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Anya Bast is talking about Witch Fury


The hero of Witch Fury, Theodosius Winters, is the kind of character I like best to write. Dark, brooding, a bit dangerous, and just a little damaged. It’s the kind of damage that only true love can heal. Theo needs someone, even if he doesn’t know it yet.

His childhood was rocky. That would have been enough, but when he was teen Theo was kidnapped by the Duskoff, a group of warlocks out for their own selfish gain. At the same time, they nabbed someone very important to him. Coveting his powerful earth magick, the Duskoff tried to break Theo to their will, but failed. In the process Theo had to watch the murder of the one person in the world he loved.

That’s just about enough to push anyone into a world of darkness, huh? As an adult, Theo works for the Chicago Coven and his favorite job is making the Duskoff pay every chance he gets.

Enter Sarafina Connell. Outgoing, vivacious, talkative, and with a million friends, Sarafina is Theo’s opposite in just about every way. She’s also had trauma in her life, but with the support of those who love her, she’s weathered the storm much more successfully than Theo, who has been alone his whole life.

Unfortunately, when Sarafina comes home one day to find Stefan Faucheux in her living room, she’s in for a whole new trauma. Stefan nabs her and forces her accept a truth she wants no part of–she’s a fire witch. This turns her world on end and makes her reality a jumbled mess. Then the Chicago Coven raids the house where she’s being kept and Theo assumes she’s a warlock–his least favorite thing in the world.

So, you see, Sarafina and Theo have a few things to overcome.

And the barriers to their relationship are only part of the problem. The Duskoff is back and deadlier than ever. In this final book of the series, all the threads between the Atrika demons and the warlocks weave together to create a powerful force meant to take down the Chicago Coven for once and for all. Sarafina and Theo will have to put aside their differences and find common ground in the battle.

I’m a bit wistful to see the end of the Elemental Witches series, but also excited about things to come. I have a new series starting, which will be launched with the novella, Sweet Enchantment, in the Hot for the Holidays anthology that comes out in late September. That anthology also features novellas by Lora Leigh, Angela Knight and Allyson James. A full length novel, Wicked Enchantment, will release in January, 2010. It’s a whole new world for me to discover and I love that. I hope you will too!

The first chapter of Witch Fury and book video are available on my web site – http://www.anyabast.com/.

Like Sarafina and Theo, my husband and are complete opposites. Somehow the ying and yang of our relationship works, though. It more than works–our differences complement each other. Have you ever had a significant other or a friend who was your favorable opposite?

I’ll send a grab bag of goodies to one commenter. 


40 Responses

  1. Hi 🙂
    My best friend is the total opposite to me. He’s outgoing, flamboyant, charismatic whilst I am the observer, more laid back.
    Thanks for the great blog. I can’t wait to read Witch Fury!

  2. Hi Anya,
    Saw your post on Twitter and thought I’d stop by. My husband and I are complete opposites on one key area: neatness. He has OCD regarding organization and things having homes. The minute I put something away, I can never find it again. It got to the point where I moved out of the shared study so I could have my own space. Ahh, peace and quiet:)
    Good luck on the new project. I’m going to pick up a copy when I get home next week on R&R from Iraq!

  3. I have yet to read any of this series but I may just start!

    I feel that my husband and I are the same way, Anya. The ying and the yang. He’s the more serious of the two of us, while I’m a goof. Our differences make us work and have for 22 years now, since I was 15. We are very fortunate and those differences, in any relationship, should be appreciated and cherished.

  4. Hi Anya! A very interesting post! My current boyfriend and I are complete opposites, we love different things. Or we thought so. We explore each other’s interests and life has become a great adventure, it’s never boring. We are also very flexible persons (we have that in common) so we usually overcame any possible misunderstanding.

  5. Hi Anya! I’ve always been attracted to people who are like-minded, so I’m a stranger to the allure of complete opposites. My fiance and I have pretty much the same interests, same characteristics, background etc… Sometimes we don’t even need words to communicate because we know beforehand what the other one is thinking 🙂

  6. Anya… Very interesting post!!!
    I will pipe in… and say that hubby and I are complete opposites… to everything. Has that added to the zest of our life… I guess it has… we just celebrated 3 yrs of marriage last week. We are still learning things about each other… which is good. But finding someone your opposite and co-exisiting with them… makes for an entertaining life!
    Hope everyone is having a great day!

  7. I’ve never really been in a relationship with someone who is the opposite from me but I have a couple of friends who are and they get along great!

  8. I haven’t been lucky enough to have the favorable opposite thing – unfavorable opposite plenty of times, tho! 😉

  9. Hi Anya,
    Dropping by to say Congrats on the new book.
    Me and my SO are so much alike probably due to the fact that we are both Virgo’s. We are different in our personalities-He is outgoing and talkative and me I’m the shy and quiet one (otherwise I’m known as the angel 😉 Have a great day.

  10. Congrats on the new book, I have to say, I’m in love in that cover!

    My hubs and I are opposites. I’m outgoing playful, always ready to have a good time. He’s introvert, shy, and reserved.

    I meet people and almost instantly make a new friend, and he’s content with his group.

    He balances me out. And I make sure he experiences life.

    Dottie 🙂

  11. I haven’t had a relationship with someone who was opposite to me…not yet anyways.

  12. Hi Anya.

    Love the series, cant wait to read this new one. I have had relationships and friends that were my opposites but I havent had favorable opposites yet. Hopefully I can experience it soon.

  13. Hey….Hubby and I are opposites and it works great. We balance each other out. I think as we get older those differences fluctuate and still flow well. I can’t imagine being with someone who was just like me. I don’t think we would get along that well.

  14. I have read the other books in this series and am looking forward to reading this one.
    My husband and I are opposites. I love to get out and visit with people and he would rather stay home .

  15. Hubby totally balances me…he’s so laid back. And I’m totally spastic.

  16. My best friend and I are very different in many ways. Sometimes people are surprised that we’re best friends. Once, when I told a mutual acquaintance that she was my best friend, he later went and asked her if it was mutual. 😀

  17. Thanks so much for all the comments, all! I’m a big believer in the whole opposites attract thing. 🙂 I think it’s a wonderful thing to find beauty and balance in someone who isn’t like you.

  18. […] I Do Not Want to Wait, I Want the Book Now (hey, me too!) […]

  19. Congratulations and happy release day, Anya! I’m excited about this book – sad to see the series end, yet happy at the same time. (Can I say *thank you* for knowing when the end is the end?)
    As for opposites… heh. One of my closest friends is my opposite. He stinks at keeping in touch, and I like knowing what is going on with all my friends. I try to talk to or check up on my closest friends maybe every 2 weeks, aside from the ones I see normally… I’m BWAAA and he’s chill. I’m social sciences and very cute/fun things, and he went to art school.
    I actually once asked him (when I was really annoyed at him) – “How are we even friends?”
    And he responded “How could we not be?” 😀

  20. My husband and I are opposites. When we don’t … you really don’t want to go there!

  21. Sorry, part of my comments got lost in the move! My husband and I are opposites. When we mesh it is awesome! When we don’t…

  22. Enjoyed the discussion. The opposites attract always seems like such a romance novel cliche but good to know real people make it work.

  23. Wow…that was quite a write up, Anya! Dangerous and damaged…the sort of thing that gets me interested, big time.

    My husband and I are opposites to the extreme. He’s the accountant, I’m the humanist. And yet…we’re good ying and yang, because we’re also both sensitive and good scientists in our off moments.


    Best of luck with this book, Anya,


  24. My friend is very outgoing and sociable, while I’m more of an introvert. Her lively nature encourages me out of my “shell” and I can calm her down. So, whether it’s friends or lovers, I think great “opposites” bring out the best in each other.

  25. I have had a friend who was completely opposite of myself, and even though at times I thought she was completely outrageous, and pushed my limits sometimes, I loved that we were so different because I became more of the person that I wanted to be, but was previously too afraid to try.

    I can’t thank her enough for being my friend !!!

  26. Opposites seem so harsh and extreme sometimes, like you are inviting trouble. I prefer complementary, filling the gaps or adding a little something extra to that other person. I think they make the best of friends and partners.

  27. My DH and I are opposites…he is a morning person, I am night; He is a joker, I am serious; he flirts, I avoid flirtation…. but after almost 24 years together we have both mellowed! God put us together so there was a bigger picture! The book sounds good – I like the sounds of those opposites!

  28. Witch Fury sounds great! I do have a friend that is the total opposite of me and we have had our share of arguments, but we are still good friends.

  29. Happy Release Day! I hope Witch Fury kicks butt today.

    My hubby and I are complete opposites. I’m the quiet, nerdy girl with her nose in a book or on the laptop, over analyzing everything. My hubby is very friendly and will not read anything longer than a magazine or newspaper article, just a regular ‘ol happy go-lucky guy. 🙂

  30. Hi Anya…dark, brooding, dangerous hero – so my kind of guy!!

    My husband and I are so complete opposites – he’s calm seas – the smart, logical one, always thinking things through- never getting upset. I’m a tornado – whirling where ever the journey takes me, moody, and frighteningly passionate about things I care about. We balance each other.

  31. My husband and I are complete opposites. He is outgoing and love the outdoors. I am an introvert who is a homebody.

  32. My Little Sister, we are from two different planets and i mean it in the good way. Our differences mix so well, we know what each other is thinking, it freaks my parents out .

  33. No, we are both pretty the same. No opposites attracted in our case and I love it this way.
    But hey I do understand the whole opposites attract thing 😉

  34. My husband and I are definitely opposites. I grew up in a big Midwestern city and he grew up in a small western town of about 50 or so families. It was actually a railroad stop in the middle of nowhere!
    Although we do love many of the same things, there are some distinct differences in our outlooks on life.

  35. One of my very dearest friends is the complete opposite of me, but it really seems to work. I think for us, while we have a lot of differences…we really have the same kind of deep down values.

    Congrats on the release of Witch Fury…I am really looking foward to reading it.

  36. Huge congratulations on the release of Witch Fury!
    My friends have always been the exact opposite of me. I have to admit it is good incentive to be more active to be able to socialize with my athletic friends. But I have to admit while it’s great in the beginning those friendships have not lasted. I think it is more important to have more in common.

  37. My best friend and I are complete opposites. She likes to go out and party and I stay home with my kids. She likes to live on Facebook and I love to read and blog. And we are still the best of friends. Have been for 30 years.

  38. Great story! Makes me want to read the entire series, and I can’t wait to get the first book so I can get to this one. LOL

    I have a friend who’s the opposite of me, and she used to say that I’m the level-headed, voice of reason where she’s concerned. On the other hand, I do prod her to take certain calculated risks when it’s her turn to be afraid. It makes for a great friendship!

  39. My bff is the total opposite from me. Im loud and shes quiet. She’s super neat, and I’m a mess. But when I need her, shes always there. And that is all that matters.

    Please count me in for this contest!

  40. your books rocks ! love to be entered for the goodies

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