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Uh, Oh I’ve Fallen In Love With A Demon

By Cynthia Eden

Midnights Master 051809

(A big thanks to Greta for inviting me over for her week of demons! Ah, demons…talk about your seriously bad boys…)

But have you ever wondered…what should you do if you find yourself in love with one of these bad boy demons?  Well, this question came up in my book, MIDNIGHT’S MASTER. My heroine fell for the darkest demon I’ve ever created, and she made up a few rules regarding demon lovers…

Rule one: 

Don’t ever try to make a demon jealous.  A demon won’t try to throw a punch at the other guy;  a demon will just go for straight incineration.

Rule two: 

When you introduce the demon to your mother, be prepared for her fear. And be prepared for her to ask if you’ve “lost your ever-loving mind?” over and over again. 

Rule three: 

Don’t expect a candlelit dinner. Don’t expect a movie. Don’t expect a sweet kiss goodnight.  Expect hell at your door, minus the flowers, and a hot night ahead. 

Rule four:  

When a demon talks about forever, he means it.  He’s not just blowing smoke up your—well, you get it.

Rule five: 

Once you go demon, you don’t go back. Because, well, there’s no breaking the deal with a demon.  See rule four. 

Do you have any other rules that you’d like to add to the handy-dandy demon lover list? 

Happy demon dating!

Cynthia Eden


MIDNIGHT’S MASTER—Available 06/30/09 from Kensington Brava

Sometimes the demon you know…is the only man you need.

***Leave a comment and one lucky commenter will win a copy of Midnight’s Master and will also count as an entry for the grand prize:

In addition, there will be one grand prize winner for the week who will win a book from each participating author, a $20 gift certificate from me from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders, and two autographed books from Kresley ColeDark Desires After Dusk and Kiss Of A Demon King


122 Responses

  1. HI!
    The first and cardinal rule: Don’t make your demon angry, ever!
    Good luck with MIDNIGHT’S MASTER, Cynthia.

  2. How about- Don’t expect a spectacular CHURCH wedding…it will be a quickie at the justice of the peace, at night~

    Can’t wait for Niol’s story Cynthia, not too much longer now!

  3. Mmm sounds all god to me 😉
    Rules, well hard one.
    Don’t try to change the way a demon dress. There is a reason why he is hot

  4. Demons all around, yes. Can’t wait for this one……

  5. You’ll never have to worry about being dragged to church by your family on holidays. 🙂

  6. I noticed you introduce him to the mother, but not the father;) Maybe that is a rule..never introduce him to your dad:)

  7. Fight back, deep down he likes it…. and i never hurts to set some boundaries to start with.

  8. LOL that is good to know!! Thanks for the rules because I love me some Demons.

  9. Never ask him to wear a tie.

  10. Fabulous rules! Now I’m really interested in your books!!!

  11. All these rules and no demon to help me follow them… darn the luck!

  12. Lots of rules, don’t think we need more. Any demons out there willing to help a girl toe the line?

  13. Don’t expect your demon to like winter sports. Snow just makes him cranky.

  14. LOL, these rules are great! }:)

  15. Thanks for inviting me to your week of demons, Greta!

    Hi, Fran!! Great advice! 🙂

    LOL, Cheryl, such a good point! And Niol’s story will be out so soon–I almost can’t believe how soon it is!

    blodeuedd–there is a reason a demon is hot, so true!

    Hi, Elizabeth! Glat to hear you’re interested in this story! Thanks!

    Morning, Chris! Ha! You definitely wouldn’t have to worry about that!

  16. Oh, Mandi, probably a good idea! 🙂

    Pia, I like the way you think!

    Jamie, always happy to help out!! LOL

    Quiltingreader, I do think those demons would have trouble with ties. (Heck, my non-demon husband does!)

    Thank you, Maija!

  17. Hi, Jofriendtoo! Don’t worry, you never know when a demon will come along!

    LOL, Karen, maybe you’ll get a good volunteer!

    Thank you, Bonnie!

  18. 🙂 Loved the rules…I’m so not creative except I thought your normal pet with a demon might be something otherworldly and not a cute puppy.

    Who doesn’t love a hot demon?? 🙂

  19. Hi Cynthia. Great list of rules. 🙂 Love the cover to Midnight’s Master.

  20. Once you get you demon you don’t have to worry about him ditching you – or do you???

  21. If you want revenge on the ex MAKE SURE to introduce your demon to your ex!

  22. Hey Cynthia! Thought I would pop in and say Hi. I saw this link from Twitter! I feel like I am sooo in the know!

  23. Good rule to know:

    Demons start a fire hotter than a blow torch, be prepared to enter the flames of desire.

    Dottie 🙂

  24. Ha! Loved the blog today! I ❤ me some demons!! Can’t think of any rules today except maybe dress with caution??? He may rip off anything you wear!

  25. love the rules and the cover art is 100% num-num!

  26. Don’t dare or challenge a demon anything unless you expect/want to see it followed through….

  27. I love these rules and I really love the demons you have created! Can’t wait for this book.

  28. Sounds like you’ve got things covered! You’ll probably have more rules as the relationship progresses…

  29. Your rules are great ones to live by and there have been several other suggestions I love.

    Love the cover, I feel like he is looking right at me. Have this book on my TBB list.

  30. My mom would probably be happy if I ended up with a demon because he’d be the only man who could handle me. Also, I cannot wait for Midnight’s Master!

  31. A way to a demon’s heart is NOT through his stomach…it’s a little more south!!! Smile!

  32. Oh! 😉

    Don’t wear anything flammable–so no loose clothing for you demon-loving girls. 🙂 You never know what might happen.

  33. #2 “lost your ever-loving mind?”..that’s just classic.

  34. Hi Cynthia! Great Rules!

  35. I don’t have anything witty to say–I just love that cover. 😀

  36. Mmm, you know, those rules make a heck of a lot of sense. I’ll have to put this author down to look for more books by. Sounds like my type of thing!

  37. sounds like a great read,please count me in on today’s giveaway.

  38. If dating a demon, invest in a good multi-vitamin to maintain stamina.

  39. Tease him just right & you’ll never have the need of investing in a pair of hand-cuffs. – Or any other bondage equipment. *Smiles slyly* He’ll be trailing right behind you like a love-sick pup.

  40. Rules were hilarious, and a great into to the book. Personally I don’t like rules, so I won’t add anymore 🙂

  41. Hi Cynthia,
    Congrats on the new book. Love the rules.
    My rule: Family reunions must take place on neutral ground.

  42. My goodness. Congrats on the new book. Rules are great.

  43. These are all good can’t think of any new ones!

  44. The rules are great *lol*
    Can’t wait reading your books…

  45. Never ask him how his day went….he’ll tell you all the gory details

  46. Love your rules! 🙂 Your cover is very RED! 🙂

  47. The rules are great! I think I’d add something along the lines of “Boredom is very, very bad. In fact, it kills. Do not allow yourself, or more importantly, your demon become bored. Ever.”

  48. Wow, I go away for a little while and come back to 45 comments! Awesome! 🙂

    LOL, some of the added rules sure made me smile. I do love the idea of introducing the demon to your ex–and the dressing with caution note! So many good rules!

    Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

    Now, am I the only one who remembers that old “My Demon Lover” movie? Because thanks to Greta’s week of demons, I’m dying to see that movie again!

  49. These are fun!

    Let me take a crack at it…hm.

    Never agree to attend your demon’s family reunions. Do you really need a weekend in hell?

    Can’t wait for Midnight’s Master!

  50. Rule Six: Never complain about the neighbours – he might do something about them.

    Love your rules and the sound of your book as well as it’s cover *hawt*

  51. Ha! Great post. Those are definately some rules to live by. Maybe they should be made into a handy wallet size reminder card.

  52. Cute! Love num 4. Mine would be…If you want to play with fire expect to get burned.

  53. Wonderful cover, I’d love a demon like him!
    Great rules!

  54. my demon rule- (if you are in a KC book), LADIES, DEFEND YOUR DEMON! he’s hot! dont let some other beeotch so much as even glance at your demon or else you claw their eyes out! plus, if your demon is all bad-ass on the outside but a softee on the inside, he’ll really get into you defending him, and that could lead to some fun RP later that night!! 🙂 i ❤ my demon 🙂

  55. You can’t hide anything from a Demon. *g* Niol may be a Demon, but he is HOT! *G*

  56. I am so glad you posted those rules. I was just thinking about running away with a demon but now that I know “forever” really means “forever”, I might need to reprioritize things….

  57. I love me some Demons!

  58. Can’t think of one rule to add to that. I’m guessing the demons aren’t beta heroes — though maybe they make good barbeque cooks.

  59. Loved the rules.

  60. Great rules. can’t wait to read your book.

  61. When he takes you to meet his mother, wear weapons.

  62. Very funny post indeed!
    How about this one….

    It’s probably not a good idea to invite the family priest over for dinner.

  63. Really great rules. I’m looking forward to reading your book!

  64. These are awesome rules. Very fun!

  65. This is my kind of book! Count me in!!!!

  66. I can’t wait to read about Niol! Those rules are hilarious!

  67. I do remember the “My Demon Lover” movie! Cheesy, but fun. 🙂

  68. Hi Cynthia! Well I think that everyone has mentioned any rules that I could have thought of, but as always count me in on the contest because as you well know, I think your books are AWESOME! Have a good one!

  69. Interesting rules I must say. I wonder if they work heheheh…

  70. never tel you have been an angel LOL

  71. Love the list of rules for a demon and it sounds like it will be a really good book and I would love to read it.

  72. Ohh sounds good! Interesting rules 🙂

  73. Great rules! lol! I love the once you go demon, you won’t go back rule. Yes, demon bad boys are that sexy. 😉 Count me in on the contest, please!

  74. I can’t wait for this one to come out. Already on my TBB list. 🙂 I love Cynthia’s books – they are always a great read. 🙂

  75. Love the rules Cynthia! I can’t think of a thing to add, I think you covered it al!

  76. Ooooh this sounds like an interesting book and I’m always the sucker for the paranormal!

  77. I think all the rules are covered by now! Can’t wait to read this one!

  78. Oh, I am so excited. We just got TruBlood

  79. Great rules, sounds like a great read!

  80. Just checking in to read more of the rules. 🙂

  81. I love your books Cynthia. This one sounds like a definate winner.

  82. This book sounds fantastic. Cannot wait for it! A whole month? Sheesh. I’m the first to say that patience is not a virtue I possess.

  83. Hi Cynthia,
    I can’t wait for “Midnight’s Master” to be released. I love the cover, the guy reminds me of the actor from “Dexter.”

  84. I have to wait a month until Midnight Master comes out? haha i dunno if i can wait that long!

  85. Can’t wait for ‘Midnight’s Master’. Great cover, like always. 🙂

    Love the little ‘rules’ too. Funny.

  86. Midnight Masters sounds great!

  87. Midnight Masters sounds like another winner for you. Love your books and thought your rules were spot on.

  88. You can stop worrying about this rule, “never wear white after Labor Day.”
    You just “never wear white ever.”

  89. Be prepared for him to rake you over the coals, every chance he gets!

  90. What fun and important rules! Sounds like a fun and kicking book!

  91. love it, must read this one!

  92. wow this sounds good, and I love finding new books and authors to read. Good Luck Everyone!!


  93. congrats on teh books hot cover

  94. Hi Cynthia~

    This sounds really good and there have been lots of good suggestions for the demon list. I am looking forward to reading this.

  95. OMG, I love the rules!!! You guys have come up w/ so many great ones………….lemme see………Be sure to always keep your Demon close~~he’ll be handy for roasting those marshmallows and smores!!

  96. Beware! This demon can burn you from the inside out – literally 😉

    Ni ol

    Ni ol 😀

  97. Demon rules? How about don’t interrupt him when he’s watching his favorite sports program on TV unless it’s time to redecorate the house?

  98. how about throwing all the rules through the window???
    Demos dont like to follow rules 🙂
    But I agree that we should make some ourselves, and the ones mentioned above sounds fun 🙂

  99. LOL I LOVE rule #3.

    Now can I have one please?

    I can’t wait to read this book too. So many great books, so little time.

    Billie Jo

  100. LOL at all the creative rules! I think that with a demon lover, you’ll need to stop sending Christmas cards–maybe Samhain cards instead?

  101. Well, I would need control of the A/C. I just finished Hotter than midnight, and I am going to be soon nomming on the rest of the series!

  102. ha! #3 is hilarious! (& true!)–> how about never argue with a demon unless you are ready for it to end in the bedroom? lol. they don’t change their minds (easily) anyway…. 😉

  103. The cover is delicious…and all those rules! Wow, can’t wait to read this one. Thanks

  104. Hi Cynthia, Love rule number 3! All the rules everyone has thought of are so funny. I’ll just agree and tell you that I am ready for the book to be released. And…I think this is the best cover yet, except for Immortal Danger, Hotter, and Sins. Oh, well, they all look good. congrats

  105. Hi Cynthia!! These books of yours rock! I so look forward to each of them! LOL on the Demon rules! Mine would probably be simily Demon’s Rule! LOL (not very creative but its what came to me first, LOL)

  106. Mmm, I love me some demons.

  107. Rules, I would have to say Don’t tease a demon! They take it serious as a dare….which can always be some really wicked fun!!

  108. Sounds like a good book…

    Sorry, no rules to add to the ones you already have…

  109. Love demons!

  110. Hey Cynthia!!
    LOL…..I love the rules, who know loving a demon could be so funny.
    A jealous Demon..ummm I would love to see that.

  111. These were all great rules – can’t think of any to add though.
    Your demons sound great!

  112. You crack me up! Sorry though, can’t think of any more rules.

  113. I don’t think I’d need any more rules after the hot night rule 😉

    Naughty Naughty Niol!

    Hugs, Danette

  114. Love demons – and love your rules!!

  115. The cover of your new book is to die for!!! Hawt! Like all the other guests today, I love me some demons and my only rule would be the “no kill without prior discussion” rule. We mke the rest up as we go along!!

  116. I think true love can save anyone 🙂
    because it’s so pure, that it washes away anything else and helps you be the person you were meant and want to be 🙂
    The book sounds wonderful! Can’t wait to read it


  117. NOW…. this is the kind of Demon I’ve been waiting for.

    I would think Rule Six should be: Always keep your Demon interested in bed.. make him take you to heaven & back.

  118. My rule: Baking soda and vinegar will become your friend, if only to get those pesky blood stains out of the carpet.

  119. Sounds like a great story! I’m glad I found this site.

  120. Don’t be suprised if sunday church is out. You can think of better things to do *wink*

  121. Late to the party as usual!

    Ni ol

    Ni ol


  122. This book looks great! Cynthia, your heroine seems to be a smart girl, I love her rules :o)

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