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Bad-Assed Demons Make The Best Lovers

By Jaci Burton

Is that a demon in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

There’s something about a man with a little demon (or a lot of demon) in him that gets a woman’s engine revving.  Sometimes even the good guys can turn out to be demonic. And trust me, that’s a very good (or is it very bad but in a really good way?) thing.

So really…what’s the appeal of the demon lover? I think it’s the tortured soul, the ‘I’m not good enough because there’s something bad inside me’ that’s so appealing not only to the heroine, but to the reader.

My Demon Hunter series with Bantam Dell focuses on the Sons of Darkness, the demons, as the bad guys. But I also have humans with mixed blood, with some demon inside them. And these guys are hot. They have that something extra that burns the pages and ignites the fires of passion inside the heroine. Is it that they need saving? Maybe just a little. And who wouldn’t want to rescue a hot hunk of man with a twisted soul, half good, half bad, and possessing a whole lot of naughty.

Maybe it’s the bad boy in them. Because these guys aren’t just from the wrong side of the tracks, they’re from the wrong side of hell itself. And having a bit of the devil in them makes a woman want to find out what kind of dirty little tricks they have up their sleeves (or in their pants). Let’s face it, the good guy that saves the day might make our hearts soar, but it’s the bad boy we want between the sheets. He rocks our world, curls our toes and devastates our senses. He might snarl and have fangs and claws, but it’s alpha male to the extreme, and it sets our female hormones on fire. It’s the caveman mentality times a million.

Can you imagine ever being bored with a demon in your bed? Imagine a wild, out of control voracious lover who takes you over and over again, who won’t stop until you’re out of breath, wrung out to dry, rode so hard you can’t sit….

What? Oh, where was I? Got distracted by mental visuals. Come on, you know you went there too.

Anyway, the lure of the bad ass demon is that they’re stronger than human males, they’re oh so dangerous—maybe even a little too dangerous. But we also know they’d lay down their lives for the woman they love. They take everything to the extreme, including lovemaking. And that’s the key—when it’s one-on-one time, we know they’re incredible lovers. Why? Because they give their all to everything they do, including sex. Plus there’s a dark side to them. And that dark side can be sinfully seductive.

We all know that there’s a lure to the bad boy, to the dark side.

Who doesn’t want to be seduced by a bad boy demon? Come on, let one take you for a ride. You won’t be disappointed.

So what do you think is the lure of the bad boy, whether human or otherwise?

Jaci Burton’s Demon Hunter Series

Surviving Demon Island B&N



Suviving Demon Island

for an excerpt



Hunting The Demon



Hunting The Demon

for an excerpt



The Darkest Touch



The Darkest Touch

For an excerpt




Taken By Sin


Coming Soon

 June 23, 2009

Taken By Sin

for an excerpt



***Leave a comment answering Jaci question for a chance to win your choice of Surviving Demon Island, Hunting The Demon, or The Darkest Touch and all comments will be counted towards the grand-prize:

In addition, there will be one grand prize winner for the week who will win a book from each participating author, a $20 gift certificate from me from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders, and two autographed books from Kresley ColeDark Desires After Dusk and Kiss Of A Demon King


94 Responses

  1. I’m such a sucker for a bad boy…

  2. I don’t know how to explain it, but bad boys are fun to read about. And you can’t get much badder than demons. Maybe it’s the edge of danger than keeps boredom far away.

  3. Me too I love the bad boys, they always seem so much sexier then the good ones. 🙂

  4. I have not read any of these books, evidently they arent available under the rock that I am living in at the moment, so with that said I am ditching this rock and moving where there are demons. lol

  5. Hi Jaci! I agree with everything you said, and most appealing thing in the bad guys, for me anyway, is their readiness to do anything to protect their loved ones.

  6. The lure of the bad boy in my opinion is the excitement factor. You know there will never be a dull moment and you will always be living on the edge with him. Plus aren’t bad boys always great in bed? 🙂

  7. Hi Jaci. I think the lure of the bad boy is that he is unpredictable, exciting and there is a sense of danger in being with him. You won’t get bored with a bad boy. 🙂

  8. I think the allure is the wonderment and excitement. When I’m reading I’m always thinking, “What’s he going to do next?!?” This is cool for a book but I’m not really into that in the “real” world. I want a man that is stable, not too erratic. 🙂

    Looking forward to the week of demons! 🙂

  9. Hi Jaci!

    I love this series so much…can’t wait for Taken by Sin-and Dalton ;- )

    I think the lure of a bad boy is their confidence; they know that they are the baddest thing around and don’t feel the need to show off to prove it, that’s pretty sexy to me.

  10. I think the lure of the bad boy is the attitude. It says I’m confident, sexy, and I bet I can tease the BAD GIRL out of you without any regrets.

  11. I think the lure is that we think we can reform them.

  12. Good Morning Jaci!

    I think it’s because the “bad” boy brings out the “naughty” in the girl making for fireworks in the erotic story! lol

    I’m loving your Demon Series by the way – Surviving Demon Island rocks. The action and fast moving plot is awesome.

    Please don’t enter me in the draw Greta – I have all Jaci’s Demon books!!! 🙂

    Great post!

  13. I ❤ bad boys just because they are kind of forbidden…and what’s hotter than a reformed bad boy who can be naughty on occasion?

    Jaci, you know what makes a bad boy hot..you write them well! 🙂

  14. I agree with some of the previous posters…reforming a bad boy does have it’s advantages. Plus their is just a added hotness factor built in!

  15. I would think it’s the unpredictability }:)

  16. What’s the lure of a bad boy? Ummmm…well…for starters….the nice ones are just too damn boring!

  17. guaranteed he’s not boring and a bad boy in love usually turns out better than a good guy in love. Maybe he’s gotten being bad out of his system and is ready to be somewhat better lol.

  18. All of the above and also the fact that they are the guys your mom warned you to stay away from so naturally they are the ones you are drawn to!

  19. Hi Jaci!

    I love the bad boys characters, who wouldn’t want to take a ride on the wild side. It’s extreme everything, confidence, danger, and loads of fun!

    Good guys can be sweet too, but bad boys are like the forbidden fruit, one bite and you’re sold your soul.

    Dottie 🙂

  20. Love bad boys they bring out your wild side!

  21. I have to agree with the others statementss, it’s like a combination of the forbidden (when people say “Stay away from that one because…” only makes your interest pique more), they don’t conform to what is expected of them, the attitude because you no this one will not let anyone push him around, and really you just never know what he’s going to pull out of his hat at any minute. It’s the spontatity that really interests one.

  22. hot books
    u just one so maybe u can tame them. we are caring creatures and we want one to see what we can do to them. they are just hot too.

  23. Good grief, I think I need a cold shower after that post! Why the bad boys? Because all sweetness and light put me to sleep.

  24. Aww the bad boy, yes what is the lure. Is it the thrill to do something you have never done before, taking a walk on the dangerous side. or that they just look so freaking hot in their badness 😉

  25. I think the lure of the bad boy is helping him to reform. He may not reform but you’ll have a great time trying!

  26. Everyone wants a bad boy at some point in their life. they make things interesting and fun and shake everything up a whole lot. I love a bad boy on a bike in leather. That’s hot.

    Jaci – just finished the 3 books in your paradise island set. Are there more, if not, will there be more. I loved them. Your Demon series is next on my TBR pile after the 2 books I just got today for my Kindle. Love your stuff.

  27. ooh I went there, right along with you. I love the idea of a bad boy, but wouldn’t want him to reform too much 🙂 Bad boys are safe on paper, but never as good in real life (at least in my experience), however if one of your bad boy demons came to life, I’d be the first one in line.

    If your new books are at least a fraction of what your post was like today, then I can’t wait to read them!

  28. Bad boys are never boring. They are exciting and sexy and they know it. I think their confidence plays a big part in their appeal.

  29. Demon bad boys are just more “bad” than human bad boys. They are more tortured, more bad, more sexy and more appealing. Who doesn’t fantasise about a bad boy of their own?

  30. I do so love a bad boy. Tall, dark and immortal…OMG, just dangle one of those hotties in front of me and I’ll go ape s**t!

  31. I love Bad boys – always have – from Barnabas Collins to the Devlin boys to the Nauti boys and all in between.
    Life would be boring without an occasional bad boy who we can let our hair down with.

    But I already have all 3 of the demon books – so don’t enter me – give it to someone who hasn’t tried them yet. Boy are they up for a surprise!

  32. Heather – thanks! So glad you enjoyed the Paradise series. The 3 books were the completion of that series. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the Demon Hunters!

    Thanks to everyone who’s come to visit and talk bad boys and demons today, two of my favorite topics. And thanks to Greta for letting me hang out! 🙂

  33. I love bad boys… they are so much hotter and sexier than the nice boy next door. Much more exiting and never boring…

  34. Books that include bad boys are the best ones. There’s just something about a wicked, dark man with an all-knowing attitude 🙂 But I like my bad boys only in books!

  35. Ohhh I will pick a bad boy every time.

    I love their tough exterior, but the soft side they keep hidden in order not to be hurt again…sigh.

    Billie Jo

  36. I think bad boys have a sexier edge to them.

  37. It’s that mysterious and sexy vibe they got going on, who can resist that? 😉

  38. Hi Jaci and Greta,
    I love the sexiness of their attitude. Plus all the bad things they can do to this sweet little angel 😉

  39. Bad boys are exciting and fun and I think many women fantasize about being able to tame them.

  40. I think the lure is doing some bad. Not always following the rules and having fun.

  41. Because they are naughty, sexy, kinky! 😀 What every girl needs! I married my bad boy! lol

  42. I love bad boys. Especially the naughty ones.

  43. I think the lure of bad boys is the fact that they tend to take risks and take you with them. 🙂 Also I think for some the thought of saving them is what draws them in. 🙂

    I love this series of books. 🙂

  44. The lure of the bad boy in romance stories is so addicting. And the demon hero gets to be the baddest of the bad, gets away with anything, and still finds a woman that will love him unconditionally. You can’t beat that for some totally hot and sexy romance, and explosive chemistry.

  45. It’s hard to explain why I fall for the bad boys (at least in the books), but I do. *SIGH* I think it’s every woman’s achille’s heel!

    I’d love to read your books, Jaci. I’ve got a few on my list already, including Demon Island. 🙂

  46. I think the lure to the bad boy demons is the fact that they are tortured souls, redeemable yet still retain a piece of their darkness. Afterall, who better to protect and cherish a woman than someone dark enough to do some serious damage if needed, yet still has a piece of light to cherish you? The bad boys aren’t really bad, they just haven’t found their light….yet.

  47. I think they lure of a bad boy is the adventurous side.Doing something wrong and knowing it. And their attitude.

  48. I guess its all about the danger and risk.

  49. Oh, my heavens, I would have said before I read your post that demons aren’t my favorite read, but you’ve definitely changed my mind. Don’t know why I thought that because I do like bad boys!

  50. I don’t know what it is about those Bad Boys… But I just can’t resist them….. There toughness is such a turn on 😉

  51. I think it’s the laying down their life for someone the love that attracts me.

  52. They say and/or do things you wish you could and encourage you to go for it!

  53. I’d totally take a bad boy for a ride and then some. Its kind of like the best of both worlds. The demon side bad boy who has some human feelings.

    Sorry I lost track there’s a strange noise coming from somewhere in the house. Must go off and investigate. Damn wish I had a bad boy around to do it for me.

  54. Hi Jaci! Ordered the Darkest Touch last nite from BAM. Can’t wait to read it. I loved the first 2. Anxiously awaiting the next release. I love reading about the bad boys, they are just so sexy!!!

  55. I think everyone loves a bad boy. I really love this series. I have gotten a little behind on it. The covers are awesome!

  56. I think it’s a combination, of being able to flirt with danger (sometimes literally), plus the power that can come from being the object of a bad boy’s desire/lust. It’s a heady cocktail, I think.

  57. Lub bad boys! I do love how they have to redeem themselves too to the heroine, to practically ‘get on their knees’ LOL. Then there are those that are the immortal bad boys too, which have sometimes more redeeming to do! Now I’m craving a bad boy to read!!

  58. It’s that irresistible belief that there’s something lying deep within him, some tortured part that needs to be healed, I think. That’s why I’ve always been attracted to the bad boy characters. Wanting to see how GOOD he can ultimately be, while still retaining the bad boy image that is so unbelievably alluring and sexy. Bad boys are my favorite because I think they’re so complex and nuanced. When you find their core, you’ve got the whole package.

  59. Hrm, I love it when a girl stands up to a guy, especially the bad one. Plus, the bad ones always seem to be broken somehow. How romantic that a girl can help the boy put himself back to together.

    Plus, the sweetest thing is to see a big, tough man get all cutsey. LOVE.

  60. I’m a cautious person and I live life too safely so when it comes to reading I like to read about a heroine who takes chances and risks their heart on a bad boy because what can be more dangerous or exciting.

  61. Boy, lots of great comments! I do think they’ve got it all covered! Bad boys are alluring because of the whole “walk on the wild side” aspect, and the adventure of stepping outside the boundaries or breaking some rules. Plus a bad boy seems braver/stronger for having broken some rules or expectations. And you want to be the one who can rein him in 🙂

  62. I have to say the lure of a Bad Boy is the Attitude and Confidence. That just makes them sexy as ****!!

  63. I think bad boys are guys that lead, not follow. They stand up for what they believe in even when it isn’t the popular course of action. That inner strength and sense of self is what’s so appealing. No one wants a guy that can be controlled. The one that’s in control of his own destiny is the sexy one.

  64. Bad guys are luring because they are sexy and mysterious and you want to be able to be the one who gets them and you can explore your wild side.

  65. Jaci~~I think Surviving Demon Island was the first Demon book I’d ever read. And I LOVED it. I was so sold on the concept of Demons…..and that series continues to rock!! I can’t wait to read Taken By Sin!!

  66. I’d have to say that it’s the protective streak. Knowing that you are safe. and of cause the badassness 🙂

    OOh and the potential discussions now that’ll be explosive *goes all dreamyeyed*

  67. I think the lure of the bad boy, whether human or otherwise is a subconscious desire to be a bad girl. The thrill of it all is so alluring that our hearts fall fast and our minds never catch up, or when it does it is too late. The mystery and sexiness of these guys tap into a primal level that we don’t know is there, but act on without thinking. That alone is exciting… I say Bring On The Bad Boys!

  68. Bad Boys = bring out the hidden side of you. A bad boy gives as good as it takes.

  69. Oh gosh…everything lure’s me to the bad guy…his ego, he know’s what he wants…and takes it, his sexiness, his passion, protective, dangerous side, risk taker… just everything. A “bad boy” is such a turn on to me…guess that’s why I married one!!! Smile!

  70. I would love a bad boy for a lover, but not so much as a husband! 😛

  71. Dead honest? Who needs nice guys? 😉 Bad boys are a lot more interesting…
    Greetings, Lani

  72. nbad bad boys are HOTTTTTTTT

  73. I love Jaci’s books and I can never put one down until I’m done with it!

  74. Bad boys are such a draw… tough and unpredictable. But I love it when they are good guys under that bad boy persona!

  75. Mystery.. and a soft-side that no one sees but you. Oh and being a strong protector and lover.. that’s the lure

  76. Oh the bad boy…who does not love them. I like the edge of danger but with the underlying goodness…even if htey have a bit of demon in them.

  77. Politeness sucks, small talk grates so I guess what I’m trying to say is: The lure of the bad boy is that they have the strength & capacity to overcome seemingly impassable obstacles to capture/get what they desire. Weak men need not apply!

    Side note: Since many “bad” boys are seemingly arrogant and what not, I’d like to show them the many tricks a woman can have up her *coughs* — sleeves.

  78. I am addicted to bad boys 🙂
    could never tire of them….
    just bring them on … 🙂

  79. (Please don’t enter my name for *this* drawing, I have the books already)

    I think one of the major lures of the bad boy is the idea that they will never be “bad” to the heroine, that their love for that one woman will redeem them.

    And yet, there will always be that streak of the wild in them, that part that can’t be tamed, the unpredictability that gives you the chills (in a good way 😉 )

  80. the risk, un-predicablity, and the plain excitement from bad boys is enough to attract any girl 😉 .. but it’s also the thrill of being the only one who can ‘tame’ him, the power that goes with being his greatest adversary and his greatest desire is addicting!!! lol

  81. Bad boys are just so ALPHA. Females are always drawn to the dominant males. Survival of the species, no matter which species. Not to mention all the perks of having a really naughty boy!

    Please take my name out of the drawing for your books, Jaci, I have all of your Demon Hunters. Looking forward to Taken by Sin.

  82. Hi Jaci!
    I fall for each bad boy I read! I love to see how bad they are but too how they are bad. That too makes them unique. So for me its how they are being bad and its within their personality from reading their story! I love the strong silent types too! They tell you so much!

  83. So what is so hot about a Bad Boy, simple you feel bad too, wicked and sinful and that is just delicious!!

  84. I LOVE bad boys…they keep me interested!!! I have to have a little bad boy/edge in my man. Bad boys know how to treat a lady in and out of the bedroom…

  85. I think women like bad boys because they think that they’ll be the one to make him change.

  86. I think women are attracted to bad boys because of the excitement of being with them, being sinful and wicked and sexy…yeah, I think bad boys will do or say anything to make the woman they’re with feel special.

  87. I think we love the bad boys because deep, down inside of us, just as they have the need to dominate us, we have the same primal need to to tame them – emotionally and spiritually – that’s how we dominate them.

  88. The lure of a bad boy…
    A swagger to die for,
    hair you just want your hands in all day,
    eyes that drink your soul,
    a devils smile,
    a body you can’t possibly quit touching,
    a voice that makes you melt,
    and the confidence to do all this and anything else he wants 🙂

  89. I think the lure is they don’t follow the rules, they make their own and take you along for the ride. Yum!

  90. Two words: Mass Chaos. That’s my appeal to bad boys. If by the end of the night there hasn’t been explosions, blood shed, or cops chasing after you, then I expect some pretty hot bedroom time or the night is a total bust.

  91. I can’t wait to try these books. I don’t think you can go wrong with a bad boy!

  92. It is the look in their eyes that promises fun and hot nights (hopefully you won’t be disappointed)

  93. I think bad boys just have a certain sex appeal. I mean they show their bad boy side and then have very very hot nights! My hubby is not a bad boy. When we first started dating he claimed I was the bad girl. LOL!

  94. Bad boys are very intriguing. I think that maybe the dangerous quality they irradiate is part of their atractive.
    And they are never boring.

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