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Lauren Dane and guilty pleasures


Everyone’s got a guilty pleasure. Me? I’ve got lots and lots. For me, reading can be about a lot of things: it can be challenging, it can be exciting, it can be emotional and it can be comforting. When I’m looking for comfort and emotion, I reach for reunited lovers and friends to lovers stories. I love a second chance!

As a writer, friends to lovers and reuniting lovers stories are fun to create. First, when you have a pre-existing relationship between the couple, you can forego the falling in love part and address finding it again, or declaring it after pining for the other person for so long.Β  And let’s face it, you can open the book with a stolen smooch under the mistletoe like I did in To Do List.

In Always, my newest release from Samhain (this coming Tuesday!), Caitlin and Eamon are reunited lovers. She met him some years before when she worked abroad in his family’s pub in Ireland. Their friendship quickly turned into a romantic liaison. But it ended when her visa was up and she came back home and he was a fond memory.

Fast forward to the present when she’s in her second year of law school and she’s out celebrating the completion of finals week. (Trust me here, it’s the toughest year of law school, they work you to death and so she needs the outlet!) She bumps into Eamon by chance and their physical connection is still very much alive.

But they’re both different people than they were before so they face challenges as they try to navigate a long distance relationship and their personal and professional lives. Β They’re adults, trying to build careers and they live in different states. Caitlin realizes, as she finishes school, that the occasional weekend isn’t enough. She wants more. She wants forever.

I believe in love and HEAs. But I also don’t think love is enough and second chances are never easy. Eamon and Caitlin both really have to work through some difficult times and make hard choices to make things work.

This is a simple formula. One that I love to read and hopefully you will too.

What sorts of storylines do you all reach for time and again?

***One lucky commenter will have a chance to win a download ARC Always.Β To be considered you must Lauren’s question. Good Luck***

For more information about Lauren Dane and her books you can visit her website at: http://www.laurendane.com/


36 Responses

  1. This is hard question for me…..i don’t really pay attention to any patterns. I just grab what interests me and read. I like strong men. I do enjoy the friends to lovers. I enjoy the women running from something and the men save them….

    Congrats on your upcoming release!!

  2. *waving* Hello, Lauren!

    I think the one I like the most is friends to lovers, because in my eyes is the one with the best chance of surviving after the last page πŸ˜‰

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  3. Hi Lauren, hummm what types of stories do I reach for often? Humm I like the reunited love stories especially if it’s an outside source that breaks them apart more than a misunderstanding.

    I also love the tortured hero stories. Something about a tortured hero who finds love and redemption appeals to me. Outside that I can’t really think of anything that I always reach for.

    I love different types of stories and while I might not necessarily like a theme if the author gets me from page one I’ll read it.

    congrats on the release!

  4. I also enjoy friends to lovers stories. However, when I am searching for a comforting story, I prefer one with a sense of humor. It does not have to be a comedy book, but scenes that make me laugh and smile help pull me out of the doldrums and if I am looking for comfort I am probably in a sad state of mind.

  5. I don’t have a type that I actually look for but do really like friends to lovers stories. Congrats on the new release, I’m looking forward to reading it!

  6. Hi Lauren!!

    Congrats on the new release!

    I love to read and pretty much love most storylines but I guess when I think back over most of my “keepers” they are not necessarily tortured love but more like love that has lots of twists and turns and difficulties but in the end there is that HEA!! πŸ™‚

  7. I’ve always liked the friends to lovers storyline. I like the second chance story lines as long as it’s done correctly, where the issues that broke them up in the first placed are actually addressed not forgotten.
    You’re new book sounds interesting, i’ll be waiting to buy it πŸ™‚

  8. Wounded hero’s are a favorite of mine.

  9. Looking at my keeper shelf, I would have to say strong women and strong and/or tortured heroes rescuing each other to a HEA.

  10. Good Morning Lauren!

    The themes you noted are my favorites, friends to lovers and reacquainted lovers. I love a good story with strong characters with those themes as the basis. I return to those stories again and again. πŸ™‚

    Warm Regards

  11. Morning, Greta! Thanks for having me today.

    Natasha – Strong heroes work for me too!

    Azteclady – Oh good point!

    Wendy – redemption and second chances, I love those storylines so much!

    Rhonda – thanks!

    Blanche – thanks. Oh and twists and lots of emotions, totally works for me too!

    Quiltingreader – oh good one!

    Lea – morning to you too!

  12. Hi Lauren! As you know, I’m a friends to lovers ho. Plus a military man ho. Plus a western historical ho. OK, maybe I’m just a ho (but don’t tell my hubby that!). Anyway, your F2L stories have been my favorites of all of them.

  13. Many of the books on my keeper shelf are friends to lovers, and stories with two strong and sexy characters working together to fight the big bad.

  14. I will always read historical romances set during the regency period. I have a thing for these stuck in the nose dukes and the spunky woman that comes along and throws him off center.

  15. i like friends to lovers, two being going together to fight the big bad. Also like alien books.

  16. Hil
    I reread time travel books most often.

  17. Hi Lauren. Early happy release day! This one sounds great.

    I love the friends to lovers stories, but I think my favorite is the tortured hero or heroine. They have so much to work through and that just makes the HEA even sweeter to me.

  18. Amy – didn’t see you there when I commented last time!

    Lori – LOL, thanks. I like all those too.

    Cathy – I like it when the couple works together against an outside threat too.

    Katie- I so totally agree. I am a total ho for wallpaper regencies. I love ballrooms and spunk heroines. I can admit it, LOL

    Pam – all good ones

    Chey – There are a few I really love like Outlander

    Lillie – thank you!

  19. I like famous person/ordinary person duos…

  20. If love was simply all that was needed to make a relationship last, think how easy it would be!

  21. I do enjoy a good friends to lovers storyline or a reunited lovers. Toni Blake has one that I go back to over and over again, TEMPT ME TONIGHT. I just love the story and everything it evokes in me.

  22. I find myself enjoying stories about heroes or heroines that have had a very rough past. Whether it is a war-wounded hero who has suffered in the hands of enemies or a ill-treated heroine that has never known love from her mentally abusive parents, it’s heart wrenching to read their stories, but luckily in the end, they always find that special someone who loves them no matter what.

  23. Afternoon Lauren and all! I do get emotional when I read these re-united themes! So much to break through to get past that past and to trust again and more. Perfect title for this book Lauren!

    I love too in contemps, friends to lovers stories. Taking that big step and hoping not to shatter the friendship and that the other too feels as you do is a toughie too!

  24. I like stories where the confident strong hero is humbled by the heroine for whatever reason. I like the heroine to be strong and confident too no matter what she has had to overcome. And I really enjoy a M/F/M menage!

  25. I love Marriage of Convenience stories. Hist. or contemps, its doesnt matter, I’m a sucka for those.

  26. I love secret baby stories and single dad stories. There’s just something so sexy about a guy who can take responbility and is a good dad. Maybe it’s cuz I had a shitty dad.

  27. Hi Lauren,
    I also love the tortured hero, or situations where one of the characters must overcome something either personal, tragic, or safety wise in order to win, or keep the person they love. I once read that a love lost is most valued when regained. I find this to be true, and these kinds of stories tend to have emotional as well as imtimate moments.
    I will read these kind of situations in historical, contemporary, or paranormal genres.

  28. Hi Lauren,
    I love strong heros(ens), be it vamps, weres, or human and their journey thru emotional and intimate situations through time. I also enjoy historical, paranormal and futuristic genres. I have alot on my ‘to be read’ table right now. Looking forward to reading “Always”. Have a great weekend! πŸ˜€

  29. Hi Lauren! Like most of the other commenters, I really enjoy friends to lovers stories. Strong heroines also really appeal to me, especially when they pair up with a strong hero who shows them that they can rely on someone else for help.

  30. Hi, Lauren!! I have to admit that I’m very much a mood reader…what I’m reaching for this week will not necessarily be what I’m reaching for next week.

    The one thing that I’m consistent about is reaching for books that have an Alpha hero. Whatever the scenario, the A man works for me. Whether I’m in the mood for historical, shapeshifter, contemp, cop……..

  31. I always want a story with some danger and intrigue. Of course I do go for humor when I am inthe mood.

  32. Second chance love and friends to lovers romances.

  33. Hi Lauren~

    I have always loved connected stories whether they are contemporary, paranormal, or the humoruous ones…I like to know that I am going to be able to reconnect with the characters.

    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter.

  34. I like the strong heroine with an equally stronger hero. And lately, I have found books written about very unlikely heroines…that is to say, the heroine who doesn’t fit the acceptable mold of what is typical for a woman of her times. For example, the bluestocking or the woman who wears ‘spectacles’ or lady who is more ‘plump of figure than her peers.

  35. Carole – interesting one! I hadn’t even thought of that one.

    LuAnn – no kiddin!

    Brandy – Hi there and thanks!

    Maija – oh definitely lots of potential for emotional reads that way

    Caffey – yes, it’s that great tension that I love so much

    Lisa – yes, a big, strong dude who is absolutely felled by the heroine really does it for me (as long as the heroine is worthy!)

  36. Seton- LOL, hey we’ve all got our guilty pleasures. I totally love, love, love lone assasin stories.

    Victoria – oh I do agree that good dads are totally sexy

    booklover – oh good one!

    Sue Ellen – I agree and I’m so happy to see this answer so many time too!!

    Karin – thanks for stopping over to say hey!

    Melissa – I love an alpha too.

    Debby – good one!

    Amy – oh me too!

    Lori – definitely, I love series for that reason

    Karen – oh yes, me too!

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