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Viv Arend is visiting today



ISBN: 978-1-60504-629-7
Length: Category
Price: 4.50
Publication Date: July 21, 2009

Slippery when wet…

Forces of Nature, Book 1

From her first kiss to her first sight of dolphins dancing on the waves, Alexia Colten has always held a special place in her heart for Jaffrey’s Cove. Now that she’s back to help her grandmother settle into a home, she discovers this place has lost none of its remembered magic. In fact, it seems more magical than before—and more erotic.

After she’s gifted with a beautiful, dolphin-etched medallion, she finds herself surrounded by the golden boys of summers past. Her body is filled with longings she can’t explain and dreams of blue lights that turn into lovers.

Joshua Marley and his cousin Anthony are merfolk, a people capable of living beneath the waves as either dolphin or human. Alexia holds the medallion that marks her as the next in line to lead their people—if she can prove she can transform. Working in tandem, they’re sure they can arouse her passion and protect her from those who would use her simply to gain power.

But their strength alone may not be enough to help her face the challenge of her new position…

Warning: This title contains a conniving granny, naked men in the surf and shifters who take fun in the water to new depths. Snorkels not required.

Vivian, Thank you so much for agreeing to be a guest on my blog.

Greta, this is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a writer, so I’m thrilled to be here.

Can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

I think the most exciting thing to share about myself is that I’m extremely curious. I don’t turn down many opportunities, and that’s led me to have some fabulous experiences over the years. For example I went and worked in Holland for six months one summer. That let me travel to Germany, Spain, England, Belgium and all over Holland. I built a house with my husband and helped with all the tasks from concrete work to framing to tiling to applying shingles. I know how to garden, can, dehydrate and make a mean margarita. I can drive a 30-foot trailer and back it up into a parking spot on the first try. But I can’t spell…I’m so thankful for spellcheck!

How long have you been writing?

A friend pulled me into a writing challenge in November 2007. I enjoyed it so much I decided to try and write a romance in March of 2008 and sold my first story that summer.

I realize it’s breaking the rules to have written for so short a time before being published, but as an offshoot of my massive curiosity trait, I have read voraciously over the years. I figure after reading millions of words I somehow found the ability to write for others to enjoy.

What is your writing process like?

Erratic and organic. I get clusters of ideas, and attempt to put them down before they slip away. I understand there’s something out there called a plot, but we personally haven’t met yet. I see the action in my stories and simply act as a secretary and copy the scenes down.

Can you tell us about your newest release Tidal Wave?

Last summer we traveled to the east coast of Canada and I had a marvelous time wandering the beaches and small town communities. I wanted to write a different kind of shifter than my wolves, and the settings were very inspirational. I have to confess I didn’t start out with the intention of writing a ménage. Again, it was very much character driven…the combination of situation and personalities took control and I think the end result is what was needed.

I’m curious, why you chose dolphins?

They are fascinating creatures- extremely intelligent and matriarchal. I wanted to write a story where the woman was the leader, and the natural order of dolphins suited perfectly. Dolphins aren’t wimps by any means either. Enemies will avoid dolphin pods because they will attack to protect their own.


Do you have any other books coming out this year?

Rocky Mountain Heat will be out in September from Liquid Silver Books. I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, and this modern cowboy story was so much fun to write as I revisited the Calgary Stampede and all the familiar parts of living in the country. And six sexy brothers on one ranch? Far too many possibilities!

Wolf Flight, Book Two in the Granite Lake Wolves, releases October 27 from Samhain Publishing. This book is a stand alone, but takes part concurrently with Wolf Signs. I loved returning to the Yukon and the places we visited when we lived there.

What are you currently working on?

I’ve just submitted a sci-fi story to Samhain. I have a romantic suspense off to my editor as well, so that makes two new genres for me. The rest of my summer projects are completing my paranormal ménage, which a friend called my erotic X-men, and an urban fantasy about a prince from Fae and the human girl who is fated to save or destroy his world. In my spare time there’s another cowboy story, the third in the Granite Lake Wolf series and book two of the watershifters.

That’s if the muse doesn’t decide to head out on another tangent and drag me along for the ride.

Where do you get your ideas for your books?

They sneak up and attack me. I’m not really joking, either. I looked online for a picture of St Elmo’s fire and discovered the most gorgeous piece of artwork. The shimmering blues of St. Elmo’s fire were following a young woman into an ocean cave and the second scene from Tidal Wave exploded onto the page. For Wolf Signs- my family visited Granite Lake one February when we lived in the Yukon, and the story came from the setting.

As an author, you must be an avid reader. What books do you enjoy reading? Who are your auto-buy authors?

I have read more than my fair share of books over the years in every genre except horror. I read a few Stephen King but then couldn’t sleep for days afterward, so I try to avoid them. Suzanne Brockmann & Christine Feeham’s military books are autobuys.

What books are on your keeper shelf?

Enders Game by Orson Scott Card. The Narnia series but especially the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The Belgariad by David Eddings. The Princess Bride.

What was the first romance book you read or the first romance book that has stood the test of time?

I’m a new reader of romance, so most of what I’ve read has been over the past year and a half. Wait—that’s not true. I read a ton of Geogette Heyer’s books back when the little local town library had them all in LARGE PRINT. I thought they were such a hoot. The heroes are all cads whom the heroines reform, and everyone was constantly running off to Greta Green to elope. The really hilarious thing is shortly after my first book came out in March, I was interviewed by Books on Board, and mentioned these stories, Then I discovered they have reissued the whole series and you can get them again.

A more serious answer- one of the first romance books I read was the Cascadia wolf series by Lauren Dane, followed by Susanne Brockmann’s Trouble shooter series. Fantasy and reality- I loved them both.

If one of your books’ was made into a movie, which book would you like it to be and which actors would like to see as the lead characters?

I’m not a movie watcher—haven’t seen much lately except for the new Star Trek (which I loved…) So I can’t really answer this very well!

If you could switch lives with one of your characters who would if be & why?

Actually, I wouldn’t switch with any of them. While I’d love to be able to breath underwater, and I’d love to be able to shift into a wolf, my life is pretty fantastic as it is. I would love to be friends with Alexia from Tidal Wave and get to visit Jaffrey’s Cove on a holiday.

When you are not writing or reading, what do you enjoying doing in your spare time?

My family does a lot of backcountry activities. We canoe and kayak and hike and ski into remote little cabins. I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of the wilderness of Canada and so that’s the big thing to do in my spare time. The at home activity? I’m woefully behind because of my writing, but I also scrapbook. I’ve got a few books I’m making that I keep up with like my kids birthday pages. And I’ve been working on an anniversary album with a large picture for each year. Twenty-three pictures so far!

If you could ask readers any one question, what would it be?

What are the top three things that make you pick up a book? There are so many authors and stories out there and so little time…


For more information on Viv Arend and her books you can visit her website at http://vivarend.blogspot.com/ and blogs regularly at http://internationalheat.wordpress.com/.

Leave a comment answering Viv’s question for a chance to win a download e-ARC of Tidal Wave. Good Luck!

Viv is also running a contest on her blog for a chance to win a download e-ARC of Tidal Wave: http://vivarend.blogspot.com/2009/07/tidal-wave-is-coming.html


41 Responses

  1. Viv’s books ROCK!!! Go get your copies today!

    And another fun fact about Viv? She’s a sweetheart!


    PS – don’t to enter me in the drawing. 🙂

  2. Ok, I LOVE the idea of mer-dolphins!

  3. friends recommendation, book blurb and an excerpt but I only read those from books already out or coming soon. I dislike waiting on a book. Am an inpatient sort of gal lol. Sounds like this would be a great read. It’s on my tbb list.

  4. Great Interview. I can’t wait to read this! I would have to say the top 3 things are:
    1- The Author, period
    2-The cover, picking fresh book up at the bookstore and seeing a horrible cover turns me off, a sexy cover sucks me in to checking it out
    3-The genre, I have just recently branched out into Paranormal Romance the last year and 1/2. I am working on historicals with no luck yet ;-(

  5. Hi Viv!

    This looks like an amazing book!!

    For me…….

    -covers……….not always fair but in all honesty a pretty cover catches my eye first……..I don’t pass up a book based on a cover though!

  6. Gee Viv, it was SO NICE of you to put me in the book as the ‘conniving granny’ (grin) Seriously, though, I LOVE Viv’s books, they are well worth getting.

  7. This book definitely looks good. I have to say what makes me pick up a book:

    1. would be authors since I have a few must buys (Lora Leigh, JR Ward, LKH, Nalini Singh, I could go on and on).

    2. it’s a tie between cover art and a recommendation from a friend or a blurb recommendation from another author

    3. the snyposis on back or excerpts that are shared through blogs, posts etc.

  8. Viv. Damn, I can’t parallel park a small car. You get to back a 30 ft trailer into a parking space first time. ROFLMAO!

    My three things that make me choose a book:.
    1) The Cover
    2) The Blurb
    3) And the author.


  9. Viv,

    you mentioned Suzanne Brockman and Christine Feehan’s military books are auto buys, have you read Lora Leigh’s Navy SEALs and Elite Ops series? They are great. They have a great story line and HOT sex.

    The SEALs books are about a columbian drug cartel and a drug that’s on the street that is very bad called Wh*re’s Dust. Each book is about a different member of the team.

    Elite Ops picks up where the SEALs leaves off but it’s a different team and concept but you still see characters from the other series.

  10. Morning ladies- wow you are quick on the comments!

    Chris- someone said to me: “Dolphins. They’re not very sexy, are they?” Ummmm, hello. Swimming with a dolphin is extremely fun but I’m not planning anything else unless they shift first. 🙂

    Pam- I hate waiting too. Pity us authors, you have to wait for release date. We wait to find out if it’s sold, when it will be published, etc… Everyone hates waiting!

    Molli- you are going to love Gram. She might even teach you a few tricks…

    Heather- I have read some of Lora Leigh’s work, the first series, not the second. I’ll have to get on that. Woohoo, new books for on holidays!

    Book Junkie- (shhhh, I usually can’t do historicals usually either, but the Georgette Heyer…hilarious!)

  11. If I’m in a bookshop, its 1) my favourite authors, 2) the covers and 3) the back cover blurbs.
    When I’m surfing the net, 1) its blogs like this which interviews authors, provides excerpts and insights into the authors and books and introduce me to old and new authors! 2) newsletters 3) recommendations and contests.

  12. 1. Author – I have so many auto-buys, the list is starting to get scary

    2. Blurb

    3. Friends recommendation

  13. Shifters are some of my favorite type of paranormals to read, so tidal wave definitely caught my attn, that and the fact it is a menage. Love those too.

    I hate to say this but the first thing that attracts me to a book is the cover (please don’t hate me) , then I take a look at the blurb. If it is not a new book then I will search the web and see what other people are saying about it before I decide to buy. Of course if it’s an author that I already know and love none of the above apply…I just buy.

    Tidal wave sounds so good, and I love the Samhain warnings, especially this one about the conniving granny tells that there is more to this story than just sex. That being said can’t wait to read more about Rocky Mountain Heat (cowboys are my second love only to highlanders). That looks like a very steamy read 🙂

  14. Lillie- on the ‘AutoBuy’. Scary is right. I’m so glad for ebooks. I like print as well, but ebooks make my shelf space go sooooo much farther.

    booklover- Covers are huge, and I’ve been extremely fortunate to have great covers. If you hop over to my blog you can see the cover of Wolf Signs–gorgeous wolf, beautiful heroine. Not a bit of skin in sight and it’s one of the sexiest covers, IMHO!

    And the cowboys? Where’s that drooling smilie when I need it. Lava kinda steamy hot–if you like them that way.

  15. Great interview Viv!

    To answer you question, my top three things are the author, the author and the author 🙂

  16. Three things??? Hmmm…

    1. Author – I have lots of authors on auto-buy.
    2. Recommendation – as a librarian, I’m surrounded by books and I typically will pick ones up that students mention that they’ve loved.
    3. Cover–which is why I would buy Tidal Wave in a NY minute–gorgeous!

  17. Nice interview! As for your question, I think usually it’s the combo of the character descriptions / tension of the plot and how exciting it sounds. Covers are good but sometimes they actually distract from my interest. So basically, yep, those blurbs do work!

  18. Great interview!

    Hmmm…top 3 things.

    1. Author
    2. Blurb
    3. Cover

  19. Great interview!

    My top 3, in order of importance:


  20. Enjoyed your interview. Tidal Wave sounds awesome! 🙂

    The top 3 things for me are:

    1. genre – I mostly buy paranormal books.
    2. cover – If a book has a good looking cover and it catches my eye, I will pick it up and read the blurb. If that sounds good, I’ll usually buy the book.
    3. Author – I have a lot of auto-buys.

  21. Interesting that we all seem to fall in love w/ an author and then consume their writing. Branching out into new territory is the part that scares me sometimes, and that’s why it’s nice to have people suggest new authors.

    annalisa, I have to confess I’m pretty much in love with paranormals myself.

  22. I tend to first automatically grab books by authors I have read before and liked. For new books, I go for the cover and then read the back blurb. If the cover or title doesn’t grab me, I’m not as likely to even read the back. Of course, if I’ve already read everything else on the new shelves, I’ll read the back of all the books to see what looks interesting.

    Your dolphin shifters sound interesting and a new twist on the traditional shifters (wolves, cats, etc.). I can’t wait to read it!

  23. Great interview! Top three things that make me pick a book would have to be

    1) author

    2) cover art

    3) blurb

  24. ooops meant to say please don’t enter me in the contest Greta!!

  25. Hi Vivian!

    Your writing is definitely diversified! I hope to see your sci/fi book published. I’d love to read that one.

    Three things that make me pick up a book:
    1. Author
    2. Book Cover
    3. Fantasy romance or fantasy with some romance
    And they don’t have to be in that order.

  26. Author

    Tidal Wave sounds great!

  27. Hi, Viv! Lovely interview! And to answer the question–the two top things that make me pick up a book are mainly author and having heard good things about the book (from friends or blogs mainly). If I’m browsing in a store, then the cover becomes more of a factor influencing whether or not I’ll pick it up. I don’t tend to buy because of covers though–I usually decide to buy based on reading the blurb and excerpts and/or the first few pages and friends’ recs.

  28. Love the interview.

    1. Author
    2. Blurb
    3. I’t probably a tie between cover and recommendation and genre


  29. Cover (to catch my eye), blurb (to catch my interest), reader/blogger reviews (to cement the deal)!

    I had noticed this book on the coming soon page at Samhain…the cover, blurb, and excerpt did their job. It was on the wish list, but am happy for a chance to win it and hear more from Viv.

  30. Hmmm, I’m feeling more and more blessed to have my cover artist as you mention covers making a difference.

    Samhain has some of the best covers around, and Angie Water — she’s fabulous. I can hardly wait to see what she does for my next cover with the wolf series.

  31. 3 things that make me pick up a book….

    1) Review/recommendation.
    2) Cover. Yes, I know, it’s bad. I do judge a book 😦 lol
    3) Author

    I am soooo excited about this book Viv!!!!!

  32. Hi Viv, your books do ROCK! My answer to your question is like all the other commenters on this blog. can’t wait to read your book!

  33. There are so many things that help me decide whether or not to pick up a book. Trying to narrow it down to the top three, this is what I came up with:
    1. Recommendation from a family member or friend
    2. The type of story
    3. The blurb and excerpts

  34. Mostly the blurb or an excerpt make me pick up a book.
    But also when authors I know and love have new book I have to get them!!

  35. Great interview!

    1. Author
    2. Recommendation
    3. Blurb

    And I love to look at the covers….Sometimes I buy a book only because of the cover!

  36. 1.Author
    I’m looking forward to Rocky Mountain Heat. I Love me some cowboys

  37. Thanks ladies for stopping in. I really appreciated your comments– because I’m still learning lots!

    And dlitealex…I’m really looking forward to Blake and Jaxi as well!!

  38. author, genre and cover – in that order.

    Congrats on your book… it looks great!

  39. Hi! Love the interview 🙂 Congrats on the book!

    Top three:
    1. author
    2. recommendation
    3. blurb/cover

  40. 1. The author and previous books, if it’s a new author, reviews from book bloggers.
    2. The blurb from the back cover.
    3. The cover art, if it’s sweet, I take a look even if it’s an author I don’t know.

    Please enter me!

    Dottie 🙂


  41. Hi Vivian! I’m not sure I can wait any longer for this book LOL. I’m thrilled about it, so unique! And ROCKY MOUNTAIN HEAT. I so love cowboys! I mean reading them 😀 and so glad more of the GRANITE LAKE WOLVES!

    Its hard for me not to read something! I so love reading and the immense joy I get from it along with knowing too its the best medicine for me too! I usually have a long wishlist because of this! I love reading a variety of genes and themes in romance but don’t read alot outside of romance. I look at my autobuy authors seeing their names and do a quick glimpse, then too check out the genre, and the blurb about it. The covers have me pick up the books for sure! I’ve missed a book because it had a cartoon cover on it and I didn’t think it was romance! So I can see alot of the above with the cover too!

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