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How To Tell Your Demon Loves You

By Gena Showalter

The Darkest Night

1. He calls you an angel — and it’s not a curse.

2. He’d walk across heaven to reach you.

3. When the damned start calling, he makes them leave a message.




The Darkest Kiss

4. He takes your soul, but gives it back.

5. He gives the phrase “you make me so hot” a whole new degree of meaning.

6. You shout “Oh, God,” during intimacies and he doesn’t kill you.



The Darkest Pleasure

7. When he says, “I want to possess you” he means in bed.

8. He doesn’t think your liver would go well with a nice chianti.

9. When you invite him to appear on Author Talk (as hosted by Jill Monroe), he agrees. 



10. He suggests you go to hell – but only to meet his parents.

And there you have it.  My top ten list.  I want to thank Jill, Sheila, Donnell and Betty for helping me with these!  We had a lot of fun brainstorming.  So how would YOU be able to tell if your demon loves you?

***Leave A comment answering Gena’s question for a chance to win a copy of either The Darkest Night, The Darkest Kiss, The Darkest Pleasure and remember that all comments count towards the grand-prize drawing:

In addition, there will be one grand prize winner for the week who will win a book from each participating author, a $20 gift certificate from me from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders, and two autographed books from Kresley ColeDark Desires After Dusk and Kiss Of A Demon King

All winners announced Sunday, May 24. Good Luck!***


206 Responses

  1. Hi Gena – your top ten list is really great… extra point:
    He is yours if he does everything that will make you feel happy.
    Have a nice day,

    (PS: please don’t enter me in this drawing – I have all your books and can’t wait for more 😉 )

  2. He’s there when you need him!

  3. I know my demon loves me because he gets over his evil ways and devotes that time and energy to me.

    *love the list, can’t wait for more of the Lords of the Underworld books!

  4. Loving the top ten.
    I know if I piss him off, he won’t burn me up, but the make up sex just might.
    Have a great weekend. 🙂

    ps-pls don’t enter me in this contest, I already have all 3 books.

  5. I’m not very good at this, but I think you could tell if any man loved you by this one.

    You can tell he loves you if he is willing to change the poopy diaper 🙂

  6. Hi Gena, great list!
    Here’s my input:
    When he’s with you (and while away) he doesn’t look at any other female (demon or human or any other kind:)) or thinks about them.

  7. He scares away your nightmares.

  8. I like the last reason — going to hell, to meet his parents. LOL Um, let’s see… I make him burn hotter than the fires of hell. He’d walk across the heavens for me. He won’t give me up, even when hell freezes over. 🙂

  9. ANY man or demon alike willing to go on Author Talk deserves a medal b/c you girls are untamed on that show. LOL Lucien has the green light to “possess me” anytime he pleases as well. *chuckles* Silly girls.

    I, of course, own everything you have written, so no need for a win here, just wanted to show my face for my girl Gena! (((HUGS))) Love you!

  10. In response to Carol: If Hell froze over and he were already there, he would grab an ice pick and get to work to get back to you quicker… awww. 🙂

  11. How would I be able to tell if my demon loves me?

    If he takes me someplace freezing cold just so he can spend his time warming me!

  12. If he’s willing to take care of you when you’re sick as a dog. Then he so loves ya.

  13. You know he loves you when he’s willing to rub your feet (hehe).

  14. First: Please do not enter me into your contest because I already have your books! Cannot wait for more!!!!
    Secondly: My husband loves the tattoos and keeps saying he wants to get one!!!
    Third: You know a demon loves you when no matter your body size, bed head look, or morning breath, he still finds you sexy as hell and tries to jump your bones whenever he can get the chance!

  15. Hi Gena! I love the list and I love the Lords of the Underworld!!!

  16. When he does something mushy in front of his other demon friends 🙂

  17. Great top ten list. I think he is yours when he tells his friends that he is bringing you to dinner and no you are not the appetizer (I am not sure that is the correct spelling).

    I love the Lords of the Underworld and eagerly waiting for the next installment!! Have a great weekend.

  18. Hmmmm . . . . If he climbed, broke down, got burned & may-be even got reduced to ash & still survived battling my eternity-to-high-solid-steel-flame-wall of emotional resistance & issues. Remained undettered & unfazed, even with me resisting him like the hounds of hell. & STILL persisted after me with all that, then yeah . . . . I’d be well and truely loved!

  19. He says he wants your heart, but not in the rip it still beating from your chest way.

  20. I LOVE these!! And it’s wonderful to hear that people are digging my Lords. I love those guys so knowing readers like them is a big treat!!!

  21. You know your demon loves you if he’s willing to slather moisturizer on his horns so that they won’t irritate your sensitive skin!

  22. Great list Gena!!

    You just described my wonderful husband 🙂

    I love your writing and can’t wait to delve into some of the newer ones.

    Billie Jo

  23. Its all in the changing of the eye color, red with passion, red with emotion

  24. Love the list!

    Okay, how about “You know your demon loves you when the only time he sets you a blaze is between the sheets.”

  25. He skips a meeting with Lucifer to spend the day in bed with you instead!!!!!!!

  26. You know your demon loves you if he allows you to address him by a pet name in front of his demon buddies.

  27. I love all the list but numbers 6 and 9 are my favoriate..lol

    My demon will know what I need, even before I do. Could be a hug or a cuddle or an “I Love You”.

    Please don’t enter me into this contest I have all Gena’s books 🙂 LOL

  28. No need to enter me in the contest… I have all of the books above!

    You know your demon loves you when he agrees to go shopping with you all day and carries your purchases!

  29. Wow you girls are amazing. I could never be as creative as you…but I need a signed copy even though I own all Gena’s books lol

    When your demon caresses you and leaves a burning trail all over your body….he licks the fire to cool it.

    Bah, that’s all I can come up with at 7:30 in the morning lol


  30. When he enters your dreams and takes you to heights you never imagined over and over again. When your waking hours are filled of anticipation of the next encounter.

  31. I LOVE the list. Very Creative… I love you and all the demons. Thanks for writing this series.

    You know your demon loves you when you are arguing and you really want to kill him he lets you push him off the cliff. LOL…I dont know this one just popped into me head.

    Thanks again Gena!

  32. You know your demon loves you when you are out of work from being hurt and you tell him to go to Borders and get me Gena Showalter’s books. (Its gonna be a long 2 months). He says “Gena who?” but goes anyway.

  33. Hi
    This is an extra to go onto your 10!
    You know your demon loves you when he radiates death and violence
    but opens up for you and only you and you are able to see the true emotions of your demon!
    Thanks hope to win!
    James Hughes

  34. He makes you dinner AND does the dishes! **sigh**, Oh and he let’s you call him Pooky, no matter who’s around!

  35. Awww…my hubby must really love me then 😛 He has so much in common with how to tell if your demon loves you 😀

    I can’t wait for the next part in teh series to be out Gena!

  36. You know your demon loves you when he comes to blows with all of his friends because they made jokes about killing you.

    Love these books, I’m so excited to read the next!

  37. when he goes to the store to buy me female items and doesn’t complain.

  38. Hi Gena!

    You know he loves you when he say:

    He’ll love you even after Hell freezes over and means it.

    When he tells you, you’re too hot to handle, brings oven mittens.

    Dottie 🙂

  39. Great list.
    I would know he loves me if he obeys and does everything asked of him.And likes to cuddle.lol.

  40. You know your demon loves you when he burns up any other man looking at you with envy…
    🙂 Like the others, I can’t wait for more of your books!

  41. You know your demon loves you if he sweetly asked everyday ‘How are you’ and is kind enough to listen to your answer.

  42. I love all you books!

    when he leaves his “Boys” to hang out with you, and never says a thing about it

  43. You know your demon loves you when you put him off in bed to finish your latest Gena book… 🙂 …and he waits for you!

  44. He looks at you like he wants to eat you (in a good way).

    Great list!

  45. Hilarious list! You made a bad day get a bit brighter.

  46. He doesn’t try to leave some creepy curse on me!! LOL.

  47. When he puts aside his busy day spreading evil and causing major havok to spend some time with you. Even if its just to hang at home and do nothing.

  48. I would know my demon loved me if while throwing up in the toilet he sat with me in his arms, one hand holding my hair back and the other hand with a damp wash cloth wiping the back of my neck and forehead and telling me “it will be all right baby” and then carring me to the bed and taking care of me afterward with a cool wash cloth on my face and neck all the while saying all those thing I need to hear (like I love you and can I do anything for you darlin’) or just being quiet and holding me in his arms , depending on the reason I am sick in the first place.

    By the way: Loved the list and would have loved being a fly on the wall when you and Jill and the gang came up with those. Good times I’m sure. Love your books too. Hope one day all of them will be in hardcover and audio (unabridged of course) so I can comlpete my collection.

  49. If your demon lets you have the TV remote and then hussels in the kitchen to make you a strawberry daiquiri. True love there… baby.

  50. I’d love a demon who could watch reruns of Charmed with me and tell me Cole’s his twin brother.

    Hugs, Danette

  51. When him being without you provides more pain than the demon within him lust for.

  52. It’s graduation day and I’m up early! So I’ll give a crack at it…

    He says he wants to eat you up but it doesn’t involve biting… or maybe it does.

  53. When the Fires of Hell are extinguished from our loving and he tunes the damned out to relight my fire once more

  54. True Love, by anyone is the one willing to protect you under the most dire of all circumstances. Maddox shows this when protecting Ashlyn.

    Can’t wait for the newest enstallment.

  55. *waving* Hello, Ms Showalter, long time no see!

    This is such a great question! Let me see… I would know a demon loves me if he’s willing to move to a cold and rainy climate 😀

    (alternatively, he would read romance novels with me and be willing to discuss them on a public blog)

  56. Really cute.

  57. When you call and tell him you wrecked his favorite vehicle – and he’s more concerned about you than the vehicle.

  58. He’ll sacrifice his love for you to keep you safe , and truly believes that he is so evil no one could love the loathsome creature that he is!

  59. You know your demon loves you when he showers with you just to keep the water extra warm.mmmm

  60. You can tell he loves you:

    When his kisses are soul stealing but you know that you have already given your heart to him.

  61. Love the Lords of the Underworld and have all your books.

    Your demon loves you when he learns to leave the toilet seat down!

  62. You know if your demon loves you if he swallows after he bites you.

  63. You guys are cracking me up! These are great!!!

  64. Hi Gena. I love you ladies top 10 list. All of it is soooooo true.
    Let’ see…He’s the only man in my bed who can “set me on fire.” He makes me feel all hot and sweaty. He’d walk through heaven’s gate(s) for me. He says he’s “burning up for me,” literally…just to name a few.
    P.S. I already have all of your books…but whom doesn’t. LOL!

  65. How do I know my demon loves me?

    He would battle Satan himself, and win, just to keep me safe and happy.

    I’m so excited for the upcoming Lords of the Underworld books! I think that’s my favorite series from you!

    Happy writing!

  66. hahahahah, I love the top ten signs that your demon loves you.

    You know your demon loves you when he tolerates your saintly parents. He is even willing to spend holidays with them.

  67. You can tell your demon loves you when he is no longer starring in your nightmares….rather he is THE star of your sweet dreams!

  68. Doesn’t expect or want me to be someone or something I’m not, and understands my need to be independent…..but still knows how to make chills run down my spine…just by the way he looks at me.

  69. Fantastic list! 🙂

    You know your demon loves you when he chains you up and he tortures you with his tongue rather than a red hot iron.

  70. When he says he plans to devour you, you tingle… Brings a whole new meaning to the word, and it’s not negative! LMAO!

  71. I would know my demon loves me if he listens. As hokey as it seems in a supernatural being, my guy has gotta listen and at least try and deal with my point of view before anything can happen. Even if hell does freeze over in the process

  72. I love your list Gena, it’s great. I love these books!!

    Don’t enter me in the contest though because I was lucky enough to have Gena sign all my books at a book signing in Memphis and I have all of these.

    Good to see you here Gena

  73. I would know a demon loved me when a certain hunky guy would be frusturated with me for no reason yet always be there to save me when I am in uber trouble. And then one day our frustrations would peak into a looooovely *ahem* moment. 😀

  74. 1) Let’s me commence with all my favourite torture tactics on his body . . . . and savour them.

    2) Adore’s my irrational jealousy & kills anyone who so much as looks at HIMSELF & mwa in a certain something way.

    3) Ummm hmmmm – Allows my POOR body to be deprived no more!

  75. I know my demon loves me because he keeps me warm when we’re out ice fishing!

  76. He’s willing to burn anyone who dares even makes you look sad, much less makes you cry.


  77. these are great!!

    I’d know my Demon loves me because he’d be growly and grumpy with everyone BUT me….with me, his touch would be gently, tender and loving…..and he’d touch me constantly, because he wouldn’t be able to resist!!

  78. He helps you decorate the house for Christmas 🙂

  79. He says your damned, and means it as a compliment.

  80. He agrees to pose for pictures that you will make into a charm bracelet for Gena.

  81. You know he loves you when he’s willing to take your “ankle-biter” for a walk.

  82. He would walk through hell and back just to see you, but only because he still has some hellish duties to finish… 🙂

    Your list is hilarious!

  83. Love the top ten list, Gena!

    Now how can I possible top that…? It’s not possible! But I’ll have to come up with some sort of answer…Hmm…

    I know!

    You know he loves you when you call him your ‘sweet baby’, or some other name that a man (little loan a demon!) would usual take as a dash to their pride, and instead he just smiles and leans in to kiss you. Even better if you say this in public and it doesn’t cause him to hiss and back away.

  84. … wow these are all so great.. and true!!

    let’s see….

    … when you come into a room full of his compatriots and all he sees is you… then proceeds to literally wrap his body around you and make your knees weak as he whispers endearments and fantasies in your ear…

  85. These are all so awesome!

    You know a demon loves you when he makes you laugh on a bad day and encourages you to be who you are….

  86. I would know my demon loved me if he told me he would got the end of the world for me. When I asked, “Which world?” , his answer would be, “All of them, baby!”

    Thanks for all of your books, but most especially The Dark Lords. They are truly the stuff of fantasies.

  87. His eyes would burn for me and only me while giving me that secret smile that only we know about.

  88. How does my demon love me? Let me count the ways…
    He finishes my sentences…he always remembers special days..he brings me flowers for no reason..he does dishes and laundry without asking..and always put me and our little demons before anything else. We are his world and he is our.
    ( much love to Gina!)

  89. These are cracking me up!

    You know your Demon loves you when he can’t wait to spawn a whole new breed of Demon Jr.’s & Jr.-Ett’s with you.

  90. He flies you to the moon and back…..in bed. 🙂

    ❤ your books Gena!

  91. LOL!

    I was gonna say that you know your demon loves you when he kills all those who mean you harm without blinking an eyelash.

  92. These are fabulous!

    You know your Demon loves you when he moves your hair from your neck not to devour you until death, but until uncontrolled passion erupts.

  93. Walk across Heaven to reach you, awwwww 😀

    I know my demon loves me when he loves my cat and doesn’t eat it

  94. Wow! That was great. I know that my demon loves me because when I’m sick, he doesn’t make me terrorize humanity.

  95. You know your demon loves you when you are the only one that gets the bad boy smile (the one that makes your toes curl)!!
    Gena I love all your books and cant wait for the next one!!

  96. as long as im happy, dont care if demon or the devil himself LOL

  97. i just want true love
    and hope he has a sense of humor :)))))

  98. I’ve loved all the books in this series and can’t wait till the next ones come out. You are such a great writer, your other series are awesome as well.

    “You know your demon loves you when he saves you from his friends in order to have you for himself.”

    Hope you like! =D

  99. You know your demon loves you when…..you see your ex’s picture on a milk carton and your demon just smiles sweetly and offers you a glass of white wine and a back rub to celebrate.

  100. WOOT…WOOT!!! LOve yer list and absolutely love everything you write.

    You know your demon loves you, if he’s willing to take the time to paint your toenails all pretty if you can’t hehehe..

    I’m waiting with breath that is baited for all of your new books, thank you for writing.

  101. Hi Gena! Great list.

    I would say you know he loves you when at the end of the day he looks at you and says you’re the most precious thing in the world (and underworld) to him.

  102. Great list! Love #10 the most I think 🙂
    OK I know my demon loves me when he nibbles me without actually biting off any body parts – lol!

  103. You know your demon loves you when:

    He serves you your enemie’s head on a platter in bed with breakfast.

    He’s willing to share his dungeon space so you can keep your very own kidnapped.

    He showers off all the blood BEFORE going to bed so he doesn’t get it all over the sheets.

    He knows to get you swords and axes for your birthday instead of perfume.

    When he takes you to the movies, you go see the chick flicks so both of you can make loud sarcastic comments while flicking popcorn and candy at the screen. Because EVERYBODY knows that zombies are totally the best way to get to a girl’s heart.

    …okay, just in case no one caught on, I am sooooo not a girly girl.

    Gena- Loooooooove the books! XD

  104. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. I’m trying to talk hubby into reading it to since its on my reader that he has.

    You know your demon loves you when he just grins and bears it when your crazies come out to play.

  105. You know your demon loves you when he wants to be GOOD for you even though you want him to be sooo very BAD.

  106. Hey Gena. Mine is:
    When he goes through hell and back just to hear my voice.

  107. I can’t wait…..

  108. when you look into his eyes and see more than just cold empty black orbs looking back at you… when you see that he would care if you were ever unhappy and tells you he will destroy anything to keep you from feeling one ounce of bad.

  109. I know my demon loves me because anytime I ask for him to bring me home whatever extremely random and odd thing I’m craving (while pregnant with our second ‘hellspawn’) he goes out of his way to make sure I get it. 🙂

  110. Hey Gena!

    So, I really have to agree with Candice. Also, you can tell by looking in his eyes that you will be all he will ever need, and without you he will never be whole. 🙂

  111. When he picks up his waepons so you don’t trip over them.

  112. That’s a pretty difficult list to top, so I’ll try my best here.

    1. He would gladly be charred alive if he could just come back to hold me in his arms.
    2. He wants to devour me wholly; mind, body, soul.
    3. When bloodied up from a battle, he’d rather stay away than to frighten me. But comes back to me after a quick shower.
    4. He makes a quickie feel like an eternity of pleasure.
    5. He murmurs promises of protection, devotion, and love in my ear every night before bed.
    6. When I am in need of an embrace, he makes his chest available for me to cuddle in.
    7. He declares that I am his and only his, regardless of what the entire world thinks of us.
    8. He’d gladly give his allegiance to Cronus to save me from a terrible fate.
    9. He would tell me that he is bad for me… but eventually gives in and seeks my love for comfort.
    10. He would tear out his own heart than to see mine in harm.

    … Nope, I don’t have impossibly high expectations in a man at all… nope.

  113. LOL I’m loving these so much!!! Thanks guys!!

  114. I thought of something cute and mushy but it’s not me 😉

    ** He mercilessly kills you every night…with pleasure.

  115. You know your demon loves you when he asks you a question, like “How are you?” and he actually listens to your answer and then offers to go torture/kill whatever is bothering you.

  116. I know my demon loves me because:

    He’d kill for me, literally.

  117. These are great Gena!!!

    So, I know when my demon loves me when he ties me down to the bed and has his wicked way with me! Several times!

    keep on writing woman! Love it all,

    billi jean

  118. I know that my demon loves me because he goes to hell for a while when I ask him to

  119. You know your demon loves you when he’s never too hot to handle and handle and handle……….

    You know your demon loves you when being bad never felt so good. 🙂

  120. Hi Gena! All three books of these stand together on my keepers shelf! So can’t wait for more (Don’t put me in for the print contest of these books since I have them). I still wanted to play this post rocked, LOL. You have to keep this list going Gena. You know your demon loves you when he’s burning up for you!

  121. I know my demon loves me because he would willing give up his life to save mine.

  122. I know he loves me when he spends time with my mother and leaves his weapons at home.

  123. Excellent post. Love the lists as they pertain to each Lord. I have read all 3 of these and so looking forward to next ones. I fell in love with Lords and even made my husband read them, he enjoyed them too. Please dont enter me for 1 of the books. Thank you so much for posting today.

  124. I’ll know my demon loves me when he takes out his wrath on me in bed.

  125. *snort*

    Way to make a girl laugh on a day when she’s working while everyone else is already on vacation!

  126. He will not only let you be yourself, he will move hell, heaven, and earth to support you.

  127. I love the answers and your list. Not sure if htis is new or not. Your demon loves you when he lets your cat sit on his lap

  128. He loves you when he won’t kill the in laws……even if they are incredibly annoying

  129. LOL loved the list, but have all your books and think you should get jumping on writing more. Thanks to your Louisiana signing, my favorite, Reyes, is personalized.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  130. Loved Gena’s list and I feel completely inadequate compared to many of my fellow commenters…so great and funny!

  131. your demon loves you when he makes you a sandwich after hours of hot sweaty, monkey humping, back twisting, foward flipping, mattress breaking,a$$ slapping, your hair all over the place sex due sex-a-ton! and he didn’t forget to bring a pickel and cold beer to go with your sandwich! to get your energy back up for the rest of the sex-a-ton! yayyyyyyy!!

  132. Ten makes me laugh so much…well honestly they all do. Gena, you make my day better 🙂

  133. I could tell he loved me if he let me warm my COLD feet on him!

  134. I know my demon loves me when he buys me chocolate covered strawberries for valentines day and the are NOT rotten inside.

  135. Great post and great comments by everyone. 🙂 I can’t really think of anything – all the good ones have been taken. This series looks very cool!!

  136. Too funny!

    This idea is thanks to Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series…

    -You know your demon loves you if he lets you lick his horns


  137. What a great list..lol!! I suck at this stuff so all I could think of is he loves you if he goes shopping with you and don’t kill you after you asking for the millionth time “How does this look on me”!!

  138. You know your demon loves you when he allows you to redecorate his bedroom in a feminine style, and tells you it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen…second only to you

  139. He goes to RT (Romantic Times Convention) with you and doesn’t complain over holding your place in line while you’re off chatting it up with the authors. 🙂

  140. Me again, couldn’t help but repost. And yes I still don’t want to be added into your contest Gena since I already have your wonderful series! But I thought of another example:

    You know your demon loves you when someone hurts your feelings and you are trying to stay composed. He comes over and helps dry your tears and then goes out to kick some major butt! When he comes home, he proceeds to draw you a nice steamy bath and then massage your body with heated baby oil and give you many pleasures into the night.

  141. I know my demon loves me whens we go to a bookstore he says take your time. I can browse all day and he doesnt complain.

  142. i know he loves me when he’s being a two face, showing me the man and the beast within….mmmm…yummy….he can bite and mark me any time!!!

  143. He’ll risk going out when it’s not appropriate just so that he can get the food you’re craving (it doesn’t matter if your not pregnant – he just wants to keep you happy and well fed).

  144. I’m going to go with he starts doing good things just to make me happy – and finds that ‘good’ can be second-nature to him too (when appropriate of course).

    Oh! And when he gets possessive and protective and would totally attack an army of enemies just to make sure I don’t get a single scratch… even when I’m safely surrounded by other immortal warriors and the enemy would never get to me anyway. Beserker, just for me!

    Wow, how romantic is my demon?!

  145. HI Gina! Great List. I think that when he can’t be with you, he enters your thoughts and dreams. Just to give you some delicious thoughts and images to look forward to when you are together again!!


  146. He goes out to find green popcicles when you are sick, because that’s all you can manage and the only thing you are craving.

  147. He loves you unconditionally in his own way, even when you’re not at your best.

  148. You know your demon loves you when he will file down his horns to meet your parents.
    lol loved the list

  149. Love the 10 answers. 🙂

    You know he loves you when he is not hungry but horny. 🙂

  150. He says “I love You” thats usually a pretty good indication.

  151. You know he loves you when he fixes you a good hot breakfast every morning after your workout so you’re prepared for anything a stressful job throws at you.

  152. You know your demon loves you when you gain twenty pounds and he shows you with really HOT SIZZLING sex that it just means there’s more of you to love.

  153. You know your demon loves you because he’ll brave the light of heaven to be with you and love you forever.


  154. Great list.

    When he is willing to do what you love, no matter what it is.

  155. Hey Gena!!! I LOVE YOUR UNDERWORLD Books!!!! 😀 😀 My fav characters are Aeron, Amun, Strider, Torin and Gideon 😀 I can’t wait for you to get into Amun’s head 😀 😀

    And I know my demon loves me because when I have my nerdy moments he just takes them in stride and asks what I meant and when I explain he accepts me for what I am 😀

  156. Hey Gena,
    Love the books and can’t wait to see the boys in the next installment. Now for the fun this is how I could tell if my demon loves me.
    1) when he asks for your heart he doesn’t mean on a sliver platter.
    2) when you “accidently” lock him to the head board with fluffy handcuffs he doesn’t try and escape.
    3) when he says you would go good with strawberries and whipped cream you know he intends to have your for dessert in a good way.
    So, yeah those are my top three.

  157. Ok so Gena is my favourite author! I’ve read everything she;s go tout there! And i’ve even invested in getting the butterfly from the Lords of the Underworld series tattoo on my arm! I love The Darkest Pleasure the best so far! Can’t wait for the next one!!!

    But anyways…you know your demon loves you when he dies for you. And then comes back to be with you for eternity. that would be awesome! lol!

  158. You know your demon loves you when he protects your innocence against his evil nature.

  159. He helps you hide the body. 🙂

  160. I really feel inadequate after reading some of these answers!

    You know your demon loves you when the *spark* between you makes the fires of hell look like a candle in comparison.

  161. You know if he see’s all your many moods and faces. Yes even the scary ones( pms, sick, pregnant, ect..) and dosent run screaming, but.stays by your side always. For a redhead that is a must. lol.

  162. Hi, Gena! Your list sounds perfect! 😀

  163. You know your demon loves you when getting you all hot and bothered is a deliciously wicked and fun thing to do.

  164. Great list and comments! I know my demon loves me cause even though he might flirt a bit he is always faithful and he is protective!

  165. Great list; love the books and have them all.

    I would know my demon loves me if stood up for me, defended me against others demons stronger than I am or ehnI am unable to defend myself. If he watched over me and took care of me.

  166. I know my demon loves me when he searches every store he goes into for Gena’s books I’m missing and surprises me with them.

  167. Because he fits perfectly against my soul.

    Great list! I think I want #6 on a coffee mug.

  168. Great list — made me laugh. 🙂

  169. Oh boy, hope I’m not too late. What a great list!

    How would I tell…when he is willing to paint my toe nails a super hot pink after a horrible day at work just because it would make me smile. Silly, but lovable!


  170. Hey I can’t WAIT for the new LOU releases!! Here is a shot…

    “My demon loves me enough to fight Hades knowing what may be the consequences in the end”


  171. Love the top 10 list Gena!!!

    I know when a demon loves me when he says he could just eat me up and his eyes and meaning are saying something totally different. 😉

  172. Great top ten list and humorous too!

    To me, if a demon loves me, he’ll be willing to traverse the depths of hell and ascend the heavens to save my immortal soul. Basically do whatever it takes to save me and be a hero to my eyes.

  173. HI Gena – Love your list but one way that I think it would be cool to be able to tell that my demon loves me is that when we’re together and being intimate, the demon ‘reaches out’ and physically and emotionally connects with me – it would feel almost like a sting on your soul, but in a good way. And leave you wanting more to the point where he almost comes to possess you during those moments and then retreats back into the other after but forever forging that connection.

    Any my apologies for the horrific run-ion sentence…lol

    Can’t wait for the next book!!!

  174. Absolutely love the books! I could tell my demon loves me when his look of desire in bed promises Hell, but he take me to heaven instead…Sigh! 🙂

  175. I’m not sure my demon loves me yet. I have been driving him CRAZY to get that yummy tattoo. One of us is going to have it one way or another. Maybe I have the demon inside of me instead? Tee hee at least the “bargaining” for the tat is lots of fun. Can wait to to read the next! Love ya girl!

  176. Great list!

  177. BTW thanks for the props to Karen Marie Moning. She’s a Cincy girl like me and cracked the door to otherworldly romances years go. Love me some Adam Black! You however have thrown the door wide open! Would love to know what you enjoy reading. Thanks for the Dark Lords keep’em coming.

  178. I adore Karen Moning, as well. I’m also a HUGE fan of Kresley Cole, PC Cast, Nalini Singh, JR Ward, Jessica Anderson, as well as the ladies here. And many more!

  179. Oh Karen’s Fever series is amazing! I was so mad at the cliffhanger of the third book!! Kresely cole, PC Cast and JR Ward are some of my favs too though. Katie macalister, stephanie rowe, michelle rowen and lynsay sands are amaing too! i have soo many books lol

  180. Great List Gena!
    You know youe demon loves you when he’ll go to hell and back for you…Litterally

  181. Hi Gena, As one of your minions, it doesn’t surprise me one little bit that you came up with 10 great points. Love the LOTU. Keep ’em comin.

  182. I think the most revealing sign to tell that a demon loves me is that he won’t eat me no matter how hungry he gets for human flesh!

  183. i love # 3 and 10 lol

  184. Handy with the occasional “get out of Hell free card.”

  185. Hi Gena,

    I love reading your books and can’t wait for the next one to come out.

    I know when my demon loves me when he only looks at me and willing to do stuff for me.

  186. You know your demon loves you if…. he does a Romeo and Juliet just to stay with you in Hell. (That’s referencing The Darkest Fire).

    …. if he lies to you constantly, telling you over and over again that he hates you. ( I love Gideon!)

    You are great Gena!

  187. hmmmm…he loves you if he lets to know all his mind and soul.. especially the evil and he is strong enough to hold it back for you. He will always put you first even if he suffers for it.

  188. Wow, great list! I haven’t read them, but reading that list now I’m totally sure I’m going to!
    You know when your demon loves you, when he’s so concerned about you, and would cover sky and earth (spanish expression lol) just to make you smile.

  189. You know your demon loves you when the fire in his eyes is no longer brimstone, but his passion for you.

    When hellfire is burning you……in bed. :]

    When life gives you hell, he comes running.
    Lol great list and comments!!!

  190. My demon would give up all of his powers and women to be with only me.

  191. these are so funny!! (& true of course! lol) how about —> you know your demon loves you when while you are arguing (& he is being stubborn…) all he can do is picture you naked instead of being pissed that you are arguing ??… lol…

  192. You know your demon loves you when he threatens any guy who even looks at you! I LOVE!! all of your book Gena!! Can’t wait for more!!

  193. You know a demon loves you when he purrs to you and wants to eat you in a very exoctic way…

  194. Love it! ❤

  195. the in bed statement sounds good to me
    congrats ont eh books and making the usa list

  196. You know your demon loves you….
    he finds the key to your heart.

  197. Your demon loves you when he that look in his eyes that tells me what’s in store for later

  198. Re: Gina & Amanda- Gina thx 4 the heads up on the other authors- I get hooked on one and read everything I can get my hands on. You’re it for me right now but I’m always hungry for more. Amanda-I KNOW the Fever series is driving me CRAZY!! I should have waited until they all came out and read them all at once. That’s what I did with the Twilight series. Right now, I want demons demons demons. Hey ladies- reading aloud to your man, especially from Darkest Kiss -well that will make his inner demon purr as well!

  199. I would know when he confesses…

    Thanks Gena…your books are amazing and I can’t get enough of the Lords!

  200. You know ur demon loves you despite the monsters in his head he fights til death if possible to protect you ..yet lusting for you at the same time OMG Gena you totallllllly ROCK 😀

  201. Well my demon would offer to take out anyone that annoys me and eat their eyes and offer me their heart.


    Anyways love the series can’t wait for the next one to be published.

  202. Oh, this is such a fun post! I can’t think of a good answer. I agree with a lot of the already said 🙂

  203. You know your demon loves you when he shows you in everyway possible — human and demon —

  204. You know your demon loves you if he’d bring you Holy Water cup in his bare hand, just cause you mentioned you were thirsty!

  205. You know your demon loves you when he willing does those things many mortal men fear…like committment.

  206. I would love to have an autographed copy of one of your books. I already own all the Lords of the Underworld series, but it would be an honor to have one autographed by you.

    For me, to know when your demon love you, you know when he is willing to accept you as you are and fight anyone, even his friends and family, to protect you.

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