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Please Welcome – Elizabeth Amber



Hi Greta, thanks for inviting me to guest blog at I Do Not Want to Wait, I Want the Book Now!  What a great title and so true of me.  I have no patience.  Now, on to my blog . . .

At the first romance writers’ conference I ever attended, I got one of the best pieces of information I’ve ever received from an editor. This was back when I was a pre-published author. (I love that term. It’s so encouraging, as opposed to “unpublished.”) This gem was imparted to me and five other authors as we sat at a lunch table with editor Hilary Sares of Kensington Books. Hilary posed this question (paraphrasing), “What kind of man do most women want?”

My reply was, “an alpha male,” and that was seconded by another author. The other answers included: a cowboy, a fireman, a tycoon, and someone in law enforcement.  Hilary’s take was a more general one and could have included all of those we suggested.  She said, “Women want a man who’ll commit.” 

I agree and I think many romance readers would, too.

I think this is at the root of why I don’t read more urban fantasy than I do. It’s shelved in the romance section and is growing wildly in popularity, but the genre doesn’t necessarily require that traditional HEA. I like many aspects of urban fantasy–the strong heroine, the intriguing plots, the action. Still, I have to admit that I check the ending before I buy. If there’s no HEA, I know that I personally won’t enjoy it.

No matter what his background, personality, sexual eccentricities, profession, or heritage, I want to read (and write) about a hero who falls in love and commits himself to the heroine’s happiness. I’m looking for that “happily ever after.” That strong sense that the hero and heroine will continue on in a committed relationship even beyond the last page of the book, even after I close its covers. 

How about you? How important is a “happily ever after” to you in a romance novel? Do you need the hero to commit to the heroine in order to consider a book a satisfying read?

Elizabeth Amber is the author of the erotic historical paranormal romance series, The Lords of Satyr, with three titles in print: Nicholas; Raine; Lyon, and a fourth title due out in March 2009: Dominic, The Lords of Satyr. All are with Kensington Aphrodisia.  www.elizabethamber.com

Elizabeth Amber
Nicholas, The Lords of Satyr

Raine, The Lords of Satyr
Lyon, The Lords of Satyr
Dominic, The Lords of Satyr (March 2009)
erotic historical paranormal romance
Kensington Aphrodisia


8 Responses

  1. Hi Elizabeth:

    It is so wonderful to chat with you! I have all your “Lords of Satyr”, novels and am looking forward to Dominic’s story in March.

    While I do read some Urban Fantasy, the majority of the books I read are erotic romance and yes I do expect a HEA. Of course I also look for strong characters and plot that is memorable after I finish that last page, but no matter what conflict they go through I want to have the illusion they are going to be happy together after finishing that last page.

    Thank you so much for sharing your time at Greta’s blog today.

    All the best for the festive season.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    I met you at a signing in Raleigh, and have been looking forward to reading your books. I hope to start one after the 1st of the year.

    I always want the HEA, even if it takes a couple of books for it to happen, I really need that HEA. I need to know that love lasts.LOL


  3. im happily ever after kind of person… so ya i do love it when the story has a happily ever after ending… which is normally all the time… which makes me happy 🙂

  4. A HEA is usally my first choice, though I have a lot of favorites with a HFN ending that totally works for me too, especially when in a book series.

  5. Hi Greta,
    The blog looks great. Thanks again for inviting me today!

    Hi Lea,
    I guess it’s the uncertainties in real life that make me want that HEA assurance in the romances I read. If I read women’s fiction, fiction, or urban fantasy, I’ve picked up the book with the expectation of a different experience. So I’m not necessarily expecting that HEA payoff that I do expect in romance.

    Hi Wendy,
    Good to see you here! I hope you’re staying warm. It was 26 by my thermometer this morning. Brr. And, I’m with you. Give me that HEA! It’s so heartbreaking when I go on a journey with a couple who fall in love, then it all falls apart. Argh. A little too real.

    Hi Dani,
    Thanks for stopping by. Good to see you, too! It’s so satisfying to close the book feeling that all is well. Ahh!

    Hi Cathy,
    I’d never heard the term HFN, but googled and found out it means Happy For Now. I agree — in a series, HFN works for me, too. I can read that and be happy about it because I figure the hero and heroine will get together eventually. Kind of like watching a sitcom or dramedy with ongoing sexual tension between the main characters. If they get together too soon, the show (or series) falls flat.

    Hugs and happy holidays everyone!

  6. I’m happy to know romance is live and well. Of course romance is fantacy, but why should we only be grounded in reality? If you lose your dream, you die. And the happy-ever-afters do happen in reality too, it might just be different and harder work.
    Keep on dreaming
    Maggie Tideswell

  7. I haven’t read any of these books yet, but by the sounds of them and these oh-so-gorgeous covers, I’m definitely being drawn in.


  8. I definitely have to have a happily ever after in my books. I won’t read a romance novel unless I know for sure it has one. I like the idea that true love does exist and that relationships can last through good times and bad. There are enough break-ups and divorces in real life that I don’t want to read about a couple that doesn’t last. I would feel like I wasted my time reading their story.

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