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Dee Tenorio is talking about “the quiet ones”


Distant Lover?

Do you ever look at your mate and think…

“For the love of God, man, SPEAK!”

It’s not that you don’t love him. You do. But some men have taken the strong and silent type and expanded it to…the silent type. 

He doesn’t expound about his day during dinner. Details must be pried out of him about his plans beyond time and place. He’s matter of fact, down to earth and doesn’t see the point in talking things to death when you can just do them and be done with it. And if you really love him, truly love him, you won’t ask him to talk about his feelings. Or your feelings. *shudder*

This might go against the code of female sisterhood, but I just love the silent type. Well, as an author. In real life I’m a wild proponent of demanding my husband just tell me what he wants so I don’t have to guess because, seriously??, I have enough to do. But on the page, oh how I love the concept of a man thinking one thing and saying it in such a way that gets him absolutely boiled alive. 

A good example of such a guy would be the hero David Ellison from my upcoming erotic novella Love Me Knots  (ruthlessly blatant plug–it’s out August 4th from Samhain Publishing. If you click the link, you can read the blurb, see the trailer and read an excerpt!). David can’t say the right thing to save his life. Ever. He’s managed to stumble his way through his relationship, falling for a woman who doesn’t think less of him for his inability to chit-chat, offering his heart but wrapping in ten layers of newspaper to keep it safe. Unfortunately for him, his heroine is at the end of her rope. I’d tell you all about it, but how about I show you instead:

“Tell me why you’re crying.”

Her smile cracked something in him. His chest could have broken concrete with the pressure. “Haven’t you ever been part of something so beautiful you never wanted it to end?”

Before her? He shook his head. “No.”

Her smile died. There wasn’t another word for it. It fell and her eyes shuttered closed. He’d answered wrong, he knew it. But when he opened his mouth to apologize, she reached up to him.

“Make love to me, David,” she whispered, pulling his face down to hers. Her kiss was different, tinged with tears. He didn’t like it, knowing the shaking in her lips wasn’t from pleasure. “Make love to me, even if you don’t mean it.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

You’re probably calling David all kinds of names. But don’t worry, as verbally incapacitated as he is, he has several good points. Such as he’s absolutely, skull-crackingly in love with his heroine and he literally goes to the ends of the earth for her. 

And this shows you why I love them silent types. Because while silent guys might lose out to crickets when it comes to conversation, they are often intense, passionate (if a girl can dig under the layers) and loyal to a fault. Ever heard the phrase, “Beware the quiet ones”?

It’s cause those are the ones that grab your heart and never let go.

What about you? What are your favorite qualities in a hero? Do those qualities cross-over to what you love in a real man?

If you comment, you’ll be randomly entered to win an advance e-copy of “Love Me Knots”! (Please be aware, I’m still awaiting my author copies, but as soon as I have them, the winner will too!)

To find out more about Dee Tenorio and her books you can visit her website at http://www.deetenorio.com/Site/Home.html

 Don’t forget to leave a comment answering Dee’s questions for a chance to win an advance e-copy of Love Me Knots. Good Luck 🙂


29 Responses

  1. Being the female version of David, I sympathize! 🙂

  2. I love humor in a hero. And that willingness to do anything for his woman. Loyalty. Protectiveness without being overbearing. That special something that lets her know she’s it for him. I don’t ask much, do I?

    And, yes, I want all that in my guy, too. I’m lucky enough to have it, too. I guess that’s why I like seeing it in my heroes.

  3. lol I thought my hubby was the quit type till I got to know him. He’s just quiet around folks he doesn’t know and then look out. He something of a prankster lol.

  4. I like to know where I stand with my heros and my husband! I like a hero that pursues the heroine, that wants her at all costs.

  5. My favorite quality in a hero would be loyalty. I love it when he sticks by her side even when he doesn’t know what’s going on around him. He just trust her enough to follow her. And yes, that does cross over to the real world.

  6. I love a dry sense of humor in a man, real life or fiction. Also, in fiction only, I love the uber alpha male. I know in real life I would bean that one with a frying pan with no regrets 😀

    Love Me Knots looks really good! I think I should just give my August paycheck to Samhain at this point, LOL.

  7. I like the silent type but I also like for my man to be playful and have a sense of humor. My hubs loves to pick at me and give me a hard time.

  8. I like the silent type…to a degree! Sounds like a great read Dee!

  9. AH, and Chris? after reading your comment, I may be just that as well. *sigh*

  10. I have a love/hate relationship with the strong, silent types. They’re sexy as hell but they are so stubborn and frustrating sometimes! I like your take though, that he knows he’s being stupid but can’t seem to fix it in time. Makes him more 3-D, you know?

    My ultimate favorite is the tall, dark, and brooding character. Handsome is nice, but someone with a bit of a past that he has to get over always pulls me in. Maybe a Mr. Darcy with a demon inside or something. 🙂

  11. LOL, Hi everyone!

    Sorry to be checking in so late, I’ve been telling folks about coming here and got a little sidetracked feeding the kidlets.

    I’m a humor girl too. I got lucky, my guy is a silent funny guy. After almost 20 years together, I now get his jokes that he doesn’t say. I also get him to say things out loud now so I’m not the only one giggling. Give and take. 🙂

    So, I’ll be doing the drawing for the winner at 9pm EST but a quick note, my author copies are a tad delayed so I’ll be getting them to you within the next few days! (Still Advance, I promise!)

  12. Sounds like an interesting read! In fiction I have the huge soft spot for the bad boy heros, they are usually loud and rowdy. IRL the stong silent type have captured my heart.

  13. *Sigh*
    I think I need all these on auto… then I can get lost at work…LOL I might even get perma grin…

  14. I need humor, compassion, intelligence, and loyalty in a hero. Yes this does cross over into real life.

  15. I would like to order one David to go please!

  16. I love the tough guy with the heart of gold kind of hero :-)!
    I like a guy who takes charge, who love to be touchy feely with his women, very protective of her and is definitely passionate in the bedroom ;-D!!!!

  17. Hi Dee! My favorite qualities in a hero, fictional or otherwise, are a sense of humor, intelligence and a willingness to stand up for right against wrong. Small list, right? 😉

    Love the cover for Love Me Knots! Looking forward to having you on my blog next Monday!

  18. Wanted to do a more one on one response, lol.

    Chris–Oh, not a talker? My mother says I was born talking. They got me reading hoping it would shut me up. (Didn’t work.) Sadly, I say the wrong thing about as much as David does, lol.

    Lori–David would make you as crazy as he does his heroine, I think. She’s actually been really patient with him until the story starts. She really just wants that reassurance from him…suffice it to say, she doesn’t get it. At least, not right away. 🙂

    Pam–Yup, that’s my hubby, too. Which is a shame, considering how many people have no idea how funny he is. That’s why I tell them every chance I get how great a man he is.

    Chandra–Yup, that’s the loyal quality I was talking about. In this case, David follows his lady all the way to Tahiti! One way ticket to eternal love…or to a watery depression? 🙂 (I think you know what I went for with these two.)

    Lillie A.–“I think I should just give my August paycheck to Samhain at this point, LOL.”–ROFL…I’m trying to come up with a way to talk you out of this, but so far…um, nope, can’t think of how. 🙂

    Heather–Maybe we just like being the one person they talk to, even if they pick at us?

    Natasha A–I can’t help but wonder what degree silence will earn your wrath, lol.

    Elisa–“I like your take though, that he knows he’s being stupid but can’t seem to fix it in time. Makes him more 3-D, you know?” Oh yes, I really wanted David to have some good reasons for being the difficult but wonderful man that he is. It’s really HIS story, in a lot of ways. You’ll notice in his scenes, he really doesn’t say very much, but he’s an endless well of feeling. Of course, anything that deep has some serious currents… 🙂 Also…Darcy with a demon inside? Hooboy, don’t get me started on another story!!

    Rhonda–Here’s hoping David is the Silent Type who steals your heart on paper. 🙂

    Joanie–Yup, lost at work is GOOD thing. Provided boss can’t find you either, lol.

    Estella–Intelligence! Yes! That’s a must for me too. What good is a hot body if there’s no mind to stimulate you? Hmmm…crap, I think that just led to a story idea!

    Val–Oh honey, if I didn’t have hubby I’d be at that Hunk Shop with you, aisle 3!

  19. I LOVE the strong, silent type! The brooding, silent Alpha males make the best heroes! They always end up redeeming themselves by the end of the story and manage to say the right things when the heroine needs them the most!
    I do have my own strong silent type. And I love him all the more for it!
    Love your stories Dee!

  20. hmm..a silent male? a sexy female that loves him for it? Or does she just use him for his hard body.

    You know, a silent-type male isn’t really silent..it’s all about body language baby..after all it is the language of love

  21. As I am the talkative one, and my husband is not….I live with the silent time….

  22. @ Dee – Hubby and I are perfectly happy just vegging, and not talking. We have gone….oh a weekend? with just simple exchanges. Not because we are mad at each other or whatever, but because we know each other so well, that we are perfectly comfortable not having to speak 😀 If that makes ANY sense! 😀 lol

  23. I never said i was the smartest cookie in the box Dee…i’m a tad brain dead today…deadline looming! I’m here…enter me in to win…. 🙂

    Qualities in a hero?: Strong, dependable, flexible, caring, loving, willing to grow…. And yes those qualities are what i love in a real man…

    Since i write paranormal, it’s not important for my man to be able to shapeshift…;) Just be flexible.

    Nini 🙂

  24. It totally does, Natasha. Sometimes the best moments in our lives are silent. 🙂

  25. This is too funny!! My hubby’s name is David and he is the strong silent type. Our 34th wedding anniversary is Aug. 1 and after all this time we share many companionable silences.

  26. My BF is the exact opposite of the silent type. He is usually the biggest talker at the table. He said he doesn’t like “awkward silences”. But I guess that we do well b/c I am on the quiet side so we even each other out!

  27. Sorry for the long delay! Accidentally fell asleep with my babies! LOL! I asked hubby to pick a number and he said #22…which is the 22nd post and that means the winner for today’s drawing is Natasha A!

    Natasha, email me at laideebug @ gmail.com (no spaces) with your preferred e-format! I should have my copies tomorrow, so I’ll send it to you then!

    Congrats and thanks everyone for taking part!


  28. […] This post was Twitted by DeeTenorio […]

  29. oh yeah!
    Thank you Dee!

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