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Welcome Myla Jackson

Myla, Thanks for agreeing to be a guest on my blog.

Can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I’m Myla Jackson and I write sexy romances for Ellora’s Cave, Kensington Aphrodisia and Avon Red. I love writing for these companies because I get pretty much free-rein on what I write as long as it’s sexy!

How long have you been writing?

My sister, Delilah Devlin, and I began our writing journey at the turn of the century (2000). When we challenged each other to write a romance. Needless to say, it was a little harder than we originally thought. We combined our talents and co-authored five books before we felt sufficiently educated in how to produce a manuscript and branched out on our own.

What is your writing process like?

I like to start with an idea, a title or whatever sparks my interest. I might brainstorm with my sister if I need to flesh out the idea a little more. Then I lay out my characters and discover who they are and why they act the way they do. I list their goals and the conflicts that get in the way of them obtaining their goals. Then I sit down and start cranking out the pages!


Can you tell us about your latest release Naked Prey?

Coming March 25, 2009 from Ellora’s Cave!

After his release from captivity in a secret gene-alteration hospital, Former Special Forces soldier, Ramone Osceola, retreats to his home in the Big Cypress Swamp of Florida. It’s the only place he can get away from a society to which he no longer belongs. A society that wouldn’t understand him in the form of a black panther.

Dr. Hannah Smith escapes Hell Hospital to find the only man who can help save her daughter, one of the very men whose genes she altered. Will he help her despite what she did to him? Or will he seek revenge and kill her for changing his life forever? Together, they search for Hannah’s daughter and answers, and find them in a love that crosses the boundaries of man and beast.

Do you have any other books coming out this year?

These are all the books in the Altered States series from Ellora’s Cave:

Night Prowler by Layla Chase – available now

Beast Within by Betty Hanawa – available now

Naked Prey by Myla Jackson – Mar 25 (Today!)

Unleashing the Tiger by Delilah Devlin – Apr 24th

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on the next book in the City of Wolves series about my werewolves living in Memphis.

Where do you get your ideas for your books?

I get ideas from newspaper articles, television news, brainstorming with my sister and writer friends, a great title, an overheard conversation, an interesting place, a different spin on a current genre, a fairytale. Ideas are everywhere. You just have to be receptive them when they hit!

As an author, you must be an avid reader. What books do you enjoy reading? Who are your auto-buy authors?

I love anything by my sister, Delilah Devlin. She’s fabulous! Gena Showalter, Emma Holly, Cheyenne McCray.

What books are on your keeper shelf?

I don’t have enough room in my office to keep many books. Mostly research and writing craft books occupy the shelves in my office.

Do you read books other than romance books?

I read thrillers, paranormal, some sci-fi.

What was the first romance book you read?

Harlequin romances my mother brought home for me. I read so much I’d get headaches. It’s like an addiction. Can’t get enough!

If one of your books was made into a movie, which book would you like it to be and which actors would like to see as the lead characters?

I’d love to see the Trouble series made into a movie. They’re action adventure like the old Indiana Jones movies.

If you could switch lives with one of your characters who would if be & why?

I’d love to be one of the heroines from my Trouble series. Life as a tomb raider would be fun and exciting!

When you are not writing or reading, what do you enjoying doing in your spare time?

I love to travel when I get the chance. I admit I’m an American Idol fan. Sadly. I also love to walk and play with my two dogs.

If you could ask readers anyone question, what would it be?

What would you like to see more of from me? Which of my books made you want more?

You can find out more about Myla Jackson and her books at her website: http://www.mylajackson.com/


7 Responses

  1. This book sounds great! Does the series need to be read in order?

  2. Hi Lillie,
    Yes, the series is best enjoyed in order. However, the books can be read as stand alone. I’m in the mountains of Colorado as I’m typing. I’ll be headed out to the ski slopes later today to enjoy the fresh snow. Have a fab day!

  3. I’m still acquainting myself with your books Myla. I loved Billboard Babe in the Alluring Tales collection. I see a few on your site that I’m interested in too, especially your Trouble series.

    Have fun skiing.

  4. I have to admit, I haven’t read any of your books as yet. I hope this will give me the opportunity to do that!

  5. Happy Release Day, Myla! The book sounds fantastic. I’m glad you and your sister challenged each other to write because I’m loving the books you two write.

    How bad is it snowing up there? I’ve been watching the clouds on the mountains all day and can see that even the front range has been getting snow throughout the day.

  6. Hi Myla! Wow, I love what I heard about this series!! With you working with the other authors, did you have like a chart and all that you all coordinated for this series? Do you think more to possibly come from this series/world?

  7. sounds great graet covers

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