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JB McDonald wants to know about “kinks” or not….

You guys, you guys, I wrote an entire blog post. And then deleted it and started over, and I just have to wonder sometimes, where is my brain?

So, hi! How’s that for an introduction? *laughs* I want to say thanks, many times over, to Greta not only for letting me guest blog here, but understanding when my day yesterday went completely haywire (RIP, wonderful Mac laptop) and I, uh, got this blog post to her reeeeaaally late. And then even later, because I deleted the first one. (Though she won’t know that until she reads this. Um. Hide me. *grins*)

But as I ended my first blog attempt, I thought, “Wow. That was rambly. EVEN FOR ME. But look, I could have a whole blog about this thing I mentioned at the end!” And so I am. And you know what that thing was?


No, not that kind. *grins* Well, actually yeah, that kind, too! Reading kinks, writing kinks — what are your kinks? What prompts you to pick up a book? I know there are the obvious ones — people who love vampire books will usually pick up a vampire book. *laughs* But what about the less obvious ones? People ask me what sub-genre I like best, and the fact is that my kink doesn’t fall into any sub-genre. I like books about healing. Mental healing, where someone overcomes some pain or past trauma. I don’t even care if it’s important for the couple in getting together, I just want to see them grow as people.

I once heard that characters who change the most are the ones you remember — and I know for me, that’s true. Has anyone here seen Night At The Museum? Either the first or the second. šŸ˜‰ There are these two characters in it — miniatures of a western guy (played by Chris Owen) and a Roman guy (played by… I have no idea), and they’re only in a very small part of both movies. But they start out in the first one hating each other, and by the end are friends. Even though there’s lots of other characters to pay attention to — starting with the main one! — it’s these guys I always remember. They come through the biggest character change. (Also, they’re just hilarious.)


So, this is my kink: characters who overcome something. Usually it’s trauma, rather than comedy, but Night At The Museum illustrates my point pretty well. ;-D It’s also what I write — even in the only light hearted book I have, Treasure HuntingĀ Meg has to overcome fearing yet another guy will think she’s too eccentric, and Santiago has to overcoming thinking she’ll be panicked by the thought of falling for a shape-shifter.




In most of my books, it gets much heavier. Nat from Second Hope has to overcome her father’s abuse, and a general mistrust of men. In fact, that book’s rife with overcoming — it’s about a horse rehab center, and the rescue that’s brought in has to be nursed back to health, both mentally and physically. (The hero in this story, Cole, is probably one of my favorite heroes for his kindness and patience. And also, he’s hot. *grins*)



In the one about to come out, it gets heavier still — one hero, Jay, has to cope with years of self-abuse stemming from being molested as a kid so that he can get his life together and take custody of his daughter.Ā Ā In The Rough is a m/m that will be out in August. And in the sibling book to In The Rough,Ā By Degrees, it was Tim coming to grips with his parent’s death and his need to control everything to stay safe. (But, as poor Tim learns, you can’t control love! …I’ll stop being corny, now. *grins*)


I love stories about emotional healing, and I’ll write — or read — them in any genre (much to my readers dismay. I’m sure the paranormal people wish I’d stick with paranormal, the gay-romance people with gay-romance, and the western lovers with westerns! Alas, I have too many stories to tell. :-).

Now, sometimes that changes, of course. Sometimes I just want something steamy — but even then, if it has any aspect of overcoming something, I’m in seventh heaven.

So what I’m wondering is — what about other people? Sure, there are things we always go for (vampires, a sexual kink, an entire genre, a talking dog — wait, maybe that’s just me. *grins*), but what makes a story that much better? Is there anything you’ll find yourself genre-hopping for? Because man, if I can find my healing-kink, I’ll genre hop into almost anything. *grins* I can’t be the only one… šŸ˜‰

And for anyone who would like to enter a book giveaway, I’ll be giving away one of my books — winners choose! — to two commenters!Ā  Just let me know when you comment that you’d like to enter the drawing, and I’ll add you. šŸ™‚ Contest is open until midnight Saturday, and I’ll post the winners on my blog on Sunday. And if Greta is very nice, maybe she’ll post them here, too. ;-D

Finally, for general information, you can follow me at my blog, jennabreen.livejournal.com, or my website, jbmcdonald.com, which also has lists of my books and what they’re about, if you want to win one. šŸ˜‰ Now — let’s talk kink. ;-D


*** I am so glad JB is understanding. I actually received this just before my lunch hour, however as I was just about to start working on it – I was called into a last minute training meeting. Anyway after JB chooses the two winners for their choice of one of her books, I will post them here as well. So comment away contest ends midnight Saturday night. Good Luck!***


38 Responses

  1. I don’t think I have a Kink. I tried to think about one but honestly I don’t think so… I am not sure if that is a good think or a bad thing. I know I have kinks about what I won’t read.

  2. Hi JB,
    I love to read about characters who have to overcome something especially emotional wounds or a rough upbrining, I will read this kind of story no matter what the genre! I also love menages they are a weakness of mine:)
    Would love to win one of your books. I have never read them before, but I am definitely interested now that I know what kind of characters you like to write.

  3. I hadn’t really considered it until you mentioned it, but healing is the main theme in most of my favorite books. I guess it is one of my kinks too.

    Saving the world is really cool, as well *g*

  4. I never realized how much I like reading about not just strong characters, but characters who can find and get passed their flaws. Be this an emotional hang-up or childhood trauma, any of those things are amazingly hard to overcome, so it’s kind of hot when someone does it.

  5. My favorite kinks? Hrmm, well I’ve been beginning to enjoy books with New Orleans type settings. If a book is set in that place then I want to read it. I dunno why, maybe it’s the depth of history there.

    Hrm is that a kink?

    Well, Lillie up there will tell you another kink of mine is… dragons, drows (which you really don’t see too many authors going in that direction, darnit!) druids, and the like.

  6. My kink …soulmates. The idea that the two (or three) are soulmates no matter how different they are.

    Please enter me into your contest.

  7. Hi,

    Your books sound fascinating. I like books where the characters overcome almost overwhelming obsticals. I love m/m stories. Your exerpts sound awesome>


  8. I only have one real kink… okay, I lied, I have two.

    My first is love. I can’t read sex for the sake of sex stories or watch pretty much most Melrose Place type dramas where everyone’s bed hopping and no one’s ever happy. I’d rather read a couple hundred thousand words with just one really intense love scene that makes me believe that is the one couple in the universe that will absolutely last forever than twenty steamy sex scenes linked together with no real spiritual connection between the pairings.

    As far back as I can remember, if someone asks me if I’d like to see X or Y movie, I always have to know, “Is there a love story in that?”

    I’m also a sucker for hurt and comfort, but I don’t think I have any other kinks.

  9. Hey JB! I like your post..well your second post šŸ˜‰

    Who knows what my kink is….. I tell that I always look for in a book and you can decide for yourself if it’s my kink.
    I’m drawn to the books where theres a love hate realationship between the hero and heroine….. I love the chemistry between the lead characters when they can’t stand each other but then eventually something brings them together..and when they get together their chemistry is that much more explosive. No matter the sub-genre, I like there to be conflict between the hero & heroine.
    Who know’s if that a kink but there it goes.

    I’d love to be in your drawing.

  10. I was having a hard time thinking of one until I read the other comments…I am also a sucker for a soulmate story…the idea of the One. I also have a prerequisite of a happy ending or at least one I can be at peace with. I have many friends who make sure to warn me away from movies and books that do not end as they know I would like.

    I would love to win one of your books. Please enter me in the drawing.

  11. I’m not sure if I have a kink or not. I love reading m/m stories and friends to lovers stories.

    Please enter me in the contest.

  12. lol I guess my kink would be I can’t read m/m or even most m/m/f books. If I can’t picture myself as the heroine the book just doesn’t do it for me and those books there are no heroine or not just a heroine

  13. Hi JB!
    I share your love of overcoming obstacles. If perfect person A meets perfect person B….how hard do they have to work to make things right? Whether it is emotional or physical, I am drawn to this type of story.

    I also have a thing about books where one of the characters is blind, deaf or homeless. I loved Z.A Maxfield’s St. Nacho’s (M/M) because Shawn is deaf, but his deafness is neither ignored or made to be the main focus of the story. I loved By Degrees and would appreciate being entered into your contest.

  14. Great post! Please enter me in the contest and thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Man, I leave for a few hours and there are SO MANY COMMENTS! You all make me happy. ;-D

    Marnie – *laughs* the anti-kink? I have a whole LIST of those! What are some of yours?

    Hi, Booklover! I got your response over on my blog, too, thanks! šŸ˜€ Mmm, menages. Some day I might try my hand at writing one of those… I could see my boys from In The Rough picking up a third, but only temporarily. *laughs*

    Lillie – *laughs!* Yeah, saving the world is a good one. *grins* Hm, now that you mention it, I think I like just saving one bit of a culture, too. Fixing something that’s gone wrong. That would make me happy. ;-D

    Shai – definitely! Plus, I can root for the character on another aspect of the book, rather than just rooting for them to get together. So it becomes double rooting! šŸ˜‰

    Hi, Raonaid! What a neat name. šŸ˜€ And that’s definitely a kink! šŸ˜‰ What are drows, though?

    Chris – oh, definitely. That’s a good one. Especially if you add in people who don’t like each other right off. *grins* But then, I’m evil like that… šŸ˜‰


  16. I’d like to be entered in the contest – thanks. šŸ™‚

    Hmm. I like characters to grow and learn, but not suffer terribly. I get anxious when there’s too much interpersonal trauma. Damn. I sure don’t want to psychoanalyze this comment.

  17. Hi, Megamie! *grins* Thank you! I love my books, but I might be just a TAD biased. šŸ˜‰ Would you like me to enter you in the drawing?

    Trace – your name makes me smile. I had a character named Trace in the first book I ever wrote (which never got published, but someday I’ll re-write and re-sub!). *grins* But you know? You’re right. I’m right with you on that kink — it’s the emotional connection that gets me, not the sex. And I like happy endings, too. šŸ˜‰

    Hurt/comfort – *grins* I often think my kink is basically that, but I’ve seen so many people give a different definition for h/c that I never say so. *laughs!*

    Hi, Afshan! Thanks!
    *grins* that’s definitely a kink! And I know what you mean — the turnaround into love is much stronger when they’ve been hating each other before! I don’t think I’ve written anything like that – at least not that’s been published! – but like you, I definitely enjoy reading it!

    Hello, Amy K.! *grins* The soulmate one is popular, I think! And I’m with you on wanting a happy ending, or one I can make peace with. (I make peace with them best when they’re happy… ;-D) My friends have been known to warn me away from books and movies, too!

    Rhonda – now that you mention it, I might have a friends to lovers writing kink. I don’t necessarily want to read them, but both By Degrees and In The Rough are friends to lovers stories… I’d never paid attention before! *laughs*

    Amy S. – Thank you! šŸ˜€ You’re entered!

  18. Chris – *laughs!* No psychoanalyzing here! ;-D I don’t like too much emo, and I’m noticing that my emo tolerance is getting less. *laughs* But beyond that, as long as everything comes out all right in the end… they can break my heart in the meantime. ;-D

  19. Hi JB! I really do love reading a variety. I think alot of times I go with my mood too. I’ll go from a historical then to a Urban Fantasy, then I want a cowboy theme, then a tortured hero so its not just genre but themes too. I do stick mostly with romance tho. I know recently with my variety of reads, that I’ll probably go for a cowboy read next, that’s what I’m feeling to read. For me too, I like to read favorites and new to me authors. I find that so exciting. They end up being alot of more autobuys!!

    Your books sound great. I do have your TREASURE HUNTING in my reader that I bought and have down too your others! Great to chat with you!

  20. Hey JB. Is it cheating to answer one of these if I know you? You can probably enumerate my kinks better than I can, but they certainly fall under the rubric of healing. I especially love stories of overcoming physical and emotional damage, showing great heroism in the face of adversity.

    I also love stories with moral ambiguity. The love story between two assassins. The spy who happens to be in the right place to take a bullet to save a child.

    I love stories of the outcast rebel who proves himself to himself. Who learns to believe in himself. And I love, love, love for there to be that one true friend. Buddies who can count on each other.

    But um, like I said, I bet you’d do a better job at identifying my kinks than I can. You know what I write, and what I read. *grins*

  21. Oops, I forgot to say, enter me, too, please. I’m sadly in a state of affairs where I have absolutely no internet monies, and so I haven’t read ANY of your books,nor any of the other Torquere authors either. Unless I win them or get gift certificates, I’m just out of luck.

    *glares at hubby who refuses to validate our bank account*

  22. Humm. There are a lot of subgenres, plot devices and tropes I like, but really good writing tends to triumph over all. šŸ™‚ A great writer can get me to read and enjoy something that’s usually on my Yuck List (a WWII setting, for example — Abigail Roux got me to like one of those, or cross-dressing — blame Laney Cairo for making me like that one) while bad or even mediocre writing can make me bail on a story in a subgenre I usually love.

    That said, though, I do have some favorites I particularly love to see done well.

    Vampires — I’ve been a vampire fan for ages, although with the flooding of the market (which started in, like, the late eighties or so) I’ve been pretty cautious about which ones I pick up. I’m sure there are some great ones out there I haven’t tried yet, but I know for a fact that I’ve wasted my money on some duds.

    Historicals — I’ll try almost anything from the English Regency on back, although occasionally I’ll pick up a Victorian. I like Regencies, medievals and Italian Renn, but a new and different setting (so long as it’s not too modern) with a storyline that sounds good will always get my interest.

    Paranormal — another subgenre I’m careful about. It’s very easy to go way overboard into cringe territory with telepathy, empathy, etc. Although my favorite of my own stories is a paranormal with a ghost.

    BDSM — and another area where one has to step very carefully because there a lot of crap on the ground here. :/ What’s up with the trend over the last few years for the whole point of the story to be how the two characters (and this is usually on the het side) finally Fall In Lurve and discover that they don’t “need” all that icky whips-and-chains stuff anymore, ’cause they have TWU WUV and the trappings are now meaningless and their LUV has “freed” them to go have healthy, pure, sexy-vanilla-sex ferever-an-ever. [barf] The good stuff rocks, though. I’m particularly fond of caretaker doms; the ones who are cold and harsh 24/7 don’t do much for me. (Although Syd McGinley’s Dr. Fell is awesome, just because Syd rocks.) Oh, and I’m not into femdom — in a het romance I need the guy to be domming. Sorry, it’s just how I’m wired.

    SF and Fantasy — I’ve been reading SF for longer than I’ve been reading romance, so seeing romance in an SF or fantasy setting pings two of my kinks at once. šŸ™‚ Because I’ve been reading it for about 35 years, though, I’m pretty nit-picky about the settings and tropes, and quick to bail if the writer doesn’t have their ducks in a row on the SF or fantasy side, and plenty of romance-primary writers don’t.

    I also like stories where one of the characters is making a long, hard struggle to recover from some horrible circumstance, and eventually makes it and triumphs. I love rape-and-recovery books for this reason, when they’re done well. Watching the character initially despairing, but then regaining courage and determination, the strength to fight back and reclaim their lives, until finally they’re standing straight again and ready to move on. That kind of story is a wonderful demonstration of strength and spirit, and you just can’t get the full effect without completely crushing the character first.


  23. I love these wounded, tortured heroes, mentally or physically and although my favorite books are paranormals I read any genre with these guys!

    I’d love to win one of your books!

  24. My kink *heh* would be realistic characters–flawed or hurt but not static.

    Hmmm… could avoidance of something be considered a kink? Because I avoid gratuitous stuff–violence, angst, etc. that doesn’t make the characters grow and the story move forward, that kind of stuff.

    Of course, often one has to read the entire book to discover whether or not these things come up, but well šŸ˜€ that’s one of the reasons reading is so much fun, right? It’s a journey of discovery, every time.

  25. No kinks….maybe a few quirks…but that’s another story. I’ve never read your work but would love the opportunity to choose one of your books!

  26. I’m always looking for new authors to read and you would be for me! I’d like the opportunity for a read!

  27. New author for me, but your books sound great!

    Dottie šŸ™‚

  28. I just love to read. I like suspense–is that a kink or a genre?
    Please enter me in your contest!

  29. AlOooha!!!

    While reading I was nodding in agreement.
    What a clever way of putting it… kinks… I like it!

    I would like to enter the drawing.

    Have a great day!!!


  30. My kink is having to have a HEA!
    Please throw my name in the hat for the contest.

  31. Lillie had to poke me to come back here. Got out of going to the zoo today because earlier I just felt like death warmed over. Hubs went to take my kids to a public school.

    Thanks! Raonaid is Scots Gaelic (Reun-eetch) for my birthname Rachel.

    Drows are commonly known as dark elves. They are often shown as the evil elves. They are opposite of the elves found atop ground. Since they were banished beneath ground, their skin is dark (ebony or a shade of which) their hair is often white, and their eyes red. Well, DnD’s drows are.

    I just like the drow’s personalities.

  32. I love a story that has a setting where I might learn something: if the main character(s) are knowledgable, I’ll want to read it. Conversely, if I find a big error of fact, I’m bounced out of the story pretty hard.

    I also like stories where the main characters aren’t entirely certain that they can stand each other, but have sex anyway, for some reason that eventually gets resolved.

    May I please enter the drawing?

    (There’s a wonderful Scottish fiddle tune called Garster’s Dream that has a story to it, about a fiddler on his way to play for a wedding but he got waylaid to play for a drow wedding. Except the fiddler who taught it to me called them trowies.)

  33. Hi JB,

    I have Hunting Love in paperback (you promised you would autograph it for me).

    Okay I will be the first to admit that vampires have always caught my attention, so they might be one of my kinks, but my true kinks are heroes and a personal bond (be it love or a friendship) that makes you willing to go the extra mile for that person no matter what. Both these usually play out through incredible personal growth to the individual. If that growth helps the persons heal emotional damage or overcome a physical problem all the better. The settings can be any genre if the hero and the bond are there.

    One final note, I crave happy endings. I can handle all sorts of suffering throughout a story (after all, heroes are born under fire and bonds are strengthened through adversity), but the story must be resolved before the end and the silver lining revealed. Iā€™m not against sequels, but the main plot must be resolved by the story’s ending. I am a burned out medic and have seen way too many of the unhappy endings for a life time.

    Having said all of that, I have read your works (books and fanfics) and I like your style. Look forward to more.

  34. Reading kinks? Well, I am drawn to anything paranormal and science fiction. I just love reading about mythical beings and the mythos behind them.

    Count me in on the drawing. I would love to read Treasure hunting. :]

  35. My main reading kink is – competence. I love characters who are GOOD at what they do (whatever it is). They don’t have to be amazingly talented or astonishingly brilliant, just – competent.

    Three dimensional worldbuilding is one too, I love almost any setting that is layered and detailed enough in a coherent way to provide a “feel” of the world the characters live in.

    I’d love to enter the drawing!

  36. MAN, people like to talk about their kinks! I’ll have to remember this topic… *grins*

    I was going to respond to everyone but, uh… there’s a lot of you. (And some even who slipped through the cracks — responded while I was writing up another response, and I almost missed ’em!) But I have gotten all the names down, and will continue to write them down until midnight! šŸ˜‰

    Angie — woo, what a thorough comment! šŸ˜‰ I think I’m glad I don’t have as many kinks as you do — I’d be BROKE. ;-D

    AztecLady – *LAUGHS* I feel just the same way. ;-D And I, too, avoid stuff that doesn’t create growth, and characters who don’t grow. I have to admit, it only takes one of those books for me to start avoiding the author. I mean, a short story is one thing (though even then, if there’s much pain I want there to be much growth, too!) but a whole NOVEL? Yeesh. If there’s going to be pain, I want there to be some good to come of it!

    I’m definitely with those people who like wounded, tortured heroes (except… I like wounding and torturing heroes… does that still count? ;-D), and I definitely love me some HEAs. At the very least, I want some light at the end of the tunnel! And like Y Sanada, I need the story to be resolved, even if there’s a sequel later! (Email me, Sanada, and there will definitely be signing. *laughs!*)

    Awesome to know about drows – thanks, those who responded! I had heard of dark elves, and I’d like to see a book with them. Hmmm, now to find one…

    So much good stuff, and so many names to enter into the contest! You guys make me happy. šŸ˜‰ And hopefully I’ll make at least two of you happy… ;-D

  37. Well, I can tell you that Jet Mykles has some erotica books with drows.

    Cheyenne McCray her Magic series has some drows and her newest book out there has a charrie that’s half drow.

    Now if you like fantasy, there is Forgotten realms like RA Salvatore that man is responsible for my obsession. Elaine Cunningham’s one series. Then there is The War of the Spider Queen, and then Lisa Smedman’s series.

  38. Awesome Raonaid, thanks for the recs! Now I have somewhere to start. šŸ˜‰


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