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A Day In The Life of Anne Rainey…


A hard man is good to find…and impossible to resist.

The Vaughn Series, Book 4

Since a car accident left her unable to have children, Grace Vaughn has hidden her heart behind a wall. So far it’s held strong, and no one complains much—except the few men she dates.

Now that fortress is crumbling thanks to Jackson Hill, an annoyingly attractive man who makes her imagination go wild just watching him in the office. He’s practically bullied her into attending a Vegas conference with him. Three days alone with the delicious Jackson—in Sin City, no less—is sure to push her right over the edge.

With a loving family, a decent bank account, a nice set of clubs, Jackson’s life is almost complete. Except for the missing piece. Grace. She sets a fire in his blood, and the conference is the perfect crowbar to get past her defense mechanisms. It’s time to see if the bump-and-grind potential in that booty of hers can be channeled into something a little more satisfying than looking.

He’s got just the tactic to get her to let down her guard—and hopefully her panties. A wicked bet. Because if there’s one thing he knows about Grace, she can’t resist a double-dog-dare…

Buy Link: http://new.mybookstoreandmore.com/shop/product.da/tempting-grace

I’ve often wondered, what do authors do? I mean, do they just get up, sit down at the computer and start writing? How exactly do they get those creative juices flowing anyway? And is it different for romance authors? Do they listen to soft love songs to get…in the mood? LOL

Well, I can’t tell you what every author does, but I can give you a glimpse inside my own life. How about it? Do you want to know what a typical day for Anne Rainey is?

First I have my maid, Margaret, wake me at 5am with a gentle nudge and a tray laden with muffins, fresh coffee and fresh fruit. Once I’ve satisfied my hunger, I head for the shower where my houseboy, Antonio, has my bath ready. After I’ve bathed, I’m softly toweled off and Antonio sees about massaging my aches and pains (it gets tense sitting at the computer all day). Once he’s finished, my dear Margaret reappears, almost like magic, to dress me in my favorite silk lounging set and slippers. Then, around 7am I head up to my loft, where my computer is already booted up and another cup of fresh coffee awaits.  As I listen to the birds singing outside my open window, my muse come to life and stories are created. At the end of the day, Antonio, the darling that he is, takes me out to the hot tub, where I soak and drink a glass of Chianti and ponder the words I’ve written throughout the day. I tend to forget the time at this point, but lucky for me Antonio is so very efficient. He helps me from the tub and takes me to bed, where he spends the next two hours relaxing me in a wholly different way.

Okay, maybe that’s all make believe. LOL There is no Margaret. There’s definitely no Antonio (though I wish!).  The truth is, I get up, iron my husbands clothes that he’s going to wear for the day, get my cranky kids up and drive them to school. Somewhere in here I’ve had to let the dogs out so they could do their thing, and I’ve made sure no one is leaving hungry, shirtless, or without cell phones. Once everyone is out of the house, I grab my coffee, boot up the computer and begin sifting through about a million emails. Once that arduous task is finished, I’m ready to break out the work-in-progress and get some REAL work done. I eat lunch at my computer, and then somewhere around 2pm I pick up the kids. Then the rest of the fun begins. Homework, after school activities (I’m the chauffer), dinner, and chores. With luck I can move quick enough that I get an hour in front of the television before it’s time to rush to bed.

Then it starts all over again the next day.

I used to think the life of a writer would be exciting and creative. Days spent with characters and having wild adventures. My muse coming out to play for hours on end. In truth, it IS that, but life does tend to intrude. Phone calls. Family emergencies. Kids nudging me ‘where’re my shoes?!’ Of course, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. I love my family. I love writing. I love my characters. I love when readers email me to say, “I loved this story!” Of course,  if Margaret and Antonio suddenly showed up on my doorstep, I SO wouldn’t turn them away! LOL

For more information on Anne Rainey and her books please visit her website at: http://annerainey.com/. In additional she blogs regularly at: http://threewickedwriters.blogspot.com/ and at http://fierceromance.blogspot.com/.

***Leave a comment asking Anne a question about her day for a chance to win one of Anne’s books. Good Luck 🙂


63 Responses

  1. Ah, so glamorous! Not!

    Sounds like my life – except add in a full time job as well! But seriously, where are Antonio and Margaret? ‘Cuz I really need them! 😉

    don’t enter me in the contest, I have all of Anne’s books.

  2. I had to run outside after reading half of your blog, just to grab my cell which I left in the car after getting two cranky kids to school. Thanks for the reminder! 😀

    What do you do with ideas that come to you when you are busy with your family? Does the idea stay with you until you make it back to your computer or do you have to make a quick note?
    (It’s 7am. That’s the only question I could come up with.)

    Tempting Grace sounds really good. Does the series need to be read in order?

  3. Hi Anne,
    LOL…I want a Margaret and Antonio too! Tempting Grace looks amazing!

    How many hours a day are you actually able to devote to writing?

  4. I think that we all have a similar version of that life. Add to it for me, a sick kid who was up until 5:30 this morning. Not a fun way to start the Wednesday!

    Do you ever feel like you are writing the same thing over and over? And how do you avoid that? I have read many works by the same author and while the same feel is there, the idea’s are always fresh. I feel like I would be repeating myself.

    Thanks so much!
    Amy M

  5. Hi! Oh I could live without Margaret but Antonio… tell him I’ll double whatever you are paying him 🙂
    What’s your favourite genre to write or to read?
    Have a great day!

  6. That life you described sure would be something, wouldn’t it? I enjoyed reading that.
    wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Hi Valerie–So glad you stopped by! Yes, if Margaret and Antonio sho up at my door I’ll send them over to you next! LOL

    Lillie–I forget everything. I have a terrible memory. However, story ideas, scenes, characters, I never ever forget. I rarely have to write any of it down. Go figure, right? LOL

  8. Booklover–Thanks for commenting! I spend about 5 hours a day writing. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

    Amy M–I’m so sorry about your sick kid. That’s the pits!! As to your question. Each author has their our own style, that never changes, but new and different ideas are always popping into my head!

  9. Frana–I can see we’re going to have to hold an auction for poor Antonio! LOL I write contemporary romance (EROTIC). But I read paranormal and contemporary both. The only genre I don’t read is historical. I have nothing against it, but I prefer modern day settings. *shrugs*

    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Hi Wanda–Wouldn’t it be nice if that was the reality and not the fantasy? LOL One can dream!

  11. Ahhh….the beautiful world of the author! Her talent paints us such beautiful pictures with her words….fantasy, but beautiful! Such is life!

    Loved your blog Anne. I’ll let the other girls duke it out for Antonio but if Antonio has a twin, just send him over to my place!

    Love the cover on Tempting Grace….beautiful!

  12. Hey, can I sign up for Antonio’s job? >:)

  13. Karen–Thanks for stopping by!

    As to the cover. Scott Carpenter designed it. I think it’s my favorite! He has a portfolio set up if anyone would like to view some of his work:


  14. Anne,

    Wouldn’t it be lovely if our muses could just play all day? Hmmm Maybe that’s why authors seclude themselves in mountain cabins…

    Oh, to be able to actually DO that someday! great post, and nice to see you!


  15. Your life sounds like mine, Anne, but instead of taking kids to school I go there to sub in the school season, and take my MIL all voer thepplace to doctors and hairdressers, and I have all my sons, one son’s wife, their two kids, their dog, my oldest son, my husband, my goldfish outside in the pond, and me all in one house. We could use 2 margarets in the house and I need one Anotnio just for me. No one has time to clean due to being in college (DIL) and I write and work and all that other stuff, the men won’t do any housework, and Lord knows I’ve tried to get them to. Glad to know I’m not the only writer i ntheworld who has a harried, hectic, and what’s another h word…oh harrassed life!

  16. Hi! Thanks for offering a great blog and contest! I’m enjoying both! It’s reassuring to know how similar all of our lives are (and yet so different)….

    You’ve explained about getting the kids off to school and then having your solo time to write, but how do you find time to write during summer vacations, etc. when the kids are home all day? Is it hit and miss then, with the majority of writing occurring during a school year instead?

    Have a great day!

  17. Laney–it’s very much hit and miss. However, just recently my husband built a small second desk for me, and we installed in our bedroom. So, I CAN take the laptop in there, close the door and get a few hours in. My kids are 13 and 15, so they don’t require constant supervision. Although, leave those two alone for more than two hours and they’re ready to go a round or two! LOL

    Thanks for commenting!!

  18. The cover is great, looking forward to the read!

  19. Anne Do you write on weekends? And how long or when did you start writing? The cover of your book is HOT!!!

  20. I’m waiting for the day when someone actually says Margaret and Antonio are at her house and they really do everything you said. LOL

    What is your best trick for stopping all of the outside noises and distractions?

  21. I could imagine a horde of sticky notes everywhere with tidbits and story ideas intermingled with playdates and grocery lists – am I close?

    Do you ever take a crazy experience from your life and modify it into a story line?

  22. Hi Anne!
    Wouldn’t your husband be jealous if Antonio would be around you the whole day? *lol*

    My question is: Have you ever had an “ordinary” job? I know that for other authors writing is “only” a part-time job…

    Wish you all the best!

  23. Hi Teresa–Thanks! I hope you enjoy it!

    Jen E–Sometimes, but usually no. I do, however, edit on the weekends. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  24. Brandy–Sometimes I slip my daughter’s ipod on and listen to music. Something instrumental, no lyrics, they’re too distracting! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  25. I have a question.. Do you set yourself a page minimum for the day, or do you just go with the flow, as in.. some days you are so into it you do a lot, and others it’s not so great, so you let things go for a bit? Just always interested in the life of a writer!

    Morning Glow

  26. Jake–LOL! You’d have to arm wrestle Antonio for it! 🙂

    Ashley–I would LOVE to go to a cabin and be alone for like a month. Nothing but writing all the time! Heaven! And nice to see you too!

    Thank you both for stopping by!

  27. Sandy–After reading all that I suddenly feel like a lazy bum! LOL How do you get ANY writing in at all?! Wow!!

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  28. Ina–Very good question! Yes, I’ve worked since I was 15yrs old. My mama didn’t raise any slackers! LOL

    Retail mostly. J. C. Penneys, T. J. Maxx…I also worked as a Nail Tech, a Chiropratic Assistant, and various other jobs.

    I quit after I had my second child. She had problems being with sitters so we had no choice. It was tough at first, not a lot of money. I started getting interested in writing once my kids were older, and my husband was happy to let me continue to stay home to persue my passion.

    Several times along the way the question DID come up about me going back to work, but my kids and husband had already gotten used to me being home and they weren’t crazy about the idea. So, here I sit. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  29. That cover is hawt!! Oh, my. 🙂

    Does the cover image above depict the characters in this book 100% accurately? If not, what’s off?

    The guy’s hair….I want to touch it! 🙂

  30. Morning Glow–I have a set word limit. If I go over that, great!. I don’t like to be under it though. That’s depressing. LOL

    Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  31. Hi, Anne! TEMPTING GRACE sounds…tempting! Can’t wait to read it! As for the writer’s life–LOL! Wouldn’t we all love a Margaret and Antonio? I love being a full time writer–just with I didn’t have to be full time “other” things as well. Laundry is calling myname–and my deadline is screaming at me, so I need to get busy. Hae a great day!

  32. I SO need a Margaret and Antonio! With your busy schedule do you even have time to just read for pleasure? What is your favorite book?

  33. Hi again, Anne, LOL! I didn’t write hardly anything this summer and I had a small meltdown. After that day I have forced myself to work on a WIP at least 1 hour. I’m slashing length from the first 11 chapters of a book, so i totally slash 1 chapter a day now, that way i feel like I’ve done something.

  34. The cover looks awesome! How do you come up with new material that doesn’y sound used in other books you’ve written?

  35. Hey Anne, you know I’m a huge fan of this series and can’t wait to read Jackson’s story!

    I read your description and I got tired just from reading it 😉 As a reader and not a writer, the first question that popped into my mind is when you get to read, if ever? And what do you like to read?

    I also wonder if you work on more than one project at a time?

    Oh, and if Margaret and Antonio free up …. 😉


  36. When you get to watch tv, what are your favorite shows?

  37. Sweet Vernal–Yes, I’ve taken a few experiences and put them in my books. And I’m NOT saying which ones, LOL!!

    Jessica–the hero doesn’t really look like the cover model. Jackson has darker hair, close-cropped. he’s a bit more hard, tough… still, it’s a sexy cover! hehe!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!

  38. Raelena–I read a TON of books. I started this gig as an avid reader and that’s not changed! Nalini Singh, Christine Feehan, J. R. Ward, Lora Leigh, Jacki Frank, Pamela Palmer, and tons more! I love books! 🙂

    Jeanette–an editor said to me once that ideas aren’t unique, it’s what you do with that makes it yours. So, when I write I’m not trying to do something wildly different, but I do want my voice to shine through. My alpha heroes, my independant heroines and lots of steam, Anne Rainey style! 😉

  39. Bella– A lot of authors do work on several stories at once, I’m not one of them though. I NEED to complete something before I charge into something new.

    As for time to read–weekend mornings, while i’m waiting on the kids at school, late in the evening. I will always find time to read! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  40. Estella–thank goodness for DVR! I love Criminal Minds, The Closer, Eureka, Supernatural, American Idol, Dirty Jobs, Whale Wars, Royal Pains, Psych, Reba, and lots more! LOL

  41. Lillie–Forgot to mention that yes you can read Tempting Grace w/o reading the whole series. Thanks for asking! 🙂

    Sandy–Vacation messed me up. Once we got back it was like I had writer’s block. Took me awhile to get back on track!!

  42. I’m still too spellbound by that cover to think of a question. Wow!

  43. Hi anne!

    I was wondering, is there ever a day where you just wake up and go “Ugh, I’m SO not writing today” Or do you force yourself to sit down and write, no matter if your in the mood to or not? Because I now if I’m not in that certain ‘mood’ anything I try to write comes out sounding plain, and emotionless.


  44. P J–Thanks for stopping by! And I can SO relate about the laundry. I’m way behind. It’s a little scary. LOL

    Susan–I’ll pass your compliments onto the cover artist. He’ll be glad to hear all these wonderful things about his work! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  45. Chelsea–Thanks for coming! IDO get those moments, and no I don’t write. It’s like you said, it just ends up a mess. Then I’ll have to fix it. NOT worth it. Thankfully, I don’t have a lot of those days. 🙂

  46. Anne, I’m always amazed at writers! It seems like writing is something that one would need a stretch of time for (maybe it’s my non-writing self showing, but I can’t envision being able to jot down a book in teeny bits and pieces) and if you’ve got a family, you’ve got a billion other things to do in a day! Too bad Margaret and Antonio aren’t really around to give us a hand! 😉

    So, is it easier to fit in writing during the summer when the kids are out of school or easier during the school year? And how do you alter the schedule for weekends? Or do you take those days off? (Ha!) 😉

    Congrats on Tempting Grace–I loved books 1 and 2 of the Vaughn series and have to get caught up now!

  47. […] A Day In The Life of Anne Rainey… « I Do Not Want to Wait, I Want The Book Now idonotwanttowaitiwantthebooknow.wordpress.com/2009/08/26/a-day-in-the-life-of-anne-rainey – view page – cached #I Do Not Want to Wait, I Want The Book Now RSS Feed I Do Not Want to Wait, I Want The Book Now » A Day In The Life of Anne Rainey… Comments Feed I Do Not Want to Wait, I Want The Book Now My first experience into blogging Winner: Jess Granger guest interview — From the page […]

  48. Howdy, Fedora! I tend to write a LOT more during the school year. Quiet time and so more gets done. Weekends I take off, unless I have a deadline looming or edits to turn in…

    Vaughn series–books 3 and 4 are both out there and just waiting for you to read them! 🙂

    Also, for those who prefer PRINT, you can find stories 1 and 2 in the print anthology “Seduce Me”. And next year stories 2 and 3 will be in another anthology titled “Dare Me”. The entire Vaughn seires in print! Yay! 🙂 Just check Amazon, Borders, B&N…all the regular places.

  49. Being a substitute teacher myself as the source of most of my personal income, I can say handsdown that for me, winter is the most productive time for this writer!!! Most teachers have no less than an hour and a half for lunch and planning period and I can write 2 or 3 hand-written chapters in that time. Some teachers even have schedules with travel time that gives me more free hours to write! There’s something about a big quiet classroom that makes me more productive. Summer is outdoor stuff and gardening and catching up on art projects I can’t do in the winter, especially if I have to teach a college English 101 class. http://www.sandywick.com

  50. I want to win one of your books!!! Getting books is better than Christmas, especially when you get one as good as Anne Rainey’s!

  51. Hey Anne! You day sounds really busy. I want the maid when she’s done at your house!!!

    Have you ever considered doing a vampire story? Imagine the character conversations you could have with him…GRIN

  52. Hey Connie!! Fancy meetin’ you here! 🙂

    I actually wrote a vampire romance, short story. A Diamond at Midnight. I had intended to do an entire series, but my schedule changed when I added Kensington to my list of publishers.

    I LOVE vampires and shape shifters though. I’m not giving up on the idea of a paranormal series!

  53. Yep Anne, I’m everywhere! LOL

    Is that story still available? Vamps are my thing….GRIN

  54. Hello Anne,

    Looking back at your journey as a writer so far, what could you have changed / done differently in order to become a better writer quicker?


  55. LOL I loved that post. I kept seeing that movie, the one where the romance writer gets the guy with Rosanne Bar, and then Rosanne makes her life heck and she writes Love during the rinse cycle or something………..ROFL.

    It’s nice to know that your life isn’t much different than mine. I would like to know do you set a time limit? Or a timer or some sort of alarm to know when to stop emailing/twittering/playing online and when to stop to go pick up the kids?


  56. Anne just wanted to stop and tell you how much I enjoy your books.
    Right now I am starting off my days trying to dodge the school buses since the kids are back to school.

  57. I will be getting this from Samhain. How often do you check out your sales on the different sites?

  58. Kayla, thanks for the compliments!! 🙂

    Connie–you can find A DIAMOND AT MIDNIGHT here: https://www.mybookstoreandmore.com/shop/author.da/247 –Please let me know what you think of it if you do buy it! 🙂

  59. Liehn–I would have been a bit more careful to polish my stories. Going over them 3 and 4 times is a smart move! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    Wendy–I don’t set a timer, no. I have my day pretty well planned out. It’s the only way to ensure that I can get plenty of writing in, while still promoting my books. Thanks for coming over!

  60. Marial–I’m so glad you’re enjoying my stories! I hope to keep them coming! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    Lindsey–I hope you enjoy Jackson and Grace! I admit, I’m obessed with looking at bestseller lists, whether I’m on them or not! LOL It’s not about money though, it’s about wanting people to buy my books and find joy in them.

  61. sounds good
    such a hot cover
    thanks for the interview

  62. Thanks Anne! I’ll keep the link and get it when I have free money. :0)

  63. Thank you ALL for the wonderful questions and for stopping by to say hi!

    Chelsea B

    You win your choice of one of my books: http://annerainey.com/bookshelf/

    Please e-mail me at anne @ annerainey.com (without the spaces) with your choice. Please include “Winner at Greta’s blog” in the subject line

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