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Special Guest Interview: Delaney from Winter Kiss by Deborah Cooke

Winter Kiss - large

Delaney, thank you for agreeing to an interview today on my blog.

Thanks for inviting me by, Greta. This is a first for me, and it’s kind of fun.

Can you tell readers a little bit about yourself?

Well, I’ve been the train-wreck of the Pyr – at least I was until I met Ginger. In KISS OF FIRE, I was nearly killed by the Slayers, but they took my body away. Their leader, Magnus, took me to his academy as an experiment and forced me to drink the Dragon’s Blood Elixir. The Elixir gave Magnus the power to raise the dead – he fed it to lots of dragon shape shifters who had died over the centuries, after hunting down their remains, and raised them as a zombie army to help him in the fight against the Pyr. But I wasn’t quite dead, and he wasn’t sure what would happen.

What happened was that the Elixir really messed me up, but that last remaining spark of life gave me a chance. When Magnus sent me out to kill my own brother, Donovan, in KISS OF FURY, Donovan’s firestorm fed that spark of life and gave me the power to resist Magnus commands. I still didn’t trust myself, though, and didn’t want to injure my fellow Pyr or their mates, so I exiled myself from them in KISS OF FATE.

I was just about to take on a suicide mission – to ensure that none of them ever had to endure what I did – when I met Ginger. She changed everything.

What have you been up to since we last saw you in Erik’s story, Kiss of Fate?

I was tidying up, getting ready to die. I sold my house in the Pacific Northwest and my favorite car, a red Viper. Then I sold my share in the eco-travel business I had with Niall to Niall – that took some time as Niall didn’t want me to leave the partnership. Once I’d divested of everything material, I started to hunt Magnus. I found him in Ohio.

You’ve met your mate Ginger, recently what is she like?

Wow. Ginger is all sparkle and light. She’s a force of nature. She’s positive and powerful and irresistible. I can’t imagine my life without her now.

For those readers who maybe knew to the Dragonfire Novel can you tell us about Dragon Shifters and firestorms?

The Pyr are dragon shape shifters – there are good Pyr and bad Pyr. The bad Pyr are called Slayers. All of us are charged with the defense of the treasure that is the earth and are guardians of the four elements – the Slayers, though, believe that humans need to be eradicated to save the earth. The Pyr count humans among the earth’s treasures.

The firestorm is a mark of a Pyr meeting his destined mate, who is always a human woman. It’s an incredible sensation, and sparks literally fly between the two until they consummate their union and create an heir. A Pyr can only conceive a son with his destined mate – usually these sons are conceived during the firestorm, but those who make a lasting partnership sometimes have more children. A Pyr only gets one firestorm in all his life, that’s one chance to get it right. We age really slowly until our firestorms, then our aging process escalates, becoming more like human aging. Rafferty thinks this is so that we keep step with our mates, since no decent Pyr (in his view) would want to live beyond the lifespan of his mate. I’ve only recently come to understand that point of view, actually, because I can’t imagine being without Ginger. Firestorms that are key to the Pyr’s success in this final battle against the Slayers are usually presaged by a total eclipse.

Because the Slayers have chosen a path that is in defiance of the will of the Great Wyvern, she punishes them with infertility. They don’t get to have firestorms. Few of them are happy with this situation, and it’s pretty common for firestorms – which we can all feel to some extent – to be targeted by Slayers. The best way to short-circuit a firestorm is, of course, to kill the human mate. The Pyr in question, then, has to defend his mate while trying to seduce her and explain his shape shifting abilities quickly. I don’t know about the other mates, but Ginger had a lot to say about her own plans for her future. The firestorm was a serious challenge!

I understand that Deborah Cooke has written about your firestorm experience, can you tell us about this?

A firestorm is so intimate and so powerful – I knew this logically but never really understood it until I had mine – that it’s strange to see it written out for others to read. On the other hand, Deborah has told me that people find firestorms inspiring and love to read about them, so I’m glad to have had mine recorded. I think it was a pretty special one, but I might be biased!

What was it like working with Deborah?

She was pretty tactful, which was nice. I guess she’s written a few books about romantic relationships before – she seemed to know when to disappear and leave Ginger and me alone.

Have you read Winter Kiss yet? What did you think of it?

Well, it’s pretty good. Reading it is a chance to relive the firestorm for me, which was a pretty powerful few days in my life. I missed some bits, mostly things that happened to Ginger when I wasn’t around, so it was cool to read that and have the whole story come together. I think Deborah did a good job of describing the firestorm, but you know, reading about it isn’t nearly as powerful as feeling the real thing!

If Winter Kiss was made into a movie, which actor do you see portraying you & Ginger?

Seeing that I exiled myself from humans for a long time, and have been spending time with Ginger recently – plus working on her farm – I haven’t had a lot of chance to see any good movies. Maybe people have some suggestions. It’s always good to be prepared!

Will readers see any of you or your brothers in the future?

I only have one brother, which is Donovan. He had his firestorm in KISS OF FURY. He and Alex are together and living in Minneapolis – because he’s the Warrior of the Pyr, he usually shows up for the big fights. I was amazed when he came to help me. You know, after what had happened between us, after Magnus had tried to compel me to attack Alex, well, I never thought I’d see Donovan again. And I wouldn’t have blamed him for that – attacking a Pyr’s mate is serious business. But he came to help Ginger and me. It just blew me away. I guess blood is thicker than water. I’m proud to have him as a big brother.

I don’t have any other blood brothers, but the Pyr are close enough emotionally to be my brothers. Deborah has told me that my old buddy Niall will be the next to get his firestorm – but shhhhhh. We’re not supposed to tell him and give it away. WHISPER KISS will be out next August.

Can either of you tell us something about Deborah that readers may not know?

She listens to the stereo when she writes, and she plays the music really loud. The thing is, she always plays Queen. They have a lot of songs I really like, so that’s mostly okay, but hearing “Another One Bites the Dust” when you’re trying to seduce your destined mate really isn’t helpful. Know what I mean?

Is there anything you would like to ask the readers?

What is it with Rafferty? Deborah says you’re all crazy for Rafferty and begging for his story? I mean, he’s a great guy, but what is it about him that makes him so special to you? Is it because he’s the one romantic who really believes in the firestorm?

For more information on Deborah Cooke and her Dragonfire series please visit her website at: http://www.deborahcooke.com/

***Leave a comment answering Delaney’s question about who should playing him & Ginger in a movie or why we (myself included) want Rafferty’s book for a chance to win a copy of Winter Kiss. Good Luck 🙂



28 Responses

  1. Oh man I can not wait to get my greedy little hands on Delaney’s book for some time!

    Why we want Rafferty’s book? Because the poor Pyr is always so envious and yearnful when his fellows fall beneath thefirestorm (sorry if this has a spoiler).

    Oooh I am not very good at picking actors/actresses to play characters. Plus there is not many actors/actresses that I like

  2. Poor Rafferty. He DESERVES his book. He has to look on while the others get their Happily Ever After.

    I can’t wait to get this book. I LOVE this series.

    Great interview Greta, as always!!

  3. Poor Rafferty. He DESERVES his book. He has to look on while the others get their Happily Ever After.

    I can’t wait to get this book. I LOVE this series.

    Great interview Greta, as always!!
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  4. I echo Jambrea’s words. She nailed it.

  5. I absolutely agree with the others…….Rafferty does need his own story and his own HEA!!! 🙂

  6. I love this cover! Unfortunately I haven’t read any of these books but your interview has enticed me. Are the past books easy to find? I know I want to start at the beginning since it’s a series.

  7. I love this series, all the characters are so great and yes, Rafferty needs his own HEA! He has waited so long already.

  8. Hi Lisa –

    Yes, the books are easy to find. They’re all still in print. Glad you’re intrigued!

    LOL everyone on the consensus about Rafferty – I totally get his appeal and have planned a twist on the firestorm for him. Maybe Delaney is just jealous…!


  9. Love this series and since I am not good about picking actors and actresses let me just say. I think Rafferty has waited long enough for his mate. He needs one. badly.

  10. The appeal of this cover never gets old. Every time I see it, I still drool a little. Can’t wait to get to the bookstore and get my hands on it!

    As for Rafferty, he deserves his firestorm. He’s waited so long and always helps the others. Poor guy. In fact, I’ll volunteer to be his HEA. I’ve always had a thing for older guys *g*

  11. A TWIST!!!! What a tease. lol

  12. I think Rafferty needs his own book because it seems wrong for everyone else to get their HEA but not him, plus I would love to see who he paired up with!

  13. For me, I picture Gerard Butler playing Delaney, the right physique and overall look work for me. For Ginger, I’d pick Jennifer Garner. She’s so cute and bubbly so she’d be perfect..

  14. So I have never read any of these. You are a new author to me. Now I have to start at the beginning of the series and go from there because I am so interested now! The cover is great!

    Amy M

  15. Rafferty has waited long enough for his HEA!

  16. Rafferty deserves a HEA for himself! Poor guy.

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  17. I can’t wait to read this book! It’s hard to know who should play Ginger since I don’t know much about her yet, but I am hoping Rafferty gets his firestorm soon! He has waited so long and it’s frustrating to see it go to those who don’t seem to want it!

  18. I love that cover!! It’s so awesome. Can’t wait to read Winter Kiss. 🙂

  19. I haven’t read this series, so I can’t really answer the questions. But it sounds like a really great series and that was an awesome interview!

  20. I love this series and like everyone else, agree that Rafferty needs his firestorm. How about Jared Padalecki? Ginger, not sure.

  21. Hi Deborah! I love the series and can’t wait to get my hands on Winter Kiss! I know that this sounds repeatative but something tugs at me in regards to Rafferty. He really needs to find his mate ! How about me? ** LOL **

  22. Really enjoyed the interview. Rafferty deserves to find his true love.

  23. Great interview! I have not read any of these books but they sound like great reads. I think I need to put this series on my wish list. I do love the cover also.

  24. Thanks everyone! You’ll be glad to know that I’m writing Rafferty’s book next!

    Greta, are you going to pick a winner? It’s going to be so hard to choose…


  25. This books sounds great. I will be putting it on my wish list.

  26. I have not read this series yet, but I am definitely moving it up on the old to be read pile. Delaney sounds very interesting and I am looking forward to reading his story.

  27. Oh, I’ve been dying to read this! Thanks Delaney for the interview. I want Rafferty’s book just because, and I woman, so I’m allowed that. lol


  28. Thanks for the terrific interview–like some other commenters, I’m not much of a movie watcher so wouldn’t be much help with casting! I often find that the movie version doesn’t match up with my mental pictures and it’s frustrating instead. Give me a sequel instead 🙂 Congrats, Deborah!

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