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The Amazing Debra Webb is my guest today

Everywhere She Turns

Debra, Thank you for agreeing to be a guest on my blog

Can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

Hey, Greta!  Glad to give you the low down. Currently I live in Huntsville, Alabama, with my husband, two daughters and three dogs. I grew up on a farm outside Scottsboro, Alabama. I’ve written stories for as long as I can remember. I actually have a number of short stories going back to when I was nine years old. About fourteen years ago I decided to seriously focus on writing.

How long have you been writing?

Oops, partially answered that one already. I’ve been a storyteller most of my life!

What is your writing process like?

Optimally, I get up early and go straight to the laptop.  I work for two or three hours. When I’m sticking to my schedule I do this everyday but Sunday. When copyedits or galleys come in, I do those in the afternoons. At times, however, life gets in the way and I get behind. You know what happens then—I work day and night until it’s done!

Can you tell us about your newest release Everywhere She Turns?

I love this story! About one year ago my family and I became a part of a revitalization effort to restore an old textile mill village. Much of what you read about in the story is based on real events or some facsimile there of. I, of course, have embellished to some degree to heighten the suspense. My heroine, Dr. C.J. Patterson must return to the home and life she thought she’d left in the rearview mirror when she headed off to medical school. But her love for her only sibling, her only remaining family, draws her back to that ugly past. She must face her past, risk her future, and her very life, to see that justice is done for her sister.

Is Everywhere She Turns a title single book or is it part of a series?

Everywhere She Turns is definitely a stand alone single title, but Adeline Cooper, one of the characters you meet in the book will have her own stand alone story in Anywhere She Runs coming from St. Martin’s Press next May!

I know you from your Harlequin Intrigues and your Colby Agency series (which I love), how did this series come about?

Thanks, Greta!  Safe by His Side was my very first Harlequin Intrigue back in September 2000.  It was also my first Colby Agency story.  This month number 32 in that series is on the shelves.  When I wrote the first one I fell in love with Victoria Colby and I needed to write more stories about her and the people she surrounded herself with.  The series has been a great success–the most books in any author series in Harlequin’s history!  I hope fans will pick up this summer’s trilogy, starting with Small Town Secrets!

Small-Town SecretsHis Secret LifeThe Bride's Secret

Do you have any other releases coming out this year?

In addition to Everywhere She Turns out right now, I have the Colby trilogy (Small Town Secrets, The Bride’s Secret, and His Secret Life) out this summer.  Then comes the NASCAR Holiday anthology in November which includes a Colby story! Finally, in December is First Night, another Colby story from Harlequin Intrigue that will feature Merrilee Walters my deaf heroine from the Silent series I began in Silhouette Bombshell.

What are you currently working on?

At this very moment I’m working on an action-packed, emotionally charged six Colby Agency stories for Harlequin Intrigue—all scheduled for 2010!

Where do you get your ideas for your books?

Everywhere!  The news, friends, neighbors, you name it!  Mostly I just watch people and their reactions to real life!

Your books are Romantic Suspense, have you thought of writing in any other Romance sub-genre, if so what?

I’ve written romantic comedy for Kensington’s Precious Gems before it closed. More heart-warming stories about the Colbys in Harlequin American.  A couple of female action stories in Silhouette’s Bombshell line and even an action-packed and sexy Harlequin Next.  But romantic suspense and romantic thrillers are my favorites!

As an author, you must be an avid reader. What books do you enjoy reading? Who are your auto-buy authors?

Wow! That’s a tough question.  Allison Brennan, Beverly Barton, Cindy Gerard, Lisa Gardner, Vicki Hinze, Tami Hoag, Linda Howard, Karen Rose, Peggy Webb….the list goes on and on!  Including the fabulous C.J. Lyons who helped me get the medical facts straight for Dr. C.J. Patterson in Everywhere She Turns.  Check out C.J.’s awesome medical thriller series!

What books are on your keeper shelf? 

Night Sins and Guilty as Sin by Tami Hoag.  The Other Daughter by Lisa Gardner.    You Can’t Hide by Karen Rose.  Too many to name!

Do you read books other than romance books?

Absolutely!  Anything about old houses and renovating!

What was the first romance book you read or the book that has stood the test of time though out the years?

I wish I could remember the author but I read the book in sixth grade so I can’t recall but the title was Witch of the Glen.

If one of your books was made into a movie, which book would you like it to be and which actors would like to see as the lead characters?

 Nameless, definitely.  I would love, love, love to see Matthew McConaughey play Ryan McBride!

If you could switch lives with one of your characters who would if be & why?

I think I would want to be Victoria Colby.  Although she has suffered many personal tragedies in her life, she is the bomb!

When you are not writing or reading, what do you enjoying doing in your spare time?

Renovating my century old house or checking out garage and salvage sales!

If you could ask readers any question, what would it be?

What do you want to see next in romantic suspense?

Leave a comment answer Debra’s question and two lucky people can win a copy of Everywhere She Turns and one lucky person  will  all three of Debra’s summer Harlequin Intrigues (Small-Town Secrets, The Bride’s Secret, and His Secret Life). Good Luck! 🙂


To find out more information about Debra Webb and her books you can visit her website at: http://debrawebb.com/cms2/.

Debra  blogs regularly at http://www.murdershewrites.com/ and interacts with readers at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dangerouswomen/


46 Responses

  1. Hi Debra,

    You are a new to me author as I just started reading Romance about 2ish months ago.

    I love that authors are avid readers. You have given me another whole list of writers to check out with your favorites. The only names I recognize are Linda Howard and Tami Hoag. The only one I have read is Linda Howard’s Mr Perfect. Sam was HAWT. 😀

    I will definately be checking out your website to learn more about you.

    As for what I would like to see in suspense romance, I don’t really know. Guess I am too new to the genre to really know what I want yet and I think so far the only romance suspense I have read is the previously mentioned book. 😦

    What I like in a book is a strong heroine, not so strong that she alienates me, but one who makes an effort to stand up for herself. ( In my opinion the heroines in Stephanie Laurens books are too strong and the irriate the heck out of me 😦 ) I also enjoy a reluctant hero sometimes. Someone who doesn’t mean to be involved but gets dragged in and then deals with/helps deal with the situation to end up HEA/HFN.

    Have a great day and thanks for blogging with our girl Greta. 😀


  2. Hi Debra!

    Just wanted to drop in and say hi!

  3. Good morning, all! Thanks again, Greta, for hosting me today!

  4. Hi Greta and Debra!

    Great interview and I enjoy reading your books, Debra!

    I would love to see the hero/heroine travel back in time to Egypt where they have to find the secrets of the tombs.

  5. Great interview! I admit, I did a fan girl squeal when I saw who the guest was today. Safe By His Side was one of the first romantic suspense books that I read and it hooked me on this genre. And while I don’t read as much Harlequin as used to, if I see a Colby Agency on the shelf, it has to be mine!

    I have no idea what I want to see next in romantic suspense but I do have a question. Many long running series get repetitive and you know exactly what’s going to happen by the end of chapter one, but that’s not the case with these. How do you keep the Colby Agency so fresh?

  6. Hi Debra,
    I enjoy your books. I like the idea of time travel in romantic suspense too.

  7. Thanks, Noelle! Check out Nameless and FInd Me, two of my earlier St. Martin’s Press releases. You’ll love those heroines!

  8. Oh, Terri, that sounds super cool! I would like to do that myself!

  9. Lillie! Thank you! I hope you’ll seek out this summer’s Colby trilogy! You are right, repetitiveness is the number one problem in a series. I work hard to keep the Colby’s from being repetitive. I think what makes it easier for me is the fact that I try to keep it real. I try to give my characters real life problems and God knows there are millions of those!

  10. Chey, time travel is such a wonderful way to create a compelling story. I’m with you, I love to read that myself! Linda Howard did a book like that. It was called Son of the Morning. It’s one of my all-time favorites by her!

  11. Hey, Melissa!!!!

  12. Hi Debra and Greta!!

    You are also a new to me author and honestly I am also just getting into Romantic suspense books……so far so good! 🙂 I’m also a big fan of time travel!! I’ll be looking for your books, they sound amazing!!

  13. I enjoy discovering new authors, since my favorite genre is Paranormal I’m always looking for new authors and series!

  14. Thanks, Blanche! RS authors rock!

  15. Teresa, you’ll have to check out some of my pals on murdershewrites.com and the dangerouswomen yahoo group! Paranormal is hot, hot, hot and so are they!

  16. Great interview Greta and Debra!

    I just wanted to drop by and say hi. I’ve heard so many good things about our new releases! I am looking forward to the them!

    Pam S

  17. Pam,
    Hey!!!! I hope you enjoy the books!

  18. Loved the interview and your books when I can find them. I live in a really small town in Ohio that they call “The Mistake on the Lake”…LOL.

    I’m trying to think of what I’d like in future stories and I’m having a hard time. I know that I read to escape the every day stresses of life, but I would love to read a book that realistically portrays life struggles for the average person these days. But I also want that person to win and find happiness. I know I’m not makeing sense, but then i’m not a writer eiter…LOL.

    Have a wonderful week and thanks again for the awesome stories.

  19. hey, sugah. mama misses you!

  20. Hi Debra,
    Congrats on the new release. I just finished reading “Find Me” and I really enjoyed it. I love romantic suspense and would like to see a nice balance between the mystery and the romance. There are a lot of books out there being promoted as romantic suspense, but in reality there is little or no romantic elements in the story.

  21. Hi Debra,

    Congratulations on your release, and very nice interview.

    I like a bit more romantic elements in a romantic suspense, but definitely there needs to be a balance.
    I like Terri W’s comment about time travel back into Egypt to discover the secrets of the tomb.

  22. You are a new to me author. I am looking forward to reading your books.
    I would like to see more romance in Romantic Suspense books. So many of the books in this genre are more suspense than romance.

  23. Great interview. I can’t really say what I would like to see in romantic suspence books. for me as long as the story is good. I will be happy 😉

  24. Terry,
    Thank you so much! Everyday stresses are the most compelling kind!

  25. Karin!!!! I miss you, too! You are the most gorgeous, most talented lady!!!!

  26. Jane, I agree. I posted not long ago about stepping back to move into the future. I believe that balance needs to be better recaptured in my own stories.

  27. Armenia, I’m a working on it! Yeah, let’s all go to Egypt together!

  28. Estella, that makes it unanimous (sp?)! We must put the romance back in romantic suspense! I hope you enjoy my stories!

  29. Elyane, thank you for posting. You are so right. No matter what elements are in the story–it has to be good!

  30. Hi Debra..I am considering your books for my next month’s reader’s group. I need to make sure each of us has a book of yours t read..Looking forward to lots of fun. I will give feedback after we meet. susan L.

  31. I’d love to see just a tad of paranormal to my romantic suspense. And I agree with the other poster that said more romance in Romantic Suspense. And sexual tension. I think that love the build up, tension and …. suspense of the next step.

    I’m not really a UF fan but I bet a merger between RS and UF would be popular.

  32. Hi Debra,
    I love reading the romantic suspense books. Most of the time they are really page turners, the kind you set up half the night because you just can’t put it down. I am not sure what I would like to see more of in the romantic suspense. I do love to read time travels so maybe something like that.

  33. Yay! I look forward to it, Susan!

  34. Lynda, thanks for your input. I understand my dear friend Karin Tabke will be doing RS with a touch of paranormal starting next summer!

  35. Quilt Lady! Thank you so much for stopping by. Time travel is really, really cool. Be sure to check out the Linda Howard book I mentioned, Son of the Morning!

  36. Hi Debra,
    I love your writing! I traveled to Ala once and met you many years ago.LOL

    I love Son of the Morning and will have to check out these current/upcoming releases.


  37. Hi Debra. Great interview. I would like to see some treasure hunter stories in exotic locations.

  38. I’ve been a fan of Debra’s since reading A Soldier’s Oath 😀

    I would love more ‘secret mission’ stories 😀

  39. I love romantic suspense, I love a good whodunit that has a love interest as well. What would I like to see more of……more romance, extreme mystery.

    It all fun!

    Congrats on your new release!

    Dottie 🙂

  40. Hi Debra and Greta~

    Great interview ladies!

    I enjoy reading romantic suspense and I am not really sure what I am looking for next in the genre. Just in general, I like to see connected stories…so, that I can revisit previous characters.

  41. Wendy! Yay! Alabama is a great place to live!

  42. Crystal, that sounds great! Treasure hunters and exotic locations–I believe that would require extensive research in those exotic locations! Vacation time!

  43. IIona, it just so happens I’m planning more Equalizers with my Harlequin editor! A Soldier’s Oath was an Equalizer!

  44. Dottie, thanks! More romance is good and the mystery/suspense–you guys know I love that!

  45. Lori, oh yes! This is the ticket–I’m convinced. Connected stories! I love revisiting characters too!

  46. Debra, do you plan to write any other genres in the future?

    Please count me in in giveaway.


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