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Special Guests Cam, Sorcha & Alan from Highland Obsession by Dawn Halliday

I am extremely excited to welcome three special guests today Cam, Sorcha & Alan the main characters from Highland Obsession by Dawn Halliday.

Highland Obsession - large

I know the three of you are not from the 21st Century, can you tell us about your time and introduce yourselves to the readers?

Cam: We live in the Scottish Highlands in 1715. The country is in upheaval right now—there are those who want King James back on the throne of the United Kingdom and believe the time is ripe for rebellion. (I, of course, am not one of them.)

Alan: Cam is the Earl of Camdonn. I am the Laird of the MacDonalds of the Glen. Sorcha is my wife.

How do the three of you know each other?

Alan: Cam and I went to school in England together. Our lands share a border. Sorcha is Cam’s factor’s daughter and one of my clanswomen.

Cam, what was your first impression of Sorcha and how has it changed since you have gotten to know her?

Cam: (Looks around to check whether Sorcha and Alan are listening.) Sorcha was in the lineup of servants who greeted me when I returned home from England. She stood out from the others, so dark-haired and radiant. When I first saw her, the skirt of her dress was torn. I found that…fascinating.

Now I know her very well. Better than anyone, I daresay, besides Alan. I know every curve of her body, every bit of her smooth, soft flesh. And I learned—too late, unfortunately—that she’s not only beautiful on the outside.

Alan, same question your first impression of Sorcha and how has it changed?

Alan: I came home from England in search of a wife, to do my duty by my clan. Sorcha appealed to me on first sight, for she was beautiful, innocent, and young, and I went to her father to arrange the match right away. I hadn’t spoken to her yet, but after one look at her, my mind was made up. I had no doubt that she possessed all the qualities of an ideal wife.

That initial impression has gone through some changes in the past few months (I learned a few shocking truths about my wife!). But I’d wager Dawn might be upset if I revealed too many spoilers, so if you want to know more, you probably should read the book.

Sorcha, same question your first impression of Cam and Alan and how have they changed?

Sorcha: I think I’ve always understood Cam in a way few others do. To most, he comes off as a rich, spoilt aristocrat, but in truth, he is a wounded soul in need of a great deal of love. I have been furious with him at times, but I have always cared deeply for him, almost since the day we met.

As for Alan, my first impression of him was very favorable—he exudes power, and he’s very handsome, and my father liked him tremendously. Those were the reasons why I was amenable to our marriage. He has proven himself to be an excellent leader, and a formidable husband. Also (blush) an excellent lover.

I understand the three of you know Dawn Halliday and that she actually wrote your story Highland Obsession for publication. What was it like working with her?

Cam: She’s a temperamental writer. And she keeps the oddest hours.

Alan: Her cat makes me sneeze. And her children were constantly interrupting the process. They don’t raise children in your century like they do in ours.

Sorcha: She’s lovely. We’ve become good friends.

Have any of ya’ll read Highland Obsession? What did you think of it?

Alan: No.

Cam: No, but I’d like to. I’ve been busy these past months.

Sorcha: Yes, I’ve read it several times. I think…well, I think it’s rather embarrassing to have our lives revealed in such detail!

I’m not sure you could answer this question, but I’ll ask anyway. Do you see Hollywood making Highland Obsession into a movie?

Alan: Of course Dawn has informed us about all your modern technology, and definitely. Why not? I think our story has the elements of a successful movie—battles, duels, life-threatening injury.

Cam: Don’t forget all the sex.

Sorcha: And what about the romance? The love? The passion…

Cam & Alan which actress could you see portraying Sorcha?

Cam: Maybe Anne Hathaway with a Scottish brogue?

Alan: No one could play Sorcha adequately.

Sorcha which actors could you see portraying Cam & Alan?

Sorcha: I think Hugh Jackman would make a good Alan—

Alan: He’s Australian, isn’t he? All I know is that he’s not a Scot.

Sorcha: –if he were Scottish, of course. And if his hair were a bit lighter and longer. And if he were a wee bit younger. As for Cam…hm. I think of Cam as the man on the cover of HIGHLAND OBSESSION—

Cam: That IS me, of course.

Sorcha: -but I’m not sure which actor would best portray him.

Will readers see any of you in the future or do you know if Dawn has anything else planned in the future?

Cam: HIGHLAND SURRENDER is Dawn’s next book. Alan and Sorcha make an appearance, but the story is mine.

Sorcha: I think Cam is due for a story of his own.

Alan: I just hope he doesn’t make a disaster of it…

Can any of you tell us something about Dawn that we may not know?

Cam: I believe she liked me best. Shocking, considering the fact that I have made some terrible blunders.

Sorcha: (rolls eyes and pats Cam on the shoulder) Of course she liked you best, Cam. Authors always like the underdogs. Plus, what would our story be if you hadn’t made any of those blunders?

Is there anything you would like to ask the readers?

Cam: I wonder if readers like the underdogs too.

Sorcha: When you’re reading a book or watching a movie, do you root for the underdog hero? Do you have any examples of this situation in a book or in a movie? Especially one where the underdog rises up to become a great hero in the end?

For more information on Dawn Halliday and her books you can visit her website at: http://www.dawnhalliday.com/

****Leave a comment answering Cam or Sorcha’s questions for a chance to win a copy of Highland Obsession by Dawn Halliday. Good Luck 🙂


27 Responses

  1. I loved this way to introduce Highland Obsession. It was so much fun to learn about a book I have been dying to read from the characters perspective.

    As far as the underdogs, I can’t help but root for them even when I like the top dog 🙂 I consider Mr. Darcy an underdog from Pand P, because at the beginning of the book he is portrayed in not such a great light, and Elizabeth has a thing for Mr. Wickham, yet you find yourself rooting for him all throughout the book, especially when all secrets are revealed 🙂

  2. I do love Highland books, and this one does sound sooo nice 🙂 I wonder what will happen to them all.

    It depends, sure I can root for the underdog. I root for the I like the most. But examples, I have none, why is my brain so fried today…nope, can’t think of any

  3. I do so love these types of interviews. This sounds like a great book… I love Highland Warriors. I truly can’t answer that. I root for the character that touches me the most and I really don’t see them as the underdog in my head. So nope I can’t think of any specifics.

  4. What a fun interview…I loved it! Of course, being from Nova Scotia, I’m partial to anything that has to do with Highlanders~

    I always root for the underdog as well. I think that it makes me feel so hopeful when someone can overcome adversity to end up on top. My favorite underdog is probably the title character from the movie Rudy. Every time that movie is on TV, I end up watching it and crying every darn time-but crying in a happy way, lol.

  5. Wow! I think I hear my book buget being busted! I must have this book NOW!!

  6. I am glad to join in and say hello to all. I love any book of Highland gene..I was not always that way but once I read my first book I was hooked. I can’t get enough of these books now and I haunt different places to find them. I am retired and ss only allows so much for books so I go out and look for books at libraries and used stores if I spent my alotted amount at the wal mart store. ha ha I will get my fix some how. ha ha Susan L.

  7. I love rooting for the underdog…Makes me believe in the impossible 😉

  8. I love books with Highlanders!! And love triangles are great especially if both heroes are likeable. After one of the heroes has a HEA there’s always hope they’ll be another book for the guy left behind.

    I often root for the underdog – especially if they are the underdog based on circumstances beyond their control. If the underdog is a whiny, doofus of his own making through stupidity like greed or arrogance, then not so much.

  9. Hey, Dawn/Jen!!
    Great blog~~I love ‘listening’ to the characters!!

  10. Highlander books are my favorite!!! And this books looks delicious.

    I do like a good underdog type story where the better man prevails.

    It’s harder to choose between them when they are both great guys and you don’t want to see either of them lose.

    For me the HEA is very important, and that can be a challenge when you love both men and want to see both of them happy in the end….but then, that is what sequels are for.

    Can’t think of a movie off the top of my head.

    Thanks for the contest, and I’d love to win this book!!!

  11. I love the Underdog 🙂

    Loved the interview today…can’t wait to read the story!

  12. I LOVE the underdog heroes.

    The book looks really good. Can’t wait to read it.

  13. Hi, Dawn, Cam, and Sorcha! What an irresistible set up! And yes, I love underdogs… I think I thought of Mark Darcy’s character as the underdog in Bridget Jones’ Diary, and as yummy as Hugh Grant can sometimes be, I was totally rooting for Colin Firth!

  14. I think it is very hard to to want the under dog to win. 🙂

    Great interview. Enjoyed reading it and learning more about the characters. 🙂

  15. Cute and funny interview, and a great way to introduce the characters. Nice cover, BTW. I just love historicals and Highland romance.

    The underdog has a special place in my heart and I just rejoice when the underdog can overcome the obstacles and truly rise to his/her potential.

    The last book I read with an underdog was HIGHLANDER UNMASKED by Monica McCarty. Alex MacLeod is the younger brother of Rory MacLeod, highland chief of the MacLeod clan. Alex is eager to prove his worth and loyalty to his clan by protecting it and his chief. He’s sent on a secret mission to protect his clan, but all appearances show he is an unworthy mercenary. It was a wonderful story in which Alex is successful, becomes the hero at the end, and has his HEA with his heroine. Aahhh…sigh.

  16. Great interview! I do love me some Highlanders. I am real big into the underdogs myself also. Sometimes they are the heros in my book. Your book sounds great and I would love to read it.

  17. Always, always for the sexy underdog!

  18. I always root for the underdog. Makes me believe anything is possible.

  19. I actually do like the underdogs, because I just get the urge to cheer them on and to overcome whatever obstacle is in their way.

  20. I do enjoy stories with Highlanders in it and the interview was interesting.

  21. Greta! I can’t believe you let these wild Highlanders onto your blog. Trust me, they’re not to be trusted!!!

    Oh, and yes, loved Alex in HIGHLANDER UNMASKED. Perfect underdog.

    Okay, gotta run…I’m currently hiding from Cam, Alan, and Sorcha–they’re all disgruntled with me about a certain aspect of HIGHLAND SURRENDER….

  22. I often like to go against the popular vote so I often root for the underdog. It gives me hope!

  23. Yes, I do root for the underdog. Like Sue said, It gives hope to the rest of us normal people. I’m having trouble thinking of one though because they may start out as the underdog but by the end, they are the winner. That’s what sticks on the mind.

    In many ways you can concider Lora Leigh’s hero’s underdogs at the beginning. In a couple of the early ebook breeds books, they started out in captivity. In her Men of August books they overcame sexual abuse/torture.

  24. Great interview. I love it when we get to hear from the characters. I do sometimes root for the underdog and love it when he gets his own story.

    Sorry no examples its just too early for proper brain function right now.

  25. Loved the interview! I can root for the underdog…but it depends on whether or not he is really worthy. If he is a strong person in his own right…then yes. But if he is a wimp…nope, sorry!

    Would love to win a copy of this book. Please enter me in the draw.

  26. I do love underdogs! There’s just something about them that we all identify with that immediately bonds us to them.

  27. Nice interview 😀
    I sometimes root for the underdog hero. I don’t remember any movies at the moment…

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