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Nikki Duncan takes over my blog today

This month on my blog there have been several great guests so far and they’ve had me thinking about things that make me happy. They’ve talked about favorite kinds of books, sweet indulgences, and funny things NOT to do when the creative well dries up.

I started to write a long blog about all the things that make an author happy. The things that get us through the day and past our neurotic obsessions and even self-doubts. Instead, I decided to entertain you a little differently.

Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter. As if I would post that kind of video online. lol

Okay, so here’s the deal. Tell me what makes you happy. What has the power to make you smile when nothing seems to be going right? What melts the stress and tension away after a rough day?


By chatting it up, you’ll be entered in a drawing for an ARC of my debut release SOUNDS TO DIE BY. (http://nikkiduncan.com/bookshelf/sounds-to-die-by) If you’re not familiar with the story, here’s the blurb.

Sounds to Die By

“AWESOME READ!! I love Ian and Kieralyn. Ian may have been blind but he saw so much and helped Kieralyn see opening her heart didn’t make her any less then what she was but more.” ~ Maggie, an avid reader.


Rookie FBI Agent Kieralyn Beckett is in a delicate position. Her team refuses to buy into her theory that a string of kidnappings is connected. If she pushes too hard, they’ll discover the latest victim was her college roommate and boot her off the case. A garbled recording is the only evidence, and there’s only one man who can decipher it. The hard part will be convincing him to take the case.

Blinded as a child, NSA “listener” Ian Cabrera spends the majority of his time analyzing data while secretly searching for his father, a missing CIA operative. His plate is full, but Kieralyn’s passion and determination, as well as the erotic beat of her heart, spark his interest. So does the mention of his father’s code name on her recording.

There’s only one way to follow this new crumb-trail of clues without tipping her off about what he’s really after. Convince her she needs him to be her undercover partner, despite his handicap. Between her eyes and his ears, they make one beautifully orchestrated team. Every time they touch, though, the arousal they generate creates one red-hot element of distraction…

Visit my website to view the video and read an excerpt.


36 Responses

  1. Hey Nikki! What a great photo!

    So, my dog — he was my first kid. Nearly 11 y.o., 80 lb yellow lab, getting a little slower these days, but we don’t like to talk about that. Yep — no matter what, he makes me happy.

    My daughter (8) — well, most of the time 😉

    The beach.

    Being alone with a book, snuggled up.

    Oddly, sometimes just walking out my door in NYC and thinking how amazing it is that so many people live here and so many of them are kind, or sharing the collective consciousness during tragedies. I mean — sometimes you just gotta elbow that guy OFF your toe in the subway, but the fact of Central Park, theatre, music, people sharing cars during cabbie strikes. Yep, it makes me happy to be here.

    (No need to enter me 😉 )


  2. Nikki, your video is seriously, delightfully demented. LOL Yes I smiled.
    hmm, what makes me happy? Today it will be going on a job interview and nailing it. I’ve been happily unemployed for 19 months and this is the first real interview I’ve had.
    On a normal day, if there is such a thing is getting my to do list done and sitting back and reading:-)

  3. What makes me happy.

    Humn sometimes it is the oddest things.

    #1 – My dog eating red peppers (sweet) she gets this look on her face that is just ultimate delight. She is a Beagle and has these great expressions. This will do it every time!

    #2 – A good visual. Example my sister describing how her 16month old walked through mud for the first time (barefoot), and upon feeling the squishing in his toes came to a screeching hault and started to experiment with his feet the feeling.

    #3 – A good hug by someone you love

    #4 – the first snow of the year – always no matter what mood I am in makes me laugh, giggle and go run around in it like a fool!

    Sigh now I have proven to the world that I am just plain odd….


  4. I ssssooooo want this book! As a disabled person I’m always excited when an author writes a character that’s like me and experiences the same things I do.

    As to what makes me happy…..it’s the little things like a cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks, the new issue of TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly arriving on my doorstep, a delivery from the Fed Ex and UPS man, and crispy bacon.

    **cue Julie Andrews** These are a few of my favorite things.

  5. Bella, I hear you about your dog. We had a Collie. We got him when he was 2 and we were with him as he aged and slowed down and eventually left us. I’ve been raised around pets and have seen many come and go, but his loss hit me pretty hard.

    And those kids, tell me about it. I was sort of smiling last night when CIS pulled out his saxophone to help Chaos (child #1) practice her flute. lol

    Man, I so want to go to NYC. I think RWA Nationals is there in 2011, so that will likely be when I make it there.

  6. Joder, I hope when you read Ian that you’ll find I did the subject justice. It was hard for me to get in his head and weave in all the little things that a blind person may have to deal with, but I think I did all right. I certainly became more aware of my other senses while writing it and began noticing challenges a handicapped person would have in public. I was also constantly amazed at stories I heard and people I saw overcoming their handicap.

    MMM, crispy bacon. Yum.

  7. things that make me happy? lets see When someone else does the laundry for a change, a good book and nothing else to do that day, peach tea and after a dramatic crash of my internet , the internet

  8. – the happy wagging tail of my dog;
    – going for a walk; and
    – flying at a perfect sunset (in a private plane, not a big commercial jet – ugh!)

  9. I haven’t flown during a perfect sunset, but I do love the clouds when I fly. There’s something about feeling like you’re floating about all the stresses of the world. I wonder what it would be like to do that in a private plane. Or to fly the plane. Nah, I think I’d rather be the passenger, but still…

  10. Two things are guaranteed to make me smile when things get me down. One is my husband and the other is Alfie our Cavalier King Charles.
    Aside from that it used to be the smile on my babies faces – unfortunately they are all grown now and I am having to wait for the grandchildren to give me that particlar happiness.

  11. Oh, Jennifer. Not having to do laundry thrills me! And when did we all come to be so attached to the internet?

  12. Ilona, I think any dog named Alfie should be able to cheer you up. CKCs are a cool breed too.

  13. Make me happy?
    Sunshine after days of being overcast
    Reading a long anticipated book!

  14. Chey, I was thinking the same thing about the sun when I went to pick up a kid from school. I saw it for the first time in days. Of course it’s gone again, but I did get a little lift.

  15. What makes me happy:

    Hearing my boy’s laugh
    getting an email from my sister
    watching my dh taking care of our pet rabbit
    getting a delivery of new books
    starting a new and highly anticipated book
    watching the squirrels play outside my bedroom window
    eating a fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookie

  16. Gail, I’m glad I could make you smile. Demented? Hmm, no one has said that about me before. Greta, shhsh they don’t need to hear road trip stories. LOL

    Let us know how the interview went, Gail

  17. Tanya, I love the mud thing. And do you tear up when you get one of those great hugs? I do. What’s up with that?

  18. Cathy M, now I want cookies.

  19. My young grandsons(2 and 4 years) make me happy,

  20. *following Nikki breadcrumbs around the net*

    Things that make me happy:
    – Winning an ARC!! 😉
    – Friends that know my faults and loves me anyway
    – My cat snuggling up with me after a bad day
    – My kids’ hugs
    – Finding a great book that takes me away from reality for a while.

  21. Nikki,
    Yes to the tearing up thing. What is up with that?

  22. Coming home to my cats and curling up with them on the sofa with a good book and a tall, ice cold iced tea.

  23. Estella, thanks for stopping by. Little kids always make me happy.

    Lillie, LOL, you crack me up. Do you need another cat to snuggle with? We have 3 and they all follow me around. Don’t they know I only planned for one of them to be mine. The other two are supposed to be for the kids.

    Anne, there is something soothing about a kitty, isn’t there?

  24. Tanya, I wish I could figure out the crying thing. I mean, if the hug is from someone I’m not going to see for a long time, fine. I have one friend that lives nearby. We don’t see each other all the time, but often enough. Every time she hugs me I get all warm and gooey inside and tear up. I know if I told her that she would start tearing up which would make me tear up more.

    CIS just shakes his head at me.

  25. Hi Nikki, thanks for asking about the job interview. It seemed to go pretty well. They have more applicants to interview so I won’t hear for a while. I have plenty of experience and tenacity for the job so now I wait and see if they agree. Although, I sent in my resume yesterday and within 15 minutes they called me to come in for the interview, I hope that is a good sign.
    Oh, BTW I pre-ordered STDF for my Kindle, just a few more days-Yeah!

  26. Hi Nikki, I loved the video! Let see what makes me smile. Getting a new book in the mail, reading a good book, going for a long walk with no one to bother me! Hearing my son laugh and he is gone right now so I miss him! I love going to the beach but haven’t been in years. Spending time with my sisters.

  27. Hey Nikki.
    Great video, and there I am right there in front across from Monica, with my oldest Stephanie next to me. Today has literally been the afternoon from hell and I am readdy to give up motherhood so for me to find some peace would be for everyone here to do thier chores without being yelled at, to bed early and some quiet reading time or a movie for me. Only a few more days before Sounds to Die For comes out. Good luck and high sales.

  28. WooHoo Gail! I’ll send positive vibes your way that you got the job.

    And thank you for ordering the book. I was so excited last night when a friend emailed me that she’d seen the pre-order link on Amazon. I felt like I’d arrived and then I instantly IM’d my editor to let her know. She was just as excited as me, which makes this part of publishing so much fun.

  29. Okay, I’m going to go draw for the ARC winner in a few. Good luck everyone and thank you for chatting with me today.

  30. Nikki,
    Sorry I meant Sounds to Die By

  31. And the winner, according to random.org based on the numbers of comments (not counting myself or Bella who already won an ARC) is…Lillie!

    Lillie, email me at nikki@nikkiduncan.com and tell me which format you prefer.

    Also, if you didn’t win an ARC here today, I will be giving away another one on Saturday at my blog (www.nikkiduncan.com/blog.) All you have to do to be entered in that drawing is to comment on any of the blog posted on or after Oct 1. So don’t wait until Saturday to comment if you want the ARC. Go now or tomorrow. 🙂

    Thanks again for chatting with me today.

  32. Zina, thanks for coming by. I’m glad the video gave you a lift on a crummy day. I hope tomorrow is better.

  33. What makes me laugh? Undoubtedly the funniest thing on earth right now is my four year old and her new ‘jokes.’ I haven’t laughed so hard in so long. Even my son is like, make her stop, it’s just too funny. Not the jokes, mind you, HER. The jokes are just the cake, she is the icing. Loads of fun.

    billi jean

  34. That would probably be when my kids tell me they love me and give me hugs and kisses without me having to ask for them.


  35. finishing up a scrapbook page, reading a great book, and doing something fun with my kiddos.

  36. My grandkids make me very happy and they always make me smile. Reading a good book also makes me feel good.

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