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Special Guest Today: Danny Taggert from Unleashed by Jami Alden

Unleashed - Large

Danny Taggart is the biggest badass of all the Gemini Men. And there’s only one thing a woman can do with a man this hot, hard, and ready for action….

He’s the oldest of the three Taggart brothers. And the boldest. Tall, dark and rippling with muscle, Danny Taggart takes no prisoners. But when his latest case puts him up close and personal with the woman who once left him raw and aching, he’s shell-shocked. Caroline Medford is still hotter than hell. But she’s also got her pretty grip on the truths that have shaped him into the soul-ravaged warrior he is today. Burned once, Danny’s plan is to satisfy his craving for Caroline and walk away. Yet once he has her warm and willing beneath him, he can’t get deep enough—or close enough. Not even when danger threatens to destroy everything he’s ever fought for. Including the only woman he’s ever loved…

  • ISBN-13: 9780758225481
  • ISBN-10: 0758225482
  • Publisher: Brava
  • Date: October 2009
  • Page Count: 320
  • Danny, thank you for agreeing to an interview today on my blog.

    No problem. But can we make this quick? I still have to do my daily twelve mile run before I go to the office this morning. 

    Can you tell readers a little bit about yourself?

    Not that much to tell. I’m thirty five, I live in northern california. After I got out of the military (editor’s note – Danny won’t ever talk much about it, but he was a Green Beret) I started Gemini Securities, a private investigation and corporate and personal security firm with my younger brothers, Derek and Ethan.  On a personal note, I recently got, uh, reacquainted with my high school girlfriend and now we’re engaged. 

    What have you been up to since we last saw you in Derek’s story, Kept?

    I’ve been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, I’ll tell you that.  Between our workload and some pretty intense personal and family drama, it’s been crazy around here. 

    Can you tell us about this someone special you that met…Caroline?

    Actually, Caroline and I go way back.  We started dating in high school, stayed together while I went to West Point and started my military career.  Then, we had kind of a falling out…well, I’ll be honest, I acted like an asshole and drove her away.  Lucky for me, some crazy circumstances brought us back together.  We didn’t have it easy,  but if someone hadn’t wanted to frame Caroline for her husband’s murder and then try to kill her, we might never have gotten back together. 

    I understand you know Jami Alden and that she actually wrote your story Unleashed for publication. What was it like working with her?

    It was great although she’s really high strung, always stressed about whether or not everything was coming out exactly right. Works like a dog though, and I have nothing but respect for that. 

    Have you read Unleashed yet? What did you think of it?

    I haven’t. I mean, really, I lived it – and while there are some great memories, there’s a lot of other stuff  – like watching a psychopath hold a gun to Caroline’s head – that I’d rather not relive. 

    If Unleashed was made into a movie, which actor do you see portraying you, Caroline?

    I’m terrible at this. I never know who anyone is.    But if I had to choose, I’d say for me, maybe Eric Bana from Blackhawk Down, or Gerard Butler in his 300 ripped phase.  For Caroline, a younger Catherine Zeta Jones, say, in her Zorro era. 

    How are your brothers, Ethan & Derek?

    They’re doing great, though it’s hard as hell to get them to focus on work these days, what with all the wedding planning that seems to be going on.  Ethan and Toni are set for this spring, and Derek and Alyssa… well that’s top secret. Last thing we need is the paparazzi getting wind of the details. 

    Will readers see any of you or your brothers in the future?

    We’re planning to lay low for the time being. Like I said, there’s work to do, weddings to be planned, and in my and Caroline’s case, a baby to make as soon as is humanly possible.  So unless you want to read about bridal showers and baby planning, I think we’ll stay out of the limelight for a while here. 

    Can either of you tell us something about Jami that readers may not know?

    I don’t know that it’s any secret, but she wrote my story she subsisted almost entirely on a diet of coffee, red wine, and scraps from her kids’ plates.  Who knew you could survive eating pizza off the floor and discarded fish stick bits?

    Is there anything you would like to ask the readers?

    I want to know if they want to see any more Gemini stories. And if so, whose?

    To find out more about Jami Alden and her books please visit her website at: http://www.jamialden.com/

    ***Jami has graciously offered for only lucky commenter to win a copy of Unleashed and another to win a copy of Kept. Leave a comment answering Jami’s question to be considered. Good Luck 🙂


    27 Responses

    1. Great interview! I haven’t read this series yet but I always say yes to more books about yummy heroes. 😀

    2. Thanks for the fun interview! This book sounds great, I haven’t either read this series but it sounds like one I’d love to see many books in!

    3. oh, I love that kind of interviews 🙂
      the Gemini Men Books are already on my wishlist, but I haven’t read them yet… so I don’t know who’s stories I would like…but I will start with the brothers 😉

    4. Well, these hunky men are new to me, but would l like to see more…uh YES! Hot, strong, alpha men….YUM 🙂

      Amy M

    5. 🙂 I’ve been waiting on Danny. Of course I want to see more, but Danny was my “waitin’ on guy”

      sigh…. 😀

    6. This would be a new series for me!

    7. I haven’t read this series yet, but you can never have enough strong, sexy, and loyal men. So if there’s any long lost brothers or cousins out there then bring ’em on!

    8. Oh, bring on the Gemini stories!! That was a fun interview, I enjoyed it immensely.

    9. Well, I haven’t read the series, so I am not sure if I would! BUT by after reading that blurb, I would say yes 😉

    10. This was a HOOT! I have lived the fish sticks and pizza pieces and am alive and well. So is my 24 year old daughter who ate dirt, licked paint and plugged her ear canal with an earring back. I would LOVE to read more of the boys of Taggart. A long lost cousin, half sister, or former Green Beret buddy?

    11. The Gemini’s sound great – I want to have them all 😀

    12. I’ve not read anything by this author yet, but I LOVE finding new authors, especially authors with series.

      Please enter me!
      Morning Glow
      ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

    13. Awesome interview! I haven’t read this series but it sounds like any of the brothers would be a wonderful read right about now!

    14. Hi, Danny! Yes, of course more stories! For a series featuring such heroes, the more books the better!

    15. I haven’t yet read this series, but it sounds great.

    16. Happy Release Day, Jami.

      Hi Danny,
      I can’t wait to read your story. I hope there will be more Gemini books, especially if you and your brothers will be making appearances.

    17. Hey everyone! thanks so much for stopping by – sorry I’ve been MIA until now. It’s been one of those surviving on fish stick eating days. in fact, as I type, I have someone prancing around the kitchen yelling about the “bick woad!” (big load) he has in his diaper. ah, the glamorous life of a writer. Anyway, I hope those of you who haven’t read me yet give me a shot, and for those of you who have, I hope to have more books (gemini and others) for you soon!

      I won’t choose a winner for a few more hours, so if anyone else wants to enter, post away!
      more later… gotta a woad to deal with.

    18. Hi Jami
      I’ve read & totally loved all your books. Can’t wait for Unleashed. I love stories where the H & H have a past. Yummy

    19. That was a great interview! I always like it when the characters get their chance to speak 😉

      I’ve never read any of your books, though, so I can’t answer the question. But I’m sure there amazing!:)

    20. I’ve never read your books but would love to try Kept. BTW I am an avid runner too! But I log in less miles than you…12 miles on a daily run is impressive

    21. Fun interview! This book sounds very interesting but I haven’t read this series so I can’t answer your question. But I can say that these books are going on my TBR list 🙂

    22. Enjoyed the interview. Would love more Gemini stories.

    23. Hey everyone – thanks for stopping by. I just wanted to pop in and announce the winners:
      The winner of Kept is: Amy M
      The winner of Unleashed is: Marial

      congrats ladies! email me at jami@jamialden.com with your mailing addresses and I’ll get the books out to you ASAP!

    24. Have read all three and my mind is in a whirlwind of Gemini sexiness! LOL

      Hmmm….Maybe we can have Ben’s story next? Hint hint…

      This was a hoot to read, thanks Jami!

    25. have read the other they are good such hunky heroes and great heroines who are not the go toe to toe with them bring them on

    26. Loved the interview! I haven’t read this Gemini series, but that will change now that I know about it!

    27. YES!!!! Want more Gemini Books. I would love to read about the guys that work for them… and would love to read about Kara now that she is growing up and coming of age… hearing about how she is dealing with what happened to her and her relationship with her father and how that affects a potential relationship as she becomes an adult?
      All of the characters should have they’re own book. And then you should make up some more characters to go into the Gemini series as well, so THEY can have they’re own too! 🙂

      just a thought.

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