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Please welcome paranormal author Eva Gordon

Eva, Thank-you for agreeing to an author interview today.

Thank you, I’m so happy to sit and talk with you.

Can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

I am passionate about wildlife and writing novels. My background is in the biological sciences and I have a special passion for animal lore and especially wolf and werewolf lore.

How long have you been writing?

About 7 years

What is your writing process like? 

Depends on the series. For my wolf maiden series I start with location, time period and my main characters. I then channel the story onto my laptop.

Can you tell us about your newest release White Wolf of Avalon : Werewolf Knight?

White Wolf of Avalon : Werewolf Knight is book 3 in my series and takes place during Arthurian times.  There are cameo appearances by well known characters such as King Arthur, Morgan le Fey and Mordred to name a few but the story revolves around the secret society of lycans that reside in ancient Britain.

Bledig, an orphan raised by a childless couple near the magical Isle of Avalon dreams of someday becoming a knight of the Round Table.  Bledig refuses to become a beast and wants no part in marrying a wolf maiden and begetting lycan children. After Bledig helps King Arthur defeat the Saxons at Badon Hill he is knighted and is advised by his close friend Sir Uwain that he knows of a priest that can cure him of his wolfen curse. Bledig heads toward Avalon to tell his great aunt Silvia of his plan. Once cured, he will serve as a knight, marry a courtly lady and earn a title.

Annora a Romano Greco wolf maiden, is more interested in intellectual pursuits than romantic ones. She is a scribe and historian who preferred to marry an older alpha lycan who would better understand her need to focus on her writings. As Annora travels up north to meet with her brother and family, they are attacked by Gorlagon’s she-lycan Trivia and her pack of warrior lycans.

In the wilderness Annora and Bledig meet. She is the beautiful woman he has dreamt of nightly while heading to retrieve his brother’s moonstone. He the knight in shining armor she had fantasized about, brave, handsome and chivalrous. Their attraction is instantaneous. She is stunned to learn he is a lycan, the white wolf destined to unite all the lycans of Britain. Her mate. On learning she is a wolf maiden, Bledig hardens his heart. He tells her that after he delivers her to the safety of Avalon he will visit a priest who will cure him of his wolfen curse. She is saddened that he refuses to follow his destiny and that he does not wish to claim her as his.

Danger lurks everywhere. Gorlagon and Gargol have not given up on their hunt to find Annora and the Pict wolfen she released from his dank dungeons. But most of all they wish to use her as a breeder. Intrigue and secrecy abound in King Arthur’s court at Camulod. Mordred, who Arthur is unaware, is his son by his own sister Morgause, plots to rule.  He has become Gorlagon’s secret Lupercii in the hopes of having a lycan army to defeat his father in battle.

Will Bledig reject his true destiny as the prophesized lycan leader of Britain, and most importantly can he deny his feelings for the lovely wolf maiden, Annora, who has already captured his heart and soul?

This is the third book in a series correct, can you tell us about the first two books Werewolf Sanctuary and Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf?

Yes, here are some blurbs.

Werewolf Sanctuary (First and a Contemporary)

The Lupercal society is in peril due to an unknown disease infecting their young offspring. The children that survive the pestilence shift too early into wolf cubs, lose their distinct markings, and end up becoming normal wolves unaware of their human consciousness. Normally immune to most known diseases, the Lupercal has few of their own doctors and must seek the help of a human outsider to find the cure.

Wyatt Weylin, the alpha male of the Montana pack and leader of a team of mercenary lycans, flies to a World Wolf Conference in San Francisco, where he hopes to convince leading authority on wolf diseases, veterinarian Dr. Madeline Styles to come to his wolf sanctuary and find a cure. The minute he sees her he feels drawn to her striking good looks. The sensory chemistry is instant. He tries to suppress the feeling knowing that he is forbidden to fall for a human. Life gets complicated when Wyatt discovers that the vegetarian animal doctor has the mark of the wolf and is his life mate.

Beast Warrior : Viking Werewolf

Beast Warrior is a historical paranormal romance that takes place during the Viking Era of the Dark Ages. A time when only the strong survive. It is the second book in the Wolf Maiden Chronicles, which depicts alpha lycans and

Sigurd, an alpha Norse wolfskin, son of Gunnolf the Red seeks revenge against shape shifting bearskins, Bork the Mad and his son, Mord the Blood Claw for the death of his parents and his older brother Guda. Orphaned, he has been raised by his older sister Brynhild, who convinces him to take a wolf maiden in order to increase their small pack. Despite the warning by Hungerd the wolf witch, he takes a farmer’s new bride with tragic consequences. Alone he joins a long ship until the day he can avenge his pack’s demise.

Emelisse, a Frank wolf maiden, has been raised and educated in the classics, science, literature and languages by female lycans of the Lupercal. Born a runt with a weak heart her father has been overprotective. She refuses to be treated like a delicate vase and rebels by seeking out riding and falconry. Now at age eighteen Emelisse frets that her father wants her to accept Radulf III the Cruel, an alpha lycan of a pack of powerful warriors. She tries to run away with her human lover.

Viking werewolf, Sigurd rescues Emelisse, from the claws of the berserker bear men. He claims her as his ulf hexen or wolf maiden, but she wants to leave lycan society and live with humans. To complicate matters she has been called by her goddess Feronia to save the lycans from a dreaded disease. Their union is wrought with great peril in a world where werewolves must battle against their own kind as well as their fierce enemy, the berserker bear men. Will Emelisse accept Sigurd a foreign lycan as her alpha mate? Sigurd vows to protect her from their enemies but how can he save her before she dies from her ailing heart?

Do you have any other books releasing this year?

No the rest are due out in 2010

What are you currently working on?

Lycan Gladiator, which takes place during Roman Times and my fantasy trilogy. Yipes. So many books so little time.

Where do you get your ideas for your books?

I have a scholarly interest and do presentations on werewolf lore. In my werewolf historical novels I love basing them on werewolf myths.  For my fantasy novels I just start thinking of interesting worlds and cool magic. Sometimes I dream my ideas.

As an author, you must be an avid reader. What books do you enjoy reading? Who are your auto-buy authors?

Too many to list. I love fantasy and science fiction and even natural history non-fiction books. Auto-buy authors would have to be Diane Gabaldon, Terry Goodkind and Jacqueline Carey.

What books are on your keeper shelf?

Above authors for sure. Many fiction from all sorts of genres. All my biology and zoology text books from grad school, magical books, tons of books on werewolf lore and history, and my books of course.

What was the first romance book you read or the one book that has stood the test of time for you?

Romeo and Juliet, though I promise no endings like that one. Jane Austen books and I secretly read Lady Chatterley’s Lover when I was about 15. 

If one of your books was made into a movie, which book would you like it to be and which actors would like to see as the lead characters?

I would love all of them to be movies, but because of budget probably Werewolf Sanctuary since it is contemporary. Hugh Jackman can play Wyatt Weylin and Ann Hathaway can play Dr. Maddie Styles.

If you could switch lives with one of your characters who would if be & why?

Probably Maddie Styles because my other characters are historical and I can’t imagine living without clean water and my morning brew. She is cool and an animal loving wolf specialist.

When you are not writing or reading, what do you enjoying doing in your spare time?

Hiking, running and hanging with my family.  I also like volunteering at animal sanctuaries.

If you could ask readers anyone question, what would it be?

What kind of stories do you want to see more of?

Where can readers find you on the internet?

Eva Gordon

Author of Paranormal and Fantasy Romance





Fan me on Face Book http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eva-Gordon/45924449313

***Leave a comment answering Eva’s question for a chance to win a download copy of her book WEREWOLF SANCTUARY. Good Luck 🙂


18 Responses

  1. Please don’t inter me the contest, but was wondering if your stories are in other formats? They sound soooo good.

  2. Yes in print, and kindle as well. Available on Amazon and with ISBN at any bookstore.

  3. Oh, I forgot. To order my books just visit my website http://www.ravenauthor.com From there you can order the print versions through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

  4. I would like to see more humorous stories created that make it more fun to read some books!

  5. Humor is often needed to add to the reality of the dark paranormal worlds since I can’t imagine a day going by without a good laugh or two or more.

  6. Just got her The Girl’s Guide To Werewolves and am dying to read the rest of her books!

  7. I have to agree with Jeanette and Eva about humor. Sometimes you just need a little breather from a very intense book, to keep from being overloaded, but then I love a good laugh, especially while reading I erupt in laughter to make my kids and hubs wonder what the hell I think is so funny.

  8. I love romance, suspense, and hunky men…LOL.. The more the better the book will be. I don’t think I have read one of your books
    (I have been reading for 50 yrs +, and finally made list almost 4 yrs ago to prevent my buying same books over again.) Will add you to my to buy book list (TBL). From what I just read, Your books sound like they will appeal to me..
    Thanks for this opportunity to answer your question.

  9. On a lighter note, on my blog I love to interview famous werewolves for each full moon. I also just started Ask Doc Werewolf Wednesdays. Having werewolf issues?

    Hope to infuse humor into these endeavors. http://evagordon.blogspot.com

  10. Werewolf Sanctuary and the other books sound wonderful. I would love to see Hugh Jackman as one of your werewolves. lol

    Loved the interview1

  11. Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler can play any of my werewolf leading alphas. HOL (Howl out loud).

  12. I would love to see more animal stories!!

  13. I, too, would like to see more humor in books.

  14. Animal stories are great. My background is in Zoology and I still love a good animal tale. Because of my preference for animals my main characters are usually shifters.

    Someday I hope to do an entire ‘just animals’ universe.

  15. I love the paranormal world, but would really like to see more alternate reality or otherworldly type settings. I like the Sci-Fi / Fantasy worlds and think they’d be a really cool place to have alien shifters and some really hot romance!!

  16. The novels that are my historical paranormal novels are more fantasy like.

    But I do have a traditional fantasy, Mystic Stone of the Tenth Realm with shifter romance. Hope to sell to publisher.

  17. I would like to see more stories about fairies.

    Tracey D

  18. I am a hugh paranormal fan. I would love to read more demon and witch based romance stories.

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