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What Do Demons Look For In Their Mate?

By Meljean Brook

Oh, this is a fun question. The demons in my world can shape-shift into gorgeous bodies, are usually rich, urbane…a catch for the perfect woman (that whole Evil thing doesn’t matter very much, does it?)

 A few things that a demon would look for are:

Demon Angel


1) She has to be beautiful.

 Although demons don’t experience sexual desire, they do appreciate beauty. Sure, sometimes that appreciation can turn to envy, and then the demon will do anything he can to destroy that beauty…but if a woman is beautiful, he might take a second look.


Demon Moon


2) It helps if she’s rich or of high social standing.

 Demons aren’t a fan of slumming. They love luxury, and the power that comes with a good deal of money. So if they meet a woman who is beautiful and rich, a demon will probably marry her.


Demon Night


3) Not very sexual.

 That not-feeling-sexual-desire thing can be a problem for demons. You see, they CAN get it up…but they don’t really enjoy sex. Many of them are good at it, though, because keeping a beautiful, rich woman happy in bed is the best way to keep her from questioning why he keeps cursing a group of people called “the Guardians.”

Demon Bound

4) A doormat

 Demons have plans, and they don’t want any woman getting in the way of them. If she keeps nagging and won’t be appeased by a good bedding, then it isn’t as easy to go out and rule a community of vampires, using them to kill humans. If she won’t do as she’s told, then one day she might walk into a room she isn’t supposed to enter, and catch the demon in his natural form—red scales, black leather wings, and horns—and try to tell someone about it. Then the Guardians might get wind of it, and the demon will find himself fleeing for his life, because the Guardians have big swords, and special Gifts that help them slay demons who are stupid enough to get involved with women who stand up for themselves.

5) Good, but gullible

Demons can’t help it—they like the good girls. They want the ones who want to save the world, the ones who don’t have a cynical bone in their bodies, the ones who always think the best of everyone. A demon might even fall in love with such a woman. It doesn’t really matter that a demon’s love is twisted and dangerous; if his love and corrupt nature happens to destroy the woman he’s with…well, there’s always going to be another (and the human would have died in fifty or sixty years, anyway).

6) Not a Guardian

Because Guardian women are too strong and too smart to fall for a demon’s tricks. And—horror of horrors—they like sex. Guardian men and vampires are much better suited to women like that.

So, let’s find out in the comments: are you the kind of woman a demon is looking for?

***Leave a comment answering Meljean’s question for a chance to win a copy of either Demon Angel, Demon Moon, Demon Night, or Demon Bound and remember that all comments counts towards the grand-prize drawing:

In addition, there will be one grand prize winner for the week who will win a book from each participating author, a $20 gift certificate from me from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders, and two autographed books from Kresley ColeDark Desires After Dusk and Kiss Of A Demon King

All winners announced Sunday, May 24. Good Luck!***


109 Responses

  1. Hi Meljean! Looks like I’m not a demon girl 😦

  2. I’m with you Frana.. the demons would not like me either.

  3. well, let’s see….

    1. I’m not fugly, but I’m no supermodel either, so- failed that one.
    2. I’m not rich, as for social standing…I’m descended from Irish potato farmers, so… failed that one too.
    3. I’m in my mid thirties and thus at my sexual peak according to Oprah, and my exhausted husband….so another fail.
    4. I inherited red hair and the temper to go with it from my Irish ancestors…FAIL big time
    5. Hey, I was a Catholic schoolgirl, definitely failed! *snicker* as for gullible…I’m a mother…I know everything!
    6. I’m not a Guardian-so what do ya know, I passed one test out of 6. Can demons count?

  4. *sigh* I guess I’ll never have a demon of my very own. Cynical doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  5. Hi MelJean!!!

    It has been a while. You know I am a big fan of yours 🙂

    1) I’m not superstar model material, but I have done a few things in the model industry.

    2) Not rich, but not poor.

    3) hmmmmm LOL

    4) Hmm Maybe I am too sassy and strong willed

    5) I try to see the good in everyone, but also very aware that more times than not, you will be dissappointed.

    How did I do? LOL

    Great to chat with you again Meljean and I am looking forward to reading more your books.

  6. So not the kind of woman a demon’s looking for. Not a doormat, too snarky, like to live below my means… 🙂

  7. Not a demon girl either. Who want’s to be a doormat, much better suited to a Guardian!

  8. Damn, I have been waiting for a demon to show up and take me away….and this whole time I have been following the wrong criteria 😉 Going out for a make-over, find some money and dumb down. Do I really have to give up the smex? 😉

  9. HAHA! I seriously doubt I am what a demon is looking for because I am none of the above!

  10. Well phooey, I’m not demon material. Although I can be very persuasive when need be.
    Great blog by the way!

  11. I am so not the kind of woman a demon is looking for.

  12. Not Demon Mate Material here, unfortunately I have Diva standards, but my bank account says otherwise. damn

  13. I am definitely not the type of girl a demon would go for. 😉

  14. beautiful no
    rich unfornately not
    good uh no
    gullible definitely not
    doormat hell no
    not sexual depends on sitch and time lol
    guardian could be I love sword play

  15. I am so not the type of girl a demon would look for, unless they like sassy brunettes?

  16. Okay… I’m not a good girl for a demon *lol* Who’d have thought that? 😉
    I’ve read “Demon Angel” and love it! Great story and I can’t wait reading more…

  17. I’m not the kind of woman a demon is looking for either. }:)

  18. It looks like I’m not demon girl material, also.

  19. LOL! Everyone here is so modest! Not beautiful, Pfffffft. 😀

    Although I have to say — I’m not the type of girl demons are looking for, either. I just don’t fit enough of the criteria.

    *sob sob*

    I would like to be stunningly beautiful and rich, though. I wonder if that would make it worth it? *grin*

  20. Poor demons – no woman to be found for them!

    Certainly not beautiful,
    not frugal but careful with how I spend,
    I want my man to enjoy the sex as much as I do,
    no doormat here,
    I consider myself a good girl but I also know not everybody is that way
    I definitely will be better suited to a Guardian!

  21. Well, I’m sure as hell not a woman a demon would want to mess with….yeah….definitely couldn’t put up with a man who wants some quiet, weak, delicate, naive….doormat…..haha…..

  22. Oh boy, don’t I wish,
    1. I am no supermodel, I am short, at least I think so at 5’5… and don’t get me started on not being thin 😉

    2. I am no in the poor house, but I am by no means rish

    3. Is that a loaded question, LOL, I think I could use a demon to spice things up.

    4.Gullible no, but I am a good girl. I like my rules!

    5. I am independant, it would be hard to have a guardian

  23. Nope, def not what a demon would be looking for, but still would love to try ; )

  24. I’m so not demon material. too bad

  25. Well, batting a 1000 here…I’m definately not the type a demon would go for! He probably wouldn’t want to mess with me either! LOL

  26. (Please don’t enter me in this drawing, I have all the books 😀 )

    *waving to Meljean* Hello, there!

    Well, whaddaya know? I don’t qualify on any level! heh

  27. Hello Meljean,

    I reckon I’m just SOL cause I’m batting 1 for 6. ROFL…..Oh wait, Hubby says make that 2 for 6 – he thinks I’m beautiful. 🙂


  28. Well…in my dreams maybe!

  29. Hello Meljean! Hmm – I am definitely not a doormat even if I am gullible at times! And I’m not a guardian but neither am I not interested in sex! Don’t think a demon would be interested in me! Now I’d like to know more about the Guardians!

  30. Im totally not a demon man’s material. But it doesn’t stop me from drooling for them in the least! :3 I may be average looking and poor and possibly semi gullible. But he could keep me happy with a good bedding.

  31. Hello Meljean,

    I love this series. I loved Hugh and Lilith’s book (that’s my granddaughter’s name Lilith Grace and she is true to her name a Night Demon). I also love Colin.

    I’m definitely not what a Demon’s looking for. I am way to opiniated and I’m definitely not a doormat.

  32. You guys all crack me up. I don’t think I am demon material, but a girl can dream…can’t she. I am sure up for the ride though.

  33. Dang, neither am I. I guess I’m just too good (not gullible, etc). That’s okay.. give me a good Guardian or Vampire anyday instead. 😉

  34. I don’t even come close! And I used to like shape shifters best. Now I don’t know any more :>( Maybe I should look for a Guardian?

  35. I’m not a demon girl either!

  36. I’m probably not their kind of girl but I sure do like pining for them… 😛

  37. I’d love one of those demons, but it seems he’ll not have me…

  38. Hi Meljean!

    I guess I’m not a Demon girl either.

    1. Not a supermodel, short and sweet.

    2. Not rich, not poor, but I will be if I don’t curb my book binges.

    3. LOL A demon could always raise to girls self-esteem.

    4. Sassy and out spoken.

    5. Slightly gullible, but not a doormat.

    6. Could be a guardian, don’t like my friends and family picked on.

    Fail all the way around.

    Dottie 🙂

  39. The only thing I had going for me was being the good-girl. That is until recently. I’ve had some friends corrupt me of late, and it’s been showing, so I don’t think a demon would want me either. Shucks.

  40. I guess i’m not demon girl qualified, boo-hoo! I’m definitely not rich, not a door-mat, and I must say “I do enjoy sex.” So I guess i’m out of the question for a demon…LOL! I guess i’ll have to find that one-in-a-miliion demon that doesn’t feel this way! I wonder how easy that will be…LOL.

  41. It looks like I am not what a demon is looking for.

  42. Failed the test. As being a doormat, I think as a teenager I may have been that but life has taught me how to be tough. Oh well, looks like I’m not demon material either.

  43. What a bummer, Demons don’t like sex?! I had my fantasy’s all wrong. No wonder they haven’t knocked on my door. They musyt have been checking out my dreams…lol.

    But those books sound sooo good 🙂 Looks like I need to start another page on my to read list..lol

  44. Nope! No demon bait here! I’m not beautiful, not rich, no social standing, I enjoy sex…alot. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, I am not gullible and no one wipes their feet on me.

    Seems like I am better suited for a vampire…oh Colin…where are you? LOL

  45. Let’s see I am so not gullible, I am not a doormat, I am not rich. beautiful, well I am cute, dunno if that works. And the sex part *giggle* no comments there.

    But I am not a guardian, maybe they will have me cos of that 🙂

  46. going with the clear majority of non demon girls!

  47. Darn, darn ,and darn I’m so not meant for a demon. Let’s see
    1. I’m kinda cute, not beautiful
    2. rich with social standing mwahahahahahasnort!!! not even close
    3. this ones kinda 50/50
    4. Never in my life
    5. I’m deff. a good person, but not gullible(most of the time)
    6. Guardian depends on the day hehehe.

  48. 1. I’m not beautiful – failed.
    2. I’m not rich, nor have I any social standing – failed
    3. I’m *??* years old and at my sexual peak (according my husband at least) – failed.
    4. I am an ‘in your face’ independant minded woman – failed.
    5. I’m not exactly good but nor am I gullible so – failed.
    6. I’m not a Guardian – Pass

    Guess I ain’t the one for a demon after all 😀

    Better stick to reading about them in Meljean’s books.

  49. I failed them all.

  50. I don’t think any demons will be looking at me. I didn’t do so well with the questionnaire.

  51. well looks like I won’t be getting a demon. Now depending on the demon that might be a good or maybe not. 🙂

  52. The demons would not like me!

  53. lol, you guys crack me up. Since demons are in no way, not ever, uh-uh going to get a HEA in my books, I think we’re all doing just fine.

    Sometimes it’s good to be on the losing side *grin*

  54. LOL Meljean.

    I can dream, can’t I?

    Billie Jo

  55. I am too goody goody for a demon, sigh.

  56. Well, damn! There’s several options there that don’t apply to me, like being a doormat so demons wouldn’t like me!

  57. Well, I guess I’d better kiss that dream good-bye! I doubt any demons would give me a second glance (maybe not even a first!) Or maybe I should be feeling relieved… 😉

  58. 1) beautiful geeze I can’t answer that one but I don’t have a modeling contract.
    2) rich – nope but I am trying to win the lotto
    3) sexual – 30’s = prime and that is all I am going to say
    4) doormat – no puts me in the corner!!!
    5) gullible – Almost certainly not!! Pah!
    6) guardian – one day sure thing

    Sorry I don’t qualify as good candidate for a demon.

  59. *waves* Hi Meljean! I have all of Meljean’s books so don’t enter me in that drawing!

    *sigh* I too am not demon material. But for the right demon I could pretend to be! *minus the being gorgeous and rich*

  60. I failed to qualify as a good candidate for a demon. Bummer. NOT! I’m not saying I’m a nag but a good bedding just isn’t going to cut it for me. Plus I don’t like sitting in the corner. There just nothing to do there.

  61. I hope this shows up.

    Johnny is definitely not a demon, lol.

  62. No, I don’t think I could be a demon’s girl. I’m attractive enough, but not double-take worthy, I’m not independently wealthy, I would exhaust a demon, I totally stand up for myself and would likely end up being a guardian… and I’m kinda/sorta a good girl but not completely. Just naughty enough to stay off the demon radar completely. I’m like, what? 90% Angel? 😉

    So where are these guardians and vamps you were speaking of?

  63. Ok – I don’t fit the category for being a demon’s girl. 😦
    Meljean, you have to give us some hints/spoilers about the series. Or Michael. Come on, spill it!

  64. NOPE, I’m definitely not a Demon’s Girl 😦
    But If their are any Guardian’s out there in nees of A Mate….I’m Over Here 😀

  65. Maered — well, there is a demon in love. And Michael is in the book … a lot.

    Demon Forged will be the book that starts setting everything into place for his book. There will be HUGE changes, but it all leads to good places.

  66. Don’t like sex???????????
    Sorry Demons – your going to have to find someone else then :o)

  67. Don’t like sex???????????
    Sorry Demons – your going to have to find someone else then :o)

  68. Hi Meljean! LOL it is a fun question! I can’t beat all these great posts here tho! I’m no demon 😦
    1. I’m a plain jane!
    2. Snort, I so wished, LOL
    3. I’m in my 40’s so its a peak time, so no problems for just this one.
    4. Nope, no doormat near my door here
    5. Well this looks not too bad. I always care about others before me too.
    6. I have my Guardian at home here, so that works out pretty well 🙂 Hey 26 years soon 🙂 But I’m no demon nor is he, but I do love to read them!

  69. Darn, number 3 got me . . .

  70. As much as I would love to have a demon love me, there are just not for me. sigh

  71. NO!!!! I would never be a doormat so that would exclude me, for sure.

  72. 1) beautiful – nope but not ugly.
    2) rich – nope
    3) sexual – haha fail there too.
    4) doormat – fail.
    5) gullible – fail.
    6) guardian – nope but i wouldn’t mind being one so…fail.

    I guess I’m not demon material. I wouldn’t mind being #1 and #2 though 🙂

  73. Well I am probably a NO to each of the qualifications but if a demon gives me a chance I bet I could change his mind..;)

  74. Demons are good in the sack but can’t really enjoy themselves? Sucks to be them.
    I will stick with a guardian. A very specific one. 😉

  75. Jamie — lol, you definitely don’t want to change his mind. Not with these demons 😀

  76. Hi Meljean, love the books! Not demon material.

  77. Unfortunately not a demon’s girl…but I do tend to attract “bad” boys. 😉

  78. Not the kind of woman a demon would want because I am definitely not a doormat but at least I know how to have fun!

  79. LOL

    I think I qualify for being a good girl, but not boring. Definitely not. 😉

  80. I am so not demon girl material…failed all but one 😦

  81. I have to say I’m not demon girl material either!

  82. Nah, not a demon girl. I’d pass on #5 and 6 (good but gullible, not a Guardian), but flat-out fail on 1-4. Oh well.

  83. Hi Meljean,

    I am so the type of girl who would fall for a demon. Whether a demon would fall for me… I doubt it, but they’d probably target me for nefarious (sp?) purposes!

  84. Yeah, I don’t take direction well so I’m probably not the girl they’re looking for lol.

  85. Im not a demon kind of girl. But I do wish I had some of those qualities.

  86. Don’t think I’m a Demon girl. Can I be an Angel girl instead. 😡

  87. I failed, I’m not demon material. I would like to be beautiful but not gullible or a doormat.

  88. Well, I’m just not up for demon-mate status, I fear. Luckily I already have one of my very own already, or I’d be officially screwed… 🙂
    1. Though I am cute in my own way, I don’t think any demon can keep up with these curves.
    2. I have my own money and work hard for it, but I refuse to baby and/or take care of a man/demon. He needs to have a j.o.b. if he wants to be with me. Pull his own weight and all that.
    3. My inner-tigress doesn’t like to stay bottled. Just sayin’. 🙂
    4. See answer #2. Yes, it’s like that. *flexing muscles*
    5. Tattoos, piercings, and handy with a firearm. So, no there also.
    6. I definitely protect what’s mine, so… I guess I am vamp bait after all… 🙂

  89. Sadly, it does not look like I am, but I certainly would like to wok on it. I hope that you have a wonderful day and a great holiday weekend.

  90. yes i am a normal girl with agood heart
    please enter me
    thanks autthors

  91. So none of us qualify … and aren’t we lucky for it? Yeah, those demons are genuinely bad creatures who live to make humans feel like crap, and if any woman came out of a relationship with one intact, it’d be pretty much a miracle.

    I want to thank everyone who commented today — funny, funny ladies. And you know you’re all WAY too good for a demon.

  92. I’m so screwed……….but not by a Demon!!
    I’m SO not rich, or a door mat, or the nice girl….lol. GREAT post!!

  93. I second what Melissa said.

  94. It looks like I don’t qualify as a demon’s mate, either, but somehow I don’t find myself too broken over it this time. lol

  95. 1. Umm…I would need to lose about 50 pounds, and am more of the girl next door. Have an uncanny knack to have old men hit on me. ><

    2. No go on the money.

    3. I'm fine with that one.

    4. Uh, no. I tend to take being a doormat very badly.

    5. I guess I'm good. I'm not goody goody though. And I try not to be gullible.

    6. Mmm..nope.

    I think I broke on the even for this.

  96. Nu-uh. I don’t qualify either! I’m WAY too dirty-minded for a demon-boy to cope with! *Puts nose in air* A door mat?! *Rolls eyes* – PA-LEASE! I’ll wipe the floor with their butts! . . . . . . Individuality has a home here – & I like it! Loss of independency is so not a good way to go . . . *manifests a frying pan* – I won’t have any deman-man attempting to snatch it away from me!! *said in deadly tone*

    As for beautiful. What is that word? BE-YOU-TI-FULL . . . . . *shakes head* Nope! Not a clue!

  97. No demon lover in my future. *le sigh*

    I’m broke, have a healthy appreciation for sex, don’t have Welcome tattooed on my forehead, and I lost my gullibility a long long time ago.

    The only things going for me that a demon would like would be the fact that I’m beautiful and I’m not a Guardian (although I probably would be).

  98. Well, I guess no demons will be looking for me.

    I’m ok – not beautiful
    I’m comfortable – far from rich
    I’m very sexual – what’s wrong with him
    Doormat – those who’ve tried are still living in fear
    Good – I think so – Gullible – as skeptical and untrusting as they come
    Nope – not a Guardian, but I’m beginning to think I might make a good one. I even already know how to shoot!

  99. I would say a demon would look for someone who doesn’t care about what they but wh they are.
    of course killer looks andintelligence doesn’t hurt either


  100. Man! All this time I was hoping for a Demon to come chasing my tail. Now I realize why none has. I’m NOT their type of woman! LOL. Thanx for helping me to see it’s THEM and NOT ME. Although if one does stumble my way, I’m sure I have ways to change their mind!

  101. my soul is probaly on the way to hell anyways LOL

  102. Hrm, now I’m wondering…
    1) I spend no time on my looks beyond making sure I don’t have food in my teeth and my hair isn’t secretly hiding small furry creatures.
    2) Working class FTW!
    3) hahaha! I can’t help but think, ‘finally! Somebody else who gets good use out of the I-have-a-headache defense!’
    4) Hm, I’m apathetic, independent, and I could care less what you’re doing behind closed doors as long as it doesn’t interfere with my plans of world domination.
    5) I’m perfectly capable of seeing the world for what it is, I just like giving it oppertunities to suprise me (ultimate FAIL usually)
    6) Well I can honestly say that if I am a Guardian, there will much flailing and gnashing of teeth. “BUT I DUN WANNA BE GOOOOOOOD!” >.<


  103. Hi MelJean!

    Oh dear… is it possible my husband is a demon and I didn’t know it? LOL Most of those applied to me BEFORE I married him. 😛

  104. Hey, Guess I’m not their kind of girl! I can’t wait to try your books though.

  105. Let’s see… I’m definitly NOT rich, i’m NOT ugly..(in my life sex is a VERY good thing), if you treat me like a doormat you’re gonna get a door in you face, lol… I must admit i am a good girl (or maybe i just never get caught), and I would love to be a Guardian. Overall I would have to say I’m not… but I do love those bad boys!!!

  106. hmmmm well lets seee…..University student= no money, I Know for a fact there a far prettier women in the world than me…. I am no doormat and have a cynical streak in me a mile wide and while i may have done the catholic school girl thing that is in no way a reflection of my personality. Sex is a good thing and also given the choice I would be a Guardian. Soooo wellll i guess that means no demons for me but maybe there is a Guardian who would like me.

  107. Since most of those are true for me, I most definitley a demon girl!

  108. Note a demon’s girl here either. So if I’m the opposite – does that make me more of a Demon than a Demon’s woman?

  109. I’m nor the girl a demon thinks he’s looking for–I’m not fabulously wealthy and depressingly unquestioning–but I’m the girl he could fall for without wanting to. I could be the partner he never knew he needed. I could enjoy helping rule a vampire horde, for example.

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