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My guest today is Jami Alden

Ms. Alden, Thanks for agreeing to be a guest on my blog.

Thanks so much for having me!

Can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

Instead of trying to come up with something interesting, I’ll do my top 5 random facts from that Facebook meme

1. My siblings and I all have names that start with J, just like that crazy Arkansas family. Thank God Mom stopped well before 18.
2. I hate telling people I’m a novelist. It sounds pretentious.
3. I’m afraid of what the preschool moms will think of me once they find out what kind of novels I write.
4. I hate my stomach.
5. I like my legs

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been dabbling for about 10 years, seriously writing for seven.

What is your writing process like?

In terms of developing an idea for a book, I usually envision my hero and heroine first, then come up with a hook to build a suspenseful plot around their core story. As far as logistics go, I have to be very disciplined. I only have 3 days a week to write, and I try to produce at least 10 pages on the days I work. I tend to crank out a draft without stopping, then go back and edit all they way through.  


Can you tell us about your latest release Kept?

Kept is the second of my Gemini Men series, which started with Caught. This is Derek Taggart’s story. He’s the quiet, intense twin who’s all business. Then he’s hired to keep Alyssa Miles, America’s most famous for nothing celebrity, out of trouble. She throws him for a loop, and he’s forced to reevaluate everything he thinks he knows about her even as it becomes clear someone wants her dead.



Will you have any more books in this series?

Yes, Unleashed, Danny’s story, will be out in October 2009.

As an author, you must be an avid reader. What books do you enjoy reading? Who are your auto-buy authors?

You’re right, I LOVE to read. My dream vacation is to spend a week on a beach with a giant pile of books. As for favorites, there are too many to name! But there are a few who really inspired me to write, and those are Judith McNaught, Elizabeth Lowell, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Penelope Williamson, and Shannon McKenna

What books are on your keeper shelf?

There is an entire alphabetized library! But one of my favorite contemporaries ever is It Had to be You by SEP and my favorite historical is A Wild Yearning by Penelope Williamson.

What was the first romance book you read?

The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I was 13 and staying and my grandmother’s for the summer. I immediately devoured Woodiwiss’ entire collection.

If one of your books was made into a movie, which book would you like it to be and which actors would like to see as the lead characters?

That’s a tough one. But I think Eric Bana could easily play any one of my heroes 🙂

When you are not writing or reading, what do you enjoying doing in your spare time?

Spare time? What’s that?? Seriously though, I’m a huge TV junkie, and I watch way too much Food Network and reality television. I’m also big on exercise (helps to balance out all the sitting that goes with the writing and TV watching), and work out almost every day. I’m a big fan of running and the elliptical trainer. That also helps balance out my other hobby – cooking! I love to cook and am obsessed with food. Sadly, having 2 kids under the age of 4 cuts into both the time and creativity, but I try to only feed them macaroni and cheese once a week 🙂

If you could ask readers anyone question, what would it be?

What do you want to see more of in the market? What are you getting sick of? I guess that’s two questions!

You can find out more about Jami & her books at http://www.jamialden.com/


13 Responses

  1. that is a tough one….I don’t really look at books as a whole. I take each one individually, and if it looks good I get it.
    Thanks for the interview Jami! 🙂

  2. Great interview. I don’t think I am sick of anything. I would like to see more western romance.

  3. loved caught congrats ont eh new release

    want more romantic comedy less paranormal

  4. I’m sick of boring stories!

  5. Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by!
    Natasha – I know what you mean. So often I think “oh, I just don’t like XYZ,” and then an author in that genre will blow me away

    Crystal, I love Westerns too – for awhile that was all you could find, but now they’re so hard to come by.

    Kim, so glad you liked Caught! And do you read Christie Ridgway? She writes great romantic comedies.

    Karin – I will endeavor to never bore you 🙂

  6. Thanks for a terrific interview, Jami! As for what I’m sick of, probably nothing yet–even if I am, I can set it aside and pick something else up 🙂 As for what I’d like to see more of, I’m curious to read more stories that sort of pick up after the initial HEA–ones involving an already married couple, for instance. I don’t recall seeing too many of those! And YAY for you on writing AND juggling life with two young kids–hats off to you! I can barely handle the kids part, and I can’t imagine writing or managing to focus much attention in a productive way! Glad you’re writing!

  7. Hi Fedora,
    yeah, sometimes the kids + work gets overwhelming, but it’s nice to have something to do that’s completely separate from mommyhood!

  8. Very nice interview! It’s nice to see another Food Network junkie – it’s pretty much the only place I watch any reality TV.

    I don’t know that there’s really too much of anything on the market, though there are definitely a lot of vampire stories.

  9. Karin – 30 minute meals is playing in the background as I type 🙂

  10. More historical westerns, time travel, and pirate books. Great interview!

  11. yes hers is funny and i like rachel gibson

  12. Nice interview. I’m sick of kids and babies in romance books.

  13. I’d like to see more local promotion in the market. Not necessarily the author herself or himself … I know it’s impossible to be everywhere at once … but how about more local bookstores stepping up to the plate and featuring authors who are of interest to readers in the area.

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