark-haired with rippling abs. And if they have a bit of paranormal thrown in, then that just makes them more fun and sexy.

  23. Hi Cynthia!
    *gg* your post made me grinning – I totally understand you.. the guy from next door is next door, but a men with more – it’s hard to find him *sigh*
    greetings, Ina

  24. In my books I love my men to be more than men too. I especially love the Dragon-shifters!!! I love big, alpha men who are strong, a little over-bearing and who go mushy for the women they fall for…hehe!!!

  25. Well Cynthia since I have all your books and love everyone of them I would have to say that I like my paranormal men just the same way!! A little on the dark side, big gorgeous body, powerful, immortal, psychic, shifter, vamp, werewolf or cat. One of the first books I read of yours was “A Vampires Kiss…wow..loved it one of my favorites..Of course my favorite bad boy would have to be Colin. So HOT. Then I love that you added a female vamp in there with Maya….I would love to see another chick hero!! Well there you have it sorry so long but I do love your books!!! Keep all the great characters coming and Thanks!!!

  26. Yup, I absolutely want the hero in a book to be “more”. Reading is escapism for me. I’m not picky, I like non-supe heroes as well as supe. My fav used to be vampires, but the more shifters books I read, the closer the gap becomes.

  27. I like the tortured hero. Has to be a werewolf, cause I can’t stand blood.

  28. I definitely do not want the run of the mill man. I get bored easily so that just wouldn’t do!

  29. I do like paranormal heroes who are bit feral and untamed, but also be able to have a sensitive side. Have a Happy New Year, Cynthia.

  30. I love alpha paranormal heroes who are a bit tortured and have a sensitive side on the inside.

  31. Hahaha…..Just saw that my friend Jenn made a post. Cynthia I am the reading buddy that gave her “Hotter After Midnight” for Christmas!! lol 🙂

  32. I really enjoy a paranormal man with more – immortal, super strong, shape shifter – anything that adds that extra dimension to his character. Of course those kick ass heroines with their share of extras are great too.

  33. I love a paranormal man! Wouldn’t it be awesome if our human men could do some of the hot things these paranormal guys do? LOL!

  34. Hi, Joder! Oh, I’ll take some rippling abs, please!

    Hi, Ina! It is hard to find those men with more, isn’t it? 🙂

    Valerie, I have such a weak spot for dragon shifters. Yum.

    Thank you, Natalie!! I am so happy you’ve enjoyed my stories! And another strong heroine like Maya is not far away. In July of 2010, I’LL BE SLAYING you will be out, and if you liked Maya, then I think you will enjoy Dee, too. I hope so, anyway!

  35. Anne, reading is a wonderful escape for me. Right now, I’m itching to use the gift cards I received for Christmas, but tomorrow is a big release day for lots of books, so I just have to wait a few more hours–then I can go book buying crazy!

    Ah, Estella, I do understand the blood aversion.

    LOL, Tamara, we don’t want you bored!

  36. Hi, Jane! Untamed but sensitive–I think that’s a great combo. Enjoy your New Year!

    Jeanette, you and Jane like the same kind of men! (I like ’em like that, too!)

    Natalie, thank you for giving Hotter to Jenn! You are the best friend ever! Does she realize that?

    Barbara, thanks for mentioning the kickass heroines. They can definitely liven up a book for me!

    Sherry, if only!!!!

    Thanks for checking out my post! Enjoy your night!

  37. Hi Cynthia~

    I love the paranormal guys…vamps, demons, shifters…okay, it just has to have that paranormal touch. I love me a man with a touch of the “bad” in him and it is even better when that is paired with a paranormal apsect.

    I am really looking forward to reading this and I have been coveting it for quite awhile now.

  38. Cynthia you are so right about a man who is “more”.
    Spike was sooooo hot – Buffy was a fool.

    Vamps, demons, fae, dragons – oh my!!! I just love those tortured alpha types who fall hard for the right woman – now if only they were real.

  39. I like my paranormal heroes dark and dangerous. But there has to be some humanity in them, a deep seeded need that keeps them moving towards the light and away from the darkness.

  40. I love all of the different kinds of paranormal heroes but my favorite would have to be shifters. I like all kind of shifters but my favorite is wolves. I can spend all day and night reading paranormal books.

  41. I just love men that are more than just men. Plain old men are all around. But then thats why I just paranormal romances. I like my men superstrong. I love my vampires, but I prefer them to be awake during the day. And they must be a little bit bad, but just a little.

  42. I likey me some bad boys. And all types of paranormal creatures appeal to me. But give me both and I am as happy as a pig in slop. lol.

  43. For me, one of my favorite PN Heros is Callan in Tempting The Beast by Lora Leigh…I just love the way he is so powerful and yet so loving/protective.

    Looking forward to reading Eternal Hunter!!!

    mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

    Happy New Year Too!!!

  44. Congrats on the release. What you listed sounds pretty good. Guess I am not too picky. Strong, sexy with a hint of trouble and paranormal works just fine.

  45. Hi Cynthia,

    Congrats on your new release and I love your books!

    I really enjoy reading about a dark, sexy, brooding and tortured hero redeemed by love.

  46. That’s why I like paranormals… the heroes (and heroines) have that “something extra”. There aren’t any paranomal heroes that are everyday boy next door 24/7.

    Congrats on the new release. I really enjoy your books 🙂

  47. Congratulations on the release! How exciting that it’s the beginning of a new series. I just love reading series books.

    I definitely like the paranormal hero to have that something extra, whether it’s cunning, strength, or enhanced senses, or even a combination of all. But it’s usually his feelings for the heroine that sucker punch me every time. I love the super alpha hero who shows his heroine the tender side that is reserved just for her (and maybe other female family members)!

  48. Can’t wait to get the new book. Sound great. Too bad I live 90 min. drive from the nearest bookstore. Can only get there about once a month.
    I like shapeshifters the best. Strong when they need to be. Cuddly and warm in bed. And stamina. That’s a definite plus. And loyal. Always a necessity.

  49. My favorite heroes are bad boys with a compassionate side

  50. Thinks everyone covered my ideals of a male! Long hair does things to me too….:D

    Cynthia did you get my Xmas card????:)

  51. Oh, I love them tortured, supernatural (were pople re my thing ;)) and gorgeous 🙂

  52. I like my heroes, paranormal, historical, or contemporary to be more. More everything! I like him to be tortured, yet redeemable. I like him to be super sexy, and can even be a rake, as long as he is reformable. He needs to go through a bigger transformation than a boy next door real man is willing to do. Of course when the hero can be a bigger hero…the better for me 🙂

    Congrats on Eternal Hunger!!!

  53. Hi Cynthia…Yes I think Jenn does…We are constantly recommending books to each other and others as well. Sometimes we share and other times we buy the first of a series for each other!! Thanks Greta for having Cynthia on your web site it’s been fun!!!

  54. I like paranormal heroes who are a bit flawed, even a physical flaw.


  55. I love me some demons personally. 😉 The flawed, tortured, needing to be healed by their heroine demons.

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