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Mackenzie McKade is visiting today

Mackenzie or Mac, Thanks for agreeing to be a guest on my blog.

Greta, thank you for inviting me to chat with you and your friends.

Can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

Well let’s see. I’m an Arizona native, married with three grown daughters. I have three beautiful grandsons. I enjoy the mountains and camping, get a little crazy on jet skis, and I love boating.  My family enjoys RTVs and we hit Glamis, the Sand Capital of California, several times a year. In fact, Sand Angel was a creation from one of our trips.

Educationally, I have a Bachelors of Science. I’ve worked for a large semiconductor company most of my life, but my real love is writing. My biggest regret is that I didn’t take up writing earlier in my career.

I enjoy meeting people and love to laugh.

How long have you been writing?

I started in late 2001, but really focused around 2003. I published in 2005. The Game (Ecstasy series) is my first published story.

What is your writing process like?

Since I have a fulltime job it’s difficult to really have a schedule and process. I try to check emails before I leave for work and after I get home. Most writing is done on the weekend; however, sometimes I use my lunch hour to write.


Can you tell us about your newest release Take Me Again?

TAKE ME AGAIN, is the second book in the Wild Oats series. It releases with Samhain Publishing January 13th (www.samhainpublishing.com).   

Here’s a blurb:

Marking one’s territory was never so naughty…

Dolan Crane would love to hate the beautiful new veterinarian who’s horning in on his territory. It’s tough when the flame-haired fantasy come true makes his body burn with just a smile. The smart thing to do is forget about her, so perhaps a threesome arranged by his old college buddy is just what he needs to get her out of his head.

Divorcee Tracy Marx has followed her restless feet to Santa Ysabel to start a new practice—and maybe find someone to take her outside the boundaries of vanilla sex. Instead she finds trouble in the form of a cowboy whose dark, sexy gaze lights her up—and could also destroy any chance of success. The best thing to do is stay far, far away from him.

When Dolan shows up for the promised night of fantasy, he’s shocked to find Tracy has traded her medical bag for a leather bustier and bondage gear. Tracy would like nothing better than to slap that smirk right off Dolan’s face, but the prospect of being sandwiched between two men is impossible to resist—even if one of them is her adversary.

Besides…no one calls her chicken.

Do you have any other books coming out this year?

Merry Christmas, Paige is to be released December 2009.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a shape-shifter book I hope will come out this year. My goal is to have it completed by mid February and then I’ll market to a publishing house.

I know you primarily write erotic romances with several being ménage a trios? Is their any particular reason why?

No particular reason other than market demand.

Where do you get your ideas for your books?

I get ideas from the world around me. Everyone I met, every TV show I watch, every song I hear is fodder for my wild imagination. I’m a people watcher. I sit back and wonder what kind of life does the woman next to me live? She looks sad, why? Or a couple that has just stepped out of a jewelry store and both are wearing a smile ear to ear. How did they meet? Is their love strong enough to weather anything? What event could be a breaking point?

Soooo…watch out! You may become the inspiration for my next book. <g>

As an author, you must be an avid reader. What books do you enjoy reading? Who are your auto-buy authors?

I love almost all genres.  But if I have to choose my favorite would be historical, but paranormal is a close second.

My auto-buy authors are Christine Feehan, Iris Johanson, Kay Hooper, Stephanie Lauren, Mary Balogh, just to name a few.

What books are on your keeper shelf?

First, I need to admit that when it comes to books I’m a pack-rat.  My library is filled with books I may or may not read. Each book is special, but I cherish the above authors’ books.  It would be difficult to let any of their books go.

Do you read books other than romance books?

Yes I do. I enjoy John Grisham and Sanford’s work. I love mysteries whether it contains romance or not.

What was the first romance book you read?

For the life of me I can’t remember the title, but I do recall it was a Samantha James’ book. It was spicy hot. But the reason I write romance is Christine Feehan. She was my inspiration. I do recall the first book of hers I read – Dark Fire. Loved it!

If one of your books was made into a movie, which book would you like it to be and which actors would like to see as the lead characters?

You know I’d have to select one of my books that have never published. It’s a historical during the Viking period. It would make a fabulous movie. As for lead characters I’d choose Brad Pitt (he would have to really buff up for the part) <g> and young Elizabeth Taylor.

If you could switch lives with one of your characters who would if be & why?

I’ve pondered this question for a while and simply can not come up with an answer. I have no idea whose life I’d like to step into. Perhaps that’s because every one of my characters have trials to deal with that I’m thankful I don’t.

Do you have a day job?

Yes. I work for a company that makes small to medium size rockets and missiles. We actually make the interceptor for Iraq’s scud missile.

Does your work inspire story ideas?

Yes. A Tall Dark Cowboy is an example of one. Working lends itself to a wide variety of events and characters, situations and locales that are beneficial in inspiring me.

Are any of your characters based on real people?

Real people’s traits were used, but not one character was created in the image of a real person. Usually I start with an idea and then my characters’ develop their own personalities and it’s out of my hands.

When you are not writing or reading, what do you enjoying doing in your spare time?

Hanging with my family. As I mentioned earlier, we enjoy camping, boating, and ATV riding, but even then I’m writing or on the lookout for a story idea.

If you could ask readers anyone question, what would it be?

What is it you enjoy about my stories?  I love hearing from readers and my goal is to contain writing stories that they enjoy.

Greta, thanks again for having me.

***Leave a comment for a chance to win a download copy of Mackenzie McKade’s e-book Take Me Again. Winner will be announce Tuesday morning***


26 Responses

  1. All of your stories rock, Mac! I can’t pinpoint why but I love them and you’re one of my favorite authors.

    Great interview-rockets? missiles? lol

  2. Morning everyone. I want to thank everyone in advance for stopping by. Since I do work a day job, I won’t be popping in until after work. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

    Thanks so much, Joy. Yes. Missiles and rockets. In fact, when I started working at this company they were releasing explosives to the nose cone right outside my window. Of course, they did say they were far away to avoid any damage, but it still kept my on the edge of my chair.


  3. Hi Mackenzie,

    I have been eying up one of your books, LISA’S GIFT, for a few weeks. I discovered it from another blog, Loving Venus Loving Mars. A great place if you’re looking for f/f content :). I do plan on picking it up, it’s the bdsm that is listed to be in it that makes me iffy. But I want to read it!

    Do you have or plan on writing other books with f/f content?

  4. Hiya Mackenzie. OH WOW your books sound, um what is the right word here, WICKED. Yeah thats it and hot, and scrumptious. You are a new author to me but that is something I hope to change in the very near future. Where in the world do you come up with all of this yummy material?

  5. Hi Mackenzie, love your books!
    I cannot wait for this book to be released, if your previous books are any indication this one will be a hit!

  6. Woo Hoo! Can’t wait until tomorrow!!!

  7. Wow, Mac. Great author and rocket scientist. 😉 Great interview. I love all your books – wonderful characters and delightful stories.

    Keep up the great work! Please!

    Fallon’s Revenge was my first read of yours and I LOVED Adrian. I’m hooked.

  8. Love the way you write your characters, Mac, the sexual chemistry always sizzles, and the dialogue is smart and sexy, with a bit of humor thrown in. Your stories tend to end up on my favorites list.

  9. Hi, Mac 🙂
    I’m sooo looking forward to your book Take Me Again *bg*
    and ‘Wow’ what an interesting job you have 🙂

  10. Hi Mackenzie,
    I have been reading some of your excerpts of your books. Though I have yet to read any so far, I definitely want Warrior’s Witch and Take me Again. What I think I’m going to love about your stories is that your males are all Alpha males, very sexy and domineering and filled with sexual tension and charisma. Can’t wait to read them.

  11. What a great interview. I have to say I’m fascinated by your real job. It sounds really interesting. I am glad, though, that you still find time to do your writing.

  12. Hey there Mac,

    The latest one of yours that I read was A Tall Dark Cowboy. What I liked about it was that the characters felt real. It felt like that something really could be. I just really like the emotion and how you bring it all across.

  13. Hi AmyC. Thanks for inquiring about Lisa’s Gift.

    I understand your hesitancy regarding bdsm. My goal is to make all my tie-me-up-and-spank-me stories fun and playful.

    I have some f/f play in my book THE CHARADE, it’s the second book in the Ecstasy series at Ellora’s Cave. I’m told by the publishers that f/f interaction doesn’t sell well, but once you read Lisa’s Gift you see why it couldn’t have been written any other way.

    Take care and I’d be interested to hear what you think of Lisa’s Gift.


  14. Hey Sara Hurt!

    Yep, you can call me wicked. *g* My goal is to singe the words right off the pages.

    I’m so glad that you’re interested in my work. I write across the subgenres, so I hope you’ll find something that intrigues you.

    Ideas for stories are all around us. A Tall Dark Cowboy came from two sources: A previous job I held and a country western song. Take Me was written from a single picture I saw. I just keep my eyes and ears open and things come to me. Of course, it’s probably a blessing that I have a vivid imagination. *g*


  15. Thanks Dayanna. I love to hear that readers enjoy my work.

    I have to admit I’m really thrilled for the release of TAKE ME AGAIN. In less then twelve hours it will be available. Yippeeee…

    I’m hoping Samhain Publishing will bundle the series in one book and release it in print the end of the year. In March, they are binding together both BOUND FOR THE HOLIDAYS and BOUND BY THE PAST. My friends will get two reads for the price of one!


  16. Hi Mac! Take Me Again sounds great! I love your cowboy books. I actually love all the books I’ve read of yours and they are on my keeper shelf.

  17. Thanks Munk! I’m on pins and needles hoping the readers and reviewers enjoy it as much as I did writing it.


  18. Hi Jen White! Thanks for the wonderful compliments.

    Fallon’s Revenge holds a special place in my heart. While I was writing this story I could almost feel Fallon’s pain, anger and despair. She drew me into her world and didn’t release me until the story ended.


  19. Cathy M you put a big old smile on my face. Thank you. *g*

    In real life a have a little sarcastic wit. Well, I think my hubby would say I have a lot of it. I mentioned that I loved to laugh and I find humor is the best medicine for tough situations.

    I have to admit that in BOUND BY THE HOLIDAYS I could just see myself in Angie’s shoes–sitting at the bar, flirting with this gorgeous hunk, lifting my drink to my mouth and sticking the straw up my nose. LOL Only Angie and I could have such luck.


  20. Hey Ali!

    You know from the outside my day job sounds like it would be very interesting, but when you are around these things day in and day out it becomes the norm. As viewers are watching the launches, we’re in the background hoping the darn thing doesn’t crash. *g*


  21. Hi Carol,

    I’m so glad you’re interested in my work. I hope you enjoy both A WARRIOR’S WITCH and TAKE ME AGAIN. Remember that TAKE ME AGAIN is the second book in the Wild Oats series; however, it is a stand alone.

    I love the book trailer for A Warrior’s Witch. Take a look at my MySpace page http://www.myspace.com/mackenziemckade and tell me what you think.


  22. Hey Karin,

    The old saying, “It isn’t rocket science,” has taken on a whole new meaning for me. *g* I have to admit that when I started working for the company I was a little starry-eyed, but it’s just a job like so many other ones. Where my heart lies is in writing. I love to write. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be able to write something that entertains others. I do wish I had more time to write, though.


  23. Thank you, Brandy.

    An author’s characters need to feel real to be believable. When I first starting writing I thought something was wrong with me because the characters came alive in my head. It was as if I was on the outside watching and hearing them go through their scenes. After speaking to other authors I realized this is how the writer’s mind work. I can’t tell you how thankful I was to find out I wasn’t crazy. *g*

    Just between you and me, I loved A Tall Dark Cowboy, too.


  24. Keeper shelf! That’s just what I wanted to hear Amy S! Thank you. I hope you enjoy TAKE ME AGAIN.


  25. Hi, Mackenzie! Thanks for the great interview! I’ve read The Game and really enjoyed it (it was a fun mix of fantasy and a hot second-chance story!) Friends have been highly recommending Tall Dark Cowboy and Lisa’s Gift so those are on my list to get next! It sounds a little like you tend to write what you’re inspired to, and then sell it–is that the case, or do you shop the idea around first? Congrats again on all your successes, and especially on fitting writing into a wonderfully full life!

  26. Hi Fedora, almost all my books with Samhain Publishing were on contract and written afterwards. Almost all my books with Ellora’s Cave were written first and then contracted.

    I haven’t shopped around any stories lately, so I’m free to do what I want at the moment.

    Please do try A Tall Dark Cowboy and Lisa’s Gift. Let me know what you think.


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