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Jennifer Lyon is here talking about Wing Slayer Worthiness

When an ancient pact is broken, powerful witches who once used their magic to help humanity become the twisted playthings of demons, and the mortal men who once protected the sorceresses become witch hunters, cursed with the longing to spill the witches’ blood: an irresistible craving that will cost witches their lives and witch hunters their souls.
The Wing Slayer Hunters fight this curse, guarding innocent witches until the urge to harm them grows too strong-then they must kill their own. Wing Slayer Sutton West has always honored that vow. His own father killed himself rather than go rogue. But now Sutton is tempted as never before by Carla Fisk, a brilliant psychologist and dynamic witch whose twin sister, Keri, was murdered by rogues.
Bound by blood and passion, Carla and Sutton dare not succumb to their deadly attraction. Yet when a mysterious rogue named Styx joins forces with the demon Asmodeus, witch and hunter have no choice but to work together. For Keri’s immortal soul is at stake-and with it, balanced on a knife-edge, is the fate of humanity itself.

  • ISBN-13: 9780345506351
  • ISBN-10: 0345506359
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books
  • Date: October 2009
  • Page Count: 391
  • I do a fun segment on my blog (http://www.jenniferlyonbooks.com/) called Wing Slayer Worthy. Wing Slayer Hunters refer to the heroes in my Magic series. They were created by the god Wing Slayer to protect innocent witches while hunting and killing demon (bad) witches. The hunters and witches worked together for centuries until a curse tore them apart, and allowed demons a foothold on earth.

    So what makes a man Wing Slayer Worthy?

    He must be an extreme alpha, a born leader, willing to make the hard decisions and accept the consequences. He makes no excuses. For example, if his best friend turns rogue and slaughters innocent witches, he will kill him. Then he will bear the emotional pain in silence.

    He’s protective. The kind of man who will take a bullet for the women and witch he’s protecting. She’s at risk and he gets her out of danger no matter what the cost to himself. But it goes farther than that to include her cousins, sisters, mothers, friends…anyone who needs his protection.

    Loyalty is not a word to these men, but a way of life. They are a group who has committed themselves to fighting against the curse that compels them to kill innocent witches, and they hold one another to that standard without fail. But they also will protect and defend each other. Their bond is true and each of them knows it.

    These are hot, sexy, dark and dangerous men, tested time and again and they know how to protect and how to kill.

    But do they know how to love? They’ve all been emotionally tortured in one way or another. When they meet the witch who manages to zero in on their one vulnerability, what does a Wing Slayer Hunter do?

    At first, he’ll fight it, but while these men are equipped to fight knives, bullets and even some magic, they are helpless against the healing love of a witch.

    In SOUL MAGIC, Sutton West is a tank of a man, he grew up rough as a tracker and he’s a self taught computer genius. He’s handled being shot, stabbed, ambushed, you name it and he’s handled it.  Nothing ruffles cold-as-ice Sutton. Then Dr. Carla Fisk, a witch and a psychologist sweeps into his life and turns him inside out. He so confounded he makes a fool of himself in front her mother and his fellow hunters…but it doesn’t matter to a man like Sutton. He’s alpha right to the bone, and when a man like that falls in love…

    It’s for eternity. Sutton fights the fiercest battle of his life to save Carla. But he’s a Wing Slayer Hunter, would we expect any less?

    So what makes a hero in a book Wing Slayer Worthy to you?

    Jennifer%20LyonAuthor Bio:

    Jennifer Lyon always wanted to be a witch. When her witch-powers didn’t materialize, she turned to creating magic in her books. SOUL MAGIC is the second book in an enchanting, passionate and supernatural series. Jen’s also has a super secret alter ego known as Jennifer Apodaca, the author of the award winning Samantha Shaw Mystery Series. Visit Jen at www.jenniferlyonbooks.com 


    ***Leave a comment answering Jennifer’s question about Wing Slayer Worthiness for a chance to win an autographed copy of Soul Magic. Good Luck 🙂


    37 Responses

    1. **Waves to Jennifer** Umm… I guess I am stalking you… But this blog title so fits the way I felt about this book… I DO NOT WANT TO WAIT, I WANT THE BOOK NOW!!!
      Please do not enter me for I already own both of her books… Which I am hoping one day to get my books signed!!!

      And OMG, if you have not read Blood Magic or have not picked up Soul Magic.. YOU are seriously missing out!!! This woman writes about some very hawt men!!! To make it to the Wing Slayer Worthy club a man has to be everything and more.. Her stories are amazing!!!! Sorry to guss about this woman… but her books are that geat!

      And PS Jen… Fail is a huge fail!!! I am rally the troops to go into the lair!!! Axel is already mine! =)

    2. Wow these books sound like must reads. I can’t wait to head over to Amazon. What makes a hero Wing Slayer Worthiness??? Hummmm….He must be tall, handsom and fight to the death for his women. I love finding new authors.

    3. Be afraid, Jen…very afraid. *bwahahaha*

      Actually, Jen has a very loyal fan base. And the reason for that? She’s talented and has created a new mythology and “world” that slips nicely into our contemporary world. She gives us heroes we can dream about and heroines we can root for and in the end, when they get their HEA, we have to cheer!

      I, too, own both books. I read the first one in just over a day. My family didn’t speak to me for about a week after because I ignored them. I also scared the dogs at one point with my laughter. Then I upset the cat because I was crying. The second book took a day or two longer because life kept interfering. Boy, those people were rude in line at the grocery store! I was moving…just becaue I wanted to finish the chapter….Sheesh!

      My daughter thinks I’m a hopeless romantic. Guilty as charged. And that, to me, is what makes a hero Wing Slayer Worthy–the willingness to put his emotions on the line even when every fiber in his being is screaming at him to run the opposite direction.

    4. Strength, dominance, hotness, and perseverance makes a Wing Slayer worthy. The book sounds wonderful and I love the cover!

    5. Hi Cecile! “waving back” you can stalk me anytime! I’d miss you if you didn’t!

      You’re making me blush with your praise! But I’m happy to know you like the hawt men, LOL!

      Sorry about the “fail” on my blog…but you know…I just have to share 🙂

      And doesn’t this blog have the best title! I hate waiting too!

    6. Hi Jen E! I love that “fight to death for his woman!”

      I love finding new authors too! Although my credit card gets a little cranky 🙂

    7. Silver, yes! I love when the man is (finally) willing to put his emotions out there!

      What’s up with those people in the grocery store line anyway? Sheesh!

      Thank you so much for your kind words! It means even more to me coming from a hot new talent like you! FAERIE FATE will be out in April 2010 folks, if you want a sweeping love story laced with magic, don’t miss this book!

    8. I will be getting these books ASAP..Cecile is so passionate about this series I just have to go get them 🙂
      Wingslayer worthiness..hmm…strong,sexy as hell,do anything for his woman..

    9. Jeanette, isn’t that cover gorgeous? I loved it when my publisher showed it to me!

    10. Elaing8, I love Cecile’s passion! Doing anything for his woman is super sexy!

    11. Awesome blog post! I haven’t read any of these books, but I just added them to my Amazon Wish List. Thanks for the heads up on the author =) =) I love finding new authors. (I think I’m a book hoarder.) Haha…

      What makes a Wing Slayer a hero…? Sexiness, dominance, a massive amount of strength, the willingness to die for his woman… mmm… there are other qualities I could list. ;]

    12. What make a Wingslayer worthiness willpower, strength, self-assuredness.

    13. My Wingslayer would be tall, dark & handsome, strong but still wants to cuddle & must be passionate. He knows when to be tough & when its play time 😉

    14. Hi Jen! Wow, what an amazing post. I love how you define your alpha hero. I want one, right now!! Hmm…..Axel…..Sutton…..who can decide?? I’ll take both!

      To anyone who hasn’t seen Jennifer’s Wing-Slayer Worthy photos, you’re in for a serious drool-fest. But Jen, my true favorite feature is your Hunk Fail Friday. Hilarious!!!

      Happy weekend, everyone!!

    15. Jen love the descriptions of your definition of Wing Slayer Worthiness, agree wholeheartedly with them. What I consider in a book hero to be worthy of the title is the same that he must be an alpha male and must be loyal and not afraid to show emotion and also with all these things he must be able to laugh at himself and not take life so seriously as to not have fun along the way. I am hoping that whenever the next (hint hint) book releases you will continue on as you have started because having a good time reading this series….
      For those people who have not bought Blood Magic or Soul Magic, hurry do not walk run to the nearest outlet with books you will love this lady’s work…..
      Good luck to all in the drawing and sure hope I win this would love to add to my author signed PB treasure trove….
      Jackie B. Central Texas

    16. Awwwww, Jen! I’m blushing all the way to my toes. Thanks!

    17. Jen, I LOVE your books!! So sexy, so action packed!!

      and isn’t it a shame there are so few Wing Slayer worthy men out there?????


    18. Kate, thank you! i can’t decide between Axel or Sutton either, by the way.

      Who knew Hunk Fail would take off??? LOL! We have way too much fun with that one!

    19. Silver, thank you for the chance to read it before publication!

    20. Maureen, aww, thanks. Wouldn’t it be great if there were more Wing Slayer Worthy men walking around?

    21. Jackie B!!! Thank you! And I am saying on the path…Phoenix is next!

      Oh and sense of humor is really important to me too!

    22. I love when heroes are tough on the outside but when they find that special someone..however corny that sounds, turn soft inside. 🙂 You have no idea how excited I am for this one!

    23. I think outer and inner strength are important!

    24. Ruth, the self-assuredness and willpower are a musts too!

    25. Mel, ohh, love knowing when it’s time to be tough and time to play 🙂

    26. Julie S, I love finding new authors too! And book hoarding is an excellent quality 🙂

    27. RachieG, it’s not corny! I like that tough exterior with a big heart too.

      Hope you like the book!

    28. Lyoness2009, great name 🙂 Yep, I’m all for outer and inner strength!

    29. Love, love, love Blood Magic and am really looking forward to reading Soul Magic….Wing Slayer worthiness – that would be honorable and self-confident – oh, and if he’s hawt, well, I guess I could learn to live with it 😀

    30. Cyberclipper, LOLOL! It’s so good of you to put all that work into living with HAWT…

      Thanks so much on BLOOD MAGIC!

    31. Hi Jen! Absolutely loved Blood Magic! I think that in order to be Wing Slayer worthy you have to be gorgeous and built ( of course ) LOL. You also have to be confident and reliable and also have a sense of honor ( Almost sounds like a BoyScout doesn’t he? OH Well! ) I can’t wait to read Soul Magic.

    32. Hey Barb P! Thank you! I’m always excited to hear that BLOOD MAGIC is loved!!

      Honor, that’s a great one and hard to define, but it shows in actions.

      Gorgeous and built? Oh yeah because I’m shallow like that!

    33. Wow, the book sounds fantastic! Stunning cover! 🙂

    34. Oh I want this book sooo bad! I love the first one and I have got to have this one. To be wing slayer worthy you would have to be a strong sensitive man, good looks help alot but they need to have personality too.

    35. I haven’t read this yet but have ordered Blood Magic and am just waiting for it to get here lol what would make a man Wing Slayer worthy to me? Hmmm, tall dark and handsome, hard on the outside but has a special soft spot inside just for me. Honest, loyal, romantic, intelligent…and what every woman wants but some might be too shy to say… sensual. 😛 Too bad I can’t find a guy like that in real life for myself lol. Oh well guess I’ll have to stick to finding them in books. 😉

    36. Well these books definitely sound good. I will be putting them on my Wish List at Amazon!!
      So what makes a man Wing Slayer worthy….
      A strong leader type with an amazing body, dominating but with just enough seductiveness to be alright, willing to protect and care for against all odds, since of humor, awareness and sensitive to his mate, and most of all loving her only for eternity!

    37. An extreme alpha, a born leader is definitely Wing Slayer Worthiness.
      Please enter me in your draw. Thanks.

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