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My guest today is Dakota Cassidy


Dakota, Thanks for agreeing to be a guest on my blog.

Aw, thank you, darlin’! It’s a pleasure to be asked.

Can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

Well, let’s see-I’m forty two, a single parent of two boys (18 and 14). I live in TX, and I like cuddly kitties, long walks on the beach and fireside chats. No, I’m kidding. Well, not about the cats 🙂

How long have you been writing?

About five years now.

What is your writing process like?

Crazy. There’s nothing left to be said after that. LOL. No, seriously, I get an idea-my “what if” ideas, and usually those ideas are extreme, and then I call my BFF Renee George and she helps me plot out the “what if”.

Can you tell us about your latest release The Accidental Human?

This is the third in my Accidental series and it revolves around Wanda Schwartz. Kind of OCD, very together, and the sanest of the three friends in the series. And she’s dying.

I know!

But she has two friends who’re paranormal and can save her, but she’s too afraid to take fate into her own hands.  Plus a love interest who came to her by way of her job as a sales recruit for my fictional cosmetic company Bobbie-Sue. His name’s Heath, and he wants to sell makeup.

Again, I know!

Heath has a secret, too, and all I can tell you is this-while the title has the word “human” in it-it’s STILL paranormal 🙂

Will you have any more books in this series?

I have another coming out in Feb 2010, and that’s about Wanda’s sister Casey. It’s titled Accidentally Demonic.

Do you have any other books coming out this year?

Yep! Kiss and Hell is due out in June, and that’s about a medium and a demon who’s come to collect her and bring her back to Hell 🙂

What are you currently working on?

Right now I’m working on Accidentally Demonic.

Where do you get your ideas for your books?

Bed, Bath and Beyond. Really-get ye to one and find out what’s “beyond”. LOl. I honestly don’t know where they come from-they just happen because I’m always wondering what the lighter side of a bad situation is.

In your opinion, what are the most stressful and most exciting parts of the whole process? (From the time an idea or concept comes to you until the book can purchased in a store or on-line?)

The most stressful is whether my agent and editor will like the crazy I’ve cooked up. The most exciting is the middle of the book when I really know where I’m going and I just want to get it all out on paper. Then it gets stressful again because it’s due for release and I want to yark, worrying everyone will hate it. So, wash, rinse, repeat 🙂

As an author, you must be an avid reader. What books do you enjoy reading? Who are your auto-buy authors?

Unfortunately, I don’t get to read as often as I’d like to because this writing thing consumes much of my time. However, when I do, I’m all about a Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Nina Bangs, Michele Bardsely, Mark Henry, Jeanne Stein, Renee George AKA Hannah Beckham, Jaye Wells, Toni McGee Causey. And these folks are ALL auto-buy for me.

What books are on your keeper shelf?

I know this is going to sound horrifying, but I only have one and it’s a signed copy of a Nina Bangs book. Clutter makes me nuts-so I share the wealth with friends and family-or the library.

Do you read books other than romance books?

Definitely. Dean and Stephen to name just two.

What was the first romance book you read?

It was an HQ, way back in the day when the books were all based in England and the women were all nannies to rich Sultans and stuff. LOL. The author was Charlotte Lamb, though I can’t remember the title of the book.

If one of your books was made into a movie, which book would you like it to be and which actors would like to see as the lead characters?

I’d love to be Nina in Accidentally Dead, and I’d want like John Cusack or maybe the guy who plays ‘Chuck” to be Greg and either Megan Fox or Sandra Bullock to play Nina.

If you could switch lives with one of your characters who would if be & why?

Definitely Nina. She’s got the biggest, freshest mouth, and she seriously doesn’t care who she offends when she speaks the truth. I LOVE that in a girl-so yeah, I’d like to be her.

Are any of your characters based on real people?

Oh, hellz yeah. But mostly it’s just bits and pieces of several people. I was always an observer. I love, love to people watch-which can make me creepy to some, I guess. LOL. But it’s where I get my grasp on so many outlandish traits.

When you are not writing or reading, what do you enjoying doing in your spare time?

Sleeping. I don’t do that a lot 🙂 But if I’m not sleeping, I love to hangout with my man, catch a movie, garden, swim and play Guitar Hero World Tour. Go on. Laugh. It’s pathetic, but true. LOL

If you could ask readers anyone question, what would it be?

Can I borrow some money? LOLLOL. I’m kidding. I like to know all about readers-whether they read me or not. I like to know the day-to-day things about their lives, where they live, what they cook for dinner. Which makes me again, seem rather stalker-ish, eh? I just love people and enjoy interaction-especially people who read romance novels because they’re diverse and have big imaginations.

You can visit Dakota at her website: http://www.dakotacassidy.com/

***UPDATED: Dakota has graciously offered up to one commenter two print books–winners choice, as long as they’re available or available for pre-order and in m/m or Trade***


69 Responses

  1. Hey Dakota you guys look like you are having fun. Dakota I also like to sleep though don’t get much time either, also like to do all the other things you mention, well except for the gardening thing, no green thumb, sometimes red when smack it with hammer, and of course the swimming thing. I love reading historical romances and most anything else as am avid reader, cook for dinner hum, mac and cheese, casseroles, meat loaf, ham and beans, pretty much normal fair. I live in cold but beautiful Wyoming but have nice warm summers lol. What I am reading at the moment is Sell Out very interesting book on our government.

  2. Hi Dakota,
    Thanks for a great interview and congrats on your latest release, The Accidental Human ! I have not read Accidentally Dead but you have got me interested in Nina! Tamsyn

  3. Wow, another excellent interview, Dakota. I cannot wait for it to come out. I was hoping it would hit the stands early (like yesteday when I went to my local B & N store) but no such luck!

    BTW, all of Dakota’s books are auto-buys for me (ever since I found the e-books way back when — LOL).

  4. I cannot wait to have this book in my hot little hands!!! Congrats on this release, Dakota, and your upcoming ones too!!!

  5. Wow! I’m excited… I’m going out today to buy the 1st two in your Accidental series… Thanks!

  6. People watching has become an art form – you never know what you’re gonna see at the mall!

  7. Hi Dakota. Great interview. Your series sounds good. 🙂

  8. Just thought I’d shoot you an FYI, Monday night while at work (Borders) I saw your Accidental Human prominantly displayed in the front bays Congrats hun!!

  9. Hello Dakota.Now I have to go to the bookstore :).Much success to you!

  10. Hello Dakota, Nice interview. I love your books.

  11. Sounds Great and if the books are a reflection of your personality they are bound to be hilarious. Great interview Greta!

  12. Dakota,
    I am a new reader of your books,LOVE them by the way, I was reading Accidentally Dead in our breakroom at the hospital where I work,and was lauhing so much one of the Dr.s asked me what I was reading,told him a brief synopsis and he said it sounded like a good book,so to say the least I have now “converted” several of my nurse and Dr. friend and we are now all “Dakotaites” can’t wait to tell them about the new books coming out. Keep writing and we will keep reading,thanks for the entertainment. Trish

  13. this is an awesome series and i can not wait to get my hands on accidental human.

  14. I am soooo looking forward to reading Wanda’s story!! Loved the first two, so this one has got to be great!!

  15. So…since I know you and we’ve talked does that mean I’m going to show up in a book? Maybe Mike? I have to wait for the release date so I can get the book on my Kindle.


  16. Dakota, I just loved reading your interview. You are just the coolest thing. You said that you love people but I will venture to guess that people love you too. I would love to meet you someday. Take care and don’t stop writing.

    Vicky Cormier

  17. Great interview! It’s always a treat to get a peek into the twisted mind of DC. LOL. Actually, I am anxiously awaiting Kiss and Hell. While I love all of DC’s works, that one sounds like a fun and unusual romp. Now send me an ARC! LOL. (No, really)

  18. Oooh, I’d totally dig Zach Levi (“Chuck”) as a supernatural hero. Much more than John Cusack. I just never got into him. And Zach Levi + Megan Fox would be hot. 😉

    So… how do you keep your fingers in shape for both typing and Guitar Hero? The one time I tried to play, I totally got a pinky cramp.

  19. Enjoyed reading the comments. I am always looking for new authors to read that I have yet to-so have added Dakota’s name to my TBR list

  20. I loved THE ACCIDENTAL HUMAN. And I cannot wait for the fourth book in the series, ACCIDENTALLY DEMONIC. The books are all kinds of awesomeness.

    And don’t enter me in the contest. Or Dakota will beat me with her drumstucks, which are pink. I’m not kidding.

  21. Enjoyed your books and looking forwrd to your new book coming out on March 3,09. I enjoyed the comments today.

  22. Well, I think I have discovered a new author I would like to read today….
    Thanks for the great interview and I am definitely going to be looking for you books at my bookstore!

  23. Hi Dakota,

    Love, love, love your books…..waiting, waiting, waiting for the next one. Can you write faster??? LOL!

  24. Love your reads and I’ve been looking forward to this one!

  25. Hey Dakota,

    Thought I would stop by and show much love for ya… LOL on what Michele said cause I saw the video on Dakota’s website and yes I saw pink drumsticks…. BTW you totally rocked on it…… come payday Amazon here I come since the area I live in does not carry any good books hardly ever…… my poor cc is gonna be wanting to commit hari Kari after I am done with it….

    Much love and bow down to the goddess of Tiarra and hater of the banished color that shall not be named (yes sucking up cause well I am bored today not packing )
    Cindy Mac

  26. love your books and girl every interview I’ve read by you totally cracks me up. I see Dakota and automaticlally know that is a spew alert lol

  27. Hi Dakota! Great books! Thanks! 🙂

  28. Hi Dakota, here’s your #10 fan. LOL. Great interview, you do much better than I do on the drums. I’ll expect your second book in the Accidental series when I win (I have #3 on pre-order already) I can’t wait for #4, sounds intresting.

    Tell the family, Hi!

  29. Great interview! I can’t wait for the Accidental Human to come out! I enjoyed the first 2 and can’t wait for the rest of the series.

  30. Heeeeyyyyyyyy, everybody!

    Thanks so much for popping in, and thanks for all the kind words. I’m a little late to the party because I work nights and I just hauled my butt out of bed–but I wanted you all to know–I’m here now.

    So no talking behind my back. LOLLOL

    DC 🙂

  31. Hi Dakota,

    I am a full-time reader…lol in between web surfing and watching TV & Netflix movies! I haven’t read your work but I love the ‘Accidental’ titles. I sure you wouldn’t mind if I add your name to my BTB list.

  32. Boy your interview was filled with ALL KINDS of interesting information! But don’t worry, I didn’t see anything that could come back and bite you on the butt 🙂 I have the first two Accidental books, and would love to see what happens in the next one. Can the characters get any crazier I wonder? I hope so!!

  33. Totally can’t wait to get it. I luvs me some Dakota!!

  34. Dakota, I love your books! After a hard days work it is always nice to come home and read one of your novels – they have kept me sane a time or two.



  35. Wow, Becky444–I, as in ME, kept YOU sane? Holy cow–that’s like some sort of reverse-ology, huh? LOL

    Thanks, doll!

    DC 🙂

  36. Hi Dakota,

    I just read both of your Accidental books. And cannot, and mean CANNOT, wait for your next book. I have been searching everywhere for The Accidental Human–hoping that bookstores would slip up and I could get my hands on it. I do wish you could write faster and that the publishing company would release stuff sooner. Marty, Nina and Wanda are great. I love their witty conversations. Thanks for the great escapes that your books provide. And, please PICK ME for your contest. LOL.

    Take care,

  37. I like to watch people, too. Fact is Definitely stranger than fiction in a lot of cases.

  38. Dakota I love your sense of humor

  39. Hey Dakota!
    Great interview! You are always so fun and my daughter still thinks you look like Stacey on What Not to Wear! That’s a compliment!
    Looking forward to getting this one!
    Take care and great contest!

  40. Hey Dakota,
    Just wanted to let you know I love your books, just got the call from my bookstore that your new one is in and I can go and get it!!!! HURRAY!
    I love the warm weather and the sun, and being with the man I love.
    I don’t garden cause well there are bugs out there………lol, and I DO NOT DO bugs.
    Anytime your in the area, I’m here and I’m a great cook, just ask anyone.


  41. I have The Accidental Human sitting on my table right in front of me right now!!! I just have to finish up the book I’m on and then I plan to start reading it. I’m excited to see that the series won’t end with the three friends. Yay!!! Keep up the great work! Oh, and can I sick Nina on some people I know? LOL

  42. Thank you, Beth–and YES, Janet H–people watching is my fave way to relax 🙂

    Carolyn–yer a peach!

    DC 🙂

  43. I love the Accidental series. The newest, The Accidental Human, is a superb read. I laughed, I cried, I cried because I was laughing. You get the point.

    I can’t wait for more Accidentals!

  44. Hi Dakota,

    Good interview! I haven’t read any of the Accidental series (its in the tbr pile) but I have read and enjoyed many of your stories at both changeling press and elloras cave. Keep up the good work!!

  45. Dakota,
    You are too funny! Only one book on your shelf because you don’t like clutter LOL You sound like me and I love your books 🙂

  46. Hi Dakota,
    I’m looking forward to reading your books!

  47. Nice interview! Sleeping happens to be one of my favorite things to do as well. I never seem to get enough at night – usually because I’m reading something I don’t want to put down. lol

    I haven’t yet had a chance to read any of the books in your Accidental series, but they sound like they’ll be fun to read and will be added to my list.

  48. Great interview and love the sense of humor! I’m adding your books to my wishlist.
    I love Nina Bangs books too.

  49. Congrats on your latest release. Can’t wait to read it 🙂

  50. Love your print and ebook stories. I’m off today and planned to read a huge stack of new releases but slept until 3pm (recovering from flu) so I may have to settle for 4 or 5 today. *sheepish grin*

  51. I love the accidental series. Keep it going. Thanks for the hours of fun.

  52. Great interview!! I hope I’m not to late to throw my name into the hat! I have acouple of your books in my tbr pile. So many books – so little time! Yes, I lose a lot of sleep staying up late reading. I can’t say I only have 1 book on my shelf – last time I counted I had over 800! Needless to say, I have a room stuffed to overflowing with books!! Have a great one.

  53. Dakota,

    I just wanted to tell you that I just finished The Accidental Human and it was AWESOME!!! I loved your first two, and this one was so great too! I won’t say anything more and give away the ending to all those who have not read it yet. 🙂 I work at Borders and recommended your series to at least 4 people today! I just love em and can’t wait for what you will come up with next! 🙂


  54. Hi Dakota! Love your books and great interview!

  55. I have this book on my wishlist already and can’t wait to get it so I can read it!

  56. Hey DC!
    Nice interview :o)
    I love getting details about everyone’s life too… I guess I’m slightly stalkerish that way.. LOL

  57. Hi Dakota! Thanks for the great interview! Congrats on your latest release. Your books sound awesome!

  58. love dakota sense of humor

    please enter me

  59. Thanks, everyone! I just wanted to pop in and tell you all that I appreciate the wonderful words of encouragement, and the excitement over Wanda’s release!

    You’ll all never know how much that means to me. And a huge thanks to Greta for inviting me. I’m gonna let her pick the winner 🙂

    Hugs all ’round,
    Dakota 🙂

  60. Hi Dakota~

    Great interview and I am really looking forward to the Accidental Human. I love your books and you just seem to be such a warm and fun person.

  61. Chris J–Stacey, huh? I’ve never heard that one before, but tell your daughter I said thank you 🙂

    Lynda–if yer cookin’–I’m eatin’ LOL

    Lori T–thanks, honey. But I think I’m warm because of my hot flashes. I’m old… LOLLOL

    DC 🙂

  62. Hey, Dakota!

    Great interview! So, here I am trying for what will never be 😉 I have loved your work evah since ya started with epubs. You are amazing and it shows in yer writing.

    See ya next week ;->

  63. Hi, Dakota — love all the books I’ve read so far — am in line to get Accidental Human – can’t wait. I love your sense of humor!! Keep ’em coming!

  64. Dakota,

    Great interview, have a question though. What is your favorite color to wear, that you think is the sexiest?


  65. Hey, Tami C–definitely red or black. Black because it’s slimming and red because it’s kinda hot and passionate 🙂

    DC 🙂

  66. Ohhhh I cant wait to read it. Way to go Dakota!!!!

  67. Awesome interview! Totally expected though. *grin* The Accidental series is the best thing to happen since the invention of the strappy stilleto. She’s just as fabulous, but a whole lot less painful. LOL.

  68. Sounds funny – always a good thing. Makes me think that with along with the recently released series by Angie Fox (sorry if it’s bad manners to mention another author!) there may be a groundswell of paranormal comedies going on. What do you think?

  69. Guess I kinda found this late… Better late than never I guess! I was looking around the net to find out if there will be a 4th Accidental book and… YAY!!! I love the series and can’t wait for Kiss & Hell!

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