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Can One True Love Keep Your Demon From Going/Becoming Truly Evil?

By Rita Herron

I think the best way to answer this question is for you to meet the demon hero in Insatiable Desire. Once you get to know Vincent and read his story, you’ll understand how that one love, that soulmate, can save a demon from his own evil side – and how important is it that he hold onto her!

Insatiable Desire 051909

Vincent Valtrez:

I am evil.

Vincent Valtrez is my name, and I was born that way. Born from a descendant of Satan and an Angel of Good. But the Satan part won out and my father killed my mother. And now he’s set to become the new leader of the underworld.

The strongest and most evil leader the world has ever known.

He wants me to join him, to sit at his side, to fight for his cause and spread evil such as the world has never known.


After all I am his son and carry his bad blood.

This darkness pulls at me. I fight it every day, with every decision I make, with every breath I take.

But I HAVE been fighting it – and sometimes I win.

I am an FBI agent – I use my skills, my dark side, my knowledge of the killer’s mind, his hunting instincts, his need to feed on innocents — to track down the others like me. The ones who have lost their souls to the dark side.

Now, the girl I left behind years ago, Clarissa King, a girl who talks to spirits, the only one who ever believed in me, has called me back to my hometown. She claims there is a serial killer targeting the locals of Eerie, Tennessee. A killer who touches his victims, learns their greatest fear, and uses it to kill them.

This killer, Pan, the god of Fear, knows my weakness, my fear – that I will lose myself to evil as my father did.

I have to prove him wrong. But in order to do so, I must join forces with Clarissa, the young girl I left behind, the medium who talks to the victims, the one woman who can save my soul.

But joining with her means facing my truly biggest fear – loving someone and losing then to the evil that calls at my very soul…

Rita Herron:

 I’ve always been intrigued by psychology and human behavior. What makes one person who experienced a tragedy use it to make him stronger while another person folds and lets it eat him inside? The age-old nature versus nurture argument — are we born bad or are those learned behaviors?

This question sparked the premise for my heroes. Not only are they strong alpha males tracking down killers, both human and demonic, but they understand the killer’s mind because they, too, are drawn by this dark side.

Being the incurable romantic that I am, I had to explore the idea that even if these tough, alpha males are fraught with evil thoughts and struggling with their own inner demons as well as the ones in the world they face, that there is one woman meant for them.

One woman meant to tame that twisted part of their souls. One who can restore their humanity and stand by their side. One woman whose love is so powerful that it makes them stronger so that good can win over evil and love and goodness can reign on.

It takes a special woman to tackle these men, to love them, to forgive them and stand up to their demanding ways. But that tough, tenacious, sensitive woman is a true heroine in her own right. She saves lives in her own way. She has overcome her own obstacles. And although she’s vulnerable, she needs his love as much as he needs hers.

What more powerful romance can there be?

I hope you fall in love with the demonborn,  and that their struggles to redeem their souls and find love touch you as deeply as they’ve touched me.

***Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Insatiable Desire and remember all comments go towards the grand-prize:

In addition, there will be one grand prize winner for the week who will win a book from each participating author, a $20 gift certificate from me from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders, and two autographed books from Kresley ColeDark Desires After Dusk and Kiss Of A Demon King

All winners will be announced Sunday, May 24. Good Luck!***


111 Responses

  1. Hi Rita! Insatiable Desire sounds great. The cover is very nice (especially the six-pack:)).

  2. I was just recommending this book the other day to someone who was looking for a dark read. I loved this book! It’s the only book that I’ve ever read that gave me the heebie-jeebies while still providing a fabulous romance. Can’t wait for book two in the series!

  3. I can’t believe that I haven’t read this one yet! I love demon stories, and this sounds like a great new twist on demon lore.

  4. Hi Rita,
    I love your take on demons, especially that they are so dark . I think it makes the romance more compelling. Thanks for writing your books. When do we get to learn more about Dark Hunger? Can you tell I am a bit impatient for the next one 🙂

  5. Mmmm… is that Nathan Kamp on the cover? 🙂

  6. I have already fallen in love, and that was just a blurb. You are now on my TBR list. Have a great day. 🙂

  7. I read the excerpt some time ago and was completely intrigued. The book is on my to be bought list when I get to a bookstore.

  8. Great post! For those that haven’t read Insatiable Desire yet, this is a *must read* definitely grab it before Dark Hunger comes out!

  9. Great cover. The book sounds good too.

  10. I think I am already in love, he sounds nice. I do like a bit of darkness in my men. Yummy. I’d try to save him anyday

  11. Ooooo …. you’ve whetted my appetite!

  12. Insatiable Desire sounds great. Love the cover. 🙂

  13. I think loving, and being loved, can make a person strive to be better, definitely. So perhaps the “not becoming truly evil” could be considered streeeeeeetching things just a tad 😉

  14. This story sounds excellent! 🙂

  15. I am so glad I found this site :))))
    I think even if I wont win anything I will have tons to read…
    for at least few months. I tend to devour books :))))

  16. I love the cover of Insatiable Desire! Would love to win!

  17. Thank you so much for your book launch! Can hardly wait for reading it 🙂
    Best wishes, Lani

  18. Oh wow…reading that sent chills down my spine….can’t wait to pick this one up!!! Thank you Rita!! 🙂

  19. Hi, everyone,
    Glad some of you really like the dark stories because this one is dark! And I gave you the heebie jeebies , Lillie– yay! I think I fell in love with Vincent the moment his voice popped into my head. And the poor guy so needed saving. He has a very tortured past and really doesn’t believe he deserves love — how can a woman resist not saving him?

    And yes, it’s Nathan Kamp on the cover. I do like this cover, but the cover for Dark Hunger, the 2nd book, is even better! And Nathan is on it, too!!!

    I’ll be posting more on my site about Dark Hunger soon. I’m working on the book trailer for it now, No spoilers for Insatiable Desire, but the hero, Quinton works for Homeland Security and is also an assassin. It starts off with a very explosive scene!


  20. wow – I have GOT to read your book. it sounds awesome!!!

  21. Hi Rita!

    I’m coming off a demon high right now, seems that all the books I’ve read lately deal in demons, but it’s why I love their stories. Half-demons are so tortured. Will good or evil claim their souls. Demon heroes are a spectacular breed, dark, brooding, and the war rages within them. I love demon stories!

    Dottie 🙂

  22. Hi Rita,
    Great post!
    Now I have to read Vincents story.

  23. Wow that sounds like it would be a really good read. I will have to add it to be TBR pile.

  24. I’d love to read this book! This series sounds great, love your site about The Demonborn, so many interesting things…
    And so gorgeous covers!!

  25. Hi Rita,

    I thought you did a beautiful job bringing a demon back from the brink of evil with the love of a woman who could save him. The premise was wonderful and it was well written. I absolutely LOVED Insatiable Desire.

    Sigh…nothing like a bad boy who fights his inner demon.

    Billie Jo

  26. Dottie,
    You described my demon heroes perfectly. They have very tortured pasts and a very evil demon, the new lord of the underworld, is trying to lure them into standing by his side.

    I first got the idea for writing the demon heroes from the show Charmed. I loved Cole Turner who was half demonic and half human and thought the love story between him and Phoebe was so powerful and sexy, that I wanted to write heroes like that!

    I have to admit I haven’t read a ton of paranormal (although I love all the TV shows with paranormal elements) — I really like to mix both worlds – the real world and the paranormal so it’s not totally fantasy. I think it’s spookier to think that these demons might be living amongst us!


  27. Rita – i loved this book. I truly did. It was one of those I couldn’t put down. Can’t wait for the next one.

  28. Hey Rita
    I am new here..came over from Gena Showalter’s blog site. I am always looking for great paranormal stories. Can’t wait to get on board like the rest. With summer coming..I will look forward to spending it with some demon’s.

    Jen E

  29. I haven’t read any of those and they sound so good! They are going on my to read list

  30. Hi, I haven’t read any of your books before as I am a recent convert to paranormal books! I never thought I would like them but after trying a few recommendations, I now really enjoy the genre.

  31. Sounds like a really good book…great cover too! Sort of reminds me of how Mick St John in Moonlight handled being a vampire. He did a lot of bad stuff early on and chose to be a PI to help people and do some good.

  32. Thanks, Billie Jo & Marnie – glad you enjoyed VIncent’s story! He is really the edgiest hero I’ve written but was so much fun because he was so tortured.
    Quinton, in Dark Hunger, is tortured also, but I think you’ll find he has a wicked sense of humor, too.

    Karen, I LOVED Mick St. John and hated that show went off.

    And for those of you who haven’t read me, I’ve been writing romantic suspense for a long time – I write for Harlequin intrigue and also wrote some for HQN.
    My Demonborn series is really a mix of what I’ve been doing, really dark suspense but will more paranormal.

    Tell me what you like most about demon heroes.

    P.S. I have to run out for an hour but will be back to reply! I’m really enjoying hearing everyone’s comments!
    Let’s talk about the demon heroes, then we’ll hit on what types of heroines it takes to love and save them!


  33. Rita
    I’m the one Lillie was talking about. When you just don’t know which book to pick up next, the people you can trust most to steer you in the right direction is three of your friends who share your same interest in books. I’ll be definitely reading this one as soon as I locate the book. Hehe. Reading the excerpt made me want to put Stray by Vincent to the side and dive right in. Not that I’m not enjoying the book I’m reading now but yours snagged my interest in the now.

  34. Hi, Rita!! I loved Insatiable Desire…..and love the whole one woman to tame a man who struggles with the dark. Vincent is an awesome hero, and while there were times he was so stubborn I wanted to smack him, lol, I loved the story and can’t wait for the next in the series.

  35. Hi, Rita! I’ve definitely read some of your Intrigues but not this series–glad to learn about it! The blurb is definitely captivating!

  36. Love the cover, sounds like my kind of read!

  37. Hi, Rita! I haven’t read Insatiable Desire yet but ooooh, love the cover!

  38. I am so reading this one. Cover looks awesome. Can’t wait.

  39. This sounds like a good read,covers nice too.
    please enter me in the giveaway
    thank you

  40. Great cover on Insatiable Desire but I haven’t seen it in my bookstore yet. It’s certainly one that can’t be missed.

  41. you want to know a part of my attraction to paranormal books… it’s the covers! Could they be any hotter!?


  42. Insatiable Desire sounds awesome!

  43. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of Rita before, i’m soooo headed to a book store after work!

  44. okay after reading all this I am going to have to move this one up on my TBR list. 🙂 Love the dark tortured hero.

  45. I love the cover. I definately would love to read this.

  46. Insatiable Desire sounds like a great read. I love Demon stories.

  47. Hi, everyone, I’m back!

    Raonald – Stray Vincent is a good way to describe him. He’s definitely on the edge, intense and sexy — as a matter of fact, my editor loved him but did tell me to at least have him do something nice for the heroine, even if it was to give her a cup of coffee – LOL.

    Melissa – I laughed at your comment about wanting to smack him – he is hard and tough and borders on the edge of too alpha, but I hope that readers see how truly tortured and in pain he was. I thought Clarissa was the perfect heroine for him because she had her own traumas to overcome and then there’s the spirits of the dead haunting her. But she’s sort of overcome her pain (somewhat) so I thought she’d be the perfect woman to show him love.

    Besides, Vincent has a tough job to do in this book by tracking down killers, so he has to be hard.

    Fedora, glad you’ve read my Intrigues. They’re definitely tamer than this read but fun to write also. I think my heroes have gotten progressively darker over the years and that’s why it was fun to write this series – I got to really push the envelope.

    Lisa — Insatiable Desire was out last Sept. If there aren’t copies in the store, you can order through bookstores or on-line.

    By the way — FYI, my publisher is offering ID on e-book at $1.50 in August to go along with the release of book two DARK HUNGER! So if you’re an e-reader, that’s a great deal. I’ll be posting a link for that on my site when they send it to me.

    And LOL about the covers being hot. When we discussed covers for this book, I told them I wanted a sexy bare chest. And Nathan Kamp’s is certainly


  48. This story sounds so great. I am going to add it to my TBR list!

  49. I can’t wait to buy it!!!!!

  50. I love this book. It’s sexy and dark.

  51. Thanks, Jane and Britney!

    Vincent is a very sexual creature and needs sex to feed his good soul – that first line in C. 1 came to me on vacation and it set the tone for his character.

    Did I mention the villian is also a demon – Pan, the god of fear. He touches you, learns your greatest fear and uses it to kill you.

    Anyone have a greatest fear they want to share?


  52. I hadn’t heard about this book, but it sounds great! I can’t wait to read it!

  53. seems like everyone is writing demon books lately but alway love when someone has a new twist to them. A half demon fbi agent love it.
    I am putting this on my wish list .

  54. Love the cover. It is very nice. I have looked at this book but haven’t picked it up yet. I will definitely have to pick it up now.

    thanks for sharing with us.

  55. wow. this one looks fantastic too! My book budget is going to get soooo blown! 😀

  56. Hey Rita,

    I just put down the second one and WOWSER. LOL

    I have a fear of heights and tight places. I don’t like really small places.

    Billie Jo

  57. I love a demonic bad boy! I especially like it when they struggle to keep control in the presence of their heart’s desire. Of course I like it when they lose control so much more – lol!

    Heading to Amazon… rent can wait, right?


  58. Oh, Natasha, sweetie — a budget? There are all kinds of ways to get around that! LOL.

    Pam, there are a lot of demon books out there. I honestly haven’t read some of the others because I don’t want mine to sound like theirs! And I think mine are a little different in there is definitely a mystery/suspense driving the plot. They’re sexy but these demons are actually working on the side of the law – of course, they’re good at tracking killers because they can get into the killer’s mind because they, too, feel that dark draw…

    Heather, hope you do give it a try.

    And Billie Jo – I LOVE YOU! LOL.
    FYI, everyone – I saw Billie Jo at RT and gave her an advanced reading copy of Dark Hunger. I’ve been on pins and needles wondering what you’d think and hoping you’d like it.

    About fears – I have so many phobias, my poor husband just rolls his eyes. Let me see, I’m claustrophobic, have a fear of heights, don’t like to be underwater, and hate going over bridges. This fall I was at a writer’s retreat in Charleston and told everyone about my near panic attack when I realized I had to drive over NOT one, but THREE bridges. One of the girls told me that in her research she’d learned that witches once were thrown over bridges instead of burned, so maybe I was a witch in a former life. LOL>
    Made me wonder…


  59. LOL Rita.

    I haven’t read one book of yours that wasn’t awesome.

    But I absolutely adored Annabelle. Her softness to Quinton’s hardness was BEAUTIFUL!!

    Billie Jo

  60. Ahh, Billie Jo. Thanks. I thought she was soft but also spunky, perfect for him.


  61. Back cover Copy

    Okay, to whet your appetite for DARK HUNGER, here is the back cover blurb:


    Reporter Annabelle Armstrong will go to any lengths to get a story, even track down Quinton Valtrez, a man she believes is a coldhearted assassin. Yet the truth about the darkly sensual Quinton is even more shocking…and the overwhelming desire he ignites is one she vows to resist.


    Quinton has fought his demonic powers since he was a child. Now using his gifts for the good of national security, he can’t let himself be distracted by the beautiful, determined Annabelle. But his need for her is sudden, fierce – and could soon cost Annabelle her life. For a wicked enemy is out for vengeance, a demon who wants to draw Quinton into a life of pure evil and is willing to use Annabelle as bait. To save her, Quinton must achieve the near impossible; tame the sinister force that is both his inheritance and his curse before it claims him forever.


  62. Hi, me again, hehe. I just had to say that I agree with Rita. Her demons are different than the others out there. But luckily, most of the authors I’ve read have different takes on their demon heroes, IMO. Up until recently, if you were looking for a paranormal hero, you had your shifters or your vamps and that was it. Demons were almost always the villains of the story. And they were never hot. I love that we have a different type of hero in paranormals now. And so many varieties!

    Btw, please don’t include me in the contest. I already have a signed copy of Insatiable Desire. And I plan to have another since I saw Rita’s name on the Dragon Con guest list. Now I just have to figure out how many books are too many to lug to a signing *g*

  63. I haven’t read any of your books yet, but I’m eager to! Love the cover as well– great six pack on him! (Drool)

  64. I love demon bad boys, and this looks like something I would enjoy!

    I think it does take a special woman to “tame” the demon. And my favourite kind are the kick-ass heroines who can go head to head with our hero. I like books where the heroine has an ability or is a “paranormal” too. Humans are so boring. 😉

  65. Lillie,
    Oh, good! I’m glad you’ll be at DragonCon. Actually the GA authors are having a booth (there are eight of us doing a variety of kinds of fantasy/paranormal books) so we’ll be speaking and taking turns at the booth. Please come and see me! It’ll be great to have a friend there.

    Jane – glad you liked ID – hope you enjoy Dark Hunger. Quinton has a special place in my heart. There’s an assassin scene that I just loved writing! And he is wicked, too…

    Calais – yes, rent can wait. Will rent entertain you? Feed your soul? LOL – okay, maybe it will keep you warm but the heroes can do that, too.
    And I love it when the heroes lose control. That’s one special thing about Vincent — he is always so in control that when he finally loses his heart to Clarissa, I think it makes it even more special. He really really needs to be loved, and once he has her, even though he fights it, he can’t survive without. That’s a powerful kind of love!

    Of course, I’m sure we all have men like that!

    Cristina, Sorry you haven’t heard of me! Hmm, we need to fix that! But there are so many authors out there, I meet new ones all the time. And although I’ve read most of the authors blogging this week, I’ve discovered a new one, too so that’s exciting!


  66. Insatiable Desire sounds awesome!.. Vincent’s internal struggle between good & evil? amazing!! Plus a heroine who can stand up for herself, butting heads with a demon and still hold her own always makes for an amazing story & great inspiration!! 😉

  67. Hi Rita! I would absolutely love to win a copy of your book. It has been on my TBB list besides , it’s my birthday today and I couldn’t ask for a better B-Day present. ** GRIN **

  68. Maered,
    Humans are boring- LOL! I did find that it was fun and exciting to write a non human character!
    Clarissa in Insatiable Desire also has a paranormal ability- she talks to the dead and is haunted by the murder victims. In fact, it’s her ability that first alerts Vincent that there is a serial killer, so she’s instrumental in helping to solve the case. Of course, the poor woman is tortured too. Who wants dead people hounding them all the time?

    Now Annabelle is human — but I think that makes her conflict stronger when she learns that demons do exist. How can a human woman love a demon?

    By the way, book three in the series is called Forbidden Passion! Just got the title last week. And Dante Valtrez is just as dark as the others and Marlena Bender, the woman he must work with, is the last woman he wants to feel passion for — she’s trying to find a way to cure evil…


  69. This one sounds amazing. I particularly like the idea that a man with demon blood would choose to use his dark talents for good instead of eveil. It’s funny how we are all a little bit of good and a little bit of bad, but we always focus on the taint from the bad. Why don’t we ever give ourselves credit for the good in us as well? The heroine is definitely going to be special, if she’s ever going to prove to our hero that by choosing to act for good, he’s allowing his mother’s blood to rule, not his fathers.

    Psychology lesson and romance, who could as for more?

  70. Oh…I just love this intense and sexual hero. I can’t tell this might be an all night read for me. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  71. Elisa,
    Funny but you summed up the story theme! It’s there but not preachy, too.
    I think we all have a little bit of bad in us but it’s the choices we make that make us good.

    I hope I keep you up all night.

    Also, I have an identical twin sister and there are so many stories about evil twins out there that I find fascinating.

    Anybody want to share their bad or wicked side?


  72. Well here;s another book that is now on my TBR list. So many and I love the cover =)

  73. I love your books no matter what genre they are. The Blackhawk Island books were all great. I haven’t found Insatiable Desire yet but I just finished Platinum Cowboy and Collecting Evidence. Not to appear to be “kissing up” but yoy are an auto buy for me and have been for years. I will make another trip to find this new book this week. Have a great day.

  74. So glad everyone loved the cover. FYI – that was actually the 3rd rendition and I hope it worked.

  75. I will definitely be looking up Insatiable Desire by Rita Herron. Sounds like a winner to me. Thank’s!

  76. Human (and demon) nature also fascinates me…why do people react to to the same thing in so many different ways?

    To answer a few of the questions you sprinkled in the comments, Rita…

    I have “people” claustrophobia…too many around me at one time and I panic.
    My evil side comes out around my younger brothers…I love to push their buttons!

  77. I think that the demons have a stronger good side than they think. It takes the possibility of losing their mate to find it. Then they will move mountains just to please her. Deep down, we all want a demon. A man who is a bit dark and exciting but will do all it takes to be with us. What’s more romantic than the undying love from a dark bad boy?

    As far as phobias…snakes, heights and, I’m with you on this one Rita, BRIDGES. In fact, when we were kids we had to cross over an old wooden bridge to get to my grandmother’s house. Us kids would lay on the floor in the backseat and cover our ears the whole way over that thing. Just plain creepy.

  78. This is my favorite type of romance!!!! I have the biggest weakness for big, hard, scary guys that fall hard. Can anything be more romantic?

    Plus, I love how books that deal with demons (inner or otherwise). I think they definitely can mimic, or at least, relate to everyone if we look hard enough. Most of us fight our inner demons everyday. I know I do.

  79. WOW! I love it!

  80. Amy,
    LOl about covering your head on the bridge! Actually there’s an intersection of highways (expressways) in Atlanta that overlap and curve and twist up high – I hate those, too. But I felt better when I heard there was a support group for peole with fears of it – it’s called Spaghetti Junction!

    And you hit on the spark for my stories – what makes one person react badly to a trauma and another to overcome it! It’s so true. And frankly, I do think WOMEN are stronger in that regard!

    It’s funny too that we all love the alpha dark hero in fiction, when I actually married a great beta guy. Not that he’s not alpha in some ways, but he’s really nice and respectful and a totally wonderful hunky husband. Very smart and admirable, a real hero to me.

    Is anyone watching IDOL? I have to admit I’m addicted and what a great show tonight!


  81. Insatiable Desire was a great read! Loved it!

  82. Thanks, Amy. I hope you all will spread the word!


  83. I love all the columns so far this week. A great job by all the authors!

  84. What a cover!!!! Count me in please!

  85. I really like stories with dark heroes where love is the key to redemption. Good verses evil is one of the best story devices!

  86. Hi Rita! I remember when I first discovered Demon reads and I so love to find more. Yours sounds so unique!

  87. It’s been great being with you all today. I’ll definitely check in tomorrow.
    Hope you all find Insatiable Desire and keep in touch.
    The demons are so sexy and hot!


  88. Hi Rita~

    This sounds really good and I have just added it to my must be bought list. I love reading about demons.

  89. congrats on teh book
    sound good

  90. This sounds very conflicted – which is good for reading!

  91. This book sounds great. Can’t wait to read it.

  92. Wow Rita, I am already in love with Vincent myself and can’t wait to read his story. He sounds so captivating!!

  93. Insatiable Desire sounds great and I love the cover!! Can’t wait to read more about Vincent…

  94. Rita the Demonborn series sounds so awesome. I can’t wait for book two! All of the covers are amazing.

  95. Cannot believe I haven’t heard about your book before now. I will be adding it to my to be bought list immediately 😀
    Oh, and I agree with previous commenters that the cover is great – that’s a really hot guy there 😀

  96. I enjoyed Insatiable Desire and looking forward to the new release.

  97. Can’t wait to read it!

  98. Hey Rita,
    Insatiable Desire Sounds Great!!
    I’m definitely puttign it on my TBR list.
    I want to know what happens with Vincent and his struggles against his darker side.

  99. This sounds great – I’ll have to pick it up ASAP!

  100. Sounds like Vincent really has his job cut out for him!


  101. Hi Rita, Insatiable Desire sounds intriguing, especially after reading the reasoning for your concept of your heroes. I haven’t read a lot of demon stories yet, but this is definitely going on my TBR list!

  102. The book sounds great and Vincent sounds like a really fascinating character. I cant wait to read more.

  103. Hi Rita…Insatiable Desire was great . I loved it and can not wait for Dark Hunger.

  104. This sounds great! I’m gonna pick it up this weekend! Thank You!

  105. How can you not love a demon named Vincent? *grin*

  106. I had not heard of this book. Sounds great-can’t wait to try it.

  107. This sounds great. Can’t wait to read it.

  108. I am going to check out this book, it seems right up my alley.

  109. This sounds like such a good book. I love a tortured hero and how can a half demon who’s father killed his mother not be tortured?

  110. Sounds like a great book. Keeping my fingers crossed for the contest!

  111. This books sounds great, Rita! I think that’s what it makes it so romantic, that love can change everyting and everyone, and that it’s the most powerful emotion.

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