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Special Guests Today – Tir and Araña from Spider-Touched

I am extremely excited to have two very special guests today.

Tir and Araña are the hero & heroine from Spider-Touched the second book the Ghostland series and the newest release from Jory Strong.

Spider-Touched large

I know neither of you are from Earth, the 21st Century can you tell us about your world and introduce yourselves to the readers?

Tir: Greta, you must be a truly gifted human to be able to reach into the future.

Araña: Either that or a Spider Djinn. But then if you belonged to the House of the Spider, you’d hardly need to ask us questions. You’d be able to read the entire truth of my life in the weave of soul-threads, as well as pieces of Tir’s.

As to the world we live in­… You’d label it post-apocalyptic. But for us, it just is.

The Last War decimated the human population and nearly destroyed the planet. It ended only because of plague and famine and pestilence, all of which required what was left of mankind to concentrate on survival instead of warfare.

Tir: For a short time, anyway. Until the supernaturals emerged.

Araña: True. Then there was more fighting, complete anarchy for a stretch—before my birth, not Tir’s.

Tir: I existed through it, not lived. Until you entered my life, all my memories were of being enslaved and at the mercy of humans.

Araña: And until you entered my life, the spider mark I bear on my body protected me, even though I didn’t understand its nature. It killed anyone who touched me, whether I wanted it to or not.

But back to Greta’s question about our world. It can best be summed up as a place of opposites and extremes, of horror alongside beauty, extravagant wealth juxtaposed to hard-scrabble poverty.

Tir: There are shades of it your world Greta. Glimpses of the things that will lead up to The Last War are visible in your present.

How did the two of you meet?

Tir: It would be easy to say fate, but there is no such thing when the Djinn belonging to the House of the Spider are involved.

Araña: Our meeting was set in motion hundreds of years ago, possibility even thousands. Even so, there were no guarantees I would survive or Tir would gain his freedom. The Djinn test those they have a plan for. And the angels… Regardless of which side they are on, they can be equally merciless.

Tir: There is a war of a different type brewing here, unseen by the inhabitants of Earth. It is not unlike the one waged at the dawn of man’s creation between angels and Djinn. Alliances have been in the making for thousands of years, with the ultimate prize this planet, and who will rule it.

Tir, what was your first impression of Araña and how has it changed since you have gotten to know her?

At the time I had no memory of who or what I was, or even how I—an angel—came to be enslaved and at the mercy of humans. I craved freedom and vengeance. But in a thousand dreams of gaining it, I had never imagined a human would risk their life for me. When Araña knelt at my feet, undoing my bindings, I had to fight to keep from spearing my fingers through her hair.

I should have been thinking only of escape and vengeance, but she was—IS… I don’t think I can do her beauty or what she means to me justice with mere words.

There was a connection from the very first, something more than physical. I fought it initially, but in the end, the passion and love between us has enslaved me more thoroughly than the sigil-inscribed collar or the shackles that held me for thousands of years.

Araña, same question your first impression of Tir and how has it changed?

He was shackled, caged alongside animals and Weres, his arms were covered in tattoos, and though he smelled human to the Lion shapeshifter with me, I knew Tir was something supernatural. I didn’t know what, but then, neither did he until the sigil-inscribed collar was removed.

I was physically attracted and I felt the shimmering touch of his soul against mine, the same as I’d felt when I’d seen him in a vision caused by the psychic gift I didn’t understand. Everything has deepened. Our souls are truly bound together now, not just touching or running parallel to one another in the Djinn weave of lives.

I understand that both of you know Jory Strong and that she actually wrote your story Spider-Touched for publication. What was it like working with her?

Araña: She’s relentless. Getting our story typed into the computer consumed her to the point I’m not sure she had a life outside of writing it.

Have either of you read Spider Touched? What did you think of it?

Araña: We both have.

Tir: She captured our world and our story. As she did with Zurael and Aisling’s in Ghostland.

Araña: Parts of Spider-Touched were painful for me to read, to relive.  But then, until Tir came into my life, I didn’t understand my gift or my origins.

Tir: And of course, physical intimacy was impossible. Part of our story is, and always will be, very erotic.

Will readers see either of you in the future or will we see your world in the future?

Araña: Tir plays a part in Rebekka’s story. I’m there mainly to keep him in line.

Tir: And you do, beloved. A glimpse of you and a whisper of your voice in my mind and I rush to finish the tasks set before me so I can hurry home.

Is there anything you would like to ask the readers?

Araña: Here the night belongs to the predators, and the day to whoever holds power. The majority of people have neither the resources nor the time to educate their children beyond what they need to know in order to survive. Reading is a privilege. I was in my teens before I learned how. Most of what I’ve read is non-fiction.

Tir: But then so many books were burned during and after The Last War, first because of their content, then later as fuel for fire to keep warm by. So your choices are limited.

Araña: True. But I’m still curious about those Greta will share this interview with. Do they read non-fiction? Or do they prefer the escape of fiction?

***Leave a comment answering Araña questions for a chance to win a copy of Spider-Touched or Ghostland the first book in the series. Good Luck 🙂


46 Responses

  1. Great interview guys. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 I am a fiction girl all the way. I love visiting different worlds and encountering new peoples – all in the comfort of my own home.


    kweenmg at yahoo dot com

  2. Great interview. Book sounds good too! I prefer fiction for nearly all of my reading but on occasion, I have been known to pick up a non-fiction book.

  3. Great interview! I always read fiction. To me non fiction is boring!

  4. Great and fun interview. I do like to really get to know the persons I am reading about.
    Both books sounds great, those covers really got me.

  5. Great interview! And to answer the question, I love fiction, that is pretty much all I read. I don’t know why, but nonfiction does not do it for me at all. Fiction books let my imagination run wild!

    Amy M

  6. Hello Tir and Araña,
    nice to see you here – great interview!
    Every once in a while I read a non-fiction book, they are nice but the last detail is missing…
    Can’t wait to read your story, but first I have to read “Ghostland” – it was finally in my postbox 🙂 (a gift from a good friend)
    See you!

  7. Nice interview!! Loved it. I read fiction for escape and imagination, to learn, for amour.

    If I want non-fiction, I watch the news.

  8. Great interview. I mostly read fiction. I prefer a book that provides an escape.

  9. Long ago I read about the same amount of both, but in the past few years I’ve been reading mostly fiction–at least in book form.

  10. Very nice interview! It was awesome and I definitely prefer reading fiction, which is an escape from reality somewhat.

  11. What a fun interview. I prefer reading fiction for a little escape from everyday life.

  12. I prefer fiction….I love the escape and the more the story is out there, the better. I love seeing new places that I would not have seen before.

  13. Cool interview!!! Occasionally I read non-fiction, but mainly I prefer fiction. I want to go some place else, be some one else and fiction lets me do that!!!!

  14. I read both fiction and non-fiction. In fact, I make it a point to add in a non-fiction book now and then.

  15. Wonderful interview! I read fiction and only fiction. Books are my escape.

  16. Great interview. I like whne charcters are interviewed 🙂
    I prefer the escape of fiction.Non fiction just does’t hold my attention.

  17. Wow! I love it. I like to escape in my books, fiction for me.

  18. The only time I read non-fiction is when I want to brush up and learn more about Celts (which is not very often)

    Fiction is a great stress release for me. It helps me escape from the worries, pressures of everyday life.

  19. I’m a fiction reader all the way, enjoy being taken away by different chacters and places!

  20. Non- fiction if I am researching something. I prefer fiction because I use reading as an escape

  21. The escape of fiction totally. I read to relax and leave the worries of everyday life behind me.

  22. Loved the interview! I’m currently reading ‘Ghostland’ and loving it. I can’t wait to dive into ‘Spider-touched’

    In answer to the question: I love the escape of fiction. I think my day to day reality is enough non-fiction for anyone.

    😉 VampFanGirl

  23. I prefer fiction and the escape it gives. I’ve never been a very big fan of non fiction.
    lexeetoste at sbcglobal.net

  24. Enjoyed the interview. I am a fiction fan.

  25. Ooh, very fun! Thanks, Jory, Tir, and Arana! And I definitely prefer fiction, although some non-fiction is pretty interesting, too.

  26. What a fun post! I have to say that I am a fiction fan. I truly enjoy the getaway from everyday life. There is nothing better that sitting down some place quiet with a great paranormal story.

  27. Tir and Arana sounds great. Can’t wait to read their story.

    To answer Arana’s question: I don’t like to read non-fiction because when I read, I like escape to nonreality world.

  28. Oh, fiction, definitely! No doubt about it!

    And I liked the interview!

  29. Great interview. 🙂 I love to escape with fiction though once in a while I will read non-fiction.

  30. Great interview.

    I prefer fiction most of the time, but I also have a thing for biographies (which may be a tiny bit fiction by some).

  31. Fiction is a great way to waste time. Oral tradition is a lost art and some writers have taken up storytelling. I still love a good ghost story by the fire but, I will happily read a good book any day.

  32. I read exclusivly fiction =)
    THanks a lot for taking the time to stop by!

  33. I prefer fiction but I love true crime and film studies.

  34. Thanks for the great interview Tir and Arana! Can’t wait to “meet” you in person.

    In books, I read almost exclusively fiction. It is definitely an escape for me! But newspapers and magazines are generally non-fiction.


  35. Great interview!
    I read both but I think I have a thing for fiction cuz it takes the main part in my bookshelf. But I think non fiction books can be as good as fictional.

  36. Mainly I read fiction, but I do have to read some “school books” too (theology & philosophy).

  37. Great interview. I’m mostly a fiction girl.

  38. I love the escape. There are very few non-fiction books I will read and the ones I do I already own.

  39. I prefer fiction over non-fiction. I love the escape.

  40. Very nice interview! I only read fiction these days because I too love the escape.

  41. great interview. this series sounds great. I normally read fiction but will read non-fiction if it catches my fancy.

  42. Great interview. I am pretty much a fiction person, but I do read some non-fiction…mostly biographies. I like reading about peoples lives.

  43. Interesting interview guys, can’t wait to read your story.

    Personally I read both fiction and non-fiction but for pure escapism you can’t beat a good fiction story. Preferably fantasy, paranormal or Science Fiction.

  44. I read only fiction, although I like to think I’m learning historical facts and enjoying the history lesson at the same time…Hehehe.

  45. Haha this is such a great interview.

    As for Arana’s question. I’m more of a fiction reader. I absolutely love to escape in any type of fiction be it paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, or even contemporary.

    I can read non-fiction. Preferably memiors. But they aren’t my real passion.

    Thanks again for the wonderful interivew and the generous giveaway!

  46. Loved your review!!! In answer to the question – I absolutely love paranormal and sci fi fiction! As much as I do read non-fiction, the heart and soul of my library is ghostly fiction reads!
    Thank you for such an interesting and fun review, and a super sweet giveaway (I’ve been so wanting to win a copy of Ghostland!)

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